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1. Read the following carefully and answer the questions that follow.

All children all over the world have certain things that they need to be given by their parents. These are called Rights of the Child. These can be divided into four groups.

The first group is Survival Rights. These include the right to live and the right to good health care. Parents and the Government have to ensure that every child's life is protected and every child is provided with access to health services.

The second group of rights is known as Developmental Rights. These include the right to physical and intellectual development. All children, therefore, have the right to education and play. These rights enable them to grow physically and intellectually.

The third group is known as Protection Rights. These include the rights to protection from being neglected, exploited and tortured.

The fourth group of rights is called Participation Rights. On the basis to these rights, children have the right to make decisions that affect their lives. Hand in hand with the above mentioned rights, all children have responsibilities or duties. These duties include the duty to study hard and the duty to take care of their health; the duty to love and care for others and the duty not to bully others; the duty to take care of their belongings and those of others; the duty not to waste food; the duty to make thoughtful decisions; the duty to help those who have a lot of work to do; the duty to tolerate and help those who have a lot of work to do; the duty to tolerate and respect different views; and the duty to learn from their mistakes.


(a) Write your answers in the space provided for each question.

(i) The passage is all about..........

(ii) State what the writer thinks about people above 18 years.

(iii) According to the passage, education helps children to ......

(iv) Mention the group of rights children are denied of, if they are not allowed to play... ...... .

(v) List one responsibility children have towards others ..........

(vi) Children who do not have the right to participation are denied the opportunity to

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(b) For each of the statements below, write TRUE if the statement is correct or FALSE if the statement is incorrect.

(i) The duty to tolerate and respect others' views falls under participation rights

(ii) Apart from rights, all children have duties or responsibilities..........

(iii) Children have the right to eat plenty of food and waste very little

...... ....

(iv) According to the passage, children have the right to learn from their mistakes

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2. Write a summary of what Nyerere did after retirement in three sentences.

The late J. K. Nyerere retired as president in 1985, though he remained leader of his CCM party until 1990, when he moved back to his home village in Butiama. After retirement, he travelled around the world becoming a spokesman for developing countries. He also continued working for African peace and unity in 1990s, playing a major part in bringing peace to both Rwanda and Burundi.

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3. Match the items in column A with those in column B to make meaningful sentences by writing the correct letter in B below the corresponding item number in A. Item (i) has been done as an example.



(i) Could I borrow your bicycle?

(ii) His watch is not as beautiful

(iii) I prefer watching football

(iv) It is good to do physical

exercises .........

(v)Many people will die of


(vi) Neither a door nor a window

  1. as his sister's
  2. if the government takes quick measures
  3. like his sister's
  4. Sorry, I'm using it.
  5. than staying idle after work.
  6. to make our bodies fit
  7. to staying idle after work
  8. unless the government takes quick measures
  9. was left open
  10. were left open


COLUMN A (i) (ii) (iii) (iv) (v)

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4. Rearrange the following sentences in a logical sequence to make a meaningful recipe (set of instructions) on how to cook rice. Item I has been done as an example.

  1. Add little salt and oil to boiling water
  2. Add rice
  3. Boil water in a sauce pan
  4. Serve it hot
  5. Stir gently and leave it to cook; when the rice is cooked and tender, reduce heat.
  6. Wash rice and leave it to drain









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5. Write a telephone message to your sister to inform her that you are going to spend your holidays with her. Include the following information:

  • Date of closing school
  • Date of departure from school/home
  • Means of transport
  • Day of arrival
  • Where she should meet you.
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    6. Study the dictionary extract given below and answer the following questions

    Boot/ Butt/ Noun

    1. a shoe that covers the foot and ankle, usually made of leather or rubber: Put your boots on; it's raining hard.
    2. the part of a car's body where bags, boxes, etc can be carried: Put the cases in the boot and then we'll start

    (a) What do you learn from the word "boot"?

    (i) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    (ii) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    (iii) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    (b) Use the word "boot" to construct two sentences of you own

    (i) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    (ii) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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    7. Complete the following sentences with the correct word from the brackets.

    (i) Give me the pen using your.......(right, write) hand.

    (ii) Amina has to ......(by, buy) all the required goods.

    (iii) Students are ...... (living, leaving) for Arusha tomorrow.

    (iv) We don't have time to......(west, waste).

    (v) Oh I' m sorry. I don't ..... (fill, feel) well today.

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    8. Re-write the following sentences according to the instructions given after each.

    (i) I will do it for you. (Re-write using: going to )

    (ii) He drinks and smokes. (Re-write using: Not only )

    (iii) He ran to the station, but he missed the train. (Begin: Although)

    (iv) I go to the well so as to fetch water. (Use:.. . in order to )

    (v) Elija is very weak. He can't walk alone. (Join the sentences using: too

    (vi) "Don't come to class today," he told me. (Begin: He told me )

    (vii) Gold is more expensive than charcoal. (Begin: Charcoal is

    (viii) Mwanaisha plays football. Eliza plays football too. (join using: Both ...... ...)

    (ix) This is the girl. Her parents had an accident. (Join the sentences using: "whose" )

    (x) The crocodile attacked the fisherman. (Begin: The fisherman)

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    9. Below is a plan your class made for a visit to Manyara National Park.

    Imagining you made the visit as planned; record all the events in your diary.

    1st July,

    8:00 a.m.: Complete making reservations for the trip.

    1:00 p.m.: Pack food, water and other necessities for the trip.

    2nd July,

    8:00 a.m.: Depart for Arusha from the school yard.

    1:00 p.m.: Arrive in Arusha

    7:00 p.m.: Take dinner at Golden Rose Hotel.

    3rd July

    8:00 a.m.: Depart for Manyara after breakfast

    11:00 a.m.: Arrive at Manyara National Park

    Noon: Spend the whole noon viewing animals in the Park

    Evening: Travel back to Arusha for an overnight stay.

    4th July,

    8:00 a.m.: Start journey back to school

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    10. Complete the following puzzle using the names of birds given in the bo below:

    cock crow duck goose hen ostrich owl peacock pigeon swan vulture

    "SWAN" is done as an example

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    11. Select Five characters from One class reader you have read and briefly

    explain what he/she did.


    Mabala the Farmer

    Hawa the Bus Driver

    Kalulu the Hare

    Fast Money

    The Magic Garden

    The Death Factory

    The Pearl

    Any other relevant class reader done in Forms 1 and 2.

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    12. Read the following poem carefully, then answer the questions that follow.

    The glowing pride in my heart

    Shine brightly with delight

    Like birds singing in the sky

    I feel great and high.

    Dad, mum and friends

    Together hold your hands

    To celebrate and sing with me Songs of pride and glee

    The dream has come true The exams I went through!


    (1) How is the poet feeling? .....

    (ii) Why is he/she feeling so? .... ..... .

    (iii) How many characters are in the poem? ..........

    (iv) Write down two words which rhyme ..........

    (v) Copy down one line which is an example of a simile.

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