(i)        One of the shortcomings of oral tradition as a source of historical information is that, it is:

  1. difficult to prove the fact and imaginary information
  2. given through the word of mouth
  3. given by elders
  4. handed from one generation to another  
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(ii)      The transition from Mercantilism to Industrial Capitalism led to:

  1. areas for investment and manufactured goods
  2.     the demand for slaves
  3.  the demand for raw materials, markets and areas for investment
  4. the use of navigable rivers
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(iii)    The study of the remains of past materials through scientific analysis is - called:

  1.  Archaeology
  2.  Archives
  3.  Historical sites 
  4.  Museums
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(iv)     Examples of mixed farming societies in pre-colonial Africa were:

  1.   Hehe, Digo, Maasai and Matumbi
  2. Karamajong, Pokot, Fipa and Hadzabe
  3. Nyamwezi, Nyakyusa, Ndorobo and Chagga 
  4. Sukuma, Sangu, Kurya and Fipa
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(v)      Which of the following is the cause of Ngoni Migration?

  1. Abolition of slave trade
  2. Population increase
  3.  Rise of Trans-Saharan Trade
  4. The need to search for new areas
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(vi)    Dates can be determined by looking at the:

  1. grammar, sayings and literature of some languages
  2.  grammar, sayings, myths and songs of some peoples
  3. vocabulary, proverbs and normative of some past events 
  4. vocabulary, sayings and literature of some languages
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(vii)  In which stage of evolution of man were agriculture and domestication of animals practiced?

  1. Early Stone Age
  2. Iron Age
  3. Later or new Stone Age
  4.  Middle Stone Age
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(viii)The three main economic activities in pre-colonial African societies were:

  1. agriculture, handcrafts and trade
  2. carpentry, pottery and salt making
  3. industries, gathering and fishing
  4. lumbering, harvesting and salt making
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(ix)    The following are the functions of Moran EXCEPT to:

  1.  control religion and to solve problems
  2. defend and expand their society
  3. protect the whole society
  4. travel with their herds for searching pastures and water
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(x)      The social factors for interactions among people of Africa were

  1. migration, intermarriage and areas for investments
  2. language, migration and population increase
  3.  trade, war and migration
  4.  trade, intermarriage, language and population increase
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