(i)         Movement of farmers seasonally with their animals from one grazing ground to another in search for pasture and water:

A.          nomadism              

B.     pastoralism

              c.      sedentary farming             

              D.     transhumance

(ii)        An angular distance measured in degrees East and West of the Prime Meridian:

A.          Equator    

B.     Latitude

              C.     Longitude                                    

              D.     Tropic of Cancer

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(iii)      The occurrence of summer, winter, autumn and spring is a result of:

A.          Ferrels law            

B.     revolution of the earth

             C.      rotation of the earth          

             D.      tilting of the earth on its axis

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(iv)      Summer months in the Northern Hemisphere are:

A.          December, January and February

B.          June, July and August

C.          March, April and May

D.          September, October and November

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 (v)        One of the common characteristics between nomadic pastoralism and shifting cultivation is that people have:

A.          advanced in technology

B.          good standard of living

C.          high crop production

D.          no permanent settlement

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(vi)      Which among the following statements explains the importance of Geography?

A.          Acquire skills of mechanism

B.          Develop awareness of living organisms 

C.     Expand our knowledge of technology

D.     Gain skills of observation, measuring and recording.

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(vii) The wise use and control of water resources is known as water:

A. controlling 

B. development 

C. management 

D. resources

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(viii)The following features are found in the ocean:

A.         basin, ridge, plain and dunes

B.         continental shelf, continental slope and trench

C.         ridge, basin, plateau and water falls D. trench, ridge, plain and dune

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(ix)  The extraction of minerals close to the earth is referred to as:

A.         alluvial mining        

B.     open cast mining

       C.      placer mining           

       D.     underground mining

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(x)    Although the earth is in motion all the time, we do not feel its motion.

This is due to the reason that we are:

A.       in the earth    

B.    moving against the motion

       C.    moving with it                

       D.    on the earth

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