(i)        Branches of Geography include:

  1. human, economic and regional
  2. physical, regional and practical
  3. practical, human and regional
  4. practical, environmental and regional
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(ii)      The arrangement of planets and solid objects in the space in relation to the position from the sun is referred to as solar:

  1. energy  
  2. panels 
  3. power    
  4. system         
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(iii)    The farthest position of the earth from the sun is known as:

  1. aphelion
  2. equinox
  3. perihelion 
  4. solstice  
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(iv)     If the time atplace X (450E) is 10.00 a.m, what will be the time of a place Y (4501M)?

  1. 10.00 p.m.
  2. 10.00 a.m.
  3. 04.00 p.m.    
  4. 04.00 a.m.
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(v)      Which of the following gives a proof that the earth is spherical in shape?

  1. circumnavigation of the earth, solar eclipse and lunar eclipse
  2. Great circles, longitudes and small circles
  3.  Lunar eclipse, the planets and the earths orbit
  4. Ships visibility, lunar eclipse and aerial photograph
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(vi)     The features resulting from eruption of molten rocks are:

  1. Block Mountains
  2. fold Mountains
  3. residual mountains
  4. volcanic mountains
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(vii)   The major features rising above the surface of ocean water and important for tourism are called:

  1. continental shelf
  2. continental slope
  3. ocean island  
  4. ocean plain  
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(viii)  The condition ofthe atmosphere recorded over a long period of time is:

  1.   climate
  2.   pressure
  3.   temperature
  4.   weather
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(ix)      A representative scale of 1:250,000 can be represented by a statement scale of:

  1. 2 cm to 2.5km
  2. 2 cm to 25km
  3. 1 cm to 2.5km    
  4. 1 cm to 250,000km
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(x)       The grid reference of point B is 361585. What are the numbers of the Eastings and Northings?

  1. 585 are Eastings and 361 are Northings
  2. 361 are Eastings and 585 are Northings
  3. 36.1 are Eastings and 58.5 are Northings
  4. 36 are Eastings and 58 are Northings 
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