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  1. This paper consists of sections A, B and C with a total of ten (10) questions.
  2. Answer all questions in sections A and B and two (2) questions from section C.
  3. Section A carries fifteen (15) marks, section B fifty five (55) marks and section C carries thirty (30) marks.
  4. Map extract of  Ilonga (Sheet 2652) is provided.
  5. Programmable calculators, cellular phones and any unauthorised materials are not allowed in the examination room.
  6. Write your Examination Number on every page of your answer booklet(s).

SECTION A (15 Marks)

Answer all questions in this section.

1. For each of the items (i) — (x), choose the correct answer from among the given alternatives and write its letter besides the item number in the answer booklet(s) provided.

(i) Which set of elements of weather are mainly used to classify climate of an area?

  1. Humidity and precipitation 
  2. Temperature and rainfall
  3. Temperature and sun shine 
  4. Temperature and humidity
  5. Wind and temperature
Choose Answer :

Choose Answer :

Choose Answer :

(ii) The local time at Greenwich Meridian is 10:30 am on Thursday. What will be the time at longitude 180°E?

  1. 10:30 pm on Thursday 
  2. 10:30 am on Wednesday
  3. 12:30 am on Wednesday 
  4. 11:00 am on Friday
  5. 12:00 pm on Thursday
Choose Answer :

(iii) Which one is a major environmental problem facing most of African cities?

  1. Loss of biodiversity 
  2. Soil erosion 
  3. Air pollution
  4. Deforestation 
  5. Overgrazing
Choose Answer :

(iv) Suppose you were walking along river Rufiji and you had a chance to observe the drainage pattern with uniform rock structure and rock resistance, suggest the name of that drainage pattern.

  1. Dendritic 
  2. Trellis 
  3. Radial
  4. Parallel 
  5. Centripetal
Choose Answer :

(v) Suppose you are living in an urban center and you are interested in keeping livestock. What type of livestock keeping would be suitable for you?

  1. Sedentary 
  2. Transhumance 
  3. Ranching
  4. Pastoralism 
  5. Nomadism
Choose Answer :

(vi) Which earth crust processes caused the formation of Uluguru mountains?

  1. Prolonged denudation 
  2. Wrinkling of the earth's crust
  3. Sinking of the earth's crust 
  4. Outflow and spread of lava
  5. Faulting of the earth's crust
Choose Answer :

(vii) The following diagram shows the sun, the earth and the orbit of the moon around the earth. Study it carefully and then answer the question that follows:

At which position of the moon is lunar eclipse likely to occur?

  1. U and V
  2. X
Choose Answer :

(viii) Husna and his young brother Hamid like to play with wet soil around their home. They enjoy observing quick percolation of water in the soil. What type of soil were they playing with?

  1. Clay 
  2. Silt 
  3. Loam
  4. Sand 
  5. Silt and clay
Choose Answer :

(ix) Earthquakes and volcanoes have a clearly identifiable pattern over the earth's surface. Which area is not prone to earth quakes and volcanoes?

  1. Coast of Alaska 
  2. East African rift valley
  3. Andes mountain 
  4. Himalayan belt
  5. Sahara desert
Choose Answer :

(x) Which location of mineral occurrence is best for shaft method of mining?

  1. Horizontal to the earth's surface 
  2. Very close to the earth's surface
  3. In a river valley 
  4. On the earth's surface
  5. Lay deep into the earth's surface
Choose Answer :

2. Match the type of climate in List A with their corresponding latitudes North and South of the Equator in List B by writing the letter of the correct answer beside the item number in the answer booklet provided.

List A List B

(i) Mediterranean climate.

(ii) Tropical climate.

(iii) Polar climate.

(iv) Equatorial climate.

(v) Hot desert climate.

  1. 45° and 90°.
  2. 10° and 30°.
  3. 30° and 50°.
  4. 00° and 05°.
  5. 30° and 45°.
  6. 05° and 20°.
  7. 20° and 30°.
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SECTION B (55 Marks)

Answer all questions in this section.

3. Study carefully the map extract of Ilonga (Sheet 265/2) and then answer the following questions:

  1. Citing evidence from the map, suggest three possible economic activities carried out in the mapped area.
  2. Describe the vegetation distribution of the area.
  3. Describe the drainage pattern found in the map.
  4. Give the name of the water course found in the South Eastern part of the mapped area.
  5. Give the name of the main man made linear physical feature found in the map.
  6. Calculate the area of the whole map in km2.
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4. (a) Giving four points, explain the importance of using divergent bar graph.

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(b) What are the two challenges to be noted when using divergent bar graph?

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5. (a) Explain the functions of the following survey tools:

  1. (i) Arrow 
  2. (iii) Ranging rod
  3. (ii) Pegs 
  4. (iv) Beacon
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(b) Outline three survey measuring tools.

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6. (a) A group of students were sitting at a high steep face of a rock along the sea coast of the Indian Ocean. They observed the breaking movements of ocean waves in which ocean water is thrown up the beach and retuned under gravity down the shore.

(i) What are the two wave processes the students observed?

(ii) Mention four erosion processes involved in that ocean wave.

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(b) Identify three factors that affect wave erosion.

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(c) Draw a well labeled diagram to show the following features resulting from wave erosion:

(i) Blow hole.

(ii) Cave.

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7. Study carefully the following photograph and then answer the questions that follows:

(a) With two evidences, name the type of photograph.

(b) With evidence, suggest the time when the photograph was taken.

(c) Giving evidences, suggest two possible economic activities which takes place in the area.

(d) What are the two natural features which are seen in the photograph?

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SECTION C (30 Marks)

Answer two questions from this section.

8. Suppose you have been asked to conduct a research on poor performance of students in Mathematics subject at your school, explain ten stages you would follow.

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9. Mr. Tumbile wants to establish a plastic processing industry in Visitu town. Analyse six factors he should consider before locating the industry.

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10. "Tanzania has realized that improving transport is inevitable for sustainable socio-economic development." Justify this quotation by giving seven points

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