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  1. This paper consists of sections A, B and C with a total of fourteen (14) questions.
  2. Answer all questions in sections A and B and three (3) questions from section C.
  3. Section A carries fifteen (15) marks, section B carries forty (40) marks and section C carries forty five (45) marks.
  4. Cellular phones and any unauthorized materials are not allowed in the examination room.
  5. Write your Examination Number on every page of your answer booklet(s).

SECTION A (15 Marks)

Answer all questions in this section.

l . For each of the items (i) - (x), choose the correct answer from among the given alternatives and write its letter besides the item number in the answer booklet(s) provided.

(i) Who serves as the Secretary to the District Council?

  1. Mayor
  2. Deputy Mayor
  3. Executive Director
  4. Chairperson
  5. Deputy Chairperson
Choose Answer :

(ii) What is the proper name for a place where old records such as files, diaries and letter are kept?

  1. Antiquities
  2. Museum
  3. Library
  4. Archaeology
  5. Archives
Choose Answer :

(iii) Why the Uhuru torch race is vital in Tanzania?

  1. It unifies all people in Tanzania
  2. It improves the physical endurance of the people
  3. It sensitize the people to vote in the general election
  4. It creates employment opportunities to the youth
  5. It shows the authority of the state and presidency
Choose Answer :

(iv) Why the National Electoral Commission in Tanzania maintain a permanent voter's register?

  1. To identify eligible women for special parliamentary seat
  2. To make sure that no one vote twice on the election day
  3. To enable the people obtain a national identity card
  4. To enable people obtain a passport
  5. To establish a list of members of political parties
Choose Answer :

(v) The following are manual related work except 

  1. Teaching, nursing, banking and accountancy
  2. Fishing, lumbering, plumbing and masonry
  3. Carpentry, sculpturing, fishing and livestock keeping
  4. Farming, quarrying, welding and fishing
  5. Quarrying, cart pulling, fishing and sculpturing
Choose Answer :

(vi) A Form Four student named Akilimali wishes to pursue a music career while his parents prefer an academic career. What type of skills will guide Akilimali to reach an amicable agreement with his parents?

  1. Critical thinking skills
  2. Negotiation skills
  3. Creative thinking skills 
  4. Friendship formation
  5. Peer resistance
Choose Answer :

(vii) Which element of culture is bride price embodied?

  1. Customs
  2. Beliefs
  3. Traditions
  4. Norms
  5. Rituals
Choose Answer :

(viii) How are moral rights differentiated from legal rights?

  1. Moral rights are defined in the instrument of the law.
  2. Moral rights are enforceable by international legal instruments.
  3. Moral rights deal with the freedom of worship.
  4. Moral rights are conceivable by way of conscience.
  5. Moral rights focus on social rights.
Choose Answer :

(ix) At the age of sixteen Shida is married with three month pregnancy. What health risks she will likely to face when giving birth?

  1. Obesity
  2. Loss of weight
  3. Anaemia
  4. Phobia
  5. Obstructed labour
Choose Answer :

(x) Which action does the constitution of the United Republic of Tanzania approve as appropriate in the context of the President's second refusal to assent a bill into law?

  1. The Government sends the bill to the Parliament for amendment
  2. The Attorney General reformulates and resubmits the bill to the Parliament
  3. The Parliament refuses to pass Government's budget
  4. The President dissolves the Parliament and orders new election
  5. The Speaker dissolves all parliamentary standing committees
Choose Answer :

2. Match the descriptions of financial institutions in List A with their corresponding terminologies in List B by writing the letter of the correct response besides the item number in the answer booklet provided.

List A

List B

(i) A community - based financial organization that mobilizes funds and provides soft loans.

(ii) An organization which deals with compensation of losses and risks management.

(iii) A financial organization which protects the value of the currency and monitor exchange rates in the country.

(iv) An organization which mobilizes savings from employees and pays them after retirement.

(v) An organization which make financial transactions like buying and selling local and foreign currency.

  1. Bureau de Change
  2. Commercial Banks
  3. Social Security Funds
  5. The Central Bank
  6. The Tanzania Revenue Authority
  7. Insurance company
  8. EWURA
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SECTION B (40 Marks)

Answer all questions in this section.

3. In which ways the family can promote social construction of gender roles in your community? (Give five ways).

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4. What privileges do you enjoy by being a Tanzanian Citizen? (Give five points).

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5. Why all road users must obey traffic signs'? (Give five reasons).

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6. How does the National Sports Council of Tanzania promote and preserves the cultural values of Tanzania? (Give five points).

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7. Briefly, explain five factors that can enhance economic development of the people in Tanzania.

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8. Use five points to verify the contention that "Tanzania is a democratic state."

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9. What is the essence of preserving and promoting Tanzanian traditions? (Give five points).

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10. Why marriage counselors advocate for family stability? (Give five reasons).

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SECTION C (45 Marks)

Answer three (3) questions from this section.

11. Analyse the effects of globalization to a country like Tanzania by giving five points.

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12. Suppose you are the discipline master/mistress in your school and a recent report by education quality control office indicated a dreadful situation of students discipline. In five points, analyse the root causes of students indiscipline.

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13. Basing on J.K. Nyerere ideology, good leadership is one of the pre-condition for rapid development in Tanzania. How would you characterise a good leader in your society? Give five points.

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14. Assess the long term implications of poverty to a country like Tanzania by using five points.

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