Physics is the study of relationship between:

  1.  matter and energy
  2.  energy and Chemistry
  3.  matter and Biology
  4.  matter and medicine
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Laboratory rules are useful in:

  1. making students enjoy science subjects
  2. making students conduct experiments freely
  3.   ensuring safety while in the laboratory
  4. ensuring good communication with other students and the teachers
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(iii)            Measurement in Physics is a process of:

  1.  calculating and measuring    
  2.  beam balancing 
  3.  using spring balance
  4.  assigning numbers to observations and events.
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(iv)           The SI unit of density is:

  1.  kg/m3 
  2.  kg/m2 
  3.  g/m3  
  4. g/m2
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(v)            The force that causes twisting of an elastic material is called:

  1.  restoring force
  2. torsional force
  3. compressional force
  4.  stretching force
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vi) When a body floats on liquid, its:

  1.  weight-is greater than the upthrust
  2.  weight is equal to the upthrust
  3. weight is less than the upthrust
  4. volume is greater than the volume of liquid displaced
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(vii)         The molecules of water and those of glass will attract each other by a force known as:

  1.   adhesive force 
  2. cohesive force
  3. viscosity 
  4.  osmotic pressure
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(viii)       Manometer is used for measuring:

  1. temperature  
  2.  wind speed
  3. gas pressure
  4.  density of liquid
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(ix)          A force exerted by a pressure of P/Nm2 and acting over an area of Am2 is: 

  1.   P Newton         
  2.  A Newton
  3. F Newton 
  4.  PA Newton
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(x)            The temperature of a body is defined as the degree of:

  1.    measurement      
  2.  heating
  3. cooling 
  4.  hotness or coldness
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(xi)          Which of the following is the best reason for using alcohol in a minimum thermometer?

  1. It has low freeiing point
  2.  It has high freezing point
  3.  It has low expansivity 
  4.  It is less expensive
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(xii)         Work and energy have the same SI unit called:

  1. calorie 
  2.  joule  
  3. watt 
  4.  paschal
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(xiii)       The image which is formed on a plane mirror is:

  1. diminishing, real, laterally inverted
  2. the same size as the object, virtual and laterally inverted
  3.  real, magnified, same size as object
  4. magnified, vertical, laterally inverted
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(xiv)       A level which has its effort between the load and fulcrum is said to be the:

  1.  second class lever  
  2. third class lever
  3. first class lever
  4.  fourth class lever
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(w) When work output is equal to work input, it is called:

  1.   principle of momentum
  2. principle of work
  3. principle of energy conservation
  4. principle of moments
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(xvi)        A bus carrying a heavy load on its topmost carriercan easily overturn when negotiating a corner because its:

  1. equilibrium is neutral
  2.  centre of gravity is low
  3. centre of gravity is normal 
  4.  centre of gravity is high
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(xvii)       The heat energy used to break bonds between molecules during melting process and to build bonds during freezing process is called:

  1.  heat capacity 
  2.  latent heat
  3.  radiant energy 
  4.  thermal energy
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(xviii)     A person standing in a bus which starts to move forward suddenly tends to fall backwards. This tendency obeys:

  1. Newtons first law of motion
  2. Newtons second law of motion
  3.  Newtons third law of motion 
  4.  The principle of moments
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(xix)        The resistance of a lamp operating on a line of m volts and drawing a current of n amperes is:

  1. n/m ohms
  2. n ohms
  3. mn ohms
  4. m/n ohms
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(xx)          Magnetic materials can be magnetized in three different methods namely:

  1. stroking, burning and electrical methods
  2. stroking, electrical and induction methods     
  3. burning, induction and hammering methods
  4.  hammering, burning and demagnetizing methods
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