1. This paper consists of 45 questions in section A, B, C, D and E 

2. Answer all questions 

3. Read all given instructions in the special answer sheet (OMR) and fill in all the needed information 

4. Write your name and examination number correctly on your answer sheet provided 

5. Use HB pencil for question 1 – 40 and blue or black pen for question 41 – 45 

6. Cellular phones and other printed materials are not allowed in the examination room


Choose the most correct answer from the given alternatives and shade its letter in the answer 
sheet provided

1. Which action among the following does NOT cause environmental degradation?

  1.  Deforestation C. Bush and forests burning E. Wastes mismanagement 
  2. Afforestation D. Industrial activities

2. Which method among the following can be used to prevent floods?  

  1. Building houses in low land areas C. Crop rotation E. Building durable houses
  2. Cutting down trees    D. Planting trees

3. A sudden vibration or shaking that occurs in the upper layer of the earth’s surface is known as:

  1. Earth quake    C. Landslide E. Tornadoes 
  2. Volcanic eruption D. Tsunami

4. The temperature is higher in Dar es salaam, Tanga, Lindi and Mtwara than in Njombe, Arusha and Mbeya due to the difference in:

A. Latitude B. Elevation C. Attitude D. Rainfall E. Longitude  

5. The following are the advantages of being familiar with the weather of the places where we are living, EXCEPT: 

  1.  To choose the types of clothes to wear
  2. To take precautions of bad weather conditions
  3. To plan for agricultural activities
  4. It helps the pilots to take precautions before landing or flying their airplanes  ]
  5.  It helps to know the historical events that occurred in the past

6. How many years make a century?  

A. Ten years B. Twenty years   C. One hundred years D. Fifty years 

E. One thousand years

7. Which of the following hazards are associated with global warming?

  1. Earth quakes and wars C. Accidents and volcanic eruption E. Droughts and Floods
  2. Lightning and floods            D. Landslide and mud flows  

8. A prolonged period of abnormally low rainfall in a certain area is known as:

A. Drought    B. Flood C. Famine D. Landslide E. Hazard 

9. Which method of keeping historical records is mostly useful to illiterate people?

A. Written records B. Journals C. Oral narratives D. Library  E. Archives 

10. The skull of the earliest man was discovered at Olduvai Gorge by:

  1. Dr. Louis Leakey C. Dr. Livingstone E. Karl Peters  ]
  2. Dr. Charles Darwin D. Vasco Da Gama

11. Which of the following historical sites is famous for the ancient drawings and rock paintings? 

A. Isimila B. Kilwa C. Engaruka D. Olduvai Gorge E. Kondoa Irangi

12. The early man domesticated animals and plants during:

  1. Old Stone Age C. Iron Age  E. Digital Technology Age
  2. Middle Stone Age D. Late Stone Age  

13. Mkwawa is remembered as one among the heroes of our country because:

  1.  He discovered the skull of the earliest man at Olduvai Gorge
  2.  He signed bogus treaties with the British colonialists  
  3.  He organized and led the Maji maji war
  4.  He fought bravely against the German colonialists in Tanganyika
  5.  He proposed the theory of evolution of mankind

14. How many countries were the members of the East African Community between 1967-1977?

A. Two B. Five C. Three D. Six E. Seven  

15. When did the Germans stop colonizing Tanganyika?

  1.  After the Berlin conference        C. After the First Word War    E. After Maji Maji war
  2. After the formation of TANU     D. After the Second World War

16. The scramble for and partition of East Africa was completed by signing the Helgoland treaty between the Germans and the British in the year:                            ]

A. 1840 B. 1842 C. 1896 D. 1886 E. 1890

17. The agents of colonialism who came to Africa with an agenda of spreading Christianity were:

A. Traders B. Explorers C. Missionaries D. Settlers E. Arabs 

18. Who among the following was the first British governor in Tanganyika?

  1. Julius Von Soden C E.dward Twinning  E. Donald Cameron
  2. Horrace Byatt D. Richard Turnbull

19. Who was led the African National Congress (ANC) during the struggle for independence in Tanganyika? 

  1. John Rupia   C. Martin Kayamba   E. Zuberi Mtemvu
  2. Oscar Kambona   D. Mohammed Shamte

20. Drama, dance and films are examples of:  

A. Fine arts     B. Performing arts C. Craft arts D. Literary arts  E. Invisible arts

21. What is the benefit of traditional dances?  

  1.  They promote laziness                D. They lead to the spread of HIV/AIDS
  2.  They promote gender inequality   E. They promote culture of a particular society
  3. They promote early marriages

22. Mtemi Isike and Mirambo were the leaders of:

A. Gogo B. Yao C. Nyamwezi D. Hehe E. Ngoni  

23. Most African countries got their political independence in:

A. 1950s B. 1960s C. 1900s D. 1970s E. 2000s

24. The pipeline that transports crude oil from the port of Dar es salaam to Ndola in Zambia is known as: A. TANAPA  B. TAZARA C. TAZAMA   D. SONGAS E .TIPER

25. What is the difference in time between Kigali 300 E and Mogadishu 600E?

A. 30 minutes B. 15 minutes C. 3 hours D. 1 hour E. 2 hours 

26. Which of the following map symbols represents a mountain peak?


27. What type of map scale is suitable for drawing a map of the classroom?  ]

A. Ratio scale B. Medium scale C. Linear scale D. Small scale 

E. Large scale

28. Which heavenly body appears at the centre during the lunar eclipse?

A. Sun B. Moon C. Earth D. Mercury E. Neptune  ]

29. The line of latitude that is marked 23 1/2 o North of Equator is known as:

  1. Tropic of Cancer C. Greenwich meridian E. Antarctic circle
  2.  Tropic of Capricorn D. Arctic circle

30. The length of day and night is equal when the sun is overhead at the:

  1. Equator              C. Tropic of Capricorn  E. Southern Pole 
  2.  Prime Meridian  D. Tropic of Kansa

31. The following are NOT commercial crops, EXCEPT: 

A. Maize  B. Banana C. Cassava D. Sorghum E. Pyrethrum

32. The hardest minerals which are used for decorations and cutting glasses are called:

A. Diamond B. Gold C. Tanzanite D. Limestone E. Coal  

33. Which production activity among the following takes place in the areas with reliable rainfall and fertile soils?

A. Mining B. Fishing C. Industry D. Farming E. Pastoralism 

34. The following are advantages of the tourism, EXCEPT:

  1. To get foreign currency C. Increase of national income E. Growth of national economy
  2. Employment opportunities D. Environmental degradation  

35. Mtibwa, Kilombero, Kagera and Moshi are famous areas for growing:

A. Tea B. Sisal C. Coffee D. Cotton E. Sugar cane 

36. An activity that involves the exchange of goods or services from one person to another for money is known as:

A. Tourism B. Trade C. Transportation D. Selling E. Buying  

37. The art of making various items such as mats, carpets and baskets using fibres is known as:

A. Sculpturing B. Modeling C. Weaving D. Pottery E. Printing 

38. One of the signs of puberty for girls is:

  1. Strong voice C. Growth of hair on the chin E. Good smell 
  2. Expansion of chest D. Beginning of menstruation

39. Why is it recommended to frequently open the oven when baking bread?

A. To increase taste C. To add salt   E. To remove sugar 

B .To make the bread boil fast D. To avoid the bread to be burnt

40. The money that an entrepreneur makes in a business after paying the costs involved is known as: A. Expenditure B. Capital              C. Sales              D. Savings              E. Profit                            ]


Answer the following questions by supplying short answers in the spaces provided in your 
answer sheet

41. Why should we dry our bodies after bathing?

42. Who is the current chairperson of East Africa Community (EAC)?

43. Briefly explain how transportation stimulates economic development of Tanzania

44. The first Vice President of the United Republic of Tanzania was called

45. Explain any two negative effects of fire hazards 









1. This paper consists of 45 questions in section A, B, C, D and E 

2. Answer all questions 

3. Read all given instructions in the special answer sheet (OMR) and fill in all the needed information 

4. Write your name and examination number correctly on your answer sheet provided 

5. Use HB pencil for question 1 – 40 and blue or black pen for question 41 – 45 

6. Cellular phones and other printed materials are not allowed in the examination room


Choose the most correct answer from the given alternatives and shade its letter in the 
answer sheet provided

1. An act of showing polite behavior towards others is known as:

A. Apologizing 

B. Respect 

C. Resilience 

D Betrayal 

E. Hypocrisy 

2. Who is responsible for helping the needy?

  1.              Government leaders only 
  2.              D. Religious and government leaders
  3.              Family members only 
  4.              E. Parents 
  5.              The government and everyone in the society

3. The national symbol which shows the power and authorities of the President of Tanzania is called:

  1.              Picture of the President C. National Emblem E. National torch 
  2.              The State House D. President’s flag

4. What do the pictures of the crossed axe and hoe on the Tanzania’s coat of arms represent?

  1.              Defense and security C. Natural resources E. Unity and solidarity
  2.              Peace and love D. Workers and peasants 

5. The following are countries which share borders with Tanzania, EXCEPT: 

A. Rwanda B. Burundi C. Kenya D. Zambia E. Somalia 

6. Patriotism, socialism, unity, peace and human dignity are some of our:

  1.              National symbols C. National culture E. Human rights
  2.              National values D. National resources 

7. The feeling of strongly loving and supporting one’s country and being ready to defend and protect it is termed as:

A. Integrity B. Resilience C. Patriotism D. Democracy E. Socialism 

8. The activities which people do without expecting anything in return are known as:

  1.              Risk behaviors C. Self-discipline E. Responsibilities
  2.              Voluntary activities D. Involuntary activities 

9. The social and cultural relationship between male and female in the community is termed as: A. Gender              B. Sex              C. Culture              D. Traditions E. Customs 

10. Who is the topmost leader in the structure of the school leadership?

  1.              School Matron C. Head teacher E. Deputy head teacher
  2.              School director D. Academic teacher 

11. Who prepares the school timetable?

  1.              Head teacher C. Academic teacher E. Head prefect
  2.              Discipline teacher D. Assistant head teacher 

12. Which of the following traditions and customs needs to be preserved?

  1.                 Respecting elders C. Widow Inheritance E. Early marriages
  2.                 Stigmatizing the disabled people D. Forced marriages 

13. An act of pretending to be good to someone but acting differently is termed as:

A. Hypocrisy B. Tolerance C. Respect D. Transparency E. Integrity 

14. A person who has trained to advise people with social or personal problems is known as:

A. Trainer B. Mentor C. Advocate D. Counselor E. Patriot 

15. Which of the following actions does NOT show respect to the community members?

  1.                 Greeting C. Dressing decently E. Helping elders
  2.                 Using polite language D. Using abusive language 

16. The following are the qualities of an educated person, EXCEPT: 

A. Integrity B. Conducting research C. Innovative D. Confidence 

E. Hypocrisy

17. Which of the following actions shows misuse of public resources in our country?

  1.              Participating in general election C. Fraud E. Honesty 
  2.              Obeying laws of the country D. Trustworthy

18. A person who uses violent acts or force to threaten peace and security in a given country is known as:

A. Refugee B. Patriot C. Ambassador D. Terrorist E. Poacher 

19. The law that prohibits the manufacture, supply, importation and use of plastic bags in Tanzania came into force on:

  1.              1st June 2019 C. 25th April 2017 E. 26th January 2006
  2.              1st July 2000 D. 18th March 2018 

20. What is the advantage of obeying laws and regulations?

  1.              It creates wars and misunderstandings D. It promotes fear and disunity
  2.              It endangers the security of the society E. It promotes unity and insecurity 
  3.              It promotes peace and harmony

21. Defense and security of our nation and its resources is the responsibility of:

  1.              Government leaders C. All Tanzanians E. Local governments
  2.              Police force D. Tanzania People’s Defense Force 

22. Which institution is responsible for collecting taxes and other lawful contributions in Tanzania? A. TANAPA              B. BASATA              C. TAA              D. TRA              E. E. TBS                            ]

23. The executive organ of the village government is:

  1.              Village Chairperson C. Village assembly E. Village Committee
  2.              Village Council D. Ward assembly 

24. The leader who is elected by the citizens at the ward level is called:

  1.              Village chairperson C. Member of parliament E. Village Executive Officer
  2.              Ward Councilor D. Ward Executive Officer 

25. The following leaders are appointed by the President of the United Republic of Tanzania, EXCEPT: 

  1.                 Prime Minister C. District Executive Director E. Inspector General of Police
  2.                 Regional commissioners D. Regional Police Commissioner 

 26. Which action among the following does NOT promote good governance at school? 

  1.              Conducting election of school prefects D. Protecting the school resources
  2.              Conducting class meetings and school assemblies E. Involving pupils in decision making
  3.              Breaking the school rule and regulation

27. Who is the main leader of all government businesses in the National Assembly of Tanzania?

  1.              President C. Speaker E. Vice president
  2.              Prime Minister D. Deputy speaker 

28. At which level of the judicial system of Tanzania are the treason and murder cases heard?

  1.              Primary court C. High court E. District court
  2.              Court of Appeal D. Resident Magistrate court 

29. The Resident Magistrate Courts are also known as:

  1.              High courts C. District courts E. Courts of appeal
  2.              Primary courts D. Regional courts 

30. In which year was the Court of Appeal of Tanzania established?

  1.              1975              C. 1964 E. 2005
  2.              1979              D. 1996 

31. What does the analysis of the action plan for doing voluntary activities include?

  1.                 Evaluation of objectives C. Action plan documents E. Setting goals
  2.                 Preparation of resources D. Action plan chapters 

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32. A planned event which involves selling and buying goods and which is done in competition form is known as:

  1.              Petty business C. Domestic trade E. Auction
  2.              Investment D. Charity dinner 

33. Which of the following donations is NOT helpful to a school?

  1.              Furniture C. Soft drinks like soda and beer E. Text books
  2.              Scholastic materials D. School uniforms 

34. Where is legal aid provided?

A. At school B. At home C. At the court D. In prison E. At the church 

35. The situation in which there is security and calm, and in which there is no war, conflicts or violence is referred to as:

A. Peace B. Defense C. Laws D. Relationship E. Respect 

36. Which of the following actions promotes peace and security in the community?

  1.              Breaking the laws C. Disobeying the community laws E. Voluntary obedience of laws
  2.              Quarrelling with others D. Developing bad habits 

37. An act of exposing or revealing the secret of a person to an enemy is known as:

  1.              Backbiting C. Betrayal E. Hypocrisy
  2.              Self-respect D. Gossiping 

38. Which organ is responsible for firefighting and rescue operations in Tanzania?

  1.              Police force C. Mgambo militia E. Sungusungu
  2.              Prison force D. Fire and Rescue force 

39. In which year was the fire and rescue force of Tanzania formed?

A. 1997 B. 2003 C. 2007 D. 2013 E. 2017 

40. Sozi’s house was burning as a result of an electric shock. Which number would Sozi dial to ask for help from the organ that deals with firefighting and rescue operations?

A. 112 B. 114 C. 114 D. 100 E. 113 


Answer questions 41-45 by writing the correct answers in the spaces provided in your answer sheet

41. How does a voluntary action plan help pupils to perform well in their studies?

42. The main organ that coordinates and implements all development activities at the ward is called

43. Who swears in the winner a presidential election?

  1. Which organ in Zanzibar Revolutionary Government has the same function as the Parliament of the United Republic of Tanzania?              
  2. Mention two reasons as to why the school song is important










1. This paper consists of 45 questions in section A, B, C, D and E 

2. Answer all questions 

3. Read all given instructions in the special answer sheet (OMR) and fill in all the needed information 

4. Write your name and examination number correctly on your answer sheet provided 

5. Use HB pencil for question 1 – 40 and blue or black pen for question 41 – 45 

6. Cellular phones and other printed materials are not allowed in the examination room



Choose the correct answer by writing its letter on answer sheet provided.

  1.         A part of a flower which receives pollens is called __________________________

A. Style 

B. Stigma 

C. Stamen 

D. Ovary 

E. Filament

  1.         A form of static electricity produced when two clouds of different charges collide is known as  

A. Lightening 

B. Thunder 

C. Generator 

D. Atomic 

E. Rectifier

  1.         Convert 1220F into 0C. 

A. 500C 

B. 600C 

C. 700C 

D. 400C 

E. 550c

  1.         The following are chemical changes EXCEPT. 
    A. Evaporating of water 

B. Cording of milk 

C. Burning of paper 

D. Rusting of iron 

E. Decaying of matter

  1.         In the following structure of a neurone part labeled B shows. 

A. Axon 

B. Nucleus 

C. Cytoplasm 

D. Dendrite 

E. Cell

6. The inner walls of a thermos flask are…………in colour to prevent heat loss.

A. Copper 

B. Gold 

C. Yellow 

D. Silver 

E. Cell 

7. The main function of the white blood cells is to  
A. Manufacturing blood 

B. Protect the body against diseases

C. Help blood clothing 

D. Give the blood its red colour 

E. To transport oxygen

8. The outcome of union between a male gamete X and female gamete Y is 

A. Fraternal twins 

B. Baby girl 

C. Baby boy 

D. Identical twins 

E. Siamese

9. Which among the following lists shows characteristics of living things? 

A. Dying, seeing and feeding 

B. Dying, reproducing and changing colour 
C. Respiring, sensing and hearing 

D. Breathing, reproducing and walking

E. Moving, respiring and reproducing

10. In order to maintain of our bodies we are advised to ______________________

  1.        Do physical exercise, eating balanced diet and resting
  2.        Oversleep, eating balanced diet and playing
  3.        Avoid manual work, eating balanced diet and sleeping
  4.        Do physical exercise and participate in sports
  5.        Eat well and do physical exercise all the time.

11. A tube that takes urine from the kidney to the urinary bladder is called __ 

A. Urethra 

B. Ureta 

C. Uterus 

D. Urine 

E. Fallopian tube

12. The bacteria that cause trachoma attacks the inner part of the eye and the part called  

A. Pupil 

B. Skin 

C. Conjunction 

D. Retina 

E. Iris

13. The following are the symptoms of (COVID 19) EXCEPT 
A. Headache, fever, flu, breathing difficulties 

B. Fever, headache, chest pain

C. Fatigue, flue and headache 

D. Coughing, flu and fatigue 
E. Sweating, coughing and flu

14. Myopia is a problem that can be corrected by using with_____________lens. 

A. Flat 

B. Concave 

C. Carved 

D. Convex 

E. spherical

15. All visible things __________light. 

A. Reflect 

B. Omit 

C. Absorb 

D. Bend 

E. Pass

  1.     We can measure a temperature of a body using  __________________________

A. Barometer 

B. Thermometer 

C. Hygrometer 

D. Ammeter 

E. Ohmmeter

  1.     Animals that feed on flesh are known as _______________________________

A. Carnivores 

B. Herbivores 

C. Omnivores 

D. Prey 

E. Reptiles

  1.     A device used to observe germs in the laboratory is known as_________________

A. Binocular 

B. Film 

C. Microscope D. Barometer 

E. Thermometer

  1.     The male part of a flower consist of __________________________________[ ]

A. Stigma and anther 

B. Anther and filament 

C. Style and filament

D. Ovary and style 

E. Stalk and ovary

  1.     Blood uses __ to clot in order to prevent blood loss when a person is injured
    A. Plasma 

B. Red blood cells 

C. White blood cells 

D. Fibrinogen 

E. Oxygen

  1.     A poisonous gas found in a burning charcoal is called  ______________________

A. CO2 

B. CO 

C. O2 

D. H2

E. N2

  1.     Oestrogen hormone is manufactured by ________________________________

A. Ovary 

B. Testes 

C. Urethra 

D. Vagina E. Urinary bladder

  1.     A gas taken out by pants as a waste product during photosynthesis is called 
    A. Hydrogen 

B. Carbon dioxide 

C. Cabornmonoxide 

D. Nitrogen 

E. Oxygen

  1.     All arteries carry oxygenated blood EXCEPT. 

A. Aorta 

B. Hepatic artery 

C. Vena cava 

D. Pulmonary 

E. Renal artery

  1.     An electric device that converts direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC) is called  

A. Medulla 

B. Rectifier 

C. Amplifier 

D. Voltmeter

E. Inveter

  1.     A force that enables human to walk without sliding is called  _________________

A. Friction

B. Attraction 

C. Temperature

D. Chemical 

E. Repulsion

  1.     In human digestive system , the hydrochloric acid can be found in the part called __ 

A. Liver 

B. Intestine

C. Gastric juice 

D. Stomach 

E. Kidney  

  1.     One of the following is NOT among the characteristics of carbon dioxide. 

A. Doesn’t have a fixed shape 

B. It is heavier than air 

C. Colorless

D. Doesn’t react with litmus 

E. All are correct

  1.     Whale and dolphins are some of___________that live in the ocean. 

A. Reptiles 

B. Mammals 

C. Fish 

D. Cattles 

E. Amphibians

  1.     An effort of 30kg was used to raise a load weighing 120kg. the mechanical advantage was  

A. 3 Joules 

B. 4 Joules 

C. 4              D. 5 kg 

E. 3

  1.     Which among the following lists shows a balanced diet? 

A  Rice, beans, ugali 

B. Cassava, Potatoes, ugali 

C. Rice, meat and beans 
D. Ugali, meat and fruits 

E. Vegetables, meat and spinach

  1.     Mr. Taluma is a short sighted person. We can help him by giving him spectacles with _____lens. 

A. Convex 

B. Flat 

C. Concave 

D. spherical 

E. Round

  1.     Farid carried a load weighing 35kg and stood with it on a road whose distance is 8km. calculate his work done.              

A. 100 Joules 

B. 280 Joules 

C. 2800 Joules 

D. 0 Joules 

E. 31

34. What does the symbol below represent in electricity?

A. Ammeter 

B. Bulb 

C. Direct current 

D. Transformer 

E. Ohmmeter

35. Calculate the current flowing through the circuit below. 

A. 0.75A 

B. 4.5 A 

C. 0.25A 

D. 7.5 A 

E. 2A

  1. When blood reaches the lungs it gains______________gas. 

A. Oxygen 

B. Carbon dioxide 

C. Hydrogen 

D. Nitrogen 

E. Helium

  1. The following are advantages of using internet EXCEPT. 

A. Advertisement 

B. Employment 

C. Communication 

D. Entertainment 
E. Cyber crime

  1. Part of radio which receives sound waves is known as _____________________

A. Turner 

B. Speaker 

C. Radio 

D. Antenna 

E. Meter band

  1. After fertilization the young one of a frog is known as _____________________

A. Larva 

B. Tadpole 

C. Pupa 

D. Egg 

E. Adult

  1. The poisonous substance found in cigarette which affects human lungs is called ___

 A. Caffeine 

B. Alcohol 

C. Nicotine 

D. Chlorine 

E. Methane 


  1. Culex mosquito is known is known for spreading a disease called
  2. Find the value of x in the following diagram.
  3. IRON + Y + WATER = RUST, Letter Y stands for________
  4. What is the value of angle Y from the diagram bellow?

  1. A ray marked B in a diagram above is called










1. This paper consists of 45 questions in section A, B, C, D and E 

2. Answer all questions 

3. Read all given instructions in the special answer sheet (OMR) and fill in all the needed information 

4. Write your name and examination number correctly on your answer sheet provided 

5. Use HB pencil for question 1 – 40 and blue or black pen for question 41 – 45 

6. Cellular phones and other printed materials are not allowed in the examination room



Choose the correct words that complete the sentences by shading the letter of the correct answer in the answer sheet provided. 

  1. Mbua is ____________________________________________ a letter to her mother now.
    1. Wrote   (B) was writing  (C) write  (D) Written  (E) Writing
  2. Mtweve was cooking banana when her brother ________________________________
    1. Arrived  (B) arriving   (C) comes  (D) is coming  (E) arrive
  3. Students ____________________________ Mikumi National Park next month.
    1. Visit   (B) Visits   (C) will visit  (D) Visiting  (E) Visited
  4. The children always ___________________________________ playing with toys
    1. Liked   (B) like   (C) liking  (D) likes  (E) likeness
  5. _______________________________ Halima clean her teeth every day?
    1. Do   (B) does   (C) is   (D) has  (E) have
  6. I have been _____________________________________ for you for three hours
    1. Waiting  (B) waited   (C) waits  (D) wait  (E) Waiter
  7. Did you ____________________________ your homework last night?
    1. Finishes (B) finished   (C) finish  (D) finishing  (E) do finish
  8. Diamond is a great musician ____________________________________________?
    1. Is it  (B) Isn’t she   (C) is he  (D) Isn’t Diamond  (E) Isn’t he
  9. The teachers ________________________________ teaching mathematics at the moment
    1. Is   (B) were   (C) have  (D) are  (E) shall
  10.            Write the indirect speech for the sentence “I shall be writing exams this time tomorrow” he said.
    1. He said that he could be writing his exams the following day
    2. He said that he would be writing his exams the following day
    3. He said that he should be writing his exams the following day
    4. He said that he should be writing his exams this time tomorrow
    5. He said hat he shall be writing his exams the following day
  11. He will not pass his examination ___________________________________ he works hard
    1. But   (B) because   (C) even  (D) Unless  (E) and
  12. Witness is not ___________________________ tall __________________________ Allan

(A) Too ____to  (B) so ____ that  (C) as ___ as (D) either ___or (E) both ___ and 

  1. Inspite ____________________ his sickness he went to attend the meeting
    1. For   (B) into   (C) of   (D) to   (E) at


  1. The farmers can __________________________________ plant beans nor maize this year
    1. Either   (B) bot   (C) not  (D) neither  (E) also
  2. The bus moved slowly ____________________________ the bus stand
    1. Towards  (B) under   (C) over  (D) onward  (E) with
  3. The sun __________________________ from East to West
    1. Rises   (B) Rise   (C) Rising  (D) Rose  (E) Are Rising
  4. The lion was ________________________________ by the Masai hunters
    1. Kill   (B) Killing   (C) Killed  (D) Kills  (E) is killing
  5. Mr. Mangula is _____________________________________ honest man
    1. A   (B) an    (C) some  (D) the  (E) is killing
  6. I saw John eating Ugali _______________________________ a spoon

 (A) by   (B) with   (C) and  (D) for  (E) from 

20. Many passengers injured  ________________________________ in the accident.

 (A) themselves (B) our self   (C) themself (D) myself  (E) herself 

21. Mount Kilimanjaro is ____________________________________ than Mount Kenya 

 (A) higher  (B) high  (C) the highest   (D) very higher  (E) an highest 

22. This is the place ___________________________________ an accident happened last year 

 (A) who (B) whom  (C) where  (D) whose  (E) which 

23. I saw him throw a stone ______________________________ the window 

 (A) through (B) over  (C) in   (D) by   (E) on 

24. They travelled from Mwanza to Morogoro ____________________________ air plane 

 (A) by  (B) on   (C) with   (D) in    (E) at 

25. Nyanzobe and Nyanzara bought _____________________________ umbrella 

 (A) un  (B) an   (C) a    (D) the   (E) are  

26. It is known that the cow died ___________________________________ a year now 

 (A) by  (B) of   (C) for    (D) at    (E) on 

27. My uncle has been a teacher ________________________________ a year now 

 (A) at  (B) in   (C) on   (D) since   (E) for 

28. _________________________________________ Neema is beautiful, but also intelligent. 

 (A) both (B) either  (C) not only   (D) either   (E) and 

29. There isn’t ____________________________________ sugar in the tea 

 (A)an  (B) some  (C) many   (D) any   (E) little 

30. We have ________________________________ money in our pockets. 

 (A) many (B) plenty   (C) few   (D) much  (E) lot of 



Choose the correct answer that completes the sentences. 

31. A man whose wife has died is called a _______________________________________

 (A) Widower   (B) Widow  (C) orphan  (D) troublesome  (E) bachelor 

32. A person who flies an airplane is called a _____________________________________

 (A) police  (B) navigator  (C) judge  (D) pilot   (E) driver 

33. A pedestrian is a person who ______________________________________

 (A) pedals the bicycle   (B) walks on foot   (C) travels by car 

 (D) uses a pedal   (E) travels by train 

34. The plural form of the word sheep is _________________________________

 (A) Sheeps (B) ships  (C) sheep  (D) ship  (E) sheepy

35. A person who cuts other people’s hair is called a _____________________________

 (A) saloon  (B) barber  (C) hair cutter   (D) hair dresser  

(E) hair salon 

36. The pupils were ______________________ for winning their match against their opponents 

 (A) congratulated (B) celebrate   (C) praise   (D) confirmed                (E) concurred 


This section has four mixed sentences. Re arrange the sentences so as to make a good composition by giving them letter A, B, C and D shade the letter of the correct answer in your answer sheet. 

37. They were expecting to see their mother come through the gate at any moment 

38. “Why do you think she has not yet come” asked Kataga. “May be the bus from the market was late” answered Kimaro. 

39. One evening Kimaro and his younger sister Kataga were sitting on the door step of their house. 

40. It was now a quarter past six and she had not yet returned. 



Read the following passage carefully then answer queston 41-45 by filling in the blanks shortly. 

My name is Baraka. My father’s name is Daudi and my mother’s name is Amina. I have two sisters Hawa and Anna while Hawa is older than I am. Anna is younger than I am. I have an elder brother Ado and younger twin brothers Kulwa and Doto. 

Our father is a businessman in Maendeleo town in the southern region of Tanzania. He has a big store of farm tools like hoes, pangas, slashers and spare part for tractors and oxen pulled carts. This mean our father has a home in Maendeleo town. 

We have original home in Mpapa village where our mother, brothers, sisters and bigger family unit live. This means that our grandparents, our uncles, aunties and our cousins live in Mpapa and work on coffee and maize farms. We also cultivate beans, pears and sunflower seeds. 

My elder brother and my sister Hawa have already completed school. Ado works with the coffee curing plant in Mbinga as mechanic. Hawa is a nurse at Majengo mission hospital. I myself am now in standard seven and I am hoping to do the primary school leaving examination toward the end of this year. 

During the holiday I normally join my mother, young brothers and sister and help in the farm work. We cultivate a lot of maize. We use some of it for our daily meals while we sell the rest to get some money for other uses. We also have a big coffee farm. Coffee is our main cash crop. 


41. Whos is the writer of this passage? ____________________________________________

42. How many brothers does Baraka have? _________________________________________

43. Which word that explain Mr. Daudi’s work _______________________________________

44. Where is the original residence of the writer’s family unit live?________________________

45. What is the main cash crop pf the area you have read about? ________________________









Sikiliza kwa makini kifungu cha habari kitakachosomwa na msimamizi kisha jibu maswali 1-5

  1.                Kulingana na kifungu maji yameelezwa kuwa ni
  1.              Hewa
  2.               Mvua
  3.               Uhai
  4.              bahari
  1.                Neno ukame ni sawa na msimu upi?
  1.              Kiangazi
  2.               Vuli
  3.               Kipupwe
  4.              masika
  1.                Ni ukuzaji upi wa maji hutekeleza upanuzi wa uchumi wanchi?
  1.              Kupatia mifugo
  2.               Kusafiria
  3.               Kutolea umeme
  4.              Kuoshea vyombo
  1.                Watu wanaosafirisha maji hawatumii
  1.              Mikokoteni
  2.               Mitungi
  3.               Mifuko
  4.              magari
  1.                Kulingana na kifungu kuna madhehebu ambayo _______ watu wao majini
  1.              huwazalia
  2.               huwaoza
  3.               huwabatiza
  4.              huwauza


Sarufi, msamiati na lugha ya kifasihi

6. Fanani aliihakikishia hadhira yake usalama. Maana ya neno fanani ni ____

A. Msikilizaji 

B. Msimuliaji 

C. Mpambe 

D. Mnoko 

E. Mstaarabu

7. Neno lipi kati ya haya lipo katika ngeli ya LI – YA?

A. Ugonjwa 

B. uzima 

C. ufunguo 

D. mbeleko 

E. sherehe

8. Sina nasaba na wewe. Neno lililopigiwa mstari lina maana ya

A. Ukoo 

B. hamu 

C. shauku 

D. dukuduku 

E. haja

9. Watu wengi walihudhuria katika……….. ya harusi ya dada yangu.

A. Kalamu 

B. mahari 

C. Karamu 

D. Mbwembwe 

E. sherehe

10. ni mtu mwenye elimu ya nyota.

A. Mwananyota 

B. Mtabiri 

C. Mnajimu D. Mganga 

E. Bingwa

  1.                     Uliona              baada ya kuingia visiwa vya Pemba? 

A. Ujasiri B. fahali C. hodari D.kuona E. fahari

  1.        Wanafunzi watafanya mtihani wa Kiswahili wiki ijayo, kifungu cha maneno “wiki ijayo” kinaonyesha ___              

A. Kielezi B. kivumishi C. kitenzi D. nomino E. kiwakilishi

  1.                     Katika kitenzi “wanalima” mzizi ni upi?


  1.                      Ukila embe bichi utaumia tumbo. Neno lililopigiwa mstari ni aina gani ya kivumishi?[ 

A. Idadi B. a__unganifu C. sifa D. kuonyesha E. kumiliki

  1.                     Neno lenye maana sawa au karibu sawa na “maamuma” ni 

A. Marehemu B. mwonevu C. Mjumbe D. Mfuasi E. kati

  1.                     Chakula hiki kina__________________tamu. 

A. Radha B. ladha C. laza D. raza E. latha

  1.                     Mtoto akizaliwa _______________________________________________________

A. Tungesherehekea B. tutafurahi C. tungalifurahi E. furaha D. furahisha

  1.                     Mchanganyiko wa mboga au matunda unaoliwa bila kupikwa huitwa ____________________

A. Mchicha B. nyanya C. kabichi D. saladi E. kachumabri

19. Mpira umegonga mwamba nusura goli liingie. Neno gani linaonesha kitenndwa? [ ]

A. Mwamba B. Nusura C. Goli D. mpra E. liingie

20. Kifaa kinachotumika kuhifadhi kisu huitwa ________________________________[ ]

A. Podo B. ala C. waleti D. rafu E. hori

21. Tegua kitendawili hiki” Maji ya kisima hiki hayawezi kumaliza kiu” [ ]

A. uji B. mate C. Soda D. dafu E. chai

 22. Waliendesha kilimo kwa nguvu zote. Ni nahau ipi inayoendana na melezo haya? [ ]

A. Kufa na kupona B. kufuatana sanjari C. kucheza shere

D. kutia moyo E. kumchimba mtu

23. Mjumbe wetu yu maji wodini. Nini maana ya nahau hii? [ ]

A. Amepona B. Amekaa C. Anacheka D. Amezidiwa E. Buheri wa afya

24. Bura yangu sibadili na rehani. Methali ipi ina maana sawa na hii? 

A. Usiache mbachao kwa msala upitao B. akiba haiozi C. Sikio la kufa halisikii dawa

D. Mfa maji haachi kutapatapa E. Haba na haba hujaza kibaba

25. Majambazi wale walipanga njama zao katika pembe za chaki. Nini maana ya usemi uliopigiwa mstari?              

A. Mahali pa wazi B. Penye haiki ya watu C. Nje ya nyumba

D. Mahali pa siri pasipojulikana E. Mhali pa wazi kuingia

26. Kamilisha methali, baada ya tufani  ______________________________________

A. raha B. huja shwari C. mateso D. mapatano E. huja fujo

27. Mgosi alikuwa na kichwa cha panzi. Msemo “kichwa cha panzi” una maana ipi? 

A. Msikivu sana B. Ana utambuzi C. Msahaulifu sana D. Ana kumbukumbu

E. Mtiifu sana

28. Methali ipi kati ya hizi zifuatazo inapingana na hii, Umoja ni nguvu utengano ni udhaifu? A. Panya wengi hawachimbi shimo B. Kidole kimoja hakivunji chawa              

  1.                          Palipo na wengi hapaharibiki neno
  2.                          Mkono mmoja hauchinji ng’ombe E. Jifya moja haliinjiki chungu

29. Kamilisha methali hii, “Ukiona zinduna
A. Kuna ajali B. ujue kuna jambo C. ujue kuna fedha D. ambari iko nyuma E. hausimiki

30. Kitendawili, Dume wangu amelilia machungani ______________________________

A. Moto B. radi C. mvua D. jua E. mwezi

31. Mjomba alimpiga___________shangazi ikiwa ni ishara ya upendo. 

A. pasi B. makofi C. viboko D. mguu E. busu

32. Mtu aliyezaliwa nawe kwa baba, kwa mama au kwa wazazi wote wawili utamwitaje?

A. kaka B. binamu C. ndugu D. dada E. jamaa 

33. ____ kwamba wananchi wengi wanajua kusoma na kuandika. 

A. imethihirika B. imezihirika C. imethihirika D. imedhihirika

E. imedhihilika

34. Mahaliambako vita hupiganwa hujulikana kama ______________________________

A. dimba B. medani C. ulingo D. uga E. uzio

35. Mafuta yanayotokana na wanyama kama ng’ombe au ngamia ambayo hutumika kupikia huitwa __ 

        A. mtindi B. siagi C. jibini D. mgando E. samli



Panga sentensi zifuatazo katika mtiririko unaofaa kwa kuzipa herufi A to E

36. Mwalimu na wanafunzi wenzangu walinipongeza sana.

37. Mwezi uliopita tulifanya jaribio la Kiswahili.

38. Sasa naendelea kujiandaa kwa ajili ya mtihani wa taifa mwezi Septemba.

39. Baada ya siku moja, matokeo ya jaribio hilo yalitoka.

40. Mimi nilifanikiwa kupata alama tisini na kuwa wa kwanza katika darasa.


Soma habari ifuatayo, kasha jibu maswali.

Waandishi mashuhuri ambao walikuwa hodari kwa kufikiri na kutunga mambo yenye tija, ilipofika safari kwenda kusiko na rejea basi halikuweza kuwa na saburi wote wamekwenda zao. Walikuwa watu wenye kupendwa na walipenda kuwafadhili wenzao. Watu hawa walipendwa kwa mapenzi ya ajabu mfano hakuna. Imebaki historia maana kurejea hawawezi hata tulie vilio na machozi ya damu hawawezi kurudi watu hao. Walitenda mambo kwa hekima zote katika uhai wao, basi wakawa wenye kuvuma kwa vyeo na sifa zao. Wote wamezama na zimebaki sifa zao.


  1. Watu ambao wanazungumzia kwenye habari walikuwa akina nani?_____________________
  2. Mwandishi wa habari hii ameelekeza kuwa, watu wanazungumzia wamekwenda


  1. Nini maana ya neno saburi kama ilivyotumika kwenye habari? _______________________
  2. Kwanini mwandishi anasema watu hai walikuwa hodari?
  3. Mwandishi anaposema wote wamezama ana maanisha nini?



Maji ni uhai. Maji huhitajika katika maisha yetu ya kila siku. Tunahitaji maji ya kunywa, kupika , kuoshea na kupatia mifugo yetu

Maji ni muhimu katika kilimo. Mimea haiwezi kustawi bila maji. Maeneo ya nchi ambayo hayana mvua au mito hayavutii watu wengi kuishi humo. Wenyeji wa sehemu hizo hukabiliwa na ukame miaka nenda miaka rudi. Baadhi yao hufa kwa njaa. Wengine hukonda na kuwa wembamba kama sindano kwa kukosa lishe bora

Viwanda navyo huhitaji maji ili kuendeleza shughuli zao. Nguvu za umeme anghalabu hutolewa kwenye mianguko ya maji. Bila umeme nchi haiwezi ikastawi ipasavyo kiuchumi.

Katika nchi imani za kidini, kuna madhehebu ambayo hutumia maji kubatiza waumini wao. Watu wengi huamini ni baraka kutoka kwa mungu.

Watu wengi huuza maji na kujipatia riziki zao. Wao hutumia mitungi, mikokoteni na hata magari kusafirisha maji

Maji ni muhimu katika nyanja za usafiri . kuna maeneo makubwa ya nchi yenye maji pakee. Haya huitwa bahari abiria wanakosafiri majini hutumia meli kwa hivyo matumizi ya maji ni chungu nzima. Kwa kuwa mtaka cha mvunguni sharti ainame hatuna budi kuhifadhi maji na pia kutunza sehemu yanakotoka ili yaendelee kutufaa.








Muda: saa 1


1. Jaza taarifa zako muhimu katika karatasi ya kujibia uliyopewa

2. Jibu maswali yote kulingana na maelekezo ya kila sehemu

3. Zingatia unadhifu wa kazi yako

4. Katika swali la 1-40 andika herufi ya jibu sahihi

5. Kwa swali la 41-45 andika majibu katika nafasi iliyoachwa wazi


Chagua jibu sahihi kisha siliba herufi ya jibu hilo katika karatasi ya kujibia uliyopewa

1. Shughuli zifuatazo zinasababisha uchafuzi wa mazingira, ISIPOKUWA:

  1.            Ukataji miti ovyo C. Kuchoma misitu na vichaka E. Kutupa taka ovyo [ ]
  2.            Kupanda miti D. Shughuli za viwanda

2. Njia mojawapo ya kuzuia mafuriko ni:

  1.            Kujenga nyumba kwenye mabonde C. Kilimo cha mzunguko E. Kujenga nyumba zinazohamishika
  2.            Kukata miti D. Kupanda miti [ ]

3. Mtetemo wa ghafla unaotokea juu ya uso wa dunia hujulikana kama:

  1.                 Tetemeko la ardhi C. Maporomoko ya ardhi E. Tufani [ ]
  2.                 Mlipuko wa volkano D. Tsunami

4. Joto la Dar es salaam, Tanga, Lindi na Mtwara ni kubwa kuliko la Njombe, Arusha na Mbeya kutokana na tofauti ya: 
A. Latitudo B. Mwinuko C. Mtazamo D. Mvua E. Longitudo [ ]

5. Zifuatazo ni faida za kufahamu hali ya hewa ya eneo fulani, ISIPOKUWA:

  1.            Kuchagua aina ya mavazi ya kuvaa
  2.            Kuchukua tahadhari dhidi ya majanga ya hali ya hewa
  3.            Kupanga shughuli za kilimo
  4.            Huwasaidia marubani kuchukua tahadhari kabla ya kurusha ndege au kutua [ ]
  5.            Kujua matukio ya kihistoria yaliyotokea hapo zamani

6. Karne moja ni sawa na miaka mingapi?

A. 10 B. 20 C. 100 D. 50 E. 1000 [ ]

7. Miongoni mwa majanga yanayosababishwa na kuongezeka kwa joto duniani ni:

  1.            Tetemeko la ardhi na vita C.Ajali na mlipuko wa volkano E. Ukame na mafuriko
  2.            Radi na mafuriko D. Maporomoko ya ardhi na mmomonyoko wa udongo [ ]

8. Hali ya upungufu au ukosefu wa mvua kwa kipindi cha muda mrefu hujulikana kama:

A. Ukame B. Mafuriko C. Njaa D. Kipupwe E. Majanga [ ]

9. Njia ipi ya kuhifadhi kumbukumbu za matukio ya kihistoria hutumiwa zaidi na watu wasiojua kusoma na kuandika? A. Vitabu              B. Maandishi C. Mazungumzo ya mdomo D. Maktaba E. Nyaraka              [              ]

10. Fuvu la kichwa cha mtu wa kale zaidi liligunduliwa katika bonde la Olduvai na:

  1.            Dk. Louis Leakey C. Dk. Livingstone E. Karl Peters [ ]
  2.            Dk. Charles Darwin D. Vasco Da Gama

11. Eneo la kihistoria ambalo ni maarufu kutokana na michoro ya mapangani nchini Tanzania ni:

A. Isimila B. Kilwa C. Engaruka D. Olduvai Gorge E. Kondoa Irangi [ ]

12. Binadamu wa kale alianza kilimo na ufugaji katika kipindi cha:

  1.            Zama za Mawe za Kale C. Zama za Chuma E. Zama za Kidijitali
  2.            Zama za Mawe za Kati D. Zama za Mawe za Mwisho [ ]

13. Mkwawa anakumbukwa kama miongoni mwa mashujaa wa nchi yetu kwa sababu:

  1.              Aligundua fuvu la kichwa cha mtu wa kale zaidi katika bonde la Olduvai
  2. Alisaini mikataba ya ulaghai na Waingereza [ ]
  3.              Aliongoza vita vya Majimaji dhidi ya Wajerumani
  4.              Alipambana na Wajerumani kwa ujasiri mkubwa
  5.              Aliasisi nadharia ya chimbuko la mwanadamu

14. Nchi ngapi zilikuwa wanachama wa Jumuiya ya Afrika Mashariki kuanzia mwaka 1967 hadi1977?

A. Mbili B. Tano C. Tatu D. Sita E. Saba [ ]

15. Utawala wa Wajerumani nchini Tanganyika ulifika kikomo mwaka gani?

  1. Baada ya mkutano wa Berlin C. Baada ya vita vya Kwanza vya dunia E. Baada ya vita vya Maji Maji
  2. Baada ya kuundwa kwa TANU D. Baada ya vita vya pili vya dunia

16. Mgawanyo wa Afrika Mashariki kati ya Wajerumani na Waingereza ulikamilika mara baada ya kusainiwa kwa Mkataba wa Helgoland mwaka:

A. 1840 B. 1842 C. 1896 D. 1886 E. 1890 [ ]

17. Kundi gani la vitangulizi vya ukoloni lilifika Afrika kwa lengo kuu la kueneza dini ya Ukristo?

A. Wafanyabiashara B. Wapelelezi C. Wamisionari D. Walowezi E. Waarabu [ ]

18. Gavana wa kwanza wa Waingereza nchini Tanganyika alikuwa nani?

  1.                   Julius Von Soden C E.dward Twinning E. Donald Cameron [ ]
  2.                   Horrace Byatt D. Richard Turnbull

19. Chama cha ANC wakati wa harakati za kudai uhuru nchini Tanganyika kiliongozwa na nani?

  1.                   John Rupia C. Martin Kayamba E. Zuberi Mtemvu [ ]
  2.                   Oscar Kambona D. Mohammed Shamte

20. Maigizo,nyimbo na filamu ni mifano ya aina gani ya sanaa?

  1.                   Sanaa ghibu C. Sanaa za ufundi E. Sanaa zisizoonekana
  2.                   Sanaa za maonyesho D. Sanaa za fasihi [ ]

21. Ngoma za asili zina faida gani kwa jamii?

  1.     Huchochea uvivu D. Husababisha maambukizi ya magonjwa
  2.     Huleta utengano E. Huimarisha utamaduni wa jamii husika [ ]
  3.    Husababisha ndoa za utotoni

22. Mtemi Isike na Mirambo walikuwa ni viongozi wa kabila gani?

A. Gogo B. Yao C. Nyamwezi D. Hehe E. Ngoni [ ]

23. Nchi nyingi za Afrika zilianza kupata uhuru wao katika miaka ya:

A. 1950 B. 1960 C. 1900 D. 1970 E. 2000 [ ]

24. Bomba la mafuta linaloanzia Dar es salaam hadi Ndola nchini Zambia linaitwa:


25. Kuna tofauti gani ya muda kati ya mji wa Kigali uliopo nyuzi 300 Mashariki na mji wa Mogadishu uliopo nyuzi 600 Mashariki?

A. Dakika 30 B. Dakika 15 C. Masaa 3 D.Saa 1 E. Masaa 2 [ ]

26. Alama ipi ya ramani kati ya hizi zifuatazo huwakilisha kilele cha mlima?

  1.        Ni aina ipi ya kipimio cha ramani inaweza kutumika kuchora ramani ya darasa?

A. Kipimio cha uwiano B. Kipimio cha kati C. Kipimio cha mstari D. Kipimio kidogo E. Kipimio kikubwa                                                                                                                                                                  [              ]

  1.        Ni gimba lipi kati ya magimba yafuatayo huwa katikati ya magimba mengine wakati wa kupatwa kwa mwezi?
  1.            Jua
  2.            Mwezi
  3.            Dunia
  4.            zebaki
  5.             Kausi.

    29. Mstari wa latitude wenye nyuzi 231/2 kaskazini mwa ikweta hujulikan a kama;

  1.            Tropiki ya kansa
  2.            Meridani kuu
  3.            Mzingo wa antaktiki
  4.            Tropiki ya kaprikoni
  5.             Mzingo wa aktiki

30. Urefu wa mchana na usiku huwa sawa wakati jua linapokuwa la utosi katika;

  1.            Ikweta
  2.            Tropiki ya kaprikoni
  3.            Ncha ya kusini
  4.            Meridian kuu
  5.             Mzingo wa aktiki

         31. Urefu wa mchana na usiku huwa wakati jua linapokuwa la utosi katika;

  1.            Ikweta
  2.            Tropiki ya kaprikoni
  3.            Ncha ya kusini
  4.            Meridian kuu
  5.             Tropiki ya kansa.
  1.        Yafuatayo ni mazao ya chakula, ISIPOKUWA:

A. Mahindi B. Ndizi C. Mihogo D. Ulezi E. Pareto [ ]

  1.        Madini magumu zaidi ambayo hutumika katika mapambo na kukatia vioo hujulikana kama:

A. Dhahabu B. Shaba C. Tanzanaiti D. Chokaa E. Makaa ya mawe [ I

33. Shughuli ipi ya uzalishaji mali kati ya hizi zifuatazo hufanyika zaidi katika maeneo yenye udongo wenye rutuba na mvua za kutosha?

A. Uchimbaji wa madini B. Uvuvi C. Viwanda D. Kilimo E. Ufugaji [ I

34. Zifuatazo ni faida za utalii, ISIPOKUWA:

  1.              Hutupatia fedha za kigeni C. Kuongezeka kwa pato la taifaa              E. Kukua kwa uchumi wa taifa
  2.              Hutupatia ajira D. Uchafuzi wa mazingira [ I

35. Mtibwa, Kilombero, Kagera na Moshi ni maeneo maarufu kwa kilimo cha:

A. Chai B. Mkonge C. Kahawa D. Pamba E. Miwa [ I

36. Shughuli inayohusisha kuuza na kununua bidhaa hujulikana kama:

A. Utalii B. Biashara C. Uchukuzi D. Uuzaji E. Ununuzi

37. Sanaa ya kutengeneza bidhaa mbalimbali kama vile mikeka, mazuria na vikapu kwa kutumia majani au magome ya miti hujulikana kama:

  1.              Uchongaji
  2.               Ufinyanzi
  3.               Ufumaji
  4.              Upakuaji
  5.               Uchapaji

38. Miongoni mwa dalili za kubalehe kwa wanawake ni:

  1.              Kuwa na sauti nzito
  2.               Kuota ndevu
  3.               Kupanuka kwa kifua hedhi
  4.              Kutoa harufu nzuri

39. Kwanini unashauriwa kufunua jiko mara wakati wa kuoka mikate?

  1.              Kuongeza ladha
  2.               Kuongeza chumvi
  3.               Kuondoa sukari
  4.              Kufanya mikate ichemke haraka
  5.               Kuepuka kuunguza mikate

40. Kiasi cha fedha kinachobakia kwa mjasiriamali mara baada ya kulipa gharama za mtaji wa biashara hujulikana kama: A. Matumizi              B. Mtaji              C. Mauzo              D. Akiba              E. Faida              


Jibu swali la 41-45 kwa kuandika majibu sahihi katika karatasi ya kujibia uliyopewa

  1.   Kwanini tunashauriwa kukausha maji mwilini mara baada ya kuoga?
  2.   Mwenyekiti wa sasa wa Jumuiya ya Afrika Mashariki (EAC) ni nani?
  3.   Eleza kwa kifupi ni kwa jinsi gani shughuli za uchukuzi huchangia katika maendelelo ya taifa
  4.   Makamu mkuu wa kwanza wa Rais wa Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania alikuwa nani?
  5.   Eleza athari mbili za majanga ya moto 








Muda: saa 1


1. Jaza taarifa zako muhimu katika karatasi ya kujibia uliyopewa

2. Jibu maswali yote kulingana na maelekezo ya kila sehemu

3. Zingatia unadhifu wa kazi yako

4. Katika swali la 1-40 andika herufi ya jibu sahihi

5. Kwa swali la 41-45 andika majibu katika nafasi iliyoachwa wazi



  1.                  Sehemu ya ua ambayo hupokea chavua au poleni huitwa _____________

A. Staili 

B. Stgma 

C. Stameni 

D. Ovari 

E. Filament

  1.   Matokeo ya umeme tuli baada ya mawingu kuganda katika mizazi huitwa  

A. radi 

B. ngurumo 

C. jenereta 

D. atomi 

E. rectifier

  1.      Jotoridi 1220F ni nyuzi ngapi za sentigredi  ______________________

A. 500C 

B. 600C 

C. 700C 

D. 400C

  1.                  Ipi katika ya ifuatayo sio badiliko la kikemikali katika maada_________

A. Uvukizwaji wa maji 

B. Kuganda kwa maziwa 

C. Kuunguza karatasi

D. Kutu kwenye chuma 

E. Kuoza kwa maada

  1.                  Katika muundo wa neva ufuatao herufi B inawakilisha nini? 

A. Askoni 

B. Nukliasi 

C. Saitoplazimu 

D. Dendraiti 

E. Seli

6. Ukuta wa ndani wa chupa ya cha umepakwa rangi ya _____ili kuzuia upotevu wa joto. 
A. Shaba 

B. dhahabu 

C. manjano 

D. Fedha 

E. Almasi 

7. Kazi za seli hai nyeupe za damu ni  A. Kutengeneza damu 

B. Kulinda mwili dhidi ya magonjwa 

C. Kugandisha damu 

D. Kuipa damu rangi nyekundu 

E. Kusafirisha oksijeni

8. Ni matokeo ya muungano wa gamete X ya kiume na gamenti ya XX ya kike?

A. Mapacha wasiofanana 

B. Mtoto wa kike 

C. Mtoto wa kiume 

D. Mapacha wanaofanana 

E. Mapacha walioungana

9. Lipi kati ya makundi yafutayo linawakilisha sifa za viumbe hai? 

A. Kufa, kula ma kuona 

B. Kufa, kuzaa na kubadilika rangi

C. Kujongea, kupumua na kuzaa 

D. Kuoumua, kuzaa na kutembea

E. Kujongea, kupumua na kuzaa

10. Ili kudumisha afya ya mwili tunapaswa ______________________

  1.        Kufanya mazoezi, kula chakula bora na kupumzika
  2.        Kutofanya kazi ngumu, kufanya mazoezi na kulala
  3.        Kufanya mazoezi na kushiriki michezo
  4.        Kula vizuri na kufanya mazoezi muda wote.

11. Mrija unaotoa mkojo kutoka kwenye figo na kupeleka kwenye kibofu unaitwa

A. Urethra 

B. Ureta 

C. Uterasi 

D. Urine 

E. Mrija wa falopia

12. Virusi vya trakoma hushambulia sehemu ya ndani ya kope na sehemu ipi? 

A. Mboni 

B. Ngozi 

C. Konjaktiva 

D. retina 

E. iris

13. Zifuatazo ni dalili za ugonjwa wa corona (COVID19) ISPOKUWA. 

  1.        Kichwa kuuma, mafua makali na kushindwa kupumua
  2.        Mafua makali yanayotililila, kushindwa kuona na kupumuza vizuri
  3.        Mwili kuchoka, mafua makali na kaushindwa kupumua
  4.        Kushindwa kupumua, mwili kuchoka au kukosa nguvu
  5.        Kutoka jasho jingi, kukohoa na mafua


  1. Tunaweza kurekebisga kasoro ya kutokuona mbali kwa kutumia miwani yenye lenzi _ 

A. Bapa 

B. mboneyo 

C. Mkunjo 

D. mbinuko 

E. Nyembamba 

  1. Vitu vinavyoonekana vina sifa ya __________________________

A. Kuakisi mwanga 

B. kutoa mwanga 

C. kusharabu mwanga 
D. Kusafirisha mwanga 

E. Kusafirisha mwanga

  1. Tunapima jotola kitu kwa kutumia nini ______________________

A. Barometa 

B. Themometa 

C. haigrometa 

D. amita 

E. voltimeta

  1. Wanyama walao nyama pekee wanaitwa _____________________

A. Kanivorasi 

B. Habivorasi 

C. Omivorasi D. fruit vorasi 

E. wawindaji

  1. Chombo kinachotumika kupima viini vya magonjwa katika maabara kinaitwa___

A. Darubini 

B. filamu 

C. hadubini 

D. barometa 


  1. Sehemu ya kiume ya ua huundwa na ________________________

A. Stigma na kichavua 

B. kichavua na filament 

C. staili na filomenti

D. Ovari na staili 

E. Kikonyo na ovari

  1. Damu hutumia______kujigandisha ili kuzuia upotevu wa damu mtu anajeruhiwa.

A. Plasma 

B. Seli nyekundu 

C. Seli nyeupe 

D. Fibrinojeni 

E. Oksijeni 

  1. Mkaa unagesi ya sumu ijulikanayo kama _____________________

A. Co2 

B. CO 

C. O2 

D. H2 

E. N2

  1. Oestrojeni hutengenezwa kwenye __________________________

A. Ovari 

B. Korodani 

C. Koroidi 

D. Uke 

E. Kibofu

  1. Gesi ipi hutolewa nje kama uchafu katika tendo la mmea wa kijani unapojitengenezea chakula chake.              

A. H2 

B. CO2 

C. CO 

D. N2 

E. O2

  1. Ateri zote hupitisha damu yenye oksijeni nyingi isipokuwa _________

A. Ateri kuu 

B. Aota 

C. Ateri ya vena 

D. Ateri ya mapafu 

E. Ateri ya renali

  1. Kitumi cha umeme kinachobadili mkondo wa umeme kuwa mkondo nyoofu huitwa ___ 

A. Medulla 

B. Rektifaya 

C. Kilunza 

D. Volti 

E. Amita 

  1. Binadamu anapotembea hatelezi na kuanguka kwa urahisi kwa sababu ya kani _____ 

A. Msuguano 

B. Mvutano 

C. Joto 

D. Kemikali 

E. Mnyanyuo 

  1. Katika mfumo wa usagaji chakula, asidi ya haigrokloriki hupatikana katika __ 

A. Ini 

B. utumbo 

C. maji ya gastriki 

D. Tumbo 

E. Figo 

  1. Ifuatayo siyo sifa ya kubanidayoksaidi
    A. Haina umbo maalum 

B. Uzani mkubwa kuliko hewa 

C. Haina rangi 

D. Batili kwa litmus 

E. Zotes sawa

  1. Nyangumi na pomboo (Nguva) hawa ni baadhi ya ____wanaoishi baharini.

A. Samaki 

B. mamalia 

C. wanyama 

D. mifugo 

E. kambale

  1. Tafuta manufaa ya kimakanika ikiwa mzigo wa kg 120 uliobebwa na jitihada ya kg 30. 

A. Toure 3 

B. Joure 4 

C. kg 5 

D. 4 

E. 3 

  1. Kundi lipi kati ya makundi yafuatayo huunda mlo kamili?
    A. Ugali, maharage na viazi 

B. mihogo, ugali na kisamvu 

C. wali, nyama na maharage 

D. Ugali, nyama na matunda 

E. Mchicha. Nyama na kisamvu

  1. Mzee Taluma anatatizo la kutokuona mbali badala yake anaona karibu, Tunamsaidia Mzee Taluma kwa kumpatia miwani yanye lenzi gani?              

A. Mbinuko 

B. bapa 

C. mbonyeo 

D. Mche 

E. Duara

  1.        Farid alibeba mzigo wenye uzito wa kg 35 na kusimama nao kwenye barabara yenye urefu wa km 3. Tafuta kazi na fackily.              

A. Toule 100 

B. Toule 12.5 

C. Toule 20 

D. Hakufanya kazi 

E. Toule 31 4

  1.        Alama hii inawakilisha nini? 

A. Amita B. Taa ya umeme C. Umeme mkondogeuD. Transifoma

E. Nyoka aina ya chatu

  1.        Tafuta kiasi cha umeme unapopita katika Sakiti nzima. 



A. Ampia 0.75 B. Ampia 4.5 C. Ampia 0.25 D. Ampia 7.5 E. Ampia 02

  1.        Damu inaingia kwenye mapafu huchukua hewa ya ________________

A. Oksijeni B. Kabonidayoksaidi C. Haidrojeni D. Naitrojeni E. Heliamu

  1.        Zifuatazo ni faida za kutumia intaneti ISIPOKUWA. 

A. Matangazo B. Ajira C. Mawasiliano D. Burudani E. Uhalifu

  1.        Sehemu ya redio ambayo hupokea mawimbi ya sauti huitwa__________

A. Tuni B. Spika C. Redio D. Antena E. Mitabendi

  1.        Baada ya utungishaji kitoto cha chura hujulikana kama______________

A. Lava B. Tadipoli C. obuu D. Yai E. Chura

  1.        Sumu inayopatikana katika moshi wa sigara ambayo huathiri mapafu ya binadamu inajulikana kama ____

A. Gafeni B. Alcohol C. Nikoteni D. Klorini E. Methani 


  1.        Mbu aina ya kyuleksi hueneza ugonjwa unaoitwa__________
  2.        Tafuta thamai ya X katika mchoro ufuatao ______________

  1.             CHUMA + Y + MAJI = KUTU. Herufi Y inasimama badala ya
  2.             Ipi ni thamani ya pembe Ykatika mchoro ufuatao?_________

Mwale unaowakilishwa na herufi B katika mchoro hapo juu unaitwa







Muda: saa 1


1. Jaza taarifa zako muhimu katika karatasi ya kujibia uliyopewa

2. Jibu maswali yote kulingana na maelekezo ya kila sehemu

3. Zingatia unadhifu wa kazi yako

4. Katika swali la 1-40 andika herufi ya jibu sahihi

5. Kwa swali la 41-45 andika majibu katika nafasi iliyoachwa wazi


Chagua jibu sahihi kisha siliba herufi ya jibu hilo katika karatasi ya kujibia uliyopewa

1. Kitendo cha kuonesha tabia njema kwa watu hujulikana kama:

A. Kuomba msamaha B. Heshima C. Ustahimilivu D. Usaliti .E. Unafiki 

2. Jukumu la kuwasaidia watu wenye mahitaji maalumu ni la nani?

  1.  Viongozi wa serikali pekee        D. Viongozi wa dini na wa serikali
  2.   Wanafamila pekee                     E. Wazazi 
  3.   Serikali na kila mtu ndani ya jamii

3. Alama ya taifa inayowakilisha mamlaka ya Rais wa Tanzania ni ipi?

  1. Picha ya Rais      C. Ngao ya taifa            E. Mwenge wa uhuru 
  2. Ikulu                   D. Bendera ya Rais

4. Picha ya shoka na jembe katika ngao ya taifa huwakilisha nini?

  1.                   Ulinzi na usalama C. Rasilimali za taifaE. Uhuru na umoja
  2.                   Amani na upendo D. Wafanyakazi na wakulima [ ]

5. Nchi ipi kati ya hizi zifuatazo haipakani na Tanzania katika upande wowote?

A. Rwanda B. Burundi C. Kenya D. Zambia E. Somalia [ ]

6. Uzalendo, ujamaa, umoja, amani na utu wa watu ni miongoni mwaza taifa.

  1.                   Alama              C. Tamaduni E. Haki
  2.                   Tunu              D. Rasilimali [ ]

7. Hali ya mtu kuipenda nchi yake na kuwa tayari kuilinda hujulikana kama:

A. Uadilifu B. Ustahimilivu C. Uzalendo D. Demokrasia E. Ujamaa 

8. Shughuli ambazo watu hufanya kwa kupenda wao wenyewe pasipo kulazimishwa au kutarajia malipo hujulikana kama:

  1. Tabia hatarishi                   C. Nidhamu binafsi       E. Majukumu
  2. Shughuli za kujitolea         D. Kazi za shuruti 

9. Uhusiano wa kijamii au kiutamaduni uliopo kati ya mwanamke na mwanaume hujulikana kama:

A. Jinsia B. Jinsi C. Utamaduni D. Mila E. Desturi

10. Kiongozi wa juu zaidi katika muundo wa utawala wa shule ni nani?

  1. Mlezi wa shule            C. Mwalimu mkuu    E. Mwalimu mkuu msaidizi
  2.  Meneja wa shule        D. Mwalimu wa taaluma

11. Ratiba ya masomo shuleni huandaliwa na nani?

  1.  Mwalimu mkuu            C. Mwalimu wa taaluma          E. Kiranja mkuu
  2.  Mwalimu wa nidhamu D. Mwalimu mkuu msaidizi 

12. Mila na desturi zipi kati ya hizi zifuatazo zinafaa kuhifadhiwa na kuenziwa?

  1. Kuheshimu wazee            C. Kurithi wajane              E. Ndoa za utotoni
  2. Kubagua walemavu          D. Ndoa za kulazimishwa 

13. Kitendo cha kujifanya mwema machoni mwa watu lakini kiuhalisia siyo mwema hujulikana kama:

A. Unafiki B. Uvumilivu C. Heshima D. Uwazi E. Uadilifu 

14. Mtu anayetoa ushauri nasaha kwa watu wenye matatizo mbalimbali katika jamii hujulikana kama:

A. Mkufunzi B. Muwezeshaji C. Wakili D. Mnasihi E. Mzalendo                                                                          

15. Kitendo gani kati ya hivi vifuatavyo hakionyeshi heshima miongoni mwa wanajamii?

  1. Kusalimia                      C. Kuvaa mavazi ya heshima          E. Kuwasidia wazee
  2. Kutumia lugha ya staha D. Kutukana 

16. Mtu aliyesoma ana sifa zifuatazo, ISIPOKUWA:

A. Ni muadilifu B. Ni mtafiti C. Ni mgunduzi D. AnajiaminiE. Unafiki 

17. Jambo gani kati ya haya yafuatayo linaashiria matumizi mabaya ya rasilimali za taifa?

  1.   kushiriki katika uchaguzi                 C. Kula rushwa E. Uadilifu 
  2.  Kutii sheria za nchi                           D. Uaminifu

18. Mtu anayetumia nguvu za kijeshi kuvuruga amani ya nchi fulani hujulikana kama:

A. Mkimbizi B. Mzalendo C. Balozi D. Gaidi E. Jangili 

19. Sheria inayokataza uzalishaji, uingizwaji na matumizi ya mifuko ya plastiki nchini Tanzania ilianza kutumika lini?

  1.  1 Juni 2019                            C. 25 Aprili 2017                           E. 26 Januari 2006
  2.  1 Julai 2000                            D. 18 Machi 2018 [ I

20. Kuna faida gani kutii sheria za nchi bila shuruti?

  1.  Husababisha vita                            D. Huleta uoga na utengano
  2.  Huvuruga amani ya nchi                E. Huleta umoja na utengano 
  3.   Huleta umoja na mshikamano

21. Ulinzi na usalama wa taifa letu na rasilimali za taifa ni jukumu la nani?

  1. Viongozi wa serikali   C. Watanzania wote       E. Serikali za mitaa
  2. Jeshi la polisi              D. Jeshi la Wananchi wa Tanzania 

22. Chombo kinachohusika na ukusanyaji wa kodi na mapato mengine ya serikali nchini Tanzania  hujulikana kama: A. TANAPA              B. BASATA              C. TAA              D. TRA              E. TBS           

23. Chombo kinachohusika na utekelezaji na usimamizi wa miradi ya maendeleo ya kijiji ni:

  1. Mwenyekiti wa kijiji            C. Mkutano mkuu wa kijiji      E. Kamati ya kijiji
  2.  Halmashauri kuu ya kijiji    D. Mkutano mkuu wa kata 

24. Kiongozi anayechaguliwa na wananchi katika ngazi ya kata hujulikana kama:

  1.  Mwenyekiti wa kijiji                    C. Mbunge E. Afisa mtendaji wa kijiji
  2. Diwani                                           D. Afisa mtendaji wa kata 

25. Viongozi wafuatao wanateuliwa na Rais wa Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania, ISIPOKUWA: 

  1. Waziri Mkuu .                        C. Mkurugenzi wa wilaya     E. Inspekta mkuu wa polisi
  2. Wakuu wa Mikoa                   D. Kamanda wa polisi wa mkoa 

26. Jambo lipi kati ya haya yafuatayo haliimarisha utawala bora shuleni?

  1. Kuchagua viranja                          D. Kulinda rasilimali za shule
  2. Kufanya vikao vya darasa             E. Kuwashirikisha wanafunzi katika maamuzi           
  3. Kutoheshimu sheria za shule

27. Kiongozi mkuu wa shughuli za kila siku bungeni ni nani?

  1. Rais                      C. Spika              E. Makamu wa Rais
  2. Waziri mkuu        D. Naibu spika 

28. Mashauri yanayohusu kesi za uhaini au mauaji husikilizwa katika ngazi ipi ya mahakama?

  1. Mahakama ya mwanzo         C. Mahakama kuu E. Mahakama ya wilaya
  2. Mahakama ya Rufaa            D. Mahakama ya Hakimu Mkazi 

29. Mahakama ya Hakimu Mkazi kwa jina lingine hujulikana kama:

  1.  Mahakama kuu                 C. Mahakama ya wilaya      E. Mahakama ya Rufaa
  2.  Mahakama ya mwanzo    D. Mahakama ya mkoa 

30. Mahakama ya Rufaa ya Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania iliundwa mwaka gani?

  1. 1975                         C. 1964                    E. 2005
  2.  1979                        D. 1996 

31. Tathmini ya mpango kazi wa hiari inahusiana na nini?

  1. Kutathmini malengo              C. Nyaraka za mpango kazi          E. Kuweka malengo
  2. Kuandaa rasilimali                 D. Sura za mpango kazi

32. Tukio la kuuza bidhaa za kampuni au taasisi kwa njia ya kushindanisha bei hujulikana kama:

  1. Biashara ya magendo  C. Biashara ya ndani  E. Mnada

      B. Uwekezaji D. Harambee

33. Msaada upi kati ya hii ifuatayo hauna manufaa kwa maendeleo ya shule?

  1. Samani                        C. Soda na bia           E.Vitabu
  2. Vifaa vya kujifunzia    D. Sare za shule 

34. Msaada wa kisheria hutolewa wapi zaidi?

A. Shuleni B. Nyumbani C. Mahakamani D. Gerezani E. Kanisani             

35. Hali ya kuwa na utulivu pasipo kuwa na vita katika nchi hujulikana kama:

A. Amani B. Ulinzi C. Sheria D. Uhusiano E.Heshima 

36. Kipi kati ya vitendo vifuatavyo huimarisha amani na usalama wa nchi?

  1.  Kuvunja sheria C. Kutotii sheria E. Kutii sheria bila shuruti
  2.   Kugombana na wengine D. Kuendeleza matendo maovu 

37. Kitendo cha kutoa siri ya mtu kwa adui yake hujulikana kama:

  1. Kusengenya  C. Usaliti E. Unafiki
  2. Nidhamu binafsi D. Umbea 

38. Majanga ya moto pamoja na shughuli za uokoaji nchini Tanzania hushughulikiwa na:

  1. Jeshi la polisi C. Jeshi la Mgambo E. Sungusungu
  2.  Jeshi la zimamoto D. Jeshi la Zimamoto na uokoaji 

39. Jeshi la Zimamoto na Uokoaji la Tanzania liliundwa mwaka gani?

A. 1997 B. 2003 C. 2007 D. 2013 E. 2017 

40. Nyumba ya Sozi ilikuwa inaungua moto kutokana na kupata hitilafu ya umeme. Je, ni namba gani ya simu Sozi angeweza kuipigia ili kuomba msaada kwa jeshi linalohusika na uzimaji wa moto na uokoaji?

A. 112 B. 114 C. 114 D. 100 E. 113                                                                                                                [              ]

Jibu swali la 41-45 kwa kuandika majibu sahihi katika karatasi ya kujibia uliyopewa

41. Ni kwa namna gani mpango kazi wa hiari humsaidia mwanafunzi kufaulu vizuri katika masomo yake?

42. Chombo kikuu kinachosimamia utekelezaji wa miradi ya maendeleo ya kata hujulikana kama

43. Baada ya uchaguzi mkuu nchini Tanzania Rais mteule huapishwa na nani?

44. Ni chombo kipi cha Serikali ya Mapinduzi ya Zanzibar kina kazi sawa na bunge la Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania?

45. Taja faida mbili za kuwa na wimbo wa shule





MUDA: 1.30      


  1. Mtihani huu una maswali 50
  2. Jibu maswali yote katika nafasi uliopewa
  3. Hakikisha kazi yako ni safi
  4. Usijaribu kuibia


1. Ni madini yapi yanayopatikana Tanzania pekee?

  1.  Dhahabu 
  2.  Urani
  3.  Almasi
  4. Tanzanaiti 
  5.  Makaa ya mawe

2. Uvuvi usio endelevu hufanyika kwa kutumia:

  1. Mitego
  2. Meli kubwa
  3. Nyavu mraba ndogo
  4. Ugwe
  5. Nyavu mraba kubwa

3. Kuna makundi mangapi ya uoto wa asili?

  1.  Matatu 
  2.  Manne 
  3.  Mawili 
  4.  Matano 
  5.  Sita

4. Lengo kuu la mabadiliko ya katiba ya Tanzania mwaka 1962 yalikuwa

  1. kuunda serikali ya umoja wa kitaifa
  2. kuunda serikali ya shirikisho
  3. kuunda serikali ya mtaa
  4. kuunda serikali ya jamhuri
  5. kuunda serikali ya mpito.

5. Umoja wa Afrika ulianzishwa rasmi mwaka gani?

  1.  2002 
  2.  2001 
  3.  1963 
  4.  1945 
  5.  1999

6. Ubugabire ni mfumo wa Umwinyi uliajengwa juu ya umiliki wa:

  1.  ngombe 
  2.  viwanda 
  3.  ardhi
  4.  wafanyakazi wa kigeni 
  5.  watumwa

7. Mfumo wa kwanza ambapo jamii ilimiliki njia zote za uzalishaji kijamaa huitwa :.............

  1.  Umwinyi 
  2.  Ukomunisiti 
  3.  Ujamaa
  4.  Urafiki 
  5.  Ujima

8. Ipi ni athari ya ongezeko kubwa la watu?.................

  1. Kupungua kwa uhalifu
  2. Ongezeko la ajira
  3. Kupungua kwa maji
  4. Kupungua kwa biashara ndogondogo
  5. Kutotosheleza kwa huduma za jamii

9. Tatizo kubwa linalowakabili wakulima wengi wa Afrika Mashariki ni pamoja na ................

  1. uwepo wa mvua nyingi mwaka mzima •
  2. mvua zisizoaminika
  3. uwepo wa masoko ya uhakika
  4. uhaba wa maeneo ya kulima
  5. matumizi ya mbolea za chumvi

10. Milima mikunjo hutokea katika maeneo yenye...............

  1.  miamba tabaka 
  2.  miamba ya volkano na moto
  3.  miamba geu 
  4.  miamba mato
  5.  miamba volcano

11. Janga la kimazingira linalosababishwa na nguvu za asili pekee linaitwa

  1.  Ukame 
  2.  Tetemeko la ardhi
  3.  Mmomonyoko wa udongo 
  4.  Njaa
  5.  Uchafuzi wa mazingira

12. Wakati wa mvua kubwa inayoambatana na radi, watu hawaruhusiwi

  1.  kuvaa nguo nyekundu.......
  2.  kutumia miavuli 
  3.  kufungua milango na madirisha
  4.  kujificha chini ya mti 
  5.  kufunga luninga na redio

13. Rais Julius Kambarage Nyerere na Kwame Nkurumah walikuwa

  1. waanzilishi wa Jumuiya ya Afrika Mashariki.
  2. waanzilishi wa Umoja wa Mataifa.
  3. waanzilishi wa Jumuiya ya Mataifa.
  4. waanzilishi wa Umoja wa Nchi Huru za Kiafrika.
  5. waanzilishi wa Jumuia ya Madola.

14. Kwa nini vita vya Maji Maji vilitokea?..............

  1. Wareno waliwapeleka Watanganyika utumwani.
  2. Kinjekitile alikasirisha na uhasama wa Wajerumani na Waarabu.
  3. Watanganyika walipigwa mijeledi na Waingereza.
  4. Wajerumani waliwalazimisha watu kufanya kazi katika mashamba ya pamba.
  5. Sultani Seyyid Said aliwatesa na kuwatumikisha Waafrika.

15. Binti wa shangazi yako huitwa................

  1.  Mpwa 
  2.  Binamu 
  3.  Mama mkwe 
  4.  Shemeji 
  5.  Dada

16. Ni lini binadamu alianza kuchoma misitu iii kuwafukuza wanyama wakali?.................

  1. Wakati wa Zama za Chuma
  2. Wakati wa Zama za Mwanzo za Mawe
  3. Wakati wa Zama za Kale za Mawe
  4. Wakati wa Zama za Mwisho za Mawe
  5. Wakati wa Zama za Kati za Mawe

17. Mwanzilishi wa mfumo wa utawala wa mlango wa nyuma katika Afrika alikuwa ...

  1. Horace Byatt
  2. Friedrick Lugard
  3. Richard Turnbull
  4. Donald Cameroon
  5. Edward Twinning

18.  Mkutano wa Berlin wa mwaka 1884-1885 uliitishwa na ..

  1. Carl Peters 
  2. Johann Krapf 
  3. Henry Stanley 
  4. David Livingstone
  5. Otto Von Bismarck.

19. Familia hujumuisha

  1. marafiki, watoto na ndugu
  2. baba, mama na watoto
  3. majirani, ndugu na watoto
  4. majirani watoto na marafiki
  5. baba, mama na majirani

20. Moja ya athari mbaya ya utandawazi kwa Tanzania ni ...

  1. kuongezeka kwa idadi ya wageni nchini
  2. kumomonyoka kwa maadili katika jamii
  3. kuongezeka kwa uhasama baina ya vyama vya siasa
  4. kuongezeka kwa uhuru wa vyombo vya habari
  5. ongezeko la matumizi ya teknolojia ya habari

21. Utawala wa sheria maana yake ni ...

  1. wananchi kujichukulia sheria mkononi
  2. polisi kuadhibu wanaovunja sheria
  3. sheria kuchukua mkondo wake
  4. mahakama kukamata wanaovunja sheria
  5. mamlaka ya mahakama kutunga sheria

22. Kuzingatia sheria, haki za bianadamu, ukweli na uwazi, na uhuru wa vyombo vya habari ni misingi ya

  1. Urasimu
  2. Utawala wa sheria
  3. Ujamaa wa kiafrika
  4. Demokrasia ya Uwakilishi
  5. utawala bora

23. Mwenyekiti wa kikao cha maendeleo katika kata ni .

  1. Diwani wa kata
  2. Afisa Huduma za ugani
  3. Afisa Maendeleo wa kata
  4. Mratibu Elimu wa kata
  5. Afisa Mtendaji wa kata

24. Mto uliooneshwa kwa herufi E unaitwa:

  1.  Tana           
  2.  Galana
  3.  Naili         
  4.  Malagarasi 
  5.  Ruaha

 25. Mlima maarufu unaopatikana katika eneo lenye herufi C huitwa:

  1.  Kilimanjaro               
  2.  Rungwe
  3.  Meru    
  4.  Usambara 
  5.  Uluguru

26.  Nchi inayooneshwa kwa herufi B ni maarufu kwa uzalishaji wa madini yanayoitwa:

  1.   Dhahabu
  2.  Tanzanaiti
  3.  Makaa ya Mawe
  4.   Almasi
  5.   Shaba

27. Ongezeko Ia joto duniani, ukame, mafuriko na vimbunga ni matokeo ya athari zitokanazona

  1.  uharibifu wa mazingira
  2.  tsunami iliyotoka Asia
  3.  ongezeko kubwa Ia watu katika nchi za Ulaya
  4.  matumizi ya mabomu ya nyuklia
  5.  Mvua nyingi

28.  Faida ya ushirikiano kati ya shule na jumuiya inayozunguka shule ni pamoja na:

  1.  ulinzi na usalama wa shule kuimarika
  2.  ongezeko Ia idadi ya watoto wanaoandikishwa shule
  3.  nafasi za ajira kwa jamii inayozunguka shule kuongezeka 
  4.  shughuli za biashara kuzunguka eneo Ia shule kuongezeka
  5.  walimu wengi kupata nyumba za kupanga jirani na shule

29. Ni hatua zipi wanafunzi wanatakiwa kuchukua wanapoona katika eneo la shule wageni wanaowatilia shaka? 

  1.  Kutoa taarifa kwa jeshi la Wananchi la Tanzania. 
  2.  Kutaarifu Kamati ya Shule kuhusu uwepo wa wageni.
  3.  Kuwapiga wageni kabla ya kuwafikisha Mahakamani.
  4.  Kuwakamata wageni na kuwahoji.
  5.  Kutaarifu Walimu kuhusu uwepo wa wageni.

 30. Uchumi wa soko huria, ushindani wa kidemokrasia katika siasa na kukua kwa teknolojia ya habari na mawasiliano ni viashiria vya

  1.  ujasiriamali 
  2.  utawala bora 
  3.  utawala wa sheria 
  4.  utandawazi 
  5.  haki za binadamu

31.  Rangi nyeusi katika bendera yetu huwakilisha:

  1.  Mimea      
  2.  Madini
  3.  Watu   
  4.  Ardhi 
  5.  Mbuga za wanyama

32.  Sababu kubwa ya kuruhusu mfumo wa vyama vingi Tanzania ni:

  1.  kutekeleza matakwa ya wahisani
  2.  kulinda haki za makundi maalumu katika jamii
  3.  kuvutia wawekezaji wa nje
  4.  kutekeleza maelekezo ya Umoja wa Mataifa
  5.  kupanua demokrasia

33.  Haki ya kumiliki mali iko katika kipengele kipi cha haki za binadamu?

  1.  Kijamii na kiuchumi   
  2.  Kisiasa na kiuchumi
  3.  Kikatiba na kisiasa               
  4.  Kijamii na Kisiasa 
  5.  Kijamii na Kiutamaduni

34.  Ulinzi na usalama wa taifa letu ni jukumu la:

  1.  Jeshi Wananchi wa Tanzania 
  2.  kitengo cha Usalama wa Taifa
  3.  Jeshi la Polisi
  4.  mgambo
  5.  kila mwananchi

35. Utandawazi ni mfumo unao hamasisha:

  1. teknolojia ya habari na mawasiliano katika nchi zinazoendelea
  2. haki sawa kwa kila mmoja duniani
  3. mfumo wa vyama vingi katika nchi zinazoendelea
  4. biashara huria baina ya mataifa
  5. sekta binafsi katika nchi zinazoendelea . 

36. .Mojawapo ya udhaifu wa Umoja wa Mataifa ni:

  1.  kushindwa kuzuia kuenea kwa Utandawazi
  2.  Waafrika hawajawahi kupata nafasi katika uongozi wa juu katika Umoja wa Mataifa
  3.  baadhi ya watu tu ndio wenye kura ya turufu
  4.  kushindwa kupitisha maazimio ya haki za binadamu
  5.  kutokushirikishwa kwa Waafrika katika vikao vya baraza la usalama

37. Mkutano wa kuligawa bara la Afrika ulifanyika:

  1. Berlin
  2. London
  3. Roma
  4. Paris
  5. New York

38. Katika zama za mawe za mwisho ugawanyaji majukumu katika jamii ulifanyika kwa misingi ya:

  1. hekima na utajiri
  2. hekima na umri
  3. uzoefu na hekima 
  4. umri na jinsia 
  5. utajiri na umri

39.Utawala waWaingereza nchini Tanganyika uliisha mnamo .....

  1. karne ya 15 
  2. karne ya 19 
  3. karne ya 20 
  4. karne ya 18 
  5. karne y 17

40. Watangulizi wa kwanza wa ukoloni kuwasili Zanzibar na Tanganyika walikuwa:

  1.  wafanya biashara   
  2. Wamisionari  
  3. Wapelelezi
  4. Walowezi                            
  5. Waarabu

41. Mataifa ya Ulaya yaliyokuwa yakipigania Mto Nile yalikuwa:

  1.  Ufaransa na Ubelgiji
  2.  Uingereza na Ujerumani
  3.  Ufaransa na Ureno
  4.  Uingereza na Ufaransa 
  5.  Ubelgiji na Ureno

42. Tunapataje idadi ya watu katika sehemu fulani?

  1. Kwa kuhesabu watoto wachanga
  2. Kwa kuhesabu wafu
  3. Kwa kuhesabu wakimbizi
  4. Kwa kukokotoa eneo Ia sehemu 
  5. Kwa kufanya sensa

43. Mojawapo ya sababu za kuongezeka kwa idadi ya watu na kuzaliana ni:

  1. uhamiaji na kuzaliana
  2.  watu kukosa elimu ya maisha
  3.  Kuzaliana na afya
  4. Ndoa za watu wenye umri mdogo
  5. Ongezeko Ia wakimbizi

44.  Ni yapi kati ya madini yafuatayo ambayo ni chimbuko Ia nishati ya kinyuklia? 

  1. Makaa Yã mawe              
  2.  Uraniam           
  3.  Shaba
  4.  Almasi                                          
  5.  Dhahabu

45.  Mikoko ni aina ya uoto upatikanao pembezoni mwa:

  1.  mito
  2.  maziwa
  3.  bahari 
  4. mabwawa 
  5. visima


Jibu maswali yafuatayo kwa kuandika jibu lililo sahihi.

46. Nini maana ya ujasiriamali?

47. Taja tabia mbili za wajasiriamali

48.Taja changamoto mbili zinazowakumba wajasiriamali Tanzania.

49. Taja fursa za kibiashara zinazopatikana katika ufuo wa bahari

50. Mfanyabiashara sio mjasiriamali, eleza.





MUDA: 1.30




1. Usafirishaji wa chakula mwilini hufanywa na: 

  1. moyo     
  2. damu
  3. misuli                                     
  4. mapafu
  5. maji

2. Tazama kwa makini kielelezo namba 2 kisha jibu maswali yanayofuata:

Alama Y inawakilisha sehemu iitwayo:

  1.  petali
  2.  filamenti
  3.  chavulio
  4.  pistili
  5.  ovari

3. Lipi kati ya magonjwa yafuatayo huambukizwa kwa njia ya kujamiiana?

  1.  Polio  
  2.  Kipindupindu         
  3.  Pepopunda
  4.  Kaswende                            
  5.  Tetekuwanga

4. Lipi kati ya mafungu yafuatayo ya vyakula hulinda mwili?

  1.  Samaki na maziwa          
  2.  Ugali na ndizi
  3.  Maharagwe na karanga 
  4.  Mayai na kabichi 
  5.  Matunda na mboga za majani

5. Umuhimu wa asidi ya haidrokloric katika tumbo ni:

  1.  kubadili hali ya besi katika tumbo
  2.  kulainisha mafuta tumboni
  3.  kuongeza uchachu tumboni
  4.  kumengenya vyakula vya sukari tumboni 
  5.  kuua wadudu wanaoingia tumboni na chakula.

6. Kipi kati ya vifuatavyo vinapaswa kudumishwa? 

  1. Kutumia kikombe kimoja wakati wa kunywa maji. 
  2. Kunawa mikono kabla ya mlo katika karai moja. 
  3. Kupika mboga za majani na nyama kwa muda mrefu.
  4. Kuchemsha na kuchuja maji ya kunywa. 
  5. Kuogelea katika mito na mabwawa.

7. Mbungo husababisha ugonjwa uitwao ....

  1.  homa ya matumbo     
  2.  nagana
  3. malale                                           
  4. matende                
  5. homa ya ini

8. Tunaweza kujikinga na magonjwa ya moyo kwa kufanya yafuatayo: .......

  1. Kula chakula na kufanya mazoezi mara kwa mara
  2.  Kufanya mazoezi ya mwili, kuepuka kuvuta sigara na kuepuka kunywa pombe
  3.  Kula chakula chenye chumvi na kunywa pombe 
  4. Kufanya mazoezi ya mwili na kuvuta sigara 
  5. Kula vyakula vyenye mafuta na kunywa pombe

9. Ili kujikinga dhidi ya malaria ni muhimu .........

  1.  kumeza mchanganyiko wa madawa
  2.  kutumia dawa za mitishamba
  3.  kutumia vyandarua vilivyowekwa dawa
  4.  kujifunika na blanketi Zito lililowekwa dawa 
  5.  kufanya mazoezi kila mara

10.  Mojawapo ya kazi za misuli katika mwili ni:

  1.  kuwezesha kujongea
  2.  kuruhusu damu kupita 
  3.  kuruhusu maji kupita
  4. kuruhusu hewa kupita 
  5.  kuimarisha mwili

11.  Lipi kati ya mambo yafuatayo si sahihi kumfanyia mtu aliyebanwa misuli?

  1.  Kuchua eneo lililoathirika kwa kiganja
  2.  Kuchua kwa kukandamiza eneo lililoathirika hadi misuli ilegee
  3.  Kuuchua msuli kwa kitambaa na maji baridi 
  4.  Kuweka kemikali zitakazowezesha misuli kulegea
  5.  Kulala juu chini na kuchua msuli ulioathirika kvva maji moto.

12. Huduma ya kwanza anayopewa mtu aliyezimia ni:

  1.  kumpa hewa ya oksijeni
  2.  kumpa juisi ya nazi mbichi
  3.  kumlaza juu chini na kumbonyeza tumbo
  4.  kumpa maji yaliyochanganywa na glukosi
  5.  kumpa juisi ya malimao, sukari na chumvi

13. Mtandao wa watu wenye virusi vya UKIMWI unatanuka kwa kuwa

  1.  matumizi ya kondom na simu za mkononi yameongezeka
  2.  matangazo kuhusu UKIMWI yameboreshwa
  3.  kuna ongezeko la mahusiano ya kingono yasiyo salama
  4.  elimu ya UKIMWI inatolewa kwa watu wachache
  5.  watu wenye UKIMWI wanazingatia kanuni za kujikinga na UKIMWI

14.     Mwanga hupinda unapopita kutoka

  1.  Ncha ya Kaskazini kwenda Kusini      
  2.  media moja kwenda nyingine
  3.  Ncha ya Kaskazini kwenda Mashariki 
  4.  Magharibi kwenda Mashariki 
  5.  Kaskazini kwenda Magharibi

15.     Hewa ya kabonidaiyoksidi hutumika kuzima moto kwasababu:

  1.  haichochei uwakaji
  2.  ni nzito kuliko hewa
  3.  haiwaki
  4.  hunyonya joto
  5.  huungana na oksijeni

16. Mifupa imeundwa kwa madini ya:

  1.  Sodiamu na kalsiamu
  2. Kalsiamu na oksijeni
  3. Fosforasi na kalsiamu 
  4.  Salfa na fosforasi
  5.  Kalsiamu na chuma 

17.    Sumaku inaweza kuvuta vitu vyenye asili ya:

  1.  mpira     
  2.  udongo  
  3.  madini  
  4. karatasi 
  5. chuma

18.Katika kurunzi, nishati ya umeme inayotoka kwenye betri hubadilishwa na kuwa:

  1.  nishati ya kikemikali  
  2.  nishati ya joto
  3.  nishati ya kimakaniki     
  4.  nishati ya mwanga 
  5.  Nishati ya moto

19.Mojawapo ya hatua za kufuata unapoandaa jaribio la kisayansi ni: 

  1.  uchunguzi    
  2.  udadisi
  3.  utambuzi wa tatizo    
  4.  utatuzi wa tatizo
  5.  kuandaa ripoti

20.  Lipi kati ya magonjwa yafuatayo husambazwa na inzi na mende? 

  1. Tetekuwanga   
  2. Kuhara        
  3. Kifaduro
  4. Utapia mlo 
  5. Homa ya matumbo

21. Lipi kati ya yafuatayo linapaswa kuzingatiwa kabla ya kumhudumia mgonjwa wa UKIMWI?

  1.  Vaa nguo safi 
  2.  Nawa kwa sabuni 
  3.  Vaa glovu 
  4.  Sali 
  5.  Mruhusu apumzike

22. Kiwango cha maji kinachopotezwa na mmea huathiriwa na hali za hewa zifuatazo...

  1.  joto na unyevu     
  2.  unyevu na mwanga
  3. upepo na mwanga wa jua               
  4.  mawingu na upepo
  5. unyevu na upepo

23. Tunaweza kusababisha mmomonyoko wa ardhi kwa kufanya mojawapo ya mambo yafuatayo:

  1. Kukata miti
  2. Kuongeza mbolea kwenye udongo
  3. Kuotesha nyasi 
  4.  Kuweka matuta lavenye maeneo ya mteremko
  5.  Kupanda miti 

24.   Tazama mchoro ufuatao unaoonesha sehemu za ndani za mbegu ya haragwe....

Ni sehemu ipi inayohusika na kuilinda mbegu isiharibiwe na wadudu waharibifu mabadiliko ya jotoridi? 

  1. 2
  2. 3
  3. 5
  4. 4
  5. 1

25. Hatua ya kwanza ya utafiti wa kisayansi ni 

  1.  kuanza jaribio 
  2. kukusanya data
  3.  kutambua tatizo   
  4.  kuchanganua data
  5.  kutafsiri matokeo

26. Bahati aliweka karatasi nyekundu ya litmus kwenye myeyuko asioutambua. Rangi ya karatasi ya litmas ilibadilika na kuwa bluu.Hii inaonesha kuwa myeyuko ule ulikuwa .........

  1.  asidi 
  2.  besi 
  3.  maji 
  4.  mafuta  
  5.  spiriti

27.Nini kitatokea iwapo ncha mbili za KASKAZINI za sumaku zitaletwa pamoja?

  1.  Zitavutana kwa nguvu
  2.  Zitavutana kuelekea upande mmoja
  3.  Zitasukumana
  4.  Hakuna kitakachotokea
  5.   Zitavunjika

28. Dhana ya kuakisiwa kwa mwanga inadhihirika katika moja ya vifaa vifuatavyo: 

  1.  Hadubini 
  2.  Televisheni 
  3.  Saa
  4.  Balbu 
  5.  Miwani

29.  Ipi kati ya vifuatavyo huzunguka dunia toka magharibi kwenda mashariki?

  1. Jua    
  2. Nyota 
  3. Mwezi
  4.  Kimondo  
  5. Sayari

30. Mojawapo ya kazi za mifupa ni kutengeneza:

  1.  seli visahani 
  2.  plasma
  3.  selihai nyeupe  
  4. selihai nyekundu
  5.  selihai za kugandisha damu

31. Uhuru ana tatizo la meno yanayovunjika na miguu dhaifu. Ni virutubisho gani utamshaufi atumie ili kutatua tatizo lake hili?

  1.  Madini ya chuma           
  2.  Madini ya fosforasi
  3.  Madini ya kasiamu   
  4. Madini joto
  5. Vitamini K

32. Kazi ya uta mgongo katika mfumo wa fahamu wa mwanadamu ni

  1.  Kuongoza matendo ya hiari   
  2.  kuongoza matendo yasiyo ya hiari 
  3.  Kuongoza miondoko ya mwili  
  4.  kudumisha umbo la mwili 
  5.  kupeleka taarifa katika mfumo mkuu wa fahamu.

33. Katika hali ya kawaida, kutu ni matokeo ya mjibizo wa athari za kikemikali kati ya:

  1.  shaba, maji na oksijeni  
  2.  sodiamu, maji na oksijeni
  3.  kalsiamu, maji na oksijeni    
  4.  chuma, oksijeni na maji 
  5.  maji, oksijeni na potasiamu

34. Njia zifuatazo huweza kutumiwa kuhifadhi vyakula na mazao ili visiharibike ISIPOKUWA:

  1.  kuoka  
  2.  kutumia asali
  3.  kukausha    
  4.  kutumia chumvi 
  5. kutumia maji

35.  Yafuatayo ni makundi ya vyakula isipokuwa:

  1.  madini ya chumvi chumvi  
  2.  vitamini
  3. Maji   
  4. protini 
  5. hamirojo

36. Mlishano sahihi ni:

  1. Mwewe  Nyasi  Chui  mbuzi 
  2.  Nyasi  Mwewe  chui  mbuzi
  3.  Chui    Mwewe  Nyasi  mbuzi
  4. Nyasi  mbuzi  chui    mwewe
  5. Mwewe  chui  mbuzi  nyasi 

37. Sehemu tatu kuu zinazounda mfumo wa damu ni:

  1.  ateri, vena na kapilari
  2.  damu, moyo na mapafu
  3.  damu, mishipa ya damu na moyo
  4.  mishipa ya damu, moyo na valvu 
  5.  moyo, aota na ateri

38.  Matatizo katika mfumo wa uzazi wa wanawake hutokana na upungufu wa hol zifuatazo 

  1. Pituitari na insulin
  2. Estrojen na projesteron
  3. Thyroksin na pituitari
  4. Estrojen na insulin
  5.  Thairoksin na estrojen

39. Lipi kati ya makundi yafuatayo ni sifa zinazotumika kutambua wanyama wa kundi la reptilia?

  1. Kutaga mayai, kuwa na damu baridi na kuishi majini. 
  2. Kutaga mayai, kuishi majini na kuishi nchi kavu.
  3. Kutaga mayai, kuwa na damu ya joto na kuishi nchi kavu.
  4.  Kutaga mayai, kuwa na damu baridi na kupumua kwa kutumia mapezi.
  5. Kutaga mayai, kupumua kwa kutumia ngozi na kuishi majini.

40. Kukosekana kwa chanikiwiti katika mmea huweza kusababisha:

  1. mmea kukosa madini joto
  2. mmea kushindwa kusanisi chakula
  3. majani ya mmea kukauka 
  4. majani ya mmea kuwa njano
  5. maj ani ya mmea kupukutika.

41. Sehemu ya chembe hai inayohusika na kutawala shughuli zote za chembe hai huitwa:

  1. saitoplazimu 
  2. vakuoli
  3. kloroplasti 
  4. kiwambo cha seli
  5. nyukliasi

42. Sehemu ya kike ya ua inayohusika na uzazi ni:

  1. stameni 
  2. staili 
  3. ovari
  4. Petali
  5. Sepali

43. Tofauti kati ya tunda na mbegu ni: 

  1. Mbegu ina tunda.
  2. Tunda huota.
  3. Tunda lina kotiledoni mbili. 
  4. Mbegu huota. 
  5. Mbegu haziliwi.

44. Vyakula vyenye kabohaidreti huwezesha mwili:

  1. kuhimili magonjwa
  2. kuwa na joto
  3. kukua kwa haraka 
  4. kuwa na nguvu 
  5. kuwa mwororo

45. Mapumziko baada ya kazi ni muhimu kwa sababu gani?

  1. Mwili hupoa. 
  2. Mwili hutulia.
  3. Mwili hurejesha nishati. 
  4. Mwili hufanya shughuli nyingine.
  5. Mtu hupata fursa ya kulala.

SEHEMU B. Jaza nafasi zilizowazi kwa kutoa majibu mafupi.

46. (a) Taja mahitaji mawili muhimu kwa ukuaji wa mimea

      (b) Mapacha wanaofanana wanatokana na nini…………………

47.  Sumaku ni nini?

48. Eleza matumizi ya sumaku

49. Mkondo waumeme unapimwa na kifaa kinaitwa………………………..

50. Kizio cha mkondo wa umeme ni? ..............................................





MUDA: 1.30                                                        DARASA LA VII


  1. Karatasi hii ina kurasa nne zenye maandishi yenye sehemu A,B, C,D na E zenye maswali arobaini na tano (45).
  2. Jibu maswali yote katika kila sehemu ya mtihani huu.
  3. Kumbuka kuandika majina yako, na shule yako kwenye karatasi ya kujibia.
  4. Hakikisha kazi yako ni nadhifu sana.
  5. Tumia kalamu ya wino wa bluu au nyeusi kwa maswali yote uliyopewa.


Chagua herufi ya jibu sahihi kisha uiandike kwenye karatasi ya kujibia uliyopewa

1. Wingi wa neon uteo ni nini?

  1. Mateo
  2. Teo
  3. Uteo
  4. Mauteo
  5. Lungo.

2. Kitenzi “anapigwa” kipo katika kauli gani?

  1. Kutenda
  2. Kutendwa
  3. Kutendewa
  4. Kutendeka
  5. Kutendesha

3. Wingi wa neon “paka” ni ipi?

  1. Mipaka
  2. Paka
  3. Mapaka
  4. Vipaka
  5. Wapaka.

4. Kisawe cha neon bahati ni kipi kati ya maneno yafuatayo?

  1. Tunu
  2. Sudi
  3. Shani
  4. Hiba
  5. Hidaya

5. Ni neon lipi kati ya haya yafuatayo halilandani na mengine?

  1. Fikiri
  2. Dodosa
  3. Uliza
  4. Hoji
  5. Saili

6. Juma aliondoka hivi punde; maneno “hivi punde” yanamaana gani?

  1. Haraka
  2. Muda mrefu
  3. Karibuni
  4. Kwa pupa
  5. Kwa haraka

7. Sweta langu limeshonwa na fundi mzoefu, “mzoefu” ni aina gani ya neon?

  1. Kielezi
  2. Kivumishi
  3. Kiunganishi
  4. Nomino
  5. Kitenzi

8. Mlinzi wa mlango huitwaje?

  1. Boharia
  2. Baharia
  3. Bawaba
  4. Banati
  5. Bawabu

9. Neno lipi tofauti na mengine katika maneno yafuatayo?

  1. Maji
  2. Maziwa
  3. Soda
  4. Juisi
  5. Samli

10. Nywele zinazoota kuanzia kwenye maskio mpaka kwenye mashavu huitwa?

  1. Mvi
  2. Sharafa
  3. Ndevu
  4. Sharubu
  5. Kope

11. Sehemu ngo’mbe huogeshwa hili kuwaepusha na magonjwa hutwa?

  1. Mto
  2. Ziwa
  3. Bwawa
  4. Josho
  5. Joshi

12. Joshua yupo jikoni anapaa samaki. Neno anapaa kama lilivyo tumika katika sentensi lina maana gani?

  1. Kuwapaka samaki chumvi
  2. Kuondoa magamba ya samaki
  3. Kuondoa mifupa katika samaki
  4. Kukausha samaki kwa moto
  5. Kuwakata samaki vipande vipande.

13. Siku ya nne baada ya leo huitwa?

  1. Mtondo
  2. Mtondo kutwa
  3. Mtondogoo
  4. Kesho kutwa
  5. Mtondogoo kutwa

14. Msemo usemao “kushikwa sikio” una maana ipi?

  1. Kusemwa
  2. Kunong’onezwa
  3. Kuelezwa
  4. Kusengenywa
  5. Kuonywa

15. “Bwana mkubwa amelala ndani lakini ndevu zipo nje zapepea” Jibu sahii la kitendawili hiki ni

  1. Ulezi
  2. Mpunga
  3. Ngano
  4. Mahindi
  5. Mtama

16. Kisawe cha eupe ni kipi?

  1. Chokaa
  2. Angavu
  3. Theluji
  4. Ukunga
  5. Angaza

17. Kimatu ni motto wa nani?

  1. Nzige
  2. Nyuki
  3. Inzi
  4. Kipepeo
  5. Buibui

18. Kitenzi “piga” kikiwa katika hali ya kutendeka kitakua neon lipi?

  1. Pigia
  2. Pigwa
  3. Pigika
  4. Pigiwa
  5. Pigana

19. “Sote tunafanya mtihani darasani” Neno darasani limetumika kama aina gani ya neon?

  1. Kielezi
  2. Kivumishi
  3. Kitenzi
  4. Kiwakilishi
  5. Nomino

20. Ni sentensi ipo sahii kimuundo katika zifuatazo?

  1. Amenunua gari mashaka
  2. Mashaka gari amenunua
  3. Amenunua mashaka gari
  4. Mashaka amenunua gari
  5. Gari amenunua mashaka.


Katika swali la 21-30, andika jibu sahili la kila swali.

21. Watoto wa mfalme ni rahisi kujificha” Jibu la kitendawili hiki ni………..

  1. Macho
  2. Vifaranga
  3. Siafu
  4. Mvi
  5. Sungura

22. Kamili methali. “Heri kufa macho kuliko…………

  1. Kujikwaa ulimi
  2. Kuumia moyo
  3. Kuzama majini
  4. Kufa moyo
  5. Kufa jicho moja

23. Anatengeneza mchuzi mtamu sana lakini hapiki jikoni. Lipi jibu la kitendawili hiki?

  1. Ng’ombe
  2. Nyuki
  3. Mbuzi
  4. Muwa
  5. Kuku

24. Nimeugua kwa muda mrefu sana, lakini sasa ni…………wa afya. Neno lipi linakamilisha sentensi hii?

  1. Hoi
  2. Buheri
  3. Buheli
  4. Mzuri
  5. Mwingi

25. Wakikua mama yao huwatupa mbali kwa kishindo. Jibu la kitendawili hiki ni lipi?

  1. Mbalika
  2. Nzi
  3. Mhindi
  4. Embe
  5. Mtama

26. Kamilisha methali hii.Mwamba ng’oma……………

  1. Hualika watu wengi
  2. Hufanya maandalizi mengi
  3. Huimba nyimbo nyingi
  4. Ngozi huvutia kwake
  5. Hucheza na jamaa zake

27. Tegua kitendawili kifuatacho. “Nyumbani kwangu kuna jini mnywa maji”

  1. Kikombe
  2. Kata
  3. Kinywa
  4. Kibatari
  5. Mtungi

28. Ni methali ipi kati ya hizi inafanana na isemayo, mwenda pole hajikwai?

  1. Haba na haba hujaza kibaba
  2. Fuata nyuki ule asali
  3. Awali ni awali hakuna awali mbovu
  4. Mchumia juani hulia kivulini
  5. Baada ya dhiki faraja

29. Methali isemayo, “mgaagaa na upwa hali wali mkavu inatoa funzo gani?

  1. Bidii huleta maafanikio
  2. Mafanikio ni matokeo ya kazi
  3. Bidii huleta faraja
  4. Bidii ni kazi ya kuhangaika
  5. Mafanikio ni ya lazima.

30. Methali ipi kati ya hizi  haitoi onyo kuhusu tabia ya mtu?

  1. Asiyesikia la mkuu huvunjika guu
  2. Kiburi si maungwana
  3. Motto mkaidi mngoje siku ya ngoma
  4. Mkaidi hafaidi mpaka siku ya idi
  5. Mt0to mwerevu hafunzi adabu


Soma kifungu kifuatacho kwa makini kasha jibu maswali 31-40.

Jua lilikuwa linaunguza mithili ya moto. Hapakuwa na nyasi wala miti iliyokuwa na majani ya rangi ya kijani.Kila uoto ulikuwa wa rangi ya kahawia kavu! Aidha kupata tone la maji ya kunywa ilikuwa ndoto kwani mito na visima vyote vilikauka kau.Baada https://myfiles.space/user_files/30996_4958b541bbe404eb/1569855423_kiswahili-2017_files/image073.jpgkuhangaika kwa njaa na kiu, ndipo wanyama waliamua waitishe mkutano ili wajadili hatua ya kuchukua. Makundi • ya wanyama wa aina mbalimbali walikutana chini ya mbuyu. Swala, nyani, mbawa na tembo wote walikuwepo.

"Kama mjuavyo mimi ndimi mfalme wa wanyama wote.Niungurumapo hapana achezae kwa hiyo bila shaka mtakubali kuwa mimi ndiye mwenyekiti wa mkutano huu."alitangaza simba.Wanyama wote walitazamana na kutikisa vichwa kwa ishara ya kuafiki. Kisha alisimama na kusema "Mheshimiwa mwenyekiú, jana nilisikia mlindimo toka upande wa magharibi. Hivyo ninashauri sote tuhame na kuelekea upande huo ili tuokoe maisha yetu kwani huko kuna dalili ya mvua."Wanyama wote waliunga mkono hoja hiyo,isipokuwa kobe ambaye alisema, "mheshimiwa mwenyekiti, endapo kweli tumeazimia kuhama, sisi akina kobe tunaomba mtubebe kwani kasi yetu ya kutembea ni ndogo mno."

Baada ya kila mnyama kutoa rai yake ,Mwenyekiti alisimama na kusema, "Nimesikia yote mliyosema, kabla ya kuanza kuhama nakutuma wewe ngombe upeleke ujumbe wetu kwa binadamu ili waache kuharibu mazingira, kwani hicho ndicho kiini cha matatizo yanayotusibu.Wewe ni kiungo baina yetu na binadamu." ngombe alikubali.

Baada ya kufika ujumbe ule, binadamu alijibu kuwa alikwishaelewa tatizo Ia mazingira na tayari alikuwa na mpango kabambe wa kuchinja mifugo yote ili kutekeleza ushauri wa wataalamu wa mazingira wa kuiokoa dunia na janga Ia jangwa. Kusikia hivyo ngombe alichanja mbuga kuelekea kwa wanyama wengine.

31.  Kwa mujibu wa habari uliyo soma, mkutano wa wanyama ulifanyika wapi?

  1. Kwa mfalme
  2.  Kisimani
  3. Chini ya mbuyu D. 
  4. Kwenye majani
  5. Jangwani.

32.  Mwenyekiti wa mkutano wa wanyama alikuwa nani?

  1. Ng ombe
  2.  Kobe
  3. Nyati
  4. Simba
  5. Nyani

33. Hali ya kukauka kwa mito,visima nyasi na miti kunakutokana na ukosefu wa mvua inaitwaje?

  1. Ukame
  2. Uoto https://myfiles.space/user_files/30996_4958b541bbe404eb/1569855423_kiswahili-2017_files/image049.jpg
  3.  Kahawia https://myfiles.space/user_files/30996_4958b541bbe404eb/1569855423_kiswahili-2017_files/image011.jpg
  4.  loto
  5. Janga.

34. Jina lingine Ia mnyama aliye washauri wanyama wote kuhamia upande ambako kulikuwa na dalili ya mvua ni lipi kati ya https://myfiles.space/user_files/30996_4958b541bbe404eb/1569855423_kiswahili-2017_files/image042.jpgyafuatayo.

  1.  Ndovu B.
  2.  Ngwena
  3. Mbega 
  4.  Kima
  5. Mbogo.

35.Katika habari uliyo soma sababu iliyomfanya kobe kutoafiki moja kwa moja hoja ya kuhama ni ipi?

  1. alikuwa mpinzani wa mwenyekiti ,
  2. aliogopa kuachwa nyuma, https://myfiles.space/user_files/30996_4958b541bbe404eb/1569855423_kiswahili-2017_files/image022.jpg
  3. kulikuwa na jua kali
  4. wanyama wengine wangeweza kumla,
  5. kobe ni mvivu kutembea.

36. kwa mujibu wa habari hii ,uharibifu mkubwa wa mazingira hufanywa na nani?

  1. tembo
  2.  mbawala
  3.  swala https://myfiles.space/user_files/30996_4958b541bbe404eb/1569855423_kiswahili-2017_files/image083.jpg
  4. binadamu
  5.  nyani.

37. Neno lipi kati ya yafuatayo lina maana sawa na neno janga?

  1. Maafa 
  2.  Kiu https://myfiles.space/user_files/30996_4958b541bbe404eb/1569855423_kiswahili-2017_files/image062.jpg
  3. Ukame 
  4. angwa 
  5. Joto.

38.  Kifungu cha maneno "alichanjambuga"kinamaana gani?

  1. Alijirudi
  2. Alitembea
  3. Alikimbia
  4. Alirudi https://myfiles.space/user_files/30996_4958b541bbe404eb/1569855423_kiswahili-2017_files/image056.jpg
  5. Aliruka

39.  Binadamu alikusudia kuchinja wanyama wa aina gani

  1. Wanyama pori wote
  2. Ngombe na simba  https://myfiles.space/user_files/30996_4958b541bbe404eb/1569855423_kiswahili-2017_files/image056.jpg
  3. Wanyama wadogo wote
  4. Wanyama wakubwa wote
  5. Wanyama wote wanaofugwa

40.  Kichwa cha somo uliyosoma kingefaa kiwe kipi?

  1. Kiangazi na jangwa
  2. Matatizo ya binadamu
  3. Jua kali
  4.  Uhamisho wa wanyama
  5. Uharibifu wa mazingira 


Soma kwa makini shairi lifuatalo kisha jibu maswali 41 - 46 kwa kuweka kivuli katika herufiya jibu.

Nimekwisha peleleza, karibu kila mahali,

Mule wanamotangaza, matangazo lugha mbili, Juu kuwa Kingereza, Chini kuwa Kiswahili, Juu kiwe Kiswahili, Chini kiwe Kingereza.

Kitangazwe Kingereza, baada ya Kiswahili

Hivi tutapotimiza, lugha itakuwa ghali,

Hivi mnavyofanyiza, sana mnaidhalili,

Juu kiwe Kiswahili, Chini kiwe Kingereza

Serikali bembeleza, tafakari tafadhali,

Jambo hili kueleza, kwa zingine serikali Kiswahili kutangaza, kuwa Chini twakidhili Juu kiwe Kiswahili, Chini kiwe Kingereza.

Tuache kukipumbaza, kwa andiko au kauli, Kwa nyuma kukisogeza, kukipa kisulisuli,

Lazima kuyafukuza, yawezayo kikatili,

Juu kiwe Kiswahili, Chini kiwe Kingereza

Na wenyewe kujikaza, kwa bidii za kimwili kiswahili kutukuza, tukivalie bangili,

Ngomani kutumbuiza, waume na wanawali Juu kiwe Kiswahili, Chini kiwe Kingereza.

41. Katika shairi hilo mstari wa pili katika ubeti wa pili una mizani mingapi?

  1. Tano
  2. mbili
  3. kumi na sita
  4. nane
  5. thelathini na tatu

42. Katika ubeti wa nne, vina ni vipi?

  1. Za na li 
  2. La na li
  3. La na ya
  4. Ju na za
  5. Tu na li

43.      Kituo ni kipi katika shairi hili?

  1. Nimekwisha peleleza, karibu kila mahali
  2.  Kitangazwe Kingereza, badala ya Kiswahili 
  3. Serikali bembeleza, tafakari tafadhali
  4. Tuache kukipumbaza, kwa andiko na kauli
  5. Juu kiwe Kiswahili, Chini kiwe Kingereza

44.      Shairi hili linahimiza kuhusu nini?

  1. Kudumisha na kuendeleza mila
  2. Kudumisha na kuendeleza jadi zetu
  3. Kudumisha lugha ya Kingereza
  4.  Kudumisha na kuendeleza Kiswahili 
  5.  Kudumisha na kuendeleza lugha

45.      Ujumbe unaopatokana katika shairi hili unafanana na methali ipi?

  1. Asiyesikia la mkuu huvunjika guu. 
  2.  Umoja ni nguvu utengano ni udhaifu.
  3. Mkono usioweza kuukata ubusu. 
  4.  Ukitaka cha uvunguni sharti uiname.
  5. Ukipata chungu kipya usitupe cha zamani.

46.      Kutokana na shairi ulilosoma neno "kutukuza” lina maana ipi?

  1. Shutumu 
  2.  Laumu
  3. Heshimu 
  4. Fadhaisha
  5. Kasirisha


Panga sentensi nne (4) zifuatazo hili ziwe kwa mtiririko wenye mantiki kwa kuzipa herufi A, B,C na D.

47. Zizi hilo limegawanywa katika sehemu mbili

48. Baba yangu anafuga mbuzi Ng’ombe na kondoo

49. Nje ya nyumba yetu kuna zizi kubwa

50. Sehemu moja ni ya ngo’ombe na nyingine ni ya mbuzi na kondoo.





TIME: 1.30 HRS                                                   2020



  1. This paper consists of three sections A, B,C and D
  2. Answer all questions in all sections
  3. All answers should be written in spaces provided
  4. Ensure clarity in your work


Choose the words that complete the sentences by shading the letters of the correct answer.

1. He always ………………………………..when he was young

  1. Cry
  2. Cries
  3. Cried
  4. Crying
  5. Does cry

2. The snake………………….by Mrs. Mwenda

  1. Was killed
  2. Had killed
  3. Were killed
  4. Was kill
  5. Have killed.

3. If you…………….hard you will pass your examinations

  1. Work
  2. Worked
  3. Had worked
  4. Was working
  5. Works

4. My brother’s daughter is my………………………..

  1. Nephew
  2. Child
  3. Niece
  4. Uncle
  5. Daughter

5. The girl…………….came here yesterday is my daughter

  1. Which
  2. Whose
  3. What
  4. Whom
  5. Who

6. Most children go to school…………………….foot

  1. By
  2. With
  3. Using
  4. In
  5. On

7. Girls like to go out alone at night……………………….

  1. Are they?
  2. Do they?
  3. They do?
  4. Aren’t they?
  5. Don’t they?

8. Arusha and Dar es salaam are ………………………..business centers

  1. All of
  2. More of
  3. Either 
  4. Both
  5. Each.

9. The headmaster has been waiting for the watchman ………………one hour

  1. Since
  2. For
  3. Against
  4. Fore
  5. Until

10. My father ………..the car he bought

  1. Was shown
  2. Show
  3. Has shown
  4. Are showing
  5. Is shown.

11. Many people………………….cassava next season

  1. Is planting
  2. Are planting
  3. Are planted
  4. Will plant
  5. Was planting.

12. Our sister………………….her left leg last year.

  1. Is breaking
  2. Broke
  3. Will broke
  4. Was breaking
  5. Has broken

13. My car looks dirty but yours looks …………

  1. More dirty
  2. Dirtiest
  3. Dirtier
  4. Most dirty
  5. Dirty.

14. Usually the sun …………in the west..

  1. Sank
  2. Is sinking
  3. Sinks
  4. Was sinking
  5. Sunk.

15. Dan is a slow driver. He …………to drive more carefully.

  1. Should
  2. Could
  3. Would
  4. Ought
  5. Shall.

16. The books…………………….on the shelf

  1. Were arranged
  2. Was arranged
  3. Were arranging
  4. Arrange
  5. Arranges.

17. The national football team…………….won the match.

  1. Is
  2. Are
  3. Were
  4. Has
  5.  Shall

18. Many living things are ...............animals or insects

  1. Both
  2. Too
  3. Either
  4. Neither
  5. As

19. The pen on the desk belongs to me, so it is

  1. imagehers
  2. his
  3. imagetheirs
  4. mine
  5. my

20. The fire that ..................       the whole village started from here.

  1. destroys
  2.  destroyed
  3. destroying
  4. will destroy
  5. have destroyed

21.The fire that ..................       the whole village started from here.

  1. destroys
  2.  destroyed
  3. destroying
  4. will destroy
  5. have destroyed

22.The fire that ..................       the whole village started from here.

  1. destroys
  2.  destroyed
  3. destroying
  4. will destroy
  5. have destroyed

23.imageThe girl who picked flowers started with the...................   beautiful to the least beautiful ones.

  1. ore 
  2. most
  3. less 
  4. not very
  5. a little

24. Chausiku does all the home work   ... she wants to be first in class.

  1. Inspite of
  2. despite
  3. even
  4. but
  5. because

25. The lazy pupils _____________ their homework.

  1. have not did
  2. has not done
  3. have not do
  4. have not done
  5. have did

 26. Every year, Tanzania ___________ a lot of visitors from different countries all over the world.

  1. has taken
  2. will take
  3. shall take
  4. take
  5. have taken

27. He will not pass his examination _____________ he works hard

  1. but
  2. because
  3. even
  4. unless
  5. and.

28. David and Willy were preparing _____________ to go to school.

  1. themself
  2. themselves
  3. theirselves
  4. yourselves
  5. ourselves

29.My sister has bought _____________new dress.

  1. it
  2. you
  3. she
  4. he
  5. her

30. The patient had died ……………….lack of water

  1. with
  2. by
  3. from
  4. of
  5. for.


31. A person who meants shows is called

  1. Shoe maker
  2. Tailor
  3. Sewer
  4. Cobbler
  5. Pedestrian

32. A gun is a ……………………..

  1. Weapon
  2. Fire work
  3. Fire wood
  4. Hot pot
  5. Knife.

33. A person who tests and treats people eyes is called

  1. An eye doctor
  2. A chemist
  3. An optician
  4. A surgeon
  5. A dentist

34. A doctor works in a………………..

  1. Shop
  2. Court
  3. Church
  4. Hospital
  5. Farm

35. Gold, diamond and tanzanite are……….

  1. Chemical
  2. Medicines
  3. Liquids
  4. Minerals
  5. Ores

36. A group of birds flying together is called;

  1. Troop
  2. Flock
  3. Herd
  4. fleet
  5. bunch

37. He cuts and sells meat……………..

  1. Doctor
  2. Butchery
  3. Butcher
  4. Shopkeeper
  5. Seller


Arrange the following sentences to give a meaningful sentences by giving them letters A-D.

38. While in Dar es salaam, they wrote about what they have seen

39. When they returned home, they told their friends about their enjoyable journey

40. Ali and his friends were excited by their trip to Dar es salaam Trade Fair

41. At the fair, they saw a lot of displays


Read the following passage carefully and then answer the questions that Follow.

Lilato had a dream. He dreamt that someone gave him an egg. He was very happy and started wondering what to do with it. He thought of either eating it or keeping it in his pocket so that it would be warm and finally hatch and become a chick.

He thought of how this chick would grow into a hen and lay more eggs which will also hatch into more chickens. He would then sell some of those chickens and become a rich man. After getting a lot of money, Lilato thought of building an iron roofed house with glass windows. It would be a beautiful and big house.

While dreaming, Lilato walked excitedly. He jumped and the egg fell from his pocket and broke. He cried, saying that he will never be a rich man. Suddenly, he woke up and thanked God that it was only a dream.

42. Lilato decided to……………………the eggs

  1. Keep
  2. Sell
  3. Hide
  4. Eat
  5. throw

43. The people usually dream when they are………………….

  1. Sleeping
  2. Walking
  3. Sitting
  4. Resting
  5. Wondering

44. Lilato was happy because he was given;

  1. A big house
  2. Iron sheets
  3. A chicken
  4. An egg
  5. A chick.

45. Lilato thought he could get a lot of money by;

  1. Selling eggs and chicken
  2. Building a big house
  3. Selling a big house
  4. Keeping a big house
  5. Keeping eggs.


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