The study of matter in relation to energy is best covered in:

  1. Agriculture 
  2.  Biology
  3. Chemistry 
  4.  Physics
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ii) A student gets electric shock and falls down unconscious in a Physics laboratory. Which of the following would you do first to help the victim?

  1.   Administer breathing exercise
  2. Call physics teacher
  3. Call other students
  4. Call medical doctor
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iii) An engineer wanted to measure the diameter of a wire to the accuracy of three decimal places. Which of the following instruments would you recommend to be used?

  1. Engineers callipers 
  2. Micrometer screw gauge
  3. Metre rule
  4.  Vernier callipers
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(iv)          Sunflower cooking oil and water were mixed and poured into a Pyrex glass measuring cylinder and allowed to settle for three minutes. Which of the following observations was TRUE after the three 


  1.  Cooking oil floating on water.
  2.  Meniscus of water appeared convex in shape at the surface.
  3.  Water floating on the cooking oil.
  4. Water and cooking oil completely mixed up.
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v) Work and energy have the same SI unit called:

  1.  Calorie    
  2. Joule
  3.   Paschal 
  4.  Watt
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vi) Weight is a force by which:

  1.  a body is kicked upwards.
  2. an object is pulled towards the centre of the Earth. 
  3.  an object is pulled towards the ground.
  4. mass and weight are related.
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(vii)       A drop of water and a drop of mercury were poured separately on a clean glass surface. Which of the following conclusions would you

make after making observations on the water and mercury?

  1.  Mercury has a greater cohesive force than water.
  2.  Mercury on glass shows a greater adhesive force than water. 
  3.  Mercury and water have equal adhesive forces.
  4. Water has a greater cohesive force than mercury.
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(viii)     An egg was immersed in a transparent liquid contained in a glass beaker. The egg was observed to float fully immersed in the middle of the liquid. What conclusion can you make from the observation? 

  1. The density of the egg is less than that of the liquid. 
  2.  The density of the egg is greater than that of the liquid.
  3.  The egg and liquid have the same density.
  4.  The upthrust on. the egg is equal to the weight of the egg in air.
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(ix) Pressure in a liquid contained in a vessel depends on:

  1.  density  
  2.  depth
  3. mass 
  4. surface area
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(x)            In a three pulley system, the Velocity Ration (V.R) is given as:

  1. 3
  2. 6
  3. 1/6
  4. 1/3
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