(i)When two or more nations surrender their sovereignty to single authority it is said to be:

  1.  colonial government
  2. federal government
  3.  revolutionary government 
  4. union government
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(ii) The man and woman shown in the coat of arms represent national:

  1. authority 
  2.  freedom 
  3.  identity 
  4. unity
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  (iii)  Who is a responsible citizen?

  1. A person who is accepted as a member of a country
  2. One who does not fulfill his/her duties
  3. One who fulfills his/her responsibilities and duties
  4. One who is criticizing the government
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(iv) Isolating, mistreating, insulting people with HIV/AIDS is best termed as:

  1.   globalization 
  2.  oppression
  3. racism
  4. stigmatization
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(v) The ......... attends the parliament by virtue of his office but has no right to vote:

  1. Attorney General
  2. Opposition leader
  3. Prime Minister
  4. Speaker
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(vi)  What is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace among the people?

  1. Human Rights 
  2. Individual Rights
  3.  Legal and moral rights 
  4.  Political rights
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(vii)  A nuclear family consists of:

  1. father, sister, and brother
  2. father, wives and grand mother
  3. grandfather, father and children
  4. husband, wife and children
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(viii)  Zebra traffic signs mark:

  1. dangerous zones
  2. motorcycles and vehicles to stop
  3. people to cross the road 
  4.  vehicles to stop
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(ix)  One of the following is a step towards problem solving:

  1. gathering information
  2. interview
  3. observation
  4. questionnaire
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(x)  The process of selecting and attracting mate for marriage is known as:

  1. bigamy
  2. civil marriage
  3. dating
  4. traditional marriage
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(xi)  Reading, writing, listening and speaking are best known as:

  1. basic communication skills
  2. communication modal
  3. elements of communication as a process 
  4.  modern forms of communication.
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(xii)  The essence of independent judiciary in a democratic society is to:

  1. check abuse of power 
  2.  ensure justice
  3. ensure rule of law
  4. suppress crime.
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(xiii)  Before marriage a man and woman pass through a period called:

  1. courtship
  2. friendship
  3. partnership
  4. relationship.
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(xiv)  The following are the consequences of not applying social skills:

  1. failure to determine ones value, needs and benefit
  2. knowledge and ability to deal competently with other people in everyday life
  3. not meeting and relating with others
  4. retardation of self-awareness, self-confidence and benefit.
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(xv) Gender roles refer to:

  1. attitude practiced by either men or women being positive or negative
  2. roles in which people are accountable basing on sex
  3. roles in which people are specifically addressed basing  on their sex and age
  4.  roles played by male and female in the society.
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(xvi)  The manual related work activities include:

  1. carpentry, administration, fishing and livestock keeping
  2. farming, mining and lumbering
  3. nursing, lumbering, plumbing and masonry 
  4. teaching, nursing and administration.
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(xvii)  The formation of rules of behaviour enforced by special authority is called:

  1. customs
  2. morals
  3. norms
  4. taboos.
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(xviii)  The proper way of formulating a national constitution is to:

  1. adopt — cover — replacement method and discussion
  2. choose representation groups and discussing
  3. involve all people to discuss the whole constitution
  4. provide "white paper- for discussion.
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(xix)  Which of the following is a good example of indirect tax?

  1. Domestic loan borrowing
  2. Interest of investment
  3. Monthly payments
  4. Value added tax.
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(xx) A government that is formed by only one political part and headed by a dictator is called;
A. Aristocracy
B. Authoritarian
C.Constitutional monarch
D. Totaritarian

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2. Match the items in List A with those in List B, by writing the letter of the correct response against each number in the table provided.


(i) A person that belongs to a particular country
(ii)A slip of paper used for casting a vote
(iii) An organ comprising the President, Vice President
and all Ministers
(iv) Made up of a husband, wife and children
(v) Right to vote
(vi) Risk behaviour
(vii) The ability to cope with annoying situation
(viii) The ability to express thoughts through talking
(ix) The disabled, refugees, orphans and street children
(x) The tax paid by the government employees.
  1.  Ballot
  2.  Cabinet
  3.  Citizen
  4.  Communication
  5.  Direct tax
  6.  Economic right
  7.  Extended family
  8.  Female Genital Mutilation
  9.  Indirect tax
  10.  Nuclear family
  11.  Political right
  12.  Refugee
  13. Special group
  14. Speaking skills
  15.  Tolerance.
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3. The following statements are either correct or not correct. Write TRUE if the statement is correct or FALSE if the statement is not correct.

(i)Work is an expression of social identity................. 

(ii) Reckless driving leads to road accidents................. 

(iii) HIV/AIDS cannot be transmitted from one person to another through blood transfusion   

(iv) The Prime Minister of Tanzania is also a councilor.... 

(v) The election of a class monitor/monitress is done through indirect democracy        

(vi) Abuse of power means using a public office for public gains.. 

(vii) The ability to make a choice out many options that are available is referred to as decision making        

(viii) Courtship helps to establish stable long life marriage.............. ............. 

(ix) Tanganyika united with Zanzibar in 1963 as a result of the history of these two countries    

(x) Language is not a component of a nation................. 

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4. Read the following song carefully and then answer the questions that follow:

Mungu ibariki Afrika, wabariki viongozi wake. Hekima umoja na amani, hizi ni ngao zetu, Afrika- na watu wake; ibariki, ibariki Afrika, tubariki watoto wa Afrika.

Mungu ibariki Tanzania, dumisha uhuru na umoja, wake kwa waume na watoto; Mungu ibariki, Tanzania no watu wake, ibariki Tanzania, ibariki Tanzania, tubariki watoto wa Tanzania.


(i) What is the name of this song? .......................

(ii) List down four occasions in which the song is sung.

(iii) What are the people around supposed to do when the song is being sung? 

(iv) What is the importance of this song?

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5. Define and mention three points on the importance of each of the following terms:

 (i)National Emblem

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5. Define and mention three points on the importance of each of the following terms:

 (i)National Emblem

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(iii) Democratic election

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(iv)  Judiciary

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(v)  Central government

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(vi) Legal rights

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(vii) Road traffic signs           

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{viii) Gender empowerment

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 (lx) Skilled labour

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(x) Family

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