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1. This paper consists of sections A, B, C and D with a total of ten (10) questions.

2. Answer all questions in the spaces provided

3. All writing must be in black or blue ink.

4. All communication devices and any unauthorized materials are not allowed in the examination room.

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1. Read the passage below carefully and then answer the questions that follow.

My pet is a dog, his name is Nene. He has brown and black fur and his hind legs are slightly shorter than the front ones. His ears are always upright. I can remember certainly well the day my father brought him home. It was on 17th December, 2015. At that time he was a puppy of two months, it was surely the best day of my life. I held him and tried to be good at him, but it was a bad day for him since he had been separated from his mother and other puppies.

Nene did not eat or drink anything the whole day. Of course I was happy to have him for my own, but his cries made me feel sorry for him and I promised to take good care of him. After three days, he started eating well and even played with me.

Nene is a lovely dog, he is loved by all members of our family. He comes to great me whenever I come back from school. He wags his tail and lies down ready to play. He is an intelligent and obedient dog I have ever seen.

After finishing my homework, I always play with him. My mother often tells me, "Mark, I am happy you got what you have always wanted". We feed him once a day, we provide him with plenty of water throughout the day, along with dog-food. To make him clean we give him a bath with dog-shampoo once a week. We also clean his kennel every day. Every year, we take him to the veterinary clinic for vaccinations. He is both a protector and a friend.


(a) Answer the following questions by using the right information from the passage.

(i) Who was keeping the dog?

(ii) When was the dog brought home?

(iii) Why do you think Nene was crying?

(iv) How many times was Nene fed in a day?

(v) Why was Nene taken to the veterinary clinic?

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(b) For each of the following statements, write TRUE if the statements is correct or FALSE if the statement is not correct.

(i) The dog had brown and black fur.......

(ii) Nene was a protector and a friend ......

(iii) Mark did not like to play with the dog......

(iv) Nene's ears were always upright......

(v) Nene was brought home when he was three months old........

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2. Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follows.

I am not as big as an elephant. I am not as fat as a pig. I am not as tall as a giraffe. I am not as fierce as a lion. I am not as talkative as a parrot. I am not as greedy as a hyena. I am not as fast as a cheetah and I am not as blind as a bat because I am who I am.

Identify five adjectives from the given passage

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3. Match the items in Column A with those in Column B to make the sentences meaningful by writing the correct letter below the corresponding item number in the table provided.

Column A

Column B

(i) This pen belongs to me.

(ii) These houses belong to us.

(iii) This cat belong to you.

(iv) This dress belongs to Upendo.

(v) This knife belongs to my father.

(vi) This farm belongs to them.

  1. It is yours.
  2. It is his.
  3. It is theirs.
  4. They are ours.
  5. It is its.
  6. It is hers.
  7. It is ours.
  8. It is mine.
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4. Re-arrange the following sentences into a logical sequence to make a meaningful paragraph. Sentence number 6 has been done as an example.

  1. The family was composed of four members.
  2. The four members were Mr. and Mrs. Jong() and their two children.
  3. One of the children was a boy and the other one was a girl.
  4. Once upon a time, there was one family living in the village.
  5. The village was known as Songambele.
  6. The boy was called Musa and the girl was Anne.
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5. Write a composition about your friend's birthday party that you attended. Use the following guiding questions:

(a) When and where was the venue?

(b) How were the people dressed up?

(c) How many people attended the party?

(d) Were there any entertainments, e.g. singing, dancing?

(e) What and how was the food and drinks served?

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6. Complete the following paragraph by using the words given in the box.

someone nobody somewhere everybody nothing

It was cold and windy night. Manju and his family were in their sitting room doing (a) ........... (b) ........... wanted the door closed, but (c) ......... stood up to do it. The wind came from (d)...........up the

hills. (e) . . . . . . . " should stand up and close the door, it is too windy for me," shouted the youngest boy. Surprising enough, all of them stood up and rushed to the door.

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7. (a) Fill in the blanks by using the correct word from the following list: towards within through after at

(i) He arrived here............ sunrise

(ii) The travellers rested............out the day.

(iii) We are........... the allocated time.

(iv) The party will start............ 6:00 pm.

(v) We are heading............the bus stand.

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(b) Re-write the following sentences with their correct question tags:

(i) Abdallah likes playing tennis.

(ii) Cats like rats.

(iii) George does not enjoy reading novels.

(iv) Your parents hate smoking.

(v) Reading makes me happy.

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8. (a) Rewrite the following sentences by using the correct forms of verbs in brackets:

(1) Mboka (take) his breakfast at 7:00 a.m everyday.

(ii] Our cows (go) to the river to drink water every afternoon.

(iii) She (do) her homework at 5:00 every evening.

(iv) We (learn) Mathematics every day.

(v) My brother and I (watch) television every evening.

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(b) Study the family tree below and then answer the questions that follows:

(i) What is the relationship between John and Neema?

[ii] How many children do John and Neema have?

[iii] How many children do Hamis and Ashura have?

(iv) Who is Hawa's mother?

(v) Who is Rose's father?

(vi) Who is Salome's brother?

(vii) Who is Asha's father? (viii)Who is Daniel's mother?

(ix) Who is Ashura's granddaughter?

(x) Who is Hawa's brother-in-law?

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9. Select ONE class reader you have read from the given list and answer the questions that follow.

The Magic Garden - K. R. Cripwell (1977), William & Collins Sons and Company L.t.d Great Britain

Kalulu the Hare - F. Worthington (1937), Longman, England.

Hawa the Bus Driver - R. S. Mabala (1988), Ben & Company, Dar es Salaam.

Fast Money - K. R. Cripwell (1978), William & Collins Sons and Company L.t.d., Great British.

Mabala the Farmer - R. S. Mabala (1988), Ben & Company, Dar es Salaam

The Death Factory - B. Mapalala (1996), Heinemann Educational Publishers, Great Britain.

The Pearl - J. Steinbeck (1948). William Heinemann L.t.d., Great Britain

(a) Give the title and author of the book.

(b) Name two important characters in the story and briefly say what they did.

(c) Is the story interesting? Why?

(d) Give two lessons you have learnt from the story.

(e) Is the story relevant to our real society? Why?

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10. Read the following poem then answer the questions that follow:

Twinkle twinkle little star

How I wonder what you are

Up above the world so high

Like a diamond in the sky

When the blazing sun is set

And the grass with dew is wet

Then you show your little light

Twinkle, twinkle, all the night


(a) What is the title of this poem?

(b) What is it compared to the Diamond?

(c) Where are the stars found?

(d) When can the stars be seen?

(e) What can you learn from a poem?

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