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  1. This paper consists of sections A, B and C with a total of ten (10) questions
  2. Answer all questions.
  3. Section A and Carry fifteen (15) marks each and section B carries seventy (70)marks
  4. All answers must be in blue or black ink
  5. All writings must be in blue or black ink.
  6. All communication devices, calculators and any unauthorized materials are not allowed in the assessment room.
  7. Write your Assessment Number at the top right hand corner of every page.

SECTION A (15 Marks)

Answer all questions

1. For each of the items (i) – (x), choose the correct answer from the given alternatives and write its letter in the provided.

(i) How do you term the ability of a person to understand other people’s moods and the difficulties they are going through?

  1. Empathy
  2. Critical thinking
  3. Problem solving
  4. Good decision making
Choose Answer :

(ii) What would be your opinion on the cause of a road accident in which a pedestrian was run over by a high speed ambulance while crossing the road?

  1. Ambulance drivers fatigue
  2. Lack of road safety education
  3. Pedestrian negligence
  4. Driver’s negligence on road signs
Choose Answer :

(iii) The government of Tanzania has planned to use Tsh. 7.9 trillion for recurrent expenditures. Suppose you are a planner, which option will you put in your recurrent expenditure list?

  1. Paying energy bills
  2. Paying for equipment
  3. Paying local debts
  4. Building infrastructures
Choose Answer :

(iv) Mwana managed to reconcile two students who were fighting following the declaration of the students’ government election results in their school. Which democratic principles would be used guide Mwana to resolve the situation?

  1. Accountability
  2. Rule of law
  3. Transparency
  4. Political tolerance
Choose Answer :

(v) How do you achieve gender equality in the family?

  1. By respecting and valuing each other
  2. By sharing family wealth with other families
  3. By sharing family wealth equally and fairly
  4. By recognizing and valuing each other
Choose Answer :

(vi) Mr. Mti is a Canadian citizen born in Tanzania; ever since he was born he has been living in Tanzania. Similarly, his friend, Ms. Jani, was born in Tanzania and so are parents. Which statement correctly distinguishes the two?

  1. Mr. Mti is a foreigner while Ms. Jani is a citizen of Tanzania
  2. Mr. Mti and Ms. Jani are both citizens of Tanzania
  3. Mr. Mti has dual citizenship while Ms. Jani is a Tanzania citizen
  4. Mr. Mti is a Tanzania by birth while Ms. Jani is a Tanzania by descent.
Choose Answer :

(vii) The people of Kisasa town want to table their complaints to the local authority on presence of expired foodstuffs and liquids in their local markets and shops. Which local government authority is a suitable for table their claims?

  1. Township council
  2. Town council
  3. Municipal council
  4. City council
Choose Answer :

(viii) Why there is a need to promote gender mainstreaming to men and women in the society?

  1. To ensure good relationship between men and women
  2. To promote equality in benefiting from development efforts
  3. To develop positive attitude with special duties or ranks.
  4. To ensure equal promotion of cultural projects.
Choose Answer :

(ix) Why direct democracy can be well practiced at the village level?

  1. There is low of development among the village dwellers
  2. It covers small geographical area relatively small population.
  3. It covers small geographical area with large number of villagers
  4. It ensures availability of village dwellers all the time
Choose Answer :

(x) A famous TV station held a special program educating people on the constitutional and legal effects of beating thieves. How do you characterize such a TV program?

  1. Safeguarding the constitution 
  2. Safeguarding the freedom of press 
  3. Safeguarding the citizen 
  4. Safeguarding the national interests 
Choose Answer :

2. Match the description on weaknesses of an individual in List A with the corresponding type of life skills a person might be lacking in List B by writing the letter of the correct response below the item number in the table provided.



(i) Being unconscious of self-feelings, weaknesses and abilities

(ii) Inability to focus and give reasons on what someone wants in his or her future life

(iii) Inability to withstand pressure when facing unpleasant circumstances

(iv) Inability to recognize that she or he is a good and valuable person

(v) Having low self-opinion, personal abilities, appearance behavior.

  1. Coping with stress
  2. Self-esteem
  3. Self-awareness
  4. Self-confidence
  5. Self-worth
  6. Critical thinking
  7. Assertiveness
  8. Creative thinking
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SECTION B (70 Marks)

Answer all questions

3. Read the following passage carefully and then answer the questions that follow.

Being responsible in life is first taught in the family. Children are guided by elders through their life by being a good example or role model to them. Youngsters are taught positive values in life such as being honest and obedient to whoever is older than them and be accountable for anything they do in life.

Responsibility is also being shaped by schools. Students are asked to do various tasks like assignment, group works, projects and other school duties all of which are expected to be done in time but with best results. These impart to youngsters a culture of being responsible

When children grow up, they translate their conditioning into normal life situations particularly after leaving the school life. They practically take up responsibilities of caring for themselves and families as if they were fathers and mothers, helping the needy, taking action towards defending the nation and its entire population. Generally, they feel they are duty-bound to contribute towards advancement of their country in all spheres.

Steadily, all these experiences bring to an end the journey of parenting an individual to become a reliable and responsible citizen to his or her nation. In that way they confirm an African proverb “never expect to pick a fruit under a tree you never watered”


  1. Propose a suitable title of this passage
  2. According to the passage, explain the roles of two important institutions which shape children to become responsible citizens. (Give one role on each)
  3. With reference to the passage, which responsibilities do mature youngsters need to fulfill in life? (Give two points)
  4. What is the motive behind teachers’ tendency to assign different tasks to students at school?
  5. According to the passage, what is the meaning of the saying that “never expects to pick a fruit under a tree you never watered”? (Give two points)
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4. How would you ensure that abuse of human rights is not practised in Tanzania? (Give five points)

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5. Suppose a teacher discovers that ineffective communication is a factor for the repeated conflicts among the students. Briefly analyse five areas in the communication process that will improve the students’ ability to communicate appropriately so as to build good relationship among them.

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6. In a parents’ meeting at Mtaenda Secondary School there were concerns about undesirable behavior among students. In five points, briefly explain five ways to control such a problem.

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7. The president of the United Republic of Tanzania has the mandate to dissolve the parliament whenever needed. Briefly explain five constitutional circumstances that may lead the president to exercise the power towards this decision.

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8. In five points, briefly explain the problems associated with initiation rites to young people in Tanzania.

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9. In five points, briefly explain what will happen if all people stop working in our communities

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SECTION C (15 Marks)

Answer question ten (10)

10. Yours fellow students have low opinion on the celebrations of National festivals in Tanzania. In five points, explain how you would change your fellow students’ negative opinion on such celebrations.

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