TIME: 1:30HRS                                                                                                         


  1. This exam consists of sections A , B and C
  2. There  are eight questions in total
  3. Answer all questions from each section
  4. Use a blue or black ink pen
  5. Show your working clearly
  6. Electronic devices are not allowed in exam room



1. Choose the letter of the correct answer and write its letter in the brackets provided

i. Animals are divided into two groups, vertebrates and invertebrates. Which of the following does not have a backbone? (a) snake (b) squid (c) fish (d) frog (e) bird

ii. Air is a mixture of various gases found in the atmosphere. Which of the following gases is used to preserve drinks such as soda and juice? (a) Nitrogen (b) Oxygen (c) Carbon dioxide (d) Argon (e). Hydrogen

iii. Plants absorb water molecules from the soil through the roots to different places. What method does a plant use to absorb water? (a) Osmosis (b) diffusion (c) diffusion (d) absorption (e) distribution

iv. Examine the following diagram and then answer the question that follows.


(a) south (b) north (c) south and south (d) north and south (e) north and north

v. The Science teacher taught his fourth grade students the steps to conduct a scientific investigation. What is the second step of scientific investigation? (a) formulate a hypothesis (b) define the problem (c) interpret the results (d) conclude (e) analyze the data

v. What is the correct order of matter to separate by molecular tension from smallest to largest? (a) solid, gas, liquid (b) liquid, solid, gas (c) gas, liquid, solid (d) solid, liquid, gas (e) liquid, solid, gas

vii. As an IT specialist, if you are given the responsibility to advise weather forecasters, what type of antenna would you advise them to use to predict weather forecast changes?

(a) yagi-uda (b) loop antenna (c) dish (d) spot antenna (e) diameter antenna

viii. What part of the flower is represented by this drawing?


(a) pistil (b) stamen (c) sepals (d) corolla (e) stigma

ix. A chemical change is a change in matter that causes something new to appear. Which of the following is a chemical change? (a) melting of ice (b) melting of wax (c) burning of paper (d) melting of candle (e) vapor into water

x. In the diagram below, which part of the plant's food is manufactured?


2. Match the class of fire in LIST A with the causes of fire for each class in LIST B, then write the letter of the correct answer.



  1. Class A
  2. Class B
  3. Class C
  4. Class D
  5. Class F

A. Combustion of flammable gases such as butane, propane, methane.

B. Cooking oil

C. Burning of solid things like wood, paper, clothes

D. Explosive and flammable liquids

E. Fire of metals such as magnesium and iron-based substances.

F. Electric shock


3. Fill in the blanks

i) ………………….is the part of the brain that coordinates all voluntary actions

ii) The force that makes an object float is called………………………..

iii) A bicycle is made up of three types of simple machines, those machines are lever, ……..and axles

iv) ……………is a device that captures and transmits electromagnetic waves to communication devices such as radios, mobile phones and televisions

v) Write the formula for finding the current in a circuit if the voltage and resistance are known


4. i) There are four main types of safety signs, name only two signs which are red and blue

ii) Explain the meaning of density

iii) State two characteristics of objects that float in water

5. i) What is the meaning of photosynthesis?

ii) Main switches are connected to what other equipment to protect circuits and buildings?

iii) A process by which molecules move from a higher concentration to a lower concentration is known as……………………………………………..

6. i) Briefly explain the meaning of internet

ii) Explain the differences between the networks

iii) Complete the following equation:


a) X represents

b) Y represents

iv) Why is the left ventricle more muscular than the right ventricle?


7. Write the names of the parts shown in Roman numerals


8. i) Find the density of an object with a mass of 640 grams and a volume of 800 cm3

ii) Find the mass of an object with a mass of 10 kg and an acceleration of gravity meters per second for 10 seconds.







TIME: 1:40HR


  1. This paper consists of three sections; A, B and C with a total of 8 questions
  2. All answers must be written in blue or black ink.
  3. Remember to write your name and other particulars in the given spaces.
  4. Answer all questions according to the instructions in each section.
  5. Keep your work neat and smart.
  6. Cellular phones, tablets and calculators are not allowed in the examination room.



Multiple choices (10 marks) 

Choose the most correct answer and write its letter in the spaces provided. 

  1. Industrial fertilizers are very important in agricultural sector. Which of the following fertilizers is not made from nitrogen? A. NPK B. KAN C. SA D.DAP E. CAN [ ]
  2. Both sickle cell anaemia and albinism are hereditary disorders. However, these two disorders differ in such a way that; A. albinism can cause death while sickle cell cannot B. albinism leads to haemophilia while sickle cell leads to blood deficiency C. sickle cell anaemia is a disease while albinism is not D. albinism is the not a disease while sickle cell is not. E. sickle cell anaemia can be treated while albinism cannot. [ ]
  3. Urethra is a thin tube that plays important roles in both urinary system and reproductive system of males. Which statement is not correct about urethra? A. it connects the urinary bladder to the testes B. it connects the sperm duct to the penis C. it passes out urine during urination and sperms during copulation. D. it is the outlet of the urinary bladder E. it connects the urinary bladder to the penis. [ ]
  4. The modern advancement in science and technology has led to the invention of different complex machines. Which of the following statements is correct about a machine with high level of efficiency? A. it has high velocity ratio with low mechanical advantage B. it has zero force of friction C. it is not lubricated D. its mechanical advantage is much higher than the velocity ratio E. its effort force is greater than its load force [ ]
  5. James is a good designer who makes and paints safety sign posts in town. If he made sign X for wear safe mask and sign Y for corrosive chemicals; which colour do you think, he used to paint sign X and Y respectively? A. blue and green B. red and blue C. blue and red D. green and blue E. blue and yellow. [ ]
  6. Acids are corrosive and have sour taste. Which of the following statements gives a good meaning of acid? A. it gives hydrogen negative ions when dissolved in water B. it changes a red litmus paper to blue C. it gives hydrogen positive ions when dissolved in water D. it reacts with HCl to form salt and water only E. it changes lemon into vinegar [ ]
  7. Force is a push or pull of an object. Its unit is Newton which is also similar to the unit of weight. Which of the following units has the same meaning to that of Newton? A. Kgm/s2 B. joule/sec C. newton/kg D.msKg E. Kgm3/s [ ]
  8. Maimuna experieces headache every morning. Her mother told her that it might be either caused by her overnight studies or malaria attack. Scientifically, how do we regard the mother’s opinions? A. experimentation B. problem identification C. formulating hypothesis D.data interpretation E. hypothesis rejection [ ]
  9.  “I am an energetic gas. I am the most abundant gas in the biogas.” I am made up of two types of elements which are and  A. carbon and oxygen B. sulphur and hydrogen C. hydrogen and oxygen D.carbon and hydrogen E. hydrogen and nitrogen [ ]
  10. The stomata to plants are as gills to fish. However, the lungs to humans are as  to birds. A lungs B. spiracles C.feathers D. skin E. nose [ ]

QUESTION No.2: Matching items (5 marks) Match the items from list A with the correspondents in list B and write its letter in the spaces provided. 


Filling the blanks (5 marks) 

  1. The smallest part of matter is called atom while a small particle of liquid or gas is called
  2. Write the formula of the main product of photosynthesis apart from oxygen
  3. The decayed remains of living things are collectively known as organic matter. What is the percentage composition of organic matter in the soil?
  4. What prevents the users from getting electric shock when an appliance develops an electric shock?
  5. State the range of temperature favourable for decaying raw materials by bacteria in the digester.  



Short answer questions QUESTION No.4: (6 marks) 

  1. In both Microsoft word and Microsoft excel, which command is used to convert the file format?
  2. In which feature of the email where the email users can find the unsent and incomplete messages?
  3. How do we call the application software that is used to search information from the webpage?  

QUESTION No.5: (6 marks) 

  1. Both AIDS and gonorrhea are sexually transmitted diseases. However, AIDS is caused by the virus called HIV while gonorrhea is caused by the bacteria called
  2. Which disease that if it is not controlled earlier can lead to the blocking of the urethra in males? 
  3. The blood cancer also called leukemia affects the body tissue responsible for production of which type of blood cells? 

QUESTION No.6: (8 marks)

  1. The blood circulatory system helps to regulate body temperature by distributing heat through the blood. Mention two parts of the body from which the heat is generated
  2. Electric circuit is a path along which the current flows. Which type of electric circuit in which too many electric appliances can reduce the amount of electric current?
  3. During the scientific project assigned to grade seven pupils, Magezi suggested to his friends to buy a device that can convert mechanical energy into electrical energy for their project. Which device do you think Magezi suggested?


QUESTION No.7: (6 marks) 

  1. Calculate the voltage in a circuit with 8 ohms, 4 ohms and 0.5ohms arranged in series with an ammeter that reads 10 amperes.
  2. What will be the density of the wooden wood that has volume of 150cm3 and weight of 6N?
  3. Calculate the velocity ratio of the machine with efficiency of 25%, given that effort force is 60N and load force is 300N

QUESTION No.8: (4 marks) Observe the diagram below and answer the questions that follow. 

i. State the principle which is verified in the set up above. 

ii. What is the usefulness of the principle in (i) above in our daily lives? 








NAME...................................................................................   DATE......................



 Choose the letter of the correct answer and shade its letter on the OMR form provided.

  1.                 You are told to teach a brother from village on how to use a television. Which step will you teach him first?

  1.               Switching the TV on and off
  2.               How to change channels
  3.               How to increase or reduce volume
  4.              Connecting TV to power source
  5.                How to use a remote

  1.                 The following things pollute our air except;

  1.               Dust
  2.               Cultivation
  3.               Chemicals
  4.              Toxic smoke
  5.                Burnings

  1.                 What can facilitate self-pollination in some plants among the following natural factors?

  1.               Sunlight
  2.               Natural sound
  3.               Wind
  4.              Cloud cover
  5.                landslide

  1.                 Among the following materials, which one is highly flammable?

  1.               Water
  2.               Spirit
  3.               Dry leaves
  4.              Wood
  5.                Paper

  1.                 Which of the following gases is used in electric bulbs but cannot react with other elements to form compounds?

  1.               Oxygen
  2.               Carbon dioxide
  3.               Argon
  4.              Nitrogen
  5.                vapour

  1.                 The following things produce heat energy except;

  1.               Burning stoves
  2.               The sun
  3.               Fuels
  4.              Friction
  5.                A torch

  1.                 Which of the following tools uses a plane mirror?

  1.               Car tyres
  2.               Gas cookers
  3.               Periscope
  4.              Pulley
  5.                Ohmmeter

  1.                 What produces the voltage in a simple electric circuit?

  1.               Bulb
  2.               Wire
  3.               Dry cell
  4.              Switch
  5.                Ammeter

  1.                 What is the use of lightning conductor on buildings?

  1.               To absorb lightning
  2.               To prevent lightning related accidents
  3.               To measure cloud cover
  4.              To prevent strong winds

  1.                      To generate electricity from underground rocks?

  1.             Which renewable energy comes from hot magma in the underground rocks?

  1.               Solar
  2.               Geothermal
  3.               Fossil
  4.              Hydro
  5.                Biogas

  1.             Madam Kabura bought some meat but immediately got a journey for three days. When she returned home, her meat in good condition and she prepared it. Which of the following ways helped to preserve her meat?

  1.               She left it in water
  2.               She kept it in a clean cupboard
  3.               She covered it well
  4.              She had AC in her room
  5.                She left in a freezer

  1.             What is the freezing point of water at level in degrees on a Celsius scale?

  1.               212
  2.               200
  3.               100
  4.              0
  5.                32

  1.             One of the importance of diffusion is;

  1.               It balanced water in the body cells
  2.               Cars move by diffusion

  1.               Enables plant roots to absorb water from the soil

  1.              Enables writing in the book
  2.                Enables perfumes to spread evenly

  1.             Among the following materials, choose the one which change in all the three states of matter

  1.               Oxygen
  2.               Paper
  3.               Soil
  4.              Water
  5.                Plastic

  1.             Which of the following reasons explains why the average densities of hollowed object is less than that of water making them to float on water?

  1.               They are filled with air
  2.               They are too heavy
  3.               They are too light
  4.              They are big enough
  5.                They are too small

  1.             In computer study, what does the following diagram represent?









  1.               Data storage
  2.               Area network
  3.               Basic software
  4.              Computer on sale
  5.                Microsoft office

  1.             Standard 5 pupils were taught about storage devices of a computer and the teacher listed some examples. Which example was not listed among the following?

  1.               Hard Disk
  2.               CD
  3.               DVD
  4.              RAM
  5.                LAN

  1.             Shakira’s mother who lives in Beijing-china communicates with her son living in Dodoma-Tanzania through electronic writings over the internet. Which tools out of the following do you think facilitates this communication?

  1.               Microsoft word processing
  2.               E-mail
  3.               Letter
  4.              Post office
  5.                Phone call

  1.             Which of the following is calculated by dividing the load by the effort?

  1.               Mechanical advantage
  2.               Velocity ration
  3.               Efficiency
  4.              Work
  5.                Force

  1.             Among the following, which one is an example of complex machines?

  1.               Wedge
  2.               Mortise lock
  3.               Ladder
  4.              Stapling machine
  5.                Nut cracker

  1.             The teacher told Harriet to list 5 names of simple machines whose fulcrum is in the middle. She listed the following names but one of them was a wrong answer. Identify a wrong answer.

  1.               See-saw
  2.               Scissors
  3.               Beam balance
  4.              Pliers
  5.                Wheelbarrow

  1.             What happens to a metal when it is heated?

  1.               It melts
  2.               It contracts
  3.               It rusts
  4.              It reduces temperature
  5.                It expands

  1.             Mr. Masanja made a research about the reasons for school children dropout. He identified the problem and followed all stages. Which scientific activity did he do after the investigation?

  1.               Collecting data
  2.               Finding children who dropped out
  3.               Writing a report
  4.              Providing the hypothesis
  5.                Interpreting all his results

  1.             Acids are used to manufacture different products. Examples of products made with acids are the following except;

  1.               Ink
  2.               Car tyres
  3.               Car battery liquids
  4.              Fertilizers
  5.                Paints

  1.             The smallest particle of a chemical element that can exist in matter is called?

  1.               Atom
  2.               Force
  3.               Molecule
  4.              Interaction
  5.                Substance

  1.             Which one among the following materials can make toxic wastes?

  1.               Small pieces of paper
  2.               Scattered bottles
  3.               Tomatoes
  4.              Industrial fertilizers
  5.                Industrial machine

  1.             Which of the following disease is controlled by washing hands, eating safe food and proper use of toilets?

  1.               Tuberculosis
  2.               Tetanus
  3.               HIV/AIDS
  4.              Cholera
  5.                Malaria

  1.             Which of the things below may not be necessary during first aid for minor burns?
  1.               Cool the burn with water
  2.               Take the victim away from the source of accident
  3.               Cover the burn with bandage
  4.              Do not apply lotion or oil
  5.                Rush the victim to the hospital
  1.             The health minister instructed farmers to wash animals with insecticides before moving them from one area to another. He also instructed the spraying of insecticides in bushes and forests. Which disease-spreading insect was being controlled?

  1.               Lice
  2.               Mosquitoes
  3.               Tsetse files
  4.              Cockroaches
  5.                Fleas and bedbugs

  1.             Teacher Nana explained to pupils about the wireless communication devices that need antennas to work. Which of the following devices was not part of that explanation?

  1.               Satellites
  2.               Newspapers
  3.               Radars
  4.              Wireless internet
  5.                Radio

  1.             Why should a vomiting person be given plenty of fluids to drinks?

  1.               To prevent chocking
  2.               To make him sleep
  3.               To prevent nausea
  4.              To prevent HIV/AIDS
  5.                To avoid sleeping

  1.             What can the district administration do in order to lower or remove costs of medical treatment of patients and to reduce new infections in the community?
  1.               Build many hospitals
  2.               Kill all animals which may transmit diseases
  3.               Practice community health services
  4.              Serve medicine from door to door
  5.                Immunize all diseases
  1.             Which of the following methods of destroying wastes use a high temperature from a heat source?

  1.               Using incinerator
  2.               Burning in a ditch
  3.               Using chemicals
  4.              Grinding
  5.                Crushing

  1.             Which group of diseases are caused by genetic disorders?

  1.               All infectious
  2.               All non-infectious
  3.               Epidemics
  4.              Hereditary diseases
  5.                STDs

  1.             What can be done by the HIV/AIDS victim to avoid showing symptoms like persistent fever, skin rashes and frequent diarrhea?
  1.               Eating a balanced diet
  2.               HIV/AIDS immunization
  3.               Treating HIV immediately
  4.              Avoid working for a long time
  5.                Using antiretroviral drugs
  1.             Dotto visited a doctor and was told that she had hormonal imbalance and that her ova usually fail to mature. Identify the problem associated to her condition among the following

  1.               Gonorrhea
  2.               Infertility
  3.               Leukemia
  4.              Ringworms
  5.                Dandruff

  1.             What can lead to liver failure among the following?
  1.               Lack of body hygiene
  2.               Excessive alcohol consumption
  3.               Excessive smoking
  4.              Environmental pollution
  5.                Eating too much salt
  1.             Which vessel removes blood from the kidney to the heart through vena cave?
  1.               Aorta
  2.               Inferior vena cava
  3.               Renal vein
  4.              Pulmonary vein
  5.                Pulmonary arty
  1.             What cause high blood pressure among the following?
  1.               Fasting for a long time
  2.               Indigestion
  3.               High room temperatures
  4.              Blood deficiency
  5.                Excess fats in blood vessels and the heart
  1.             Body changes which involve mental state, body structure, behavior and emotions can termed as;

  1.               Growth
  2.               Menstruation
  3.               Consciousness
  4.              Health challenges
  5.                Adolescence



Write the correct answer for each of the questions 41 – 45 in the spaces provided behind the OMR forms

  1.             Which part of the male reproductive system transports mature sperms to the prostate gland?
  2.             Name the types of pulley in which the wheel remains at one location when a load is lowered or raised by a rope
  3.             Identify any two heath principles that enhance our health
  4.             For a fire to start three components are needed and one of them is heat. Name the remaining two components needed for fire to start
  5.             Identify two uses of the internet in education.








Time 1:30 Hours

Pupil’s Name.......................................................................................................


  1.               This paper consists of section A and B with total of forty-five questions
  2.               Answer all questions in each section
  3.               For questions 1 – 40 put your choice in the box provided
  4.               For question 41 – 45 write your answer by filling the spaces provided
  5.               All communication devices and any unauthorized materials are not allowed in the examination room.


Choose the correct answer and write its letter in the space provided.

  1.               Which among the following is not a benefit of sports to our health?
  1.              They help in building strong muscles
  2.              To protect the body from attacks by diseases and infections
  3.              Causes blood pressure
  4.              Provide recreation
  5.              Help in maintaining a healthy body
  1.               A solution of sugar and water is a necessary first aid to a victim of:
  1.              Malaria and headache
  2.              Diarrhea and vomiting
  3.              Backbone and typhoid fever
  4.              T.B and influenza
  5.              Fracture
  1.               Which of the diseases below is not sexually transmitted?
  1.              AIDS
  2.              Trichomona
  3.              Syphilis
  4.              Chlamydia
  5.              Trachoma
  1.               Which of the vitamins below is produced in the body by the action of sunlight?
  1.              Vitamin A
  2.              Vitamin B
  3.              They prevent diseases
  4.              They restore vitamins and minerals in the body
  5.              They restore worn worn out cells in the body.
  1.               What is the advantage of vaccinations?
  1.              They reduce pain
  2.              They cure diseases
  3.              They prevent diseases
  4.              They restore vitamins and minerals in the body
  5.              They restore worn out cells in the body.
  1.               Which of the following bacteria causes Turber Culosis (TB)?
  1.              All bacteria in the air
  2.              Bacilli
  3.              Plasmodium
  4.              Fungi
  5.              Amoeba
  1.               Which of the following statements is False?
  1.              A laptop has an internal system unit
  2.              A laptop has an external system unit
  3.              The speaker is one of the computer output devices
  4.              The monitor is part of the hardware of the computer
  5.              Computers can help people carry out money transactions.
  1.               The following activities destroy water sources except:
  1.              Cutting down trees
  2.              Burning forests
  3.              Grazing a lot of livestocks around water sources
  4.              Disposing chemical wastes in the water sources
  5.              Fetching cooking water from water sources.
  1.                The figure below shows a sewing machine. Study it then answer the questions that follow.






The correct naming of parts labelled A to E is

  1.              Small wheel, axle, cord, large wheel and treadle
  2.              Axle, hand wheel, belt, band wheel and treadle
  3.              Needle, hand wheel, belt, treadle and pedal
  4.              Head, hand wheel, rope, band wheel and treadle
  5.              Non of the above
  1.           It is most suitable to construct a pit latrine on a high ground because:
  1.              It is easier to erect a wall
  2.              Smell from the toilet will be far from the ground level
  3.              It is difficult for it to wear out
  4.              Ground water will be far from the level of the latrine
  5.              The latrine will not be filled up in a short time
  1.           The following are advantages of using educational computer games, except...........
  1.              They bring reading, counting and writing into reality
  2.              They help pupils to learn things by doing
  3.              They motivate pupils to learn and work hard
  4.              They make pupils to become addicted to computer games
  5.              They make it easier for pupils to learn arithmetic using a calculator.
  1.           Which are the most important conditions for seed germination? ..............

Soil, sunlight, and water

Soil, air and water

Moderate warmth, warmth, water and oxygen 

Moderate warmth, soil and sunlight

Water, soil and carbon dioxide 

  1.           A class of living things/organisms which can live on land and in water is known as
  1.              Amphibians
  2.              Anthropods
  3.              Fish
  4.              Aves/birds
  5.              Mammals
  1.           Which of the following living things is not a mammal? ..........
  1.              A bat
  2.              A whale
  3.              A lion
  4.              A rabbit
  5.              A crocodile
  1.           Carefully observe the figure below (Figure 1) and answer the question that follows:





The organism shown in Figure 1 feeds on.........

  1.              Honey
  2.              Flesh
  3.              Grains
  4.              Matter from water
  5.              Decayed matter
  1.           The plant illustrated below grows in




  1.              Dense forests
  2.              Water
  3.              In long grasses
  4.              Deserts
  5.              Mountains
  1.           Why do some plants shed their leaves during winter?
  1.              To retain their water
  2.              To facilitate transpiration
  3.              To store food
  4.              To conserve the soil
  5.              To nourish the soil
  1.           Figure 3 below is a sketch of a flower





Which part of the flower attracts insects for pollination?

  1.              1
  2.              2
  3.              3
  4.              4
  5.              5
  1.           The source of electricity in a dry cell is .......... energy
  1.              Solar
  2.              Mechanical
  3.              Sound
  4.              Magnetic
  5.              Chemical
  1.           Kibata used 50 Newton to push a wall all day without success. Which of the correctly describes this event?
  1.              Kibata did work
  2.              Kibata used a lot of force
  3.              Kibata did not work
  4.              Kibata did useful work
  5.              Kibata used a small force
  1.           If the incident angle is 60°, what will be the reflected angle in a plane mirror?
  1.              90°
  2.              40°
  3.              30°
  4.              60°
  5.              45°
  1.           Study the figure then answer the question that follows.






If the current flowing through the circuit is 5 amperes, what is the resistance of the circuit (in ohms?)

  1.              100
  2.              50
  3.              10
  4.              4
  5.              0.4
  1.           Mzee Juakali hanged a bar magnet in air. Which side of the earth will the north pole of the magnet point to?
  1.              South
  2.              North
  3.              East
  4.              West
  5.              North-east
  1.           Musa used 10 Newtons to push a wheelbarrow a distance of 5m. What amount of work (In Joules) did Musa do?
  1.              15
  2.              50
  3.              3
  4.              0.5
  5.              5
  1.           In a scientific investigation, what leads a person (a scientist) to predict the outcome/to form a hypothesis?
  1.              Understanding the problem
  2.              A lengthy observation
  3.              Seeing
  4.              Conducting an experiment
  5.              Touching
  1.           Which type of computer network is shown below?