(i) Physics is:

  1. The study of science
  2. The relation of matter
  3. The study of matter in relation to energy
  4.  None of the above
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The SI unit of length is:

  1. Ammeter 
  2.  Galvanometer
  3. Micrometer screw gauge
  4. metre
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(iii) umbra refers to;

  1. partial shadow
  2. total shadow
  3. mid night
  4. moon
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(iv)        The pressure in liquid depends on:

  1.   Weight and energy
  2. Liquid and container
  3.  Depth and density of liquid 
  4.  Volume and height
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(v)          When a narrow glass tube is dipped into mercury:

  1.  The adhesion of molecules of mercury is stronger than the cohesion of molecules of mercury.
  2. The meniscus of mercury in a glass vessel curves upwards.
  3. Mercury experiences a downward force equal to its weight.
  4. The level of mercury in the tube drops below that of the surrounding.
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(vi)Physics is applied in many fields such as:

  1.  Medicine and Engineering
  2. Matter and examinations
  3. Air and books
  4. None of the above
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(vii)         The quantity of energy possessed by a body which causes the  vibrations of its molecules is:

  1. Temperature     
  2.  Energy
  3. Heat 
  4.  Current
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(viii)       The temperature of Dodoma town was 400C. This is equivalent to:

  1. 313 Kelvin 
  2. 160 Kelvin 
  3. 240 Kelvin 
  4.  120 Kelvin
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(ix)          An ammeter is an instrument for measuring:

  1. Length   
  2. Resistance 
  3.  Capacitance   
  4.  Current
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Relates temperature and pressure at constant volume:

  1. Boyles law   
  2.  Pressure law
  3. Charles law
  4.  Gas law
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(xi)          A piece of metal of volume 0.24cm3 and mass 0.72 has a relative density (R.D.) of:

  1.  3.0g/cm3 
  2.  3.0 C.
  3. 3.0kgm3 
  4. 0.3
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(xii)         The presence ofpositive and negative charge in a body can be detected by using:

  1.   Voltmeter 
  2.  Electroscope 
  3.  Hydrometer  
  4. Compass
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(xiii)       A body which sinks in water has its density:

  1.   Less than that of water
  2.  Larger than that of water
  3. Equal to that of water
  4.   Less or equal to that of water
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(xiv)       A ball and ring experiment is used to verify the knowledge of:

  1. Expansion of substance
  2. Elasticity of substance
  3.  Conductivity of substance 
  4.  Evaporation of substance
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(w) A vernier scale reads 0.2mm when closed and 5.7mm when used to measure the diameter of a cylindrical body. What is the true diameter of the cylindrical body?

  1. 0.2mm B
  2.  5.9mm 
  3. 5.5mm 
  4.  5.7mm
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(xvi) The mechanical advantage of a machine is 4. Find the effort needed to operate a machine of the load 1000N.

  1.  40N    
  2.  2800N
  3.  250N 
  4.  1999N
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(Wii) Food in a refrigerator is cooled by:

  1.  Osmosis
  2. Diffusion
  3. Evaporation
  4.  Transpiration
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(xviii)    A black cloth is the material which is:

  1.   Transparent 
  2.  Opaque
  3.  Translucent 
  4.   Dark
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(xix)       The velocity ratio of a system of 3 pulleys is:

  1. 0.5
  2. 3
  3. 6
  4. 1
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(xx)         A lever which has its load between the effort and fulcrum is said to be:

  1.  First class lever
  2. Second class lever 
  3.  Third class lever
  4.  None of the above
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