Read the following story.

Moreen is a Standard Four girl. She goes to Mwalimu Nyerere Primary School. One morning, Moreen did not wake up early. Her mother went to her room to wake her up.

Mother: Moreen! Moreen! Wake up!

Moreen: Good morning, mother.

Mother: Good morning, Moreen. How are you?

Moreen: I'm fine thank you, mother.

Mother: You're late for school! Why?

Moreen: I slept late, mother.

Mother: Go and take a bath quickly.

Moreen: Yes, mother.

Mother: Hurry up! Take your breakfast quickly.

Moreen: Yes, mother.


  1. Who asked Moreen to wake up?
  2. What school does Moreen go?
  3. Why did Moreen wake up late?
  4. What was Moreen asked to do after taking bath?

Vocabulary and pronunciation

A. Read and pronounce the following word;

  • Standard
  • Girl
  • Wake-up
  • Late
  • Early
  • Go
  • Have
  • Bath
  • Room
  • Slee
  • Then
  • Quickly

B. Read and pronounce the following pair of words and give their meaning;

  • First /fast
  • Run/ran
  • Late/let
  • Sleep/slip
  • Fail/pail
  • Take/wake
  • Put/pot
  • Bath/birth
  • Room/zoom.


Read the passage below and answer the questions that follow;

It was a busy weekend at Bakhita’s home. Every Saturday all members of her family are at home. Her mother was cooking food. Bakhita was cutting carrots for her mother. Bakhita’s grandmother was telling them stories. Her Father and her brother were herding the cows outside the house. Bakhita likes helping her mother in the kitchen.


  1. When are all members of Bakhita family at home?
  2. Who was herding the cows…………………………………. And ………………………………
  3. How can you help your guardians and parents at home?.........................
  4. Tell stories about work at home
  5. If you are bakhita’s brother, what else would you help to do at home?.............................


Read the following story.

A boy at the bus stop

One day, Faraja and her father were at the bus stop. They wanted to go to Milala Village. Their family friends lived there. They waited for a bus for two hours. Faraja felt thirsty. She saw a man selling juice and water. Faraja wanted to drink juice. She asked her father to buy her a bottle of juice. Her father did so.

There was also a boy standing near Faraja. He looked very tired and dirty. He was begging for money. Faraja felt pity for him. She asked her father to give the beggar some money.

Faraja: Please father, give him some money!

Father: No, I can't.

Faraja: Why, father? He needs money.

Father: I will buy food for him instead.

Faraja: Give him the money, please! He will buy the food for himself.

Father: Look at him, Faraja! He looks very weak.

Faraja: Is he sick?

Father: No, he isn't.

Faraja: Is he hungry?

Father: No, I think he takes drugs.

Faraja: Drugs? What do you mean?

Father: This is something bad which someone smokes or injects oneself.

At the bus stop, there were few passengers. They were waiting for a bus. The boy started walking around. He saw a big bag. He wanted to steal it. A woman saw him and shouted, "Stop! Don't take my bag. Go away! You are a thief." Other passengers said the boy was a drug user. The boy ran away. Faraja asked her father more about drugs.

Faraja: Father, is it good to use drugs?

Father: No, it isn't.

Faraja: Why, father?

Father: People who use drugs become weak.

Faraja: That's right! The boy looked very weak.

Father: They also get health problems including mental disorders. These make them look dirty and tired.

Faraja: But sometimes you look tired too, father. Do you also use drugs?

Father: No, I don't. I get tired, because I have a lot of work to do.

Faraja: Can the boy get help to stop using drugs?

Father: Yes, he can. There are centres where he can get help.

Finally, a bus arrived. The conductor asked passengers to get in. Then, the bus left.


  1. Where were Faraja and her father going?
  2. How long did they stay at the bus stop?
  3. Why did Faraja want a drink?
  4. How does a drug user look like?
  5. What did the boy want to steal?

Vocabulary and pronunciation.

Read and pronounce each of the following words;

  • Bottle
  • Carry
  • Buy
  • Box
  • Drugs
  • Thirsty
  • Water
  • Wait
  • Steal
  • Woman
  • Sell
  • Drink
  • Thief
  • Passenger
  • Weak
  • Tired.

Practice how to pronounce the following pairs of words.

  • Sweat/sweet
  • Sell/cell
  • Steal/steel
  • Hare/hair
  • Hear/here
  • Eye/I
  • Know/no
  • Wait/weight
  • Flower/floor
  • Week/weak
  • Bye/buy
  • Sun/son
  • Sea/see

Oral practice.

A. Read the following poem loud.

This is my garden

I shall plant it with care

Here are the seeds

I shall plant in the garden

The sun shall shine

The rain shall form

The seeds shall grow and give me food.


1. Ask your friend if they have a garden

2. What is the poem about

B. Read the following orders

  • Keep quiet
  • Sit down
  • Stop
  • Open your book
  • Clean the blackboard

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