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  1. This paper consists of sections A, B, C and D.

  2. Answer all questions in sections A and B? and in sections C and D as instructed under each section.

  3. Cellular phones and calculators are not allowed in the examination room.

  4. Write your Examination Number on every page of your answer booklet(s).


  1. Read the passage below carefully and answer the questions that follow.

The rains in 1972 were the lowest in living memory. Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO) of the United Nations in Rome, sensed disaster as early as 1972 and warned of impending food shortages and possible famine.

Six months later, the governments of six Francophone countries jointly declared themselves a disaster area and called for international relief. Nigeria also declared parts of the north to be disaster areas and decided to launch its own food relief operation without outside help. Relief to the six Francophone countries was late and air flights could only reach the more accessible towns. The regions poor roads meant that vast areas never received relief. Thousands of nomads were on the move abandoning their land in the south.

Mr. Telesphore Yaguibon from Upper Volta described the situations as follows:

"Whole families line up for days for a few grams of sorghum. Shepherds deprive themselves of the last of their supplies of water and cows milk to give the calves one more chance of survival. Others simply choose suicide rather than looking on powerlessly while their flocks on which their very existence depends are totally destroyed "

But the drought disaster has ironically brought a glimmer of hope to the future of the endangered nomadic population of the Sahara. For a total war on drought has been declared and international agencies, governments, regional authorities, traditional rulers and the people are now preparing to move into the battle against the slow advancing Sahara desert.

The area was not always stricken by drought. Wall paintings using water colour on the wet plaster in Sahara caves depict scenes of pastoral life in the midst of what is now desert. Areas which are now unable to support the growth of vegetation were once tree covered savannas. Six thousand years ago big herds of cattle and antelope, giraffe and ostrich grazed on expansive grass land.

Man must take much of the blame for the blame for the present crisis. Overgrazing, the cutting down of trees and over cropping, have all over the centuries led to soil erosion turning good land into deserts. The goat has also done its worst in the Sahel zone, which has got a population of 30 million goats. The goat contributes greatly to soil erosion as it eats as much of the plant as it can? leaves, stem and roots. When the more juicy plants are consumed, it stands on its hind legs and eats leaves and barks of trees. The goat then does not merely eat: It destroys. The irony is that it is not even particularly useful to herdsmen, and could be easily replaced by sheep, which live in far great harmony with the environment.


  1. Choose the most correct answer from among the alternatives given and write its letter in your answer booklet.

  1. The Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO) warned of the famine disaster as early as 1972 because

    A it was its responsibility to ensure that people did not suffer from famine
    B the governments of the six Francophone countries were a disaster area
    C rains had been the lowest that year in the living memory
    D international food relief had not reached Francophone countries
    E nomads had moved to search for better areas in the south.

Choose Answer :

  1. Big areas of the six Francophone countries did not get relief food because
    A Nigeria had launched its own food relief operation without help
    B nomads had abandoned their land and moved south
    C relief food was not sufficient for all people in need
    D relief operation was late and most urban areas were inaccessible
    E relief was not immediate and most areas in need were inaccessible.

Choose Answer :

  1. According to the passage, the most endangered population was

    A people in northern Nigeria only
    B people in sub Saharan Africa
    C herds men in Africa
    D nomads in Sahel area
    E nomads in six Francophone countries.

Choose Answer :

  1. The glimmer of hope that the endangered population got, came as a result of

    A the fact that the affected areas were once tree covered savannah
    B man’s acceptance to bear the blame for the current crisis
    C efforts of international agencies, governments and regional authorities
    D wall painting using water colour on the wet plaster
    E the little water and cow’s milk they had spared for their calves
Choose Answer :

  1. Complete the table below with the information from the passage.









The goat


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  1. Read and summarize the following passage in five sentences in a single paragraph.

Beep, beep! Beep, beep! Hello, this is Mobile Phone speaking. How are you? I am a modern, young telephone, very popular because I can move anywhere, talk to anybody in the world and send text messages to people without speaking. I have a very good memory that enables me to remember the telephone numbers of many, saving messages from people and repeating them later to my owner is an easy task for me.

I would like you to meet my family. These are my parents, Mr and Mrs Dial Phone. They are land Lines, live in the house, talk to people anywhere in the world but they can not leave the house.

They receive messages but the ability to send is not within them. Dial Phone used to be very popular but these days most people prefer me.

My great­grandparents, Mr and Mrs Mouth Piece Phone are very famous, live in the museum, very proud because they were one of the first kind of telephones. Before they were born people had to write letters or take messages by hand to communicate with each other. These are very simple machines and in their days could only speak to people nearby.

I am getting married next year. My fiancee, Malaika Phone and I hope to have three or four young Video Phones. Bye, bye! I will speak with you soon.

I am back again. Our full family name is Telephone. It is made from two very old Greek words, Tele­ means "far away" and phone means "voice". So telephone means "a voice from far away."

Landline telephones like my parents and grandparents are connected by telephone wires. An electrical current passes along these wires. When you speak into a telephone microphone, the electric current changes and causes vibrations in the ear piece at the other end so the person receiving can hear what you say. I work in the same way but instead of using telephone wires I use a small radio transmitter. Radio signals are transmitted from me to one of my friends so our owners can talk to each other.

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Answer all the questions in this section.

  1. Write the activities done by the following people in the answer booklet provided.

  1. Vendor .

  2. Tour guide .

  3. Cyclist .

  4. Foreman .

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  1. Fill in the gaps with the appropriate articles “a, an, and the” where necessary.

When I was at school a few years ago, I was (i) best student in my class. Whenever I was given (ii) test, I scored full marks. When (iii) best students were given an opportunity to participate in (iv) essay writing competition, I won (v) prize. (vi) teacher who was dealing with

(vii) essay writing competition was given (viii) prize too.

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5. Read the passage below and then answer the questions that follow.

Moshi’s family has two children who are Stela and Musa. Musa got married to Rose and Stela got married to John. Musa and Rose have two children Rasi and Hawa while John and Stela’s children are Abdu and Amina. Abdu and Rasi are 30 years old while Amina and Hawa are 20 years old.


  1. What is the relationship between Musa and Rose?

  2. What is the relationship between John and Musa?

  3. What is the relationship between Rasi and Stela?

  4. Abdu, Amina, Rasi, and Hawa are of Mr and Mrs Moshi.

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6. Correct the following sentences accordingly.

  1. I am planning to came at 4:00p.m.

  2. Please does this work very carefull.

  3. One of our friends have left school.

  4. Students they failed because they did not study hard.

  5. My friends is working very hard.

  6. There is many water in the ocean.

  7. Maya’s brother is study at the university.

  8. Us are planning to use the new syllabus.

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7. Re­write the following sentences according to instructions given after each.

  1. I wish I could go to your school said Ali and I would like to read stories too (Punctuate this sentence)

  2. Asha has finished reading the news paper. (Write the correct question tag)

  3. Before the monkeys had climbed up the tree the lioness tore one of them into pieces. (Begin: One of the ).

  4. Shall we be able to identify the thief? Asked the police constable. (Begin: The police constable wondered ).

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Answer questions 8, 9 and any two (2) in question 10.

8. Rearrange the following five sentences into a logical sequence to make a meaningful paragraph by writing the corresponding letter in the answer booklet provided.

For example (i) ­ G

  1. Arusha Declaration was initiated in order to set the rulling strategies after the independence.

  2. He was succeeded by Ally Hassan Mwinyi.

  3. Tanzania gained her independence in 1961 under the mono party system.

  4. When Ally Hassan Mwinyi was in power, he brought Tanzania into the multiparty system.

  5. Mwalimu Julius Kambarage Nyerere the first president of Tanzania resigned in 1985.

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9. Match the items in List A with the responses in List B to make meaningful sentences by writing the letter of correct response beside the item number.

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10. Answer two questions from the four alternatives A, B, C and D.

  1. Write an invitation card to request your sisters’ friends to attend on your nephew’s birthday dinner party. Also write telephone messages from those who will call for excuses. Use fictitious names.

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    You are studying at Mlima Kweli High School where teaching and learning environment is not good. Write an essay of not less than 250 words to identify the most crucial aspects

  2. to be considered by the school administration to improve the teaching and learning environment.

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    Imagine that you are working at Karume Kenge Company L.T.D and you wish to ask for permission from the General Manager. By using the fictitious name, write a letter of request.

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    Write a letter to the Editor of Citizen Newspaper on the bad condition of roads in your village. Use fictitious name and address.

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Answer two (2) questions from this section. One (1) question should be selected from poetry and the other from novels and short stories or plays.



  1. Garment hanging from the waist.

  2. Lightweight simple garment for the upper body.

  3. Garment worn on the upper part of the body, usually having sleeves and buttons.

  4. Shirt like garment worn on the upper part of the body.

  5. Loose wide outer garment.

  1. sock

  2. shirt

  3. trousers

  4. gown

  5. skirt

  6. blouse

  7. globe

  8. t­shirt



A Wreath for Fr. Mayer

S.N. Ndunguru (1997), Mkuki na Nyota

Unanswered Cries

Osman Conteh, Macmillan

Passed Like a Shadow

B.M Mapalala (2006), DUP


S.N. Ndunguru (2004), Mkuki na Nyota

Weep Not Child

Ngugi wa Thiong’o (1987)? Heinemann

The Interview

P. Ngugi (2002), Macmillan


Three Suitors: One Husband

O. Mbia (1994), Eyre Methuen

The Lion and the Jewel

W. Soyinka (1963), OUP

This Time Tomorrow

Ngugi wa Thiong’o (1972), Heinemann

The Black Hermit

Ngugi wa Thiong’o (1972), Heinemann


Songs of Lawino and Ocol

O. P’Bitek (1979), EAPH

Growing up with Poetry

D. Rubadiri (ed) (1989), Heinemann


R. Mabala (1960), TPH

  1. Poems have their own part to play in the struggle to create a new man. Use the following poem to prove the statement.

Lost Beauty

There are only white women around:

Awful fakes of white females Reflecting an awful mass of ugliness:

And I want a lady

To mount the rostrum with And declare to the world:

"Black is beautiful!"

Yes, I want a black beauty queen With ebony thighs and huge hips With skin sweating blackness And a face dark as the night

And bare breasts bouncing Vigour and energy.

But my eyes, oh my eyes! They dont see anything black? Its only white skins and masks Flashing past and slashing, Destroying my sight so

I cant get what I want.

I cry and sing to them

The inbred tune of our people

I shout to them in a black tongue But no black sister hears me? Only white masks I see.

I turn and weep upon myself And then, only then I realised:

I am not black either.

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12. Explain the important items to be considered in the criticism of a poem.

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13. Some male leaders abuse power entrusted to them by using it to win love. Referring to two plays you have read, verify this statement.

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14. If you were given a chance to suggest some themes in novel that are relevant in Tanzania today which ones would you suggest? Use two novels to make references as you respond to the question.

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