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1. Read the passage below carefully and answer the questions that follow.

Trees play an important role in preserving and protecting our environment of Earth. They absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen into the air. In this way they help to reduce the amount of pollution in the Earth's atmosphere. They also play an important part in the water cycle as they release moisture into the atmosphere through their leaves. This helps the formation of clouds which bring rain. Loss of trees can therefore be a cause of drought. In addition, at times when there is a lot of rain, trees can soak up much of the extra water and so they help to prevent floods. Trees also benefit the soil where they grow. They prevent soil erosion as they work like nets trapping soil and stopping it from being washed away. In addition, fallen trees, branches and leaves decay on the ground, making the soil more fertile.

An individual tree is home to all kinds of animals: insects, birds, reptiles and mammals as well as other plants. In a forest, millions of types of trees can be found. For example tropical rain forests, which occupy less than 8% of the Earth's land area, are home to well over 50% of all land plants and animals.

In addition to these benefits, products from trees provide us with thousands of everyday items. Many fruits and seeds are eaten by humans and animals. Then there is wood. People do thousands of things with wood. It is used in the construction of both traditional and modern buildings. Inside most buildings there is furniture like wardrobes, tables, chairs, beds and so on, all of which are made of wood. In the streets there may be all kinds of structures made of wood: signboards and telegraph poles are just two. Wood is also an important source of fuel.


(i) Trees play an important role in preserving and protecting our environment because they:

  1. provide shade on hot days and shelter on wet days.
  2. protect the environment from pollution and the effects of weather.
  3. provide fruits and seeds which are eaten by humans and animals.
  4. make the soil fertile by producing oxygen and absorbing carbon dioxide.
  5. absorb excessive moisture from the atmosphere.
Choose Answer :

(ii) Loss of trees may cause drought because:

  1. the soil that is trapped by trees is washed away by rains. 
  2. there would be no branches and leaves to make the soil fertile.
  3. clouds which bring rain won't be there if there are no trees.
  4. absence of trees will definitely reduce the amount of moisture in the atmosphere.
  5. without trees moisture cannot be preserved in the atmosphere.
Choose Answer :

(iii)Trees play an important part in the water cycle by:

  1. preserving the soil.
  2. preventing the soil from being washed away.
  3. soaking up much of the extra water from the soil and the atmosphere.
  4. increasing the amount of moisture in the atmosphere.
  5. absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.
Choose Answer :

(iv)Apart from their environmental importance, trees are also beneficial to humans since they:

  1. provide home to all kinds of animals. 
  2. release water into the atmosphere.
  3. provide fruits, wood and fuel.
  4. balance the amount of water in the soil and air.
  5. stop the soil from being washed away.
Choose Answer :

(v) Complete the Table with appropriate information from the passage. An example is given.

The importance of trees


E.g.: They provide shade and shelter

Protection sunshine and rain

(a) They release oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide from the air

(b) The release moisture into the air

(c) They soak up extra water from the soil

(d) They trap soil and prevent it from bein washed awa

(e) Fallen trees, branches and leaves deca on the round

(f) The provide wood

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2. Summarize paragraph one of question number 1 in not more than 40 words.

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3.Match the following names with the expressions provided after them. 

Dentist; oculist; optician; scullery; washroom; pedestrian; pediatrician.

(a) One who journeys on foot . . . . . .

(b) A place where plates, dishes, pots and other cooking utensils are washed up .........

(c) One who attends the diseases of the eye . . . . . . .

(d) One who attends to the teeth .........

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4.In each of the sentences one of the words is wrong. Correct them by writing the right spellings of the wrong word.

(a) My waste is too big. My skirts don't fit any more.

(b) I am expecting letter I don't know if the messenger has brought any male today.

(c) Don't stair at Wakuvanga. He will act on you.

(d) His mother has opened a stationary at Kerege.

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5.Complete the following dialogue between Mercy and Mr. Pius, the shopkeeper.

Mercy: Hello, .... .....

Mr. Pius: Hello, Mercy, ......„

Mercy: Do you sell bread, sugar and some cooking oil?

Mr. Pius: Yes, I do .........?

Mercy: I want a big ......... of cooking oil, three ......... of sugar and two . of bread.

Mr. Pius: Here you are. Anything else?

Mercy: Yes, I want a ......... of Mbuni soap and a ......... of Khanga.

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6.Look at the following Chart showing the processing of coffee. Complete the description using the chart. The first one has been done for you.

First the berries are picked. Then the beans ........ , .......... and Next the tough skin .......... After that, the beans ....... , ........ and Finally, they .. .......

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7.There are special names given to groups of things in English; e.g. a group of knives, spoons and forks is called •cutlery'.

Using the words choir, students, crew, audience, committee and jazz complete the following expressions:

(a) People listening to or watching a performance .........

(b) People working on a ship or aircraft ... ....„

(c) A group of people singing a song together

People appointed to do a special task ........ .

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Answer questions 8, 9 and two (2) of the four (4) given alternatives in question 10.

8. Pretend that you were the commissar of the match in which Mawenzi Secondary School refused to play. Here is the summary you wrote to the organizers of the competition, but the sentences are not in order. Re-arrange them to make a correct report.

A. After waiting for 10 minutes, the referee met with his linesmen, discussed and decided to end the match by awarding Nyegezi Secondary School 2 goals and 2 points.

B. Nyegezi Secondary School lined up but their opponents were nowh re to be seen.

C. At exactly 4.30 p.m the referee blew his whistle to call the teams.

D. The referee and his linesmen entered the pitch at 4.00 pm.

E. At exactly 4.15 p.m, Nyegezi team entered the pitch.

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9.Match the items in List A with responses in List B to make meaningful sentences by writing the letter of the correct response beside the item number in the answer booklet(s) provided.


(i)You will be late .........

(ii)You went to Peru for your holiday .... .... .

(iii)Despite the fact that the exam was tough .........

(iv)I'll see you .........

(v)My family has lived in this house .........


  1. before I go on holiday next week
  2. before I go in holiday next week
  3. for 1966
  4. since 1966
  5. if you does not hurry 
  6. if you don't hurry
  7. he managed to perform well
  8. but he managed to perform well didn't you? did you?
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10.Answer two (2) of the four (4) alternatives A, B, C and D.

A. Write an essay on unemployment as one of the problems facing our country today.

Your essay should focus on five causes of this problem.

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B. Assume that you are the class master of Form 3 at Mzumbe Secondary School. You would like your 30 students to pay a visit to Mzumbe University in Morogoro on the 26th November, 2008 to see the way lecturers interact with students and how students study independently. Write a letter of request to The Vice Chancellor, Mzumbe University, P. O. Box 1, Morogoro.

Use your name as Subira or Mawazo Juma of P.O. Box 14, Kimarang' ombe

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C. Imagine that you are Dr. Njanja Ntawanga.

Reply this invitation to inform him/her that you will not be able to attend.


Mr. & Mrs. Ntahodi invites Dr. Njanja Ntawanga to a wedding party of their beloved son Hamis to be held at Zunturi Social Hall on 22 nd November, 2008 from 8:00 p.m to 11:00 p.m

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D. Despite the three common enemies of Tanzania's development namely ignorance, diseases and poverty, corruption has emerged as the fourth. Suggest the root causes of corruption and the ways to stop this social problem in not less than 250 words.

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Answer two (2) questions one of which should be question 11 or 12 and the other should be question 13 or 14.



1.Madam, this is Annie - Diane Case (1986) - Macmillan

2.A Wreath for Father Mayer of Masasi - S. N. Ndunguru (1997) Mkuki na Nyota

3.Encounters from Africa - Macmillan Education Limited (2000)

4.Is it Possible? - H. R. Ole Kulet (1975) - Longman

5.The Great Ponds - E. Amadi (1976) - Heinemann

6.The African Short Stories - D. Neville (ed) (1965) - (PASS) Thomas Nelson and Sons Ltd.

7.Things Fall Apart - C. Achebe (1962) - Heinemann

8.Mine Boy - P. Abrahams (1963) - Heinemann

9.No Bride Price - R. David (1967) - EAPH

10.House Boy - F. Oyono (1966) - Heinemann


1.Betrayal in the City - F. Imbuga (1990) - Heinemann, Kenya

2.Lwanda Magere - O. Omtatah (1991) - Heinemann, Kenya

3.Three Suitors: One Husband - O. Mbia (1994) - Eyre Methuen

4.The Lion and the Jewel - W.Soyinka (1963) - COUP)

5.This Time Tomorrow - Ngugi wa Thiong'o (1972) - Heinemann

6.The Black Hermit - Ngungi wa Thiong'o (1972) - Heinemann

POETRY of Lawino and ocol - O. P'. Bitek (1979) - (EAPH)

2.Growing up with Poetry - D. Rubadiri (ed) (1989) - Heinemann

3.Poems from East Africa - D. Cook (1971) - (EAPH)

4.Summons - Mabala (1960) - (TPH)

5.Drum Beat - B.Okola (1967) - (EAPH)

11.Poets use poems to pass on the intended message to the readers. Use the following poem to show the message intended.


"Eat more fruits'.' The slogans say,

More fruits, more fish, more bread But I'm on unemployment pay My third year now and wed.

And so I wonder when I'll see

The slogan when I pass

The only one that would suit me

"Eat more bloody grass!"

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12.Poetry is one of the most effective genres that have been used by poets to reflect the conflicts that emerged due to the contact between the old traditions and the modern ways. With reference to two poems verify the statement above.

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13.Like men, women are equally capable of contributing to the welfare of the society. Use relevant examples from two plays to prove the statement.

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14.Titles of books usually have a close relationship to the main ideas/massages found in them. Use TWO readings you have read to show how the titles of those books have a relationship to the message given. What can a reader learn from that message?

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