A physicist is generally interested in studying the relationship between:

  1.   composition and decomposition of matter
  2. matter and energy
  3. Physics and Chemistry 
  4.  Physics and energy

The measurement of mass using beam balance uses the principle of:

  1.    conservation of matter
  2.  conservation of momentum
  3. gravitational pull of the earth
  4. moments

(iii)         A soldier firing a bullet from a gun experiences a jerking effect as the bullet leaves the gun. This phenomenon is explained by: 

  1. Newtons first law of motion. 
  2. Newtons second law of motion.
  3.  Newtons third law of motion.
  4.  Principle of conservation of linear momentum.
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(iv)          Materials which allow light to pass and you can see through are called:

  1.  glass
  2. opaque
  3. translucent
  4.  transparent
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(v)  In order to balance a rigid body on a point, you must first determine


  1. balancing point
  2. centre of gravity
  3. central position of the body
  4. neutral point
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vi) If one cell in a perfect three-cell torch is placed in the opposite direction, then on switching on the torch will:

  1.  give normal light. 
  2.  give bright light. 
  3. give dim light. 
  4. not give light.
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(vii)        The following instruments are used to measure length except:

  1. hydrometer
  2.   metre rule
  3. micrometer screw gauge 
  4.  vernier callipers
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(viii)      Presence of friction in a machine:

  1.  causes proper functioning of the machine
  2.  increases efficiency of the machine
  3. increases life time of the machine 
  4.  reduces efficiency of the machine
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(ix)          You feel more pain if someone with pointed high heels shoes steps on your foot than when the same person with flat shoes steps on you because:

  1. the flat shoes are not as heavy as the pointed ones
  2. the leather of the shoes has big weight
  3.  pressure exerted is greater with flat shoes
  4.   pressure exerted is greater with pointed high heel shoes
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(x)           Gradient of the distance-time graph of a uniformly accelerated motion in a specific direction represents:

  1.  acceleration 
  2.  deceleration 
  3.  speed 
  4. velocity
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(xi)          Evaporation of a liquid does not depend on:

  1.  amount of liquid available   
  2.  surface area 
  3.  temperature   
  4. wind
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(xii)        According to Archimedes Principle, upthrust is equal to the:

  1.   apparent weight.
  2. volume of fluid displaced.
  3. weight of fluid displaced.
  4. weight of the displaced object.
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(xiii)      Suppose you wanted to make strong permanent magnets, which of the following materials would you select?

  1.  Cobalt and Iron   
  2.  Copper and Cobalt 
  3. Copper and Nickel  
  4.  Nickel and Cobalt
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(xiv)      White clothes are preferentially worn in sunny regions than black clothes because they:

  1.  absorb heat. 
  2. diffuse heat.
  3.  reflect heat. 
  4. transmit heat.
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(w) Smell from a rotten dog along the road spreads to the neighbouring houses through a process known as:

  1.  capillarity 
  2.  diffusion 
  3. osmosis 
  4. viscosity
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(xvi) Work and energy have the same SI unit called:

  1.  calorie 
  2.  joule 
  3.  paschal 
  4.  watt
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(Wii) If you comb your dried hair with a plastic or nylon comb, you might observe the comb attracting some small particles. What instrument would you use to determine whether the comb acquired some electric charge?

  1.  Ammeter 
  2.  Electrophorus 
  3.  Gold-leaf electroscope 
  4.  Voltmeter
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(xviii)  The effort that would be needed to operate a 1200N load when the machine has a mechanical advantage of 3 is:

  1.  400N       
  2.  600N  
  3.  BOON 
  4.  3600N
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(xix)      The temperature of hot water was measured using a Fahrenheit thermometer and was found to be 1760F. What was its equivalent on the Celsius scale?

  1.  800C  
  2. 1160
  3.  2590C
  4.  3480 C
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(xx)        Bimetallic strip bends when heated because metals:

  1.  become softer when heated
  2. expand in opposite direction
  3. have different expansivities
  4. have same expansivities
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