(i)Which of the following organs interprets the laws of the state?

  1. Executive
  2. Judiciary
  3. Legislature
  4. Parliament
Choose Answer :

(ii)  The elephant tusks shown on the Coat of Arms represent national:

  1. freedom
  2. prosperity 
  3.  resources 
  4.  unity
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(iii)    HIV/AIDS cannot be transmitted from one person to another through:

  1. blood transfusion
  2. eating and playing 
  3.  sharing razor blades 
  4. sharing syringes
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(iv)  The following are elements of human rights EXCEPT the right to:

  1. kill thieves 
  2. live
  3. move
  4.  own property
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(v)  Evils such as drug abuse, corruption and civil wars result from:

  1. good morals 
  2.  irresponsible leaders
  3. love and peace
  4. proper behaviour
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  (vi)The basis of family stability includes:

  1. clan, peace, morals and shelter
  2. clothing, shelter and proper morals
  3. love, food, dowry and respect
  4. love, peace, respect and proper morals
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(vii)  The government of Tanzania comprises the:

  1. executive, constitution and judiciary
  2.  executive, legislature and judiciary
  3.  legislature, judiciary and parliament 
  4.  parliament, cabinet and judiciary
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(viii)  Which of the following statements is correct?

  1. All Tanzanians are free to join any political party
  2. All Tanzanians are members of Chama cha Mapinduzi (CCM)
  3. All members of CCM are not allowed to join another political party
  4. The ruling party in Zanzibar is Civic United Front (CUF)
Choose Answer :

(ix)  The reason for inclusion of the bill of rights in the constitution of the United Republic of Tanzania was to:

  1. allow people to break laws
  2. allow people to kill thieves
  3. ensure that human rights are guaranteed
  4. make people happy with their constitution
Choose Answer :

(x)  The ideas based on disagreement between men and women are called gender:

  1. issues
  2. oppression
  3. roles
  4. stereotype
Choose Answer :

(xi)  One of the following is not a condition for a Tanzanian to vote:

  1. a citizen of Tanzania
  2. eighteen years old and above
  3. literate
  4. mentally healthy
Choose Answer :

(xii)  Government formed by a union of more than one political party is government.

  1. coalition 
  2.  federal
  3. mixed
  4.  union
Choose Answer :

(xiii)  Making changes in the existing constitution is named as a constitutional:

  1. adjustment
  2. amendments
  3. changes
  4. referendum
Choose Answer :

(xiv)  In the National flag yellow colour represents:

  1. minerals 
  2.  people
  3.  vegetation
  4. water bodies
Choose Answer :

(xv)  Tanzania holds general National elections after every five:

  1. periods
  2. sessions
  3. terms
  4. years
Choose Answer :

(xvi)  The following are the international instruments for promoting and defending human rights EXCEPT:

  1. AHRC 
  2.  CEDAW 
  3.  TAWLA
  4. . UDHR
Choose Answer :

(xvii) Who is the head of the village council?

  1. Village Chairperson
  2. Village Director
  3.  Village Executive Officer 
  4.  Village Officer
Choose Answer :

(xviii)  One of the following traffic lights tells a driver to get ready to go:

  1. green
  2. maroon
  3. . red
  4. yellow
Choose Answer :

(xix)  In order to be appointed as a Prime Minister in Tanzania one must be:

  1. appointed member of the parliament
  2. elected member from wards
  3. elected member of the parliament
  4. qualified member from a city council
Choose Answer :

(xx)  The following involve the use of more mental skills and less use of physical strength:

  1. carpentry and nursing
  2. farming and nursing
  3. nursing and teaching
  4. plumbing and lumbering
Choose Answer :

2. Match the items in List A with those in List B, by writing the letter of the correct response below each number in the table provided.

(i) Agent of central government also helps to consolidate democracy within its area.
(ii) A person who solves conflicts between two people
(iii) A proposed law before approval.
(iv) Element of improper behaviour
(v) Empowers women towards gender equality
(vi) Involving one husband and two or more wives
(vii) Movements of people and vehicles on the road
(viii) One of the things which identifies Tanzania as a Nation
(ix)) The freedom to live as you wish
(x) Vote of no confidence to the head of state

  1.  A bill
  2. . Arrogance
  3.  Coat of Arms
  4.  Direct democracy
  5.  Election
  6.  Juvenile
  7.  Liberty
  8.  Local government
  9.  Mediator
  10.  Monogamy
  11.  Parliament
  12.  Polygamy
  13. .Strategic gender needs 
  14. Traffic
  15.  User fees
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3. The following statements are either correct or not correct. Write TRUE if the statement is correct or FALSE if the statement is not correct.

  1. Grant is one of the borrowed money to be refunded.. 
  2. Child labour is one of the abuses of childrens rights 
  3. National census is important for the development of a nation ...... 
  4. The Attorney General attends the parliament by virtue of his office and has right to vote     
  5. Fighting corruption in our country is a duty of Prevention and Combating Corruption Bureau (PCCB) only      
  6. The first Prime Minister of Tanganyika was the late Mr Rashid Mfaume Kawawa
  7. All officials of National Electoral Commission of Tanzania are prohibited from becoming members of any political party ....... 
  8. In a democratic government, decisions must not base on peoples consent 
  9. Civic and Traditional marriage are legal  
  10. In Tanzania, the president is not part of the parliament............. 
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4. Read the following passage carefully and then answer the questions that follow:

A non-democratic government is a form of government that normally does not come into power by popular election. It is the government which gets into power without majority will and peoples legitimacy. In most cases, this government results from coup detat, manipulation of election process or changing a democratic government into dictatorship after a leader has attained power through elections. Adolf Hitler of Germany was an example of a person who led his country using dictatorship style. He had come to power through popular election eventually changed into a dictator thereafter.

In this kind of leadership only one person or a small group of people who are either economically powerful or with many supporters control the government. Also they are responsible for decision making in the society. A good example of a non-democratic government is totalitarian like that of Hitler or Mussolini of Italy. Other examples of authoritarian or dictatorship governments are like those of former Zaire under Mobutu Seseseko and Uganda under Idd Amini. The basic feature of non-democratic governments is the absence of democratic principles.


(i) Suggest a suitable title for this passage . 

(ii)According to the passage what is a non-democratic government?

(iii) List three qualities of a person or a group of people who rule a non-democratic government. 

(iv) Briefly explain four features of a non-democratic government.

(v) What are the four features of a democratic government?

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5. Write short notes on the following:

(1) Importance of National Constitution ........... .... 

(ii) Importance of work ... 

(iii) Cost sharing ......... ............. 

(iv) Rule of law ........... ........... 

(v) importance of good behaviour ............ ...... 

(vi) Importance of family stability ...........

(vii) Early marriages ......... 

(viii) Components of executive branches of the government

(ix) Unwanted socio-cultural practices ..

(x) Direct and Representative democracy......

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