(i)       History is the study of:

  1. future events
  2. present events
  3. past events
  4. all African events
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(ii)     Which ofthe following is a scientific method of determining dates of the past remains?

  1. Archaeology
  2. Time Graphs
  3.  Carbon 14
  4. Time charts
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(iii)   One of the important outcomes of the shift of man from walking by four limbs to bipedalism was:

  1.   defending against enemies 
  2.  making and using tools
  3.  cooking and living in caves 
  4.  hunting and gathering
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(iv)    During which period did the pre-colonial Tanzanian communities engage in paintings and drawings found at Kondoa-lrangi?

  1.  Late Stone Age
  2. Old Stone Age
  3.  Industrial Age
  4.  Early Stone Age
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(v)     Peace and intermarriage during pre-colonial period were among the results of:

  1.  trade between neighbours. 
  2.  war between neighbours. 
  3. conquest of neighbours.
  4. war and slave trade.
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(vi)   The following were characteristics of slavery mode of production except:

  1.  existence of classes between slave and slave master. 
  2. slaves had no right to own major means of production.
  3. slaves had a share over the surplus production.
  4.  there was class struggle between slaves and slave masters.
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(vii)Some of the commodities used as currency during pre-colonial Africa were:

  1.  pepper, gold and copper. 
  2.  iron hoses, wood and silver
  3.  salt, cloth and cowrie shells.
  4. copper, silver and bronze.
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(viii)   A system whereby the major means of production are shared by all members of the society is known as: 

  1.  capitalism. 
  2.  democracy. 
  3.  communalism. 
  4. feudalism.
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(ix)   Into which major periods is the Stone Age divided?

  1.  Four
  2. Three
  3. Two 
  4.  Five
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(x)     Ten years make: 

  1.   a generation. 
  2.  a decade. 
  3.   a century. 
  4.  a millennium.
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