1.   This paper consists of sections A, B and C with a total of seven (7) questions.

2.   Answer all questions in sections A and B and one (l) question from section C.

3.     Section A carries thirty five (35) marks, section B fifty (50) marks and section C carries fifteen

(15) marks.

4.     All answers must be written in the spaces provided.

5.     All writing must be in blue or black ink.

6.     All communication devices and any unauthorised materials are not allowed in the assessment room.

7.     Write your Assessment Number at the top right corner of every page.


SECTION A (35 Marks)

Answer all questions in this section.

l. For each of the items (i) — (xx), choose the correct answer from among the given alternatives and write its letter in the box provided.

(i) Which of the following correctly define the concept of human rights?

  1. Treatments and privileges for being a citizen of a given country.
  2. Treatments and privileges for being a human being.
  3. Treatments and privileges for being a member of a political party.
  4. Treatments and privileges for being a citizen by birth in a given country.
Choose Answer :

(ii)       Which activities among the following are mental related works?

  1. Banking and Teaching           
  2. Fishing and Farming        
  3. Mining and Carpentry                         
  4. Communicating and Mining
Choose Answer :

(iii)  The process of making minor changes in the existing constitution is termed as 

  1. Writing constitution.          
  2. Constitutional suspension. 
  3. Constitutional amendment.       
  4.  Constitutional proposal.
Choose Answer :

(iv)   The following are personal life skills except

  1. Assertiveness. 
  2. Self esteem. 
  3. Coping with stress. 
  4. Empathy.
Choose Answer :

(v)  An oath taken by the applicant in front of an official for being granted citizenship is called

  1. Certificate. B affidavit. C application. D referee.
Choose Answer :

(iv)   Proper behaviours in the society are judged through

  1. Social norms of the particular society.
  2. The constitution of a particular country.
  3. Peer groups in the particular society. 
  4. Elders in the particular society.
Choose Answer :

(vii) A type of marriage whereby a couple become a husband and wife before the district commissioner is called

  1. District marriage. 
  2. Early marriage.
  3.  Judicial marriage. 
  4. Traditional marriage.
Choose Answer :

(viii) A government whereby the King or Queen is both the head of state and government is known as

  1. Communist Government.  
  2. Constitutional Monarchy.
  3. Absolute Monarchy.  
  4. Constitutional Government.
Choose Answer :

(ix)  Elections held between the general elections to fill a parliamentary or councilors seat is called

  1. Democratic elections.     
  2. By elections.
  3. Constituency elections.  
  4. Referendum.
Choose Answer :

(x)  Why traffic lights are erected along the roads?

  1. To protect pedestrians and children.
  2. To control the movement of vehicles and pedestrians.
  3. To beautify the city and towns.
  4. To enable children and elders to across the roads.
Choose Answer :

(xi)  One of the following is not among the steps in the problem solving process:

  1. Initiating mediation.      
  2. Information gathering. 
  3. Defining the problem.    
  4. Writing a report.
Choose Answer :

(xii)       A type of citizenship acquired by an individual because one of his/her parent is a citizen of Tanzania is known as

  1. Citizenship by decent.    
  2. Citizenship by birth.
  3. Citizenship by registration.  
  4. Citizenship by naturalization.
Choose Answer :

(xiii)    The official document given to an individual or company to conduct a business is called

  1. Affidavit. 
  2. License.
  3. Visa. 
  4. Passport.
Choose Answer :

(xiv)     Which of the following factors does not influence human behaviour?

  1. Culture   
  2. Attitude
  3. Friction
  4. Emotions
Choose Answer :

(xv)   Why are traffic signs and symbols important?

  1. They provide information to drivers.
  2. They provide good visual appeal to road users.
  3. They provide instructions to road users. 
  4. They provide warning to pedestrians.
Choose Answer :

(xvi)    Which of the following is not true about indirect democracy?

  1. It has limited room for direct citizens participation.
  2. Citizen rule through their elected representatives.
  3. Citizens elect their representatives in the parliament. 
  4. It is applicable in societies with large population.
Choose Answer :

(xvii)      A strong influence to behave in a certain way from friends or other people of the same social status is known as

  1. Social pressure
  2. Pressure group
  3. Blood pressure
  4. Peer pressure
Choose Answer :

(xviii)    The process of developing romantic relationship between a man and women before marriage is referred to as

  1. Courtship. 
  2. Monogamy.
  3. Infidelity. 
  4. Honeymoon.
Choose Answer :

(xix) A public instrument which shows how the country is governed is called 

  1. The party manifesto.      
  2. By-laws.
  3. The constitution. 
  4. The judiciary.
Choose Answer :

(xx)  The situation whereby men and women are treated differently in the society is referred to as 

  1. Gender analysis.     
  2. Gender roles.
  3. Gender discrimination. 
  4. Gender identity.
Choose Answer :

2. Match the descriptions on life skills in List A with corresponding life skills concept in List B by writing the letter of the correct response below the corresponding item number in the table provided.



  1. The ability to come up with new things or new ways of doing things different from old ones.
  2. The ability to feel other peoples' experiences and be concerned with their problems.
  3. The ability to stand up for ones values, needs and benefits in the face of conflicting ideas and practices.
  4. Strong feelings such as fear, love, anger, shyness, disgust, desire to be loved or being accepted.
  5. The ability of a person to know what one wants and the reasons for his choice.
  1. Life skills
  2. Creative thinking
  3. Critical thinking
  4. Empathy
  5. Emotions
  6. Assertiveness
  7. Peer pressure
  8. Negotiation skills
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3.      For each of the following statements write True if the statement is correct or False if the statement is not correct.

  1. Both decision making and problem solving requires someone to make a choice and act on it.
  2. The bill of rights was included in the constitution of the United Republic of Tanzania in 1977.
  3. The village chairperson is appointed by the village assembly
  4. A type of representative democracy whereby the Parliament and the Cabinet are independent is known as Presidential democracy
  5. Gender refers to the biological differences which define who is a male and female in a particular society
  6. The local government spends its money in operational costs, maintenance of asserts and giving subsidize to the central government
  7. Types of road accidents include head on collision, side collision and multi-vehicle collisions.
  8. A day in which people vote in an election is called a polling day
  9. In a democratic government the state is accountable to the citizens
  10. In Tanzania, Sabasaba day is celebrated as a day for farmers on 7th July each year.
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SECTION B (50 Marks)

Answer all questions in this section.

4.      Read the following passage carefully and then answer the questions that follow.

Marital conflicts and reproductive health problems are common in the societies which practice female genital mutilation. Besides that, women who are mutilated develop feelings of anxiety and depression which in turn causes psychological disturbance.

The practice can also lead to loss of lives due to prolonged bleeding. Another effect is the transmission of HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases/infections. This is because the practice is done in unsafe conditions, including the use of unsterilized knives.

These effects and others suggest that, female genital mutilation is bad, thus must be discouraged. Discouraging female genital mutilation means preventing girls and women from death or other related social cultural problems.


(a)      Suggest the suitable title for this passage.

(b)      According to the passage, what are the effects of practicing female genital mutilation? Give two points. (i)

(c)      Why female genital mutilation should be discouraged?

(d)      How does female genital mutilation transmit HIV/AIDS?

(e)      What kind of feelings do mutilated women develop? Give two points.

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5. Define the following concepts and for each, give two points on its importance.

 (a) Representative democracy



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(b) A court 





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(c) Election campaigns 





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(d) Peer resistance





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(e)       Non-governmental organizations




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(f)   License




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(g) Rule of law





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(h) A by-law 





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(i) Road signs






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(j) Separation of powers





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SECTION C (15 Marks)

Answer one (1) question from this section.

6.       Analyze six effects of improper behavior to the society.

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7.       Describe six ways that can be used to control the abuse of human rights in Tanzania.

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