(i)       The interlacustrine region is a good example of an area which practiced:

  1. mixed agriculture
  2. pastoralism
  3.  permanent agriculture 
  4. shifting agriculture
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(ii)      The following are exploitative social and economic organizations practiced in Pre-colonial Africa except:

  1. Capitalism
  2. Communalism
  3. Feudalism
  4.  Slavery
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(iii)    One of the impacts of iron technology in Africa was:

  1. expansion of heavy industries
  2. famine
  3. growth of agriculture
  4.  increase of diseases
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(iv)    Audaghost was a trading town in the ... .... route of Trans-Saharan trade:

  1.  central 
  2. eastern
  3.  southern 
  4. western
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(v)      Olduvai Gorge is famous for:

  1. archaeological findings
  2.  archival activities
  3.  oral traditions
  4. sedentary farming
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(vi)  Before the 15 thC Africa was called a "Dark continent" because:

  1. it had no development
  2.  it was not known to European capitalists
  3. its people were black
  4. there were no demands for raw materials
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(vii)          The origin of the Ngoni speaking people is historically believed to be in:

  1.  Kimberley in South Africa
  2. Natal in South Africa
  3. Pretoria in South Africa 
  4. Soweto in South Africa
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(viii)        The following were some of the centralized city states of West Africa:

  1.  Bunyoro, Buganda and Toro
  2. Cape, Nyamwezi and Karagwe
  3. Oyo, Ife and Benin
  4. Sofala, Mombasa and Lamu
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(ix)  Food production and animal keeping spread in Africa by means of:

  1. internal evolution, migration and contact
  2. migration, trade and contact with early growers
  3. technology and advice by kings and chiefs 
  4.  war, trade and imitation
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(x)    Aman who was the first to design and use tools was:

  1. Australopithecus afrikanus
  2.  Gorilla
  3. Homo erectus
  4. Modern apes
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