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1. Read the following passage carefully and then answer the questions that follow.

It was raining heavily when Mustapha and Aloyce left Mpwapwa on their way to Dodoma. They were driving the hospital pick-up to collect supplies for the hospital. They drove across the dry river bed near Kongwa and joined the main road. They soon reached Dodoma. They collected the supplies, ate lunch of ugali and roasted liver in a busy restaurant near One-Way Street and then set off back to Mpwapwa.

On their way back they stopped from time to time to pick up some passengers and to buy some goat meat from the butcheries at the junction of Mpwapwa road. When they reached the river bed, they were surprised to find some water flowing along it. "There must be a lot of rain in the mountains." said Aloyce. "May be we should wait until the water has stopped."

"Don't worry", replied Mustapha. "The water is not very deep. The pick-up will easily pass through".

He drove the pick-up into the river. The water reached the top of the wheels. Rocks and pieces of wood in the river hit the pick-up. The passengers in the back were beginning to feel frightened when suddenly there was a loud roar and a wall of muddy water rushed towards them.


Choose the best answer and write its letter in the box provided after each question.

(I) Mustapha and Aloyce went to Dodoma during the:

  1. cold season
  2. dry season
  3. rainy season
  4. winter season

(ii) Junction means a:

  1. crossing
  2. joining
  3. parting
  4. round about

(iii) Mustapha and Aloyce went to Dodoma to:

  1. buy goat meat
  2. collect passengers
  3. collect supplies for hospital
  4. See the floods

(iv) From the passage the writer was:

  1. a butcher
  2. among the passengers
  3. the driver
  4. with Mustapha and Aloyce in the journey

(v) Their outgoing journey was.......than their return journey.

  1. longer
  2. more difficult
  3. nicer
  4. shorter

(vi) The rain from the mountains the area.

  1. drought
  2. dust
  3. floods
  4. muddy road

(vii) The idea of Mustapha to his colleagues was:

  1. correct
  2. fruitful
  3. reasonable
  4. unreasonable

(viii) What type of a car were Mustapha and Aloyce using?

  1. Balloon car
  2. Lorry
  3. Nissan Patrol
  4. Pick-up

(ix) Which is true among these statements?

  1. Dodoma is always dry.
  2. It was raining when they arrived at Dodoma station.
  3. Mpwapwa road up to the main road is tarmac.
  4. They did not eat their lunch of rice with beans.

(x) A suitable title for this passage can be:

  1. Buying meat on the way to Dodoma
  2. Car accident
  3. Floods at Kongwa
  4. The journey to and from Dodoma
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2. Write a summary of the passage below in three sentences.

John's shoes are old and torn. He went to town to buy new ones. He was looking for black shoes. He went into the first shop and found some shoes. He tried them on but they were too big for his feet. In the next shop, he found the right size, but they were dark brown. In the third shop, he found the black shoes but they were not very nice. He decided to go to a cobbler to mend his old pair.

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3. Match the items in Column A with those in Column B to make meaningful sentences by writing the correct letter in B against the corresponding item number in A. Item (i) has been done as an example.

(i) A word in boldface that introduces an entry......

(ii) Half of the class liked the idea ..........

(iii) In spite of her beauty . . .

(iv) Most villagers are poor . . . .

(v) The whole class failed the monthly test ......

(vi) Words which have the same meaning meaning.

  1. A headword.
  2. but they did not support the speaker
  3. grid word.
  4. however they are happy.
  5. idiom.
  6. nobody loves her.
  7. synonym.
  8. though they were well prepared.
  9. words which have more than one


COLUMN A (i) (ii) (iii) (iv) (v) (vi)

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4. Re-arrange the following sentences in a logical sequence to make a meaningful paragraph.

  1. He lifted his box onto his shoulder and walked along the narrow street.
  2. It was a dark street full of shadows.
  3. The whole township seemed to be full of shadows.
  4. It was three o'clock in the morning.
  5. The big man heard a clock strike in the distance.
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5. Your family is inviting relatives and friends to your birthday party which will be held at your home on the 16th December 2010. Write an invitation card with the help of the following information.

(i) Your name is Bahati

(ii) Family name: Mapunda

(iii) Time: 3:00 p.m to 9:00 p.m

(iv) Contact: Mr. Mapunda +255 7450050

Mrs. Mapunda +255 7410045

(v) Place: Manyara Street, House No. 2020/C/SP

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6. Complete the following sentences with the right word from the brackets.

(i) The setting (sun/son)

(ii) The cat has a long (tale /tail)

(iii) He said the visitors (by/bye)

(iv) Do you in this area? (live/leave)

(v) Let us ......for him (weight/wait)

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7. Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the verb given in the brackets.

(i) My sister .......a computer in her work every day (use)

(ii) The train ...... just now (arrive)

(iii) The boys.......their father's cattle when the storm broke (herd)

(iv) When we arrived at the cinema the film had already......... (begin)

(v) The president ......USA next month (visit)

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8. Study the following table carefully then fill in the blank spaces with the correct word(s) provided below. The first column has been done as an example.

Carpenter Counselor Teacher Saw Shopkeeper Bandage Garage Midwife Shop Class Kitchen Wound Bank Safe Policeman Gun

Teacher 2. . . . . . . . . Test tube
Cashier 3. . . . . . . . . . 4. . . . . . . .
5. . . . . . . . Shop Scale
6. . . . . . . . Workshop 7. . . . . . .
8. . . . . . . . Police post. 9. . . . . . .
Mechanic 10. . . . . . . Car
Chief 11. . . . . . . . Cooker
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9. Complete the following puzzle with words starting with letters CA. The first

word is an example.

Example: The harsh cry of a rock is CAW

(i) A domesticated animal ...........

(ii) A mixture of flour butter, egg and sugar ...........

(iii) We take photograph with it. ..........

(iv) A leafy vegetable.

(v) Made of wax. .........

(vi) An animal of the desert

(vii) Past tense of come .........

(viii) Worn on the head to protect from sun

(ix) It has four wheels. ...... .....

(x) A tin container in which food or liquid is kept. ............

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10. Choose the words written in a box to complete the following sentences:

(i) We didn't speak......we were eating.

(ii) We didn't speak......the meal.

(iii) . . . . . . . . we reached Mikumi we saw animals.

(iv) There are ..... books on the table.

(v) The student looked very bored.......the lesson.

(vi) I fell out of bed............I was asleep.

(vii) Yesterday evening I listened to music .....three hours.

(viii) Sally wrote a lot of letters ....she was sick.

(ix) I had .....flour for emergency.

(x) Do you watch the news ...... you are having dinner?

When Yes I do a lot of for a little plenty of during while although

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11. Select ONE class reader you have read from the list below and write a report by using the guiding points.

Books (Readers)

(1) Mabala the Farmer

(ii) Hawa the Bus Driver

(iii) Kalulu the Hare

(iv) Fast Money

(v) The Magic Garden

(vi) The Death Garden

(vii) The Pearl

(viii) Any other relevant class reader done in your class (Forms 1 and 2).

Guiding points

  • Title and author of the book
  • The two most important characters in the story
  • Who is the main character? Briefly explain what she/he did.
  • Did you like the story? Why?
  • What lesson(s) did you get from the story?
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    12. Read the following poem then answer the questions that follow:

    Oh! Bahati,

    Bahati the bus driver,

    Don't play with Bahati,

    She has teeth like a lion,

    She will eat you for breakfast. Oh! Bahati,

    Bahati the heroine,

    Don't play with her,

    She has arms like baobab trees,

    She will squeeze you to death.

    Oh! Bahati,

    Bahati the clever,

    Don't play with her,

    Her mind runs as fast as a cheetah,

    Thieves are too slow for her.

    Oh! Bahati's husband,

    Beware ofyour wife,

    Don't play with her,

    She might eat you far breakfast,

    She might squeeze you to death,

    She is too much for any man.


    (1) Give the meaning of the following words as used in the poem:

    (a) Clever

    (b) Beware

    (ii) Why has the poet compared Bahati to a lion?

    (iii) Do you like Bahati? Why?

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