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Time: 3 Hours Year: 2003



1. Read the following passage carefully and then answer the questions that follow by writing the letter of the correct answer beside the item number.

The modern problem of smoking primarily concerns children.

We adults must make up our mind. What we did first in ignorance, and later because of habit, does not now apply, as we now have more knowledge about smoking. We must not fail to use that knowledge for the younger generation. Those most in contact with children obviously have to make an effort not to smoke, or at least to explain their smoking to their children almost as an illness or habit. Children today are subject to an environment where smoking is natural, taken for granted, and it is the non-smoker who is scorned as an outcast.

Clearly, parents who smoke are at a disadvantage in trying to restrain their children. But nothing is lost if the smoking habits of older people can be linked to some specific period of strain or difficulty which can be explained to the children, instead of leaving them to think that smoking is as inevitable as eating, drinking and loving.

It is not easy to convince children about the advantages of not smoking if they are used to seeing their parents with cigarettes for festive presents, see the relaxation of the evening grow around a pipe, experience the air of irritation when an adult gives up smoking. At the same time the parent may be beloved, adored and an example in all things. How, in this matter, can faults in parents be suggested without losing all faith?

It is not something if parents regretfully explain their addiction - this is more useful than just ordering children not to smoke. Without seeming mean, it is also possible to stop having boxes of cigarettes lying around to be offered automatically to visitors. If you make children believe that it is a part of good manners in society to always be pushing cigarettes at visitors, they automatically absorb this useless habit.

The teacher who feels guilty about his small pipe of tobacco might well conclude that only sacrifice is wanted on his part as his pupils see everyday newspapers and television commercials full of praise of various tobaccos or cigarettes. In newspaper photographs of famous personalities, or ordinary people suddenly in the news, the pipe or the cigarette is often an automatic part of the picture. To suggest wealth, the cigar appears. Famous people lend their names to exploitation by tobacco firms. Every effort is made by a clever and resourceful advertising industry to suggest that smoking has to do with romance, confidence and success, relaxation or concentration, whichever suits. They use the idea that any man or woman without a cigarette is not properly dressed.

To stop children smoking is not an easy matter, but some start could be made. Strict rules against smoking may increase its pleasures, but the possibility of punishment in schools could help. The restriction of smoking in public places, for instance the cinema; the removal of all advertising and a period of publicity showing the hazards of cancer; a deliberate attempt by parents, teachers and doctors, and others, who may set an example; all these are needed together with a general assault on air pollution.


(i) The first paragraph introduces the main problem that is to be dealt with in the passage. What is it?

  1. We must not fail to explain the problem of smoking to the new generation.
  2. People who smoke and who are in contact with young children.
  3. Smoking is a deadly habit. 
  4. Smoking and young people.
  5. Smoking and adult people.
Choose Answer :

(ii) What excuses does the writer suggest that the older people should give to children for their smoking?

  1. It is because they are older.
  2. Explain it by saying it is a habit.
  3. That it was caused by some unpleasant experience in the past.
  4. It is inevitable among older people.
  5. Because it is a common problem in the society.
Choose Answer :

(iii)In the sentence, "the relaxations of the evening grow around the pipe" the writer suggests to children that: 

  1. smoking is not part of the family life.
  2. smoking appears to be part of a relaxing family atmosphere.
  3. many parents spend too much of their time smoking.
  4. a lot of children copy pipe smoking from their parents in the evening.
  5. all parents do not like to be seen smoking.
Choose Answer :

(iv)Who are the people who can actually stop children from smoking?

  1. The teachers. 
  2. The parents. 
  3. The famous people.
  4. The mass media and the tobacco firms.
  5. Those who are involved in caring for the children and advertising agencies.
Choose Answer :

(v) In the second paragraph, what contrast does the writer draw between the atmosphere when parents smoke and that when parents try to give it up?

  1. Parents are much better and healthier when they give up smoking.
  2. Smoking is relaxing, but parents get irritable when they give it up.
  3. Smoking brings sickness, but giving it up will make parents better.
  4. The home is better when parents do not smoke as they are setting a bad example to their children. 
  5. Teachers smoke compared to parents.
Choose Answer :

(vi) As consolation to the teacher who feels he has to smoke his pipe the writer says:

  1. the teachers should be prepared to make the sacrifice.
  2. children are being flooded with publicity from many other sources to smoke anyway.
  3. the teacher should make his smoking as obvious as possible.
  4. no one can stop children from smoking without the co-operation of parents.
  5. there is no need to involve the teacher in sDpping the children from smoking.
Choose Answer :

(vii)From the author's remarks, what does he think about the way it is advertised?

  1. It is showing a false impression on tobacco.
  2. It should also reveal its hazards.
  3. It is creating the idea that smoking is existing and it is the right thing to do, which it isn't.
  4. It is a highly important part of tobacco sales.
  5. Smoking is as useless as drinking.
Choose Answer :

(viii)From the passage, what do you think could be the main influences that may cause children to smoke?

  1. Example of parents and the influence of publicity.
  2. Atmosphere of the home and example of teachers.
  3. False publicity.
  4. Sight of people smoking in public places like the cinema.
  5. Way tobacco firms exploit the names of famous people.
Choose Answer :

(ix)In his conclusion the writer says that the problem: 

  1. will easily be solved if certain things are done. 
  2. is a difficult one, but some first steps could be taken.
  3. will never be solved because too many grown-ups smoke. 
  4. should be solved by stopping any form of smoking in public.
  5. both C and D above.
Choose Answer :

(x)The best title for this passage can be:

  1. Why Teachers Dislike Smoking
  2. Why Parents Smoke
  3. How Smoking is a Problem in Society
  4. Why Smoking cannot be stopped in Society 
  5. Why Children are not Allowed to Smoke
Choose Answer :

2.Read and summarize the following passage in three sentences.

There are species of mosquito which transmit malaria. One-celled parasites live in the gut and stomach linings of the mosquito where they multiply before moving into the mosquito's salivary glands. Within a short time, after the mosquito bites, the parasites find their way into the human liver where they mature within six to nine days. These move into the blood stream where each one takes on the form of a cell. The cell then bursts and releases many more cells.

This causes severe fever in an infected victim.

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3.Match the response in LIST B with the phrases in LIST A to produce complete and meaningful sentences by writing the letter of the correct response beside the item number.


(i) The president did not want to declare the war

(ii)The disease has killed many people

(iii)Many road accidents

(iv)They must hurry

(v)The team will do better


  1. this is the reason 
  2. you would never see it
  3. but his people did not support him
  4. so people were careful about it
  5. although people do not seem to care 
  6. are caused by careless driving
  7. despite the short time of preparation
  8. for it is going to rain soon
  9. it is very important as a result we can manage
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4.Rearrange the following sentences in a logical sequence to make a meaningful paragraph by writing the corresponding letters in the answer booklet.

  1. A television set receives these signals and one can watch them on the screen.
  2. However, in order to enable the television set to receive signals properly, an antenna is needed.
  3. These are then combined with radio waves and broadcast in the same way as ordinary sound signals.
  4. Television is a system of transmitting moving pictures by radio or cable.
  5. With the aid of a television camera, visual images are changed into electrical signals.
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5. Choose two (2) topics from the four [(a) - (d)] given below, and write a composition on each.

(a) Imagine that you are one of the principal speakers in a debate with a motion which runs:


Argue for or against the motion. Give at least four points for whichever side you have taken. (250 words)

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(b) Write an open letter in one of the English local newspapers to the Ministry of Tourism and Natural Resources, telling him/her how environmental degradation is rampant in your region. Suggest to him any possible solutions to curb the problem. Sign your letter as Majuto Matembele.

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(c) Tanzania has abundant land and reliable water supply for irrigation purposes, yet it suffers frequent food shortages. Write a composition of not more than 250 words explaining why this is so.

Explain briefly what can be done to this phenomenon.

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(d) Illiteracy is as dangerous to society as disease(s). Discuss in not more than 250 words.

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6.Rewrite the following sentences according to the instructions given.

(a)The message was very interesting. It was delivered by her uncle. (Join using a relative pronoun).

(b) Education is becoming expensive. It is extremely for few people.

(Join without a relative pronoun)

(c)Komba is plump and heavy. He is not healthy.

(Begin: Although

(d)Jogging is a good exercise. Many students prefer travelling by bus. Although

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7.Write the letter of the correct alternative in the answer booklet beside the item number.

(a) If I were you, I . . . . . . . . . the next examination.

  1. won't fail
  2. don't fail
  3. am not going to fail
  4. wouldn't fail 
  5. will not fail
Choose Answer :

(b)Clara's English is excellent. She speaks . . . . . . . . . 

  1. perfectly English
  2. English perfectly
  3. perfect in English 
  4. English perfect 
  5. perfective English
Choose Answer :

(c) His performance is . . . . . . . . . than it was a year ago.

  1. good 
  2. best
  3. very better 
  4. more better
  5. better
Choose Answer :

(d) My teacher promised . . . . . . . . .  me with any difficult topic.

  1. helping
  2. to help
  3. help
  4. will help 
  5. would help
Choose Answer :

8.Rewrite the following sentences according to the instructions given.

(a) The water from the stream was very polluted, and they could not use it for drinking purposes. (Rewrite using  . . . . . . . . . too . . . . . . . . . )

(b) There came into his mind the saying that circulated among all the ordinary people of Dar es Salaam.

(Rewrite: The saying  . . . . . . . . . )

(c) Neither of the brothers forgot to send her a letter of condolence.

(Use: Both .........)

(d) Kaniki committed a foul against the goalkeeper. He argued with the referee.

(Begin: Not only .........)

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9.Choose the most correct alternative by writing its letter in the answer booklet.

(a)Seldom did Juma wear shoes. This means Juma:

  1. wore shoes often
  2. has never wear shoes
  3. will never wear shoes
  4. wore shoes rarely 
  5. sold shoes
Choose Answer :

(b) No sooner had she arrived than the bus left. This means:

  1. she arrived earlier than required
  2. immediately the bus left, she arrived
  3. immediately she arrived, the bus left
  4. she did not arrive before the bus left 
  5. just as they saw her it left
Choose Answer :

(c) He scarcely ate chicken: This means he:

  1. hardly ate chicken
  2. never ate chicken
  3. ate chicken several times
  4. ate chicken for a short time
  5. ate chicken quite often
Choose Answer :

(d) Had he known, he would have bought enough pens. This means he did not know:

  1. and he did not buy enough pens
  2. but he bought enough pens
  3. where to buy pens
  4. good varieties of pens
  5. he will not need more pens
Choose Answer :

10.Rewrite the following sentences according to the instructions given.

(a)"Do you know when your sister will arrive, Ally?" she asked. Begin: She asked .........

(b)I do not feel Well, but that does not mean that I will not go to work today.

The fact . . . . . . .

(c) Had the doctor known, his mother was ill, he would have gone to see her.

Begin: If . . . . . . .

(d) The lecture was not long and it was not short either

Rewrite using: neither  . . . . .nor . . . . . .

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11. The mother is an important figure in the African family. With reference to two (2) texts you have read in this course show the role of the mother in her family.

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12. Marriage is considered to be an important social obligation in the African societies. However it sometimes leads the concerned parties into frustration. How true is this statement in the two (2) readings you have done in this course?

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13. Choose two characters from two (2) readings (i.e. one from each reading) you have done and show how their determination and effort helped to bring changes in their societies.

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14. Explain how and why modern education and western civilization made the youth to alienate themselves from their traditional societies. Refer to TWO (2) texts in answering the question.

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