(i) Man was able to make and use very simple stone tools during the:

  1. Middle Stone Age
  2. Old stone Age
  3.  Late Stone Age
  4. New Stone Age
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Which among the following include the methods used in showing chronological order of events?

  1. Famine, epidemics, drought and heavy rains. 
  2. Carbon 14, archives, museums and historical sites 
  3.  Periods, generations, millennia and centuries.
  4.  Family trees, time lines, time charts and time graphs.
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(iii)    Three pre-colonial matrilineal societies in East Africa were:

  1. Mwera, Makonde and Sukuma
  2.   Chagga, Kikuyu and Kamba 
  3. .Makonde, Sukuma and Chagga
  4.  Kikuyu, Makonde and Kamba.
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(iv)    During the pre-colonial period, Imbagala and Vimbundu of Angola were:

  1. professional traders
  2. abolitionists of slave trade 
  3.  pastoral societies.
  4. early hunters and gatherers.
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(v)      The economic factors for interactions among the people of Africa were:

  1.  migration, trade and language
  2. war, migration and music
  3.  intermarriage, medicine and religion 
  4.  trade, agriculture and metal working.
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(vi)     One of the causes of Mfecane wars was:

  1.   arrival of Portuguese at the Cape of Good Hope
  2.   migration of the Ngoni under Zwangendaba 
  3.  rapid population growth in South Africa
  4. arrival of Sultan Seyyid Said in Zanzibar from Oman.
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(vii)   Which among the following include the demands of industrial capitalism?

  1.  Piracy, robbery and unequal exchange
  2.   Explorers, traders and missionaries.
  3.  Markets, raw materials and cheap labour
  4.  Robbery, piracy and agents of colonialism
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(viii)The feudal system in Zanzibar was known as:

  1.   Busulo
  2.  Nyarubanja
  3.  Ubugabire 
  4.  Umwinyi
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(ix)     Which of the following does not apply to the moran?

  1.  Consists of people who were between youth and adulthood
  2.  Protects livestock against enemies and wild animals. 
  3. Consists of young boys between 8 and 18 years.
  4.  Raids neighbouring herds to increase the size of their herds.
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(x)      Who discovered the skull of the earliest ancestors of man in Olduvai Gorge in 1959?

  1.  David Livingstone.
  2. Louis Leakey. 
  3. Charles Darwin.
  4. Carl Peters.
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