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  1. This paper consists of sections A, B and C with a total of ten (10) questions.
  2. Answer all questions in the spaces provided.
  3. Section A and C carries fifteen (15) marks each and section B caries seventy (70) marks.
  4. All writing must be in blue or black ink, except drawings which must be in pencil.
  5. All communication devices, calculators and any unauthorised materials are not allowed in the assessment room.
  6. Write your Assessment Number at the top right hand comer of every page.







SECTION A (15 Marks)

Answer all questions in this section.

l. For each of the items (i) - (x), choose the correct answer from among the given alternatives and its letter in the box provided.

(i) One of the major association between economics and commerce is that;

  1. economics is a part of commerce
  2. commerce is a part of economics
  3. commerce is similar to economics
  4. economics is similar to commerce
Choose Answer :

(ii) Mr. Masakata is a retailer who sells goods to the customers on cash and credit terms. However, he opted to sell on credit in order to attract more customers. Which document can he prepare to show total amount of goods sold to customer on credit?

  1. An invoice 
  2. Debit note
  3. Credit note 
  4. Pro-forma invoice
Choose Answer :

(iii) Which one is the main feature of an entrepreneur?

  1. Innovative 
  2. Risk taking
  3. Decision making 
  4. Hard working
Choose Answer :

(iv) The following are the major roles of an entrepreneur, except

  1. innovation 
  2. raising finance
  3. risk- scaring 
  4. planning production
Choose Answer :

(v) Farmers in Nachingwea District have increased the supply of maize in the market. Which alternative explain the effect of this situation?

  1. Price will decrease hence increase in quantity demanded.
  2. Price will decrease hence decrease in quantity demanded.
  3. Price will increase hence increase in quantity demanded.
  4. Price will increase hence decrease in quantity demanded.
Choose Answer :

(vi) Stock at start and at close of Malingumu Traders Co. Ltd. are Tsh. 10,000/= Tsh. 6,000/= and Tsh. 8,000/= respectively. How much will be the average stock?

  1. Tsh. 8,000/=
  2. Tsh. 16,000/=
  3. Tsh. 7,000/=
  4. Tsh. 9,000/=
Choose Answer :

(vii) Identify the appropriate way of transport which facilitates the provision or door to door services than others.

  1. Air way 
  2. Road way 
  3. Water way 
  4. Rail way
Choose Answer :

(viii) Asha was employed as a secretary at Akili secondary school and she receives salary for her services. In which category does the post held by Asha can be placed among the following factors of production? 

  1. Land 
  2. Capital
  3. Labour 
  4. Organisation
Choose Answer :

(ix) Which one is the term used to describe the type of retail shops which are situated in different locations selling the same line of goods? 

  1. Multiple shops 
  2. Single shops
  3. Tied shops 
  4. Mobile shops
Choose Answer :

(x) Workers at Mapato Company have increased the demand for normal goods in the market due to the increase in income. Which concepts explain this situation? 

  1. Change in demand 
  2. Change in quantity demanded
  3. Interrelated demand 
  4. Market demand
Choose Answer :

2. Match the description of function performed by an entrepreneur in List A With the relevant function in List B by writing the letter of the correct response beside the item number table provided.

List A

List B

  1. The situation of supervising the business in all departments and managing the collection of money.
  2. The process of setting objectives, goals and strategies of the business in advance.
  3. The situation of accepting uncertainties whenever they occur by looking for opportunities that offer both a challenge and chance of success.
  4. The process of making timely payments to other factors of production such as wages for labour, rent for land and interest for capital.
  5. The process of looking for additional capital from various sources of funds.
  1. Engaging new technology
  2. Rewarding
  3. Looking for new markets
  4. Organizing
  5. Risk bearing
  6. Resources mobilization
  7. Planning


List A






List B

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SECTION B (70 Marks)

Answer all questions in this section.

3. In five points, briefly explain how auxiliary services help in doing business.

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4. Briefly explain the given concepts: 

(a) Less container load

(b) Full container load

(c) Mode of transport

(d) Methods of propulsion

(e) Tramp ships

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5. Your friend wants to engage in the production of fruits juice and she is unaware about the factors of production. Explain to her four factors of production she has to consider in carrying on with production of fruits juice.

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6. Your given the curves which show an increase and decrease in demand from original points. Explain briefly five factors for the shifting of the demand curve.

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7. Briefly explain five disadvantages of mail order business.

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8.Differentiate the given concepts:

(a) Entrepreneur and Entrepreneurship

(b) Innovator and Motivator

(c) Risk management and Transferring risk

(d) Internal motivation and External motivation

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9. Briefly describe five factors to be considered before selecting an area for the location of an industry.

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SECTION C (15 Marks)

Answer Question ten (10)

10. It is important for a large scale producers to store their products in warehouse. In five points, justify this statement.

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