Which were the pastoral societies that existed in pre-colonial East Africa?

  1.  Masai, Nandi, Turkana and Karamajong
  2.  Nandi, Kikuyu, Sambaa and Hadzabe
  3.  Nyakyusa, Nandi, Karamajong and Makonde
  4. Turkana, Gogo, Sukuma and Kikuyu
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The following were some of the commodities used as currency in precolonial Africa:

  1. Copper rods, books and bronze
  2.  iron ore, silver and wood
  3. paper, gold and copper
  4. salt, cloth and cowrie shells
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(iii)          Homo-sapiens lived in one of the following periods:

  1.  Early Stone Age
  2. Iron Age
  3.  Late Stone Age
  4.  Middle Stone Age
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(iv)          Identify the society in Kalahari desert which is still practicing primitive communal mode of production:

  1.  Dorobo
  2.  Khoikhoi
  3.  Mbuti 
  4.  Teuso
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(v)           Among the given sets of areas below, one was an important salt making centre in Africa:

  1.  Axum and meroe
  2.  Axum and Uvinza
  3.  Meroe and Taghaza
  4. Taghaza and Uvinza
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(vi) What was the outcome of mineral discovery in South Africa?

  1. Depopulation of Cape Town
  2. Introduction of religious groups
  3.  Migration of indigenous people 
  4.  Political matters ignored
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(vii)        One of the trade below replaced the slave in Africa:

  1.  Legitimate trade
  2.  Local trade
  3. Trans-Saharan trade 
  4.  Triangular trade
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(viii)       What was the function of a clan head in an African society?

  1.  Allocation of water portions for fishing
  2.  Breaking up marriage
  3.  Providing employment in industries 
  4.  Settling conflicts
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(ix)          Traders and Missionaries had the following activities in East Africa:

  1.   discovery of mineral areas in Africa
  2. exploration and acquisition of areas for trade
  3.  occupation of land for the Asians
  4.  spread of administration and civilization
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(x)           One of the items below was the aim of Portuguese interest in the East African coast in the 17th century:

  1.  prevention of Islam
  2. provision of social services
  3.  spread of Christianity
  4. trade control along the coast
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