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1. This paper consists of sections A, B, C and D.

2. Answer all questions in sections A and B; and sections C and D as instructed under each section.

3. Cellular phones and calculators are not alloWed in the examination room.

4. Write your Examination Number on every page of your answer booklet(s).

SECTION A (10 Marks) 


1. Read the passage below carefully then answer the questions that follow.

Upendo was a very beautiful girl who was admired by many people for her beauty and charm. Upendo was also hard working at home and upheld the respect for people. However her friends were very jealous of her and always ill-treated her One day her friends were going to visit a reputed specialist to have their teeth filed, spaced and beautified. Upendo joined the girls. They all had their teeth beautifully done and the girls looked very attractive and charming but no one looked as Upendo. The specialist praised Upendo's teeth and beauty and added that she had natural beauty and charm in everything. This annoyed the girls.

On their way home, they met some young men in the forest. Those young men admired Upendo's teeth. This made the girls become angry as they were already very jealous of Upendo's beauty. They all agreed to get rid of Upendo, by burying her alive in a hole which was somewhere in the forest.

It was now suggested that they should all enter the forest and gather some firewood to take back home. As was the custom, they always brought some firewood with them. They all agreed to go and gather firewood and Upend() was particularly .eager to take some home.

After the girls had collected the firewood, they set off for home. When they reached the hole in the forest, they pushed Upendo in it so quickly that she did not have time to scream. They sealed the hole very carefully and so buried her alive. On their way home, they did not talk to anybody about Upendo. That evening Upendo did not return home. Her parents went about asking Upendo's friend if they had been with Upendo or if they had seen her that day. They all denied having, been with her or having seen her Her parents walked all over the village in search of her All this time Upendo was crying bitterly at the bottom of the hole in the forest.

Her absence caused so much concern that her father had to consult diviners and seers to find out what had, happened to his daughter, but he did not succeed.

Upendo's brother knew all the time that most of the girls in the village had been:jealous of his sister and hated her, so he suspected foul play. He left home and started out to search for his sister. He traced the route which the girls had taken on their way from the specialist. When he came upon the hole, he noticed footmarks and a bundle of firewood abandoned nearby. He then heard his sister's voice and confirmed that, she had been buried there by her friends. He started digging frantically and removing the soil until he found his sister who was in good shape.

Upendo recounted what her friends had done to her The girls who had tried to kill Upendo were taken before elders and their case was heard and judgement was passed.


(a)Answer all questions below by choose the  most correct alternative

(i) The girls were jealouS of Upendo because of

  1.  her beauty and charm 
  2. working hard 
  3. her filed teeth
  4. collecting firewood 
  5. her brother.
Choose Answer :

(ii) The word "reputed" used in thespassage means 

  1. become farnous 
  2. known by people 
  3. be generous -
  4.  wanted always 
  5. generally considered.
Choose Answer :

(iii) The girls were jealouS of Upendo because of 

  1. her beauty and charm 
  2. working hard 
  3. her filed teeth 
  4. collecting firewood
  5. her brother.
Choose Answer :

(iv) The word "reputed" used in the spassage means 

  1. become famous 
  2. known by people 
  3. be generous - 
  4. wanted always 
  5. generally considered.
Choose Answer :

(b) Complete the following sentences with information from the passage.

(i) The custom of the girls was to          

(ii) Upendo and her friends went to see the specialist for           

(iii) The girls 'who mistreated Upendo were identified and____

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Read and summarize the following passage in five (5) sentences. 

The word nature is used to refer to all things in the universe that were not made by humans, things like trees, mountains, birds and rivers. The word nature comes from the Latin word "natura", which means "things born". Things that were not created by humans are called natural. Things made by humans are called "artificial", because they were made by human art or skill. Have you ever seen an artificial Christmas tree? It is very different from a natural tree that was born from a seed and grew in the ground.

Is a garden a part of nature? The answer may be yes/no; it is natural because people did not make the plants that are growing there. But on the other hand, a garden is not natural; it is artificial because people plan and take care of the garden. They do not leave everything to nature. A' garden is a good example of people old nature working together.

Are human beings parts of nature? Yes, except for the, clothes they wear. After all, your clothes are made by human art. Nature includes the stars in the heavens, the sun, and the earth; it includes things that are as big as the sky and so tiny that they can be seen only with a microscope.

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SECTION B (20 Marks) 
Answer all questions in this section.

 3.Special names are given to groups of things. Use the words below, to show a special name given to each group: stationery, furniture, birds, subjects, animals, trees, readings, colours, food, fruits, courses

(a) green, red, blue, yellow

(b)  pawpaw, orange, pineaple, apple

(c)  chair, desk, table, stool

(d)  cat, dog, rat, cow

(e)  history, geography, civics, kisvvahili (0 pens, rulers, envelopes, paper

(g)  novels, plays, short stories, poems

(h)  education, political science, law, engineering

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 4.Write the word which is not part of the list of words provided below.

(a) Plate, Spoon, Cup, Knife, Pan, Block

(b) Milk, Cassava, Rice, Maize, Potatoes, Yams

(c) Mini skirt, Shoes, Shirt, Trousers, Shorts, T-shirt

(d)Tanzanian, Botswana, Greek, France, Togolese, Swazi

(e) Airtel, Vodacom, Tigo, Zantel, TTCL,TBC

(f) Chair, Table, Stool, Bed, Sheet, Cupboard

(g) Fanta, Pepsi, Sprite, Coca-Cola, Mirinda, Cheniicola

(h) Moshi, Dodoma, Mbeya, Arusha, Morogoro, Tanga

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5. Complete the following dialogue between Lillian and Charles with one word in item (i)-(viii)

Lillian: Hello! Do (i)________mind if I share your Umbrella?

Charles: No, of course not

Lillian: Er, (ii)________name is Lillian.

Charles: (iii)_____is Charles. I see, you have a suitcase. Are you travelling?

Lillian: (iv) ________ have just arrived from my aunt's place and. I am waiting for my

uncle who is coming from town. And (v)________

Charles: I am waiting for my uncle too who is arriving from town at three o'clock by Kamega bus. What bus is (vi)               uncle taking? Do you lcnow?

Lillian: Er, I do not exactly remember which one Let (vii) _________ see ...Oh! I know. He is also travelling by Kamega bus. ;I wish I knew which one.

Charles: Never mind which one. There is only one .Kamega bus from town every day. What an odd thing that your uncle should travel on the same bus as my uncle! I wonder whether (viii) know each other?

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6. Rewrite the following sentences according to the instructions given after each

(a) The chief editor was not present. The sub editor was not present. (Join the two sentences beginning with Neither              

(b) Photojournalism is more difficult than News writing. (Begin: News writing is

(c) If you do not work hard, you will repeat some of the papers. (Begin: Unless

(d)  Abraham was strong. He was beaten in the first round. (Rewrite using despite

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A. Imagine that you are a member of the school trip committee. Write a composition of about 250 words on the eight ways you are going to use to raise money for your study tour to Ngorongoro National Park.

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Write an essay of about 250 words on eight areas that you can concentrate on, if you were elected the President of Tanzania for the year 2015-2020.

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Write a letter to your father to inform him on the day you are going to close school for your holiday and ask him to send you some money for bus fare. Sign your name as Matokeo Kamili.

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D. Imagine that you have graduated with a bachelor in laws degree and you wish to apply for a job at the High Court of. Law. Write an application letter to, the Chief Justice. Sign your name as Sikukuu Nzuri.

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SECTION D (40 Marks) 

Answer two (2) questions from this section. One (1) question should be klected from poetry and the other from novels and short stories or plays.



A Wreath for Father Mayer of1VIasasi - S.N. (1977), Mkuki n,a Nyota,

Unanswered Cries — Osman Conteh, Macmillan

Passed Like a Shadow —B.M-Mapalala (2006), DUP

Spared S.N. Ndungtini (2004), Mkuki Nyota,'

Weep Not Child — Ngugi wa Thiong'o (198.7);Ileineiliand-

The Interview — P. Ngugi (2002), Macmillan


Three Suitors: One Husband. The Lion and the Jewel

This Time Tomorrow

The Black Hermit


Songs of Lawino and Ocol 

Growing up with Poetry 


11.Read the following poem carefully and answer the questions that follow:

Hallow heads torture me with ignorance,

Blind eyes harass me .with darkness, Deaf ears tire me with silence,

Dumb voices deafen me with gibberish,

Black minds confuse me with emptiness

And, above all,

There is power and command.

With wits and ears and eyes,

I have speech and strong mind,

But I remain weak and powerless.

They fight me they kill me.

It is a fight to bring me down to silence, To darkness and gibberish, to ignorance. And through brainwashing, to emptiness.

All right, my friends,

It's a battle and I will fight it

Ears and wits and eyes and speech, And strong conscience:

These are my weapons.

And I fight to the last cell. 

Question 11

(a) What is the poem about?

(b)  Mention the number of stanzas and number of verses in each stanza.

(c) Does the persona fear his enemy?

(d) Mention two possible themes in this poem.

(e) Comment on the language used in this poem.

(f) Who is the persona in this poem?

(g) Is the poem relevant to your society?

(h) What is the mood of a pers'ona?

(i)  What type of poem is this?

(j)  What do we learn from the poem?

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12.Poets like other artists have messages to convey to he audience. Discuss this statement using two poems you have read under this programme. (G ve four messages from each poem).

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13.The playwrights depict the experience of their own society and time but the issues tend to be universal. Justify this contention using two readings. (Give four points from eaph,play).

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14.It is believed that bad leadership in many African Societies has acted as an obstacle to peoples' development. Use two novels to justify the statement. (Give four points from each novel).

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