Answer all questions in this section.   

1. For each of the items (i) (xx), choose the correct answer among the given alternative and write its letter in the box provided.
(i) ln Tanzania the general election is held after every

  1. . Five years
  2. . Four years
  3. . Ten years
  4. . Six years
Choose Answer :

(ii) The man and woman in the Coat of arms represent

  1.  Family
  2.  Human labour
  3.  Gender equity
  4.  Unity and cooperation
Choose Answer :

(iii) Which among the following is a basic qualification for members of Parliament of the United Republic of Tanzania?

  1.  Ability to read and write
  2.  Age above 40 years
  3.  Undergraduate degree
  4.  Fluency in English language
Choose Answer :

(iv) Which of the following set represents pillars of a stable marriage?

  1.  Respect, love, shelter and cooperation
  2.  Agreement, love, trust and transparency
  3. . Food, love, peace and cooperation
  4. . Peace, proper morals, respect and shelter.
Choose Answer :

(v) A set of principles by which a country is governed is known as

  1.  constitution
  2. . judiciary
  3. . government
  4. . legislature
Choose Answer :

(vi) The event in which the national flag is hoisted at half-mast is

  1. the independence day
  2. the national misfortunes
  3. the heroes day
  4. the religious holidays
Choose Answer :

(vii) The second multi-party election in Tanzania was held in

  1.  1992
  2.  1995
  3.  2000
  4.  2005
Choose Answer :

(viii) A village government is made up of

  1.  adult population and village assembly
  2. . village council and the chairman
  3. . adult population and the chairman
  4.  village assembly and village council
Choose Answer :

(ix) Stealing and drug abuse are examples of

  1.  proper behaviour
  2.  improper behaviour
  3.  irritable behaviour
  4.  impulsive behaviour
Choose Answer :

(x) The principle of fairness, justice and benefits that all human beings are born with are referred to as

  1.  human rights
  2.  religious rights
  3.  moral rights
  4.  rule of law
Choose Answer :

(xi) The Tanzania legislature is made up of

  1.  the President and Ministries
  2.  the National Assembly and the President
  3.  the President and the judiciary
  4.  the Parliament and the cabinet
Choose Answer :

(xii)The major cause of road accidents in Tanzania is

  1.  Shortage of the Traffic Police
  2.  Ignorance of road users
  3.  Lack of traffic regulations
  4.  Reckless driving
Choose Answer :

(xiii) A feeling of loyalty and love for ones country is called

  1.  Self-awareness
  2.  Self-esteem
  3.  Patriotism
  4.  Empathy.
Choose Answer :

(xiv) A green colour in the national flag if Tanzania represents

  1.  Africans
  2.  Natural wealth
  3.  Vegetation
  4.  Soil.
Choose Answer :

(xv)Human rights abuses experienced by HIV/AIDS victims include

  1.  Stigmatization
  2.  Gender stereotyping
  3.  Gender blind
  4.  Gender gap
Choose Answer :

(xvi) The right of the people to join an organization is called

  1. Freedom of expression
  2.  Freedom of association
  3.  Freedom of worship
  4.  Freedom of movement
Choose Answer :

(xvii)The ability of a person to appreciate him/herself is known as

  1.  Empathy
  2.  Self-esteem
  3.  Assertiveness
  4.  Self-awareness.
Choose Answer :

(xviii) Which one of the following is an aspect of social skills?

  1. Arrogance
  2. Interview
  3. Aggressiveness
  4. Peer resistance
Choose Answer :

(xix) A ruling system whereby a group of people or persons holding all government powers is called

  1.  Democratic government
  2.  Elected government
  3.  Dictatorship government
  4.  Multiparty government
Choose Answer :

(xx)Which among the following set is a correct characterization of a nation?

  1.  History, Culture, People and Uhuru torch
  2.  Sovereignty, Uhuru torch, People and government
  3.  People, History, Sovereignty and Government
  4.  Education, Uhuru torch, History and People.
Choose Answer :

2. Match the items in List A with the correct responses in List B by writing the letter of the correct response below the corresponding item number in the table provided


(i) The biological differences between a man and woman
(ii) A situation whereby female students are encouraged to opt for Arts subjects.
(iii) The systematic efforts to understand the role of
women and men in the society.
(iv) A corrective measure against women oppression.
(v)The social relationship between women and men.
A. Gender
B. Gender balance
C. Women empowerment
D. Gender analysis
E. Gender discrimination
F. Sex
G. Gender stereotyping
H. Gender biasness
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3. For each of the following sentences (i) — (x), write TRUE if the sentence is correct or FALSE if the sentence is not correct.
(i)Sovereignty is a component of a nation

(ii) Tanzanian money is in the form of notes and pounds

(iii) Farmers day is celebrated on 7th July every year

(iv) The first stage of problem solving is identification of possible options 

(v) School is one of the sources of life skills

(vi) Tanzania protects the citizens rights through the Bill of rights in the constitution

(vii) A youth who engage in unsafe sex lacks responsible decision making skills

(viii) The independence constitution of Tanganyika established a federal system of government

(ix) Corruption is one of the human rights abuses

(x) Direct democracy can only be practiced in countries with large population.

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Answer all questions in this section  

4. Read the following passage carefully and then answer the questions that follow.
Wild life refers to all animals and plants living in their natural environment. Wild life is very important resources to any country as it produces meat which is used by man as food. Other products from animals and plants include wood, far, skins and ornaments just to mention a few.
The increasing population in Tanzania has also increased the consumption of wildlife products in the country. This has led to the increased destruction of the natural habitat of animals and plants. Therefore, there is a need for intentional measures to conserve it. Such measures are protecting natural vegetation, enforcing law, practicing modern game cropping, avoid poaching, animal control from diseases and enacting by laws of not endangering animals.
Thus to conserve wild life in our environment it is also important to encourage game cropping in places where game species seem to be populated to reduce overgrazing and soil erosion.
a) Suggest a suitable title for this passage
b) According to the passage mention two effects of increased population in Tanzania to the animals and plants
c) Outline two importance of wild life to mankind

d) Suggest two measure to conserve the wild life in Tanzania

e) State two advantages of game cropping in populated games
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5. Define the following concepts and for each give two points on its importance:
a. A political party
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b. A Pressure group
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c. Local government
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d. Courtship
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e. Road safety education
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f. Presidential Standard
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g. Protection of human rights
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h. Citizenship
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I.  Social life skills

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j. Zebra signs

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Answer one (1) question from this section.  

6. Explain the importance of democratic elections to a country like Tanzania by giving six points.View Ans

7. Identify six sources of the central government revenue in Tanzania.

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