When a bus starts or stops moving, passengers tend to be jerked forward or backward. This is due to:

  1.   Newtons 1st law of motion
  2. Newtons 2nd law of motion
  3.  Newtons 3rd law of motion
  4. Newtons law of universal gravitation 
  5.  Momentum of the bus
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(ii)        Racing cars rarely get accidents despite their high speed because they:

  1. have greater momentum
  2. have big tyres with big treads
  3. have wide bases and low centre of gravity
  4. exert greater frictional force
  5. have less mass
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(iii)      An air ship is floating high above the ground. In this case the air

  1.  density outside the airship is less than the air density inside.
  2.  density outside the airship is greater than the air density inside.
  3.  upthrust is equal to the airship weight.
  4. upthrust is greater than the airship weight.
  5.  temperature inside the airship is equal to the air temperature outside.
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(iv)      The positions of particular constellations in the sky have helped huæm beings in ..

  1. locating positions of various galaxies.
  2.  telling time and planning the course of peoples activite accordingly.
  3.  the discovery of certain minor planets.
  4. the discovery of force of gravity which holds the planets together.
  5. the discovery of why things fall down whenever thrown up up
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(v)        Total internal reflection has a wide use in our daily life such as in:

  1. medicine, engineering, industries and communications
  2. the study of the universe
  3. locating positions of fish in lakes and oceans
  4. the study of fluid flow and leakage in pipes
  5.  finding why substances appear apparently raised when viewed from above the surface of water.
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(vi)      When using a measuring cylinder, one precaution to take is to .......„

  1. check for zero error
  2. look at the meniscus from below the level of the water
  3. obtain more readings by looking from more than one direction
  4. position the eye in the line with the base of the meniscus
  5. make sure that the measuring cylinder is clean
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(vii)     What holds the planets in their orbits and makes them to move(revolve) around the sun?

  1.  Force of attraction between the sun and the planets.
  2. Force of attraction between the planets. 
  3. Force of gravity that attracts all bodies.
  4. Force of attraction between the sun and the earth.
  5.  Force of attraction between the earth and planets. 
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(viii)Two coils X and Y having the same dimensions and number of turns wound around a piece of soft iron have a steady current passing through them as shown in the Figure below.

  1. End P becomes North Pole, while end Q becomes a South Pole.
  2. End P becomes a South Pole, while end Q becomes a North Pole.
  3. Both ends P and Q become North Poles.
  4. Both ends P and Q become South Poles.
  5. Neither end P nor end Q becomes poles since the effects of the two cancel out.
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(ix) In a race competition, one should kneel down when starting the race so that:

  1. no one can fall down by reaction produced by the earth to them. 
  2.  each one can receive an acceleration which the earth provides.
  3.  one of the rules in sports is not violated by anyone.
  4. equal and opposite forces can act on a body to produce a resultant force.
  5. each one could exert a force on the surface of the ground.
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(x) The destruction of ozone layer in the atmosphere has led the world to disasters caused by:

  1. absorption of the background radiation. 
  2. poor handling of the radioactive materials.
  3.  the increase of the ultra-violet radiations on the earth. 
  4.  poor utilization of radioactive materials. 
  5.  poor disposal methods of radioactive remains.
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