TIME: 1:30 HRS 




  • This paper consists of 45 questions 
  • Attempt all questions
  • Show your working
  • Write full name on the blank space above together with the name of the school
  • Ensure your work is neat and legible.








Work out the following 




38451 + 694 + 5




4361 – 129




374 x 28




1804 ÷22




13.85 + 12.6




44.25 ÷20.29




32.9 x 8




7.2 ÷ 0.04




Mention odd numbers between 30 up to 40




Write even number between 21 up to 35




Write number 1475 in roman number




Write number 674175 in words




Write number two million eight hundred and fourty five thousand, six hundred and twenty-nine in numeral




Find L.C.M of 28 and 40




Find GCF of 16 and 80




+40 + -12




-40 + -25




Write the next two numbers 




456345, 556345, 656345 _________, _________




745445, 745455, 755465 __________, _________




Write the total value of 3 in the following number 3743721




The weight of 8 boxes is 136kg. Find the weight of each box.




Find the L.C.M and G.C.F of 18 and 32




Find the square of L.C.M of 42 and 84




Approximate number to the nearest thousand without using a number line












Write the place value of digit 2 in the following numbers












Approximate the following number to the nearest hundreds












Write 0.315 in words




Dram an abacus to show number 952009




Change 25% into decimal




Approximately how many mangoes to the nearest hundred does Francis have to prepare for export. If he has 15256 mangoes to package?













Time1:30 Hours

Pupil’s Name............................................................


  1. This paper consists of section A and B with total of forty five questions
  2. Answer all questions in each section
  3. For questions 1-40 put your choice in the box provided
  4. For question 41-45 write your answer by filling the spaces provided
  5. All communication devices and any unauthorized materials are not allowed in the examination room


1.The process of protecting and taking care of something from being destroyed is called 

  1. Environment
  2. Conservation
  3. Destroying
  4. Degradation

2.It is the main agent of environmental destraction 

  1. Human activities
  2. Transport activities
  3. Global warming
  4. Drought

3.The increase of temperature on the earth’s atmosphere 

  1. Deforestation
  2. Afforestation
  3. Global warning
  4. Charcoal burning

4.Among the following activities is not harmful to the environment 

(A)deforestation (B)afforestation (C) mining (D)bush burning 

5.The energy source mostly in rural areas is 

(A)electricity (B)natural gas (C)kerosene (D)firewood 

6.Energy from the sun is called (A) solar energy (B)lunar (C)power (D)people power

7.Among the following human activities cause soil erosion 

(A) rainfall (B)burning and fishing (C) fishing and deforestation (D)overgrazing and deforestation

8.The following are elements of weather except (A)soil (B)wind (C)humidity (D)rainfall

9.Which of the following symbols is found in the Tanzania presidential flag

(A)national flag (B)uhuru torch (C)coat of arms

10.Tanzania is the union of two countries which are Tanganyika and Zanzibar. Each year we celebrate the union of two countries is ___________

(A)24/12 (B)26/4 (C)9/12/1961 (D)26/4/1964

11.What are the things which make Mtera and Nyumba ya Mungu dam be potential. 

(A)tourists and transportation (B)industries (C)amount of fish (D)generate electricity

12.The national flag has four colour which represent the most important elements in our nation which colour represents rivers, likes and sea (A)green (B)black (C)blue (D)yellow 

13.A patriot is a person who. (A)works hard (B)was born in a country (C)helps those in problems (D)is ready to die for his nation

14.The first European to come to Tanganyika is 

(A)the Portuguese (B)arabs (C)the Germany (D)the British 

15.The Berlin conference was organized by chancellor otton von Bismark with the aim dividing the African continent into calories in (A)1884-1885 (B)1880-1884 (C)1881-1884 (D)1885-1886

16.The Arusha declaration was announced on.

(A)5th February 1977 (B)12th January 1964 (C)7th April 1972 (D)5th February 1967

17.To preserve water sources means to 

(A)use it to the maximum (B)allow water from the factories to enter rivers, lakes and the ocean  (C)use and take care of water sources for us and for coming generations (D)leaves farmers do their activities near water sources.

18.Which one among the following helps to increase level of water in water sources? (A)overgrazing (B)presence of trees in an area (C)fire forest (D)none of the above.

19.The headquarters of East African community is in 

(A)Nairobi (B)Bujumbura (C)Arusha (D)Kampala 

20.The East African community has ________ members 

(A)Five (B) six (C)three (D)all of the above are correct 

21.The condition of a place observed and recorded over a long period of time is called 

(A)weather (B)drought (C)climate (D)global warning 

22. The distance from the equator is called (A)altitude (B)latitude (C)longitude (D)relief 

23.Among the following areas receive high rainfall except 

(A)Njombe (B)Iringa (C)Dodoma (D)Kilimanjaro

24.What is the major cause of global warming 

(A)carbon dioxide (B)human activities (C) methane and zone (D)water vapour 

25.Among the following is a natural hazard except

(A)drought (B)earthquake (C)floods (D)accidents 

26.The following are drought resistant crops except 

(A)millet (B)bananas (C)soighum (D)cassava

27.What has caused the snow cover on Mt.Kilimanjaro decrease ____________

(A)drought (B)floods (C)climate (D)global warming 

28.The following are effects of drought except (A)increase in harvest (B)death of people and livestock (C)drying of water sources (D)increased conflict between farmers and pastoralist

29.The following is a solution to floods. (A)building houses near rivers (B)to avoid living in flood-prone areas (C)building or settlements in valley (D)setting, adjacement to river banks, near lakes

30.Among the following are drought prone areas except 

(A)Iringa (B)Singida (C)Dodoma (D)Shinyanga





31 Solar eclipse 

32.Lunar eclipse

33.Revolution of the earth

34. Compass direction

35.A symbol

  1. An instrument used to show direction on the earth
  2. Is anything that represents something else
  3. Also known as the eclipse to the sun
  4. Also known as the eclipse of the sun
  5. Also known as the eclipse of the moon
  6. The earth revolves are the sun



36. What is drought _____________________

37. What is climate ______________________

38. What is weather _________________________

39. List down three impacts of drought 

  1. ______________________
  2. ___________________
  3. ___________________

40.What is flood ________________________________________

41. List down three impacts of floods 

  1. _______________________________________
  2. _______________________________________
  3. _______________________________________








Time1:30 Hours

Pupil’s Name............................................................


  1. This paper consists of section A and B with total of forty five questions
  2. Answer all questions in each section
  3. For questions 1-40 put your choice in the box provided
  4. For question 41-45 write your answer by filling the spaces provided
  5. All communication devices and any unauthorized materials are not allowed in the examination room



Choose the correct answer and fill its letter besides the question number in the boxes provided

  1. How many pillars of government are there? A. Three b. two c. four d. seven e. one
  2. General election of the president, members of parliament and councilors ai Tanzania are held after every.......................years. a. five b. three c. four d. seven e. ten
  3. Culture is........................a. activities which you like b. lifestyle c.  life of people d. foreign language.
  4. The inheritance of window lead to ..................a. sexual intercourse diseases like HIV B. Increase number of family c. family conflict d. be rich e. cancer
  5. Natural resources that attract tourists and contribute to country’s economic growth is...................a. land b. rivers b. livestock d. minerals e. national conservation
  6. The power  given to a person to oversee a particular work or activity is called...................a. good governance b. democracy c. leadership d. economy e. supervisor
  7. .............is a group of people from ages 0-17 years. A. children b. refugees c. customs d. loyers e. adolescents
  8. ................are instructions that tell pupils what is allowed and what is forbidden; a. school rules and regulation b. low c. request d. aim e. teachers
  9. Home cleaning activities should be done by; a. all family members b. mother c. house girl d. father  e. brother
  10. .........identify good friends a. live in the same area b. attending the same school c. good manners and love d. sleeping together e. eating together
  11. Defence and security is the duty of the........................a. president b. pupils c. all citizen d. ambassador e. police
  12. The united republic of Tanzania government was formulated in a. 24/06/2021 b. 24/04/2019 c. 24/04/1964 d. 12/12/1962 e. 26/04/1964
  13. A piece of cloth that represents a country is called; a. national flag b. national currency c. national song d. national anthem e. national economy
  14. WHO means.................a. Tanzania women associations b. Tanzania lawyers associations c. Tanzania gender network programme d. world health organization e. children’s defence fund
  15. Who is the current parliament speaker of United republic of Tanzania? A. job ndungai b. anna makinda c. Ackson Tulia d. john Temba e. pius msekwa
  16. One quality of a good leader is; a. honest and intergrity b. a good thief c. be idol d. lier e. betrayer
  17. Tanzania has about..................different tribes a. 200 b. 102 c. 250 d. 120 e. 45
  18. The prime minister of the united republic of Tanzania is appointed by; a. president b. national assembly c. chief justice d. speaker e. councilor
  19. Independence day celebrations are usually held each year on; a. 1st may b. 26th april c. 9th September d. 9th December e. 14th October
  20. The union between TANGANYIKA and ZANZIBAR took place on; a. 7th april 1995 b. 14th October 1964. C. 12th January 1964 d. 7th July 1964 e. 14th October 1924
  21. Nane nane day is celebrated each year on; a. 9th December b. 8th august c. 7th april d. 26th april e. 7th January
  22. Mwalimu Julius Nyerere died on ................a. 14th October 1999 b. 14th october 2000 c. 7th april 1972 d. 26th april e. 7th January
  23. All of the following are dangerous practices except; a. drug abuse b. endangering safety c. health check-up d.bullying e. smoking
  24. The following are mass media, except; a. televisions, b. radio, c. magazines d. books e. newspapers
  25. Risk behavior is one which; a. endangers one life b. make one feel good c. make one have fun d. things that are prohibited by teachers and parents e. wellbeing of society
  26. The first president of Tanzania was; a. mwl Julius Nyerere b. Rashid Kawawa c. Abeid Karume d. John Okello e. Jakaya Kikwete
  27. An ambassador is an officer who: a. represents his/her country to another country b. publics a particular product c. is appointed by the president d. who abuse others e. uses drugs
  28. The leading country in tourist attraction in the world is; a. Tanzania b. Uganda c. Kenya d. Brazil e. France
  29. In which region is mt. Kilimanjaro found? A. Moshi b. Arusha c. Marangu d. Kilimanjaro e. Tanga
  30. A symbol is..................a. a sign that represents something b. national currency c. national flag d. national constitution e. federation.
  31. The head of state is; a. prime minister b. vice president c. regional commissioners d. the president e. parliament
  32. During national celebrations, people...................a. do not go to school b. they go to work c. they do not go to work d. they pray e. they drink alcohol
  33. The district commissioner is appointed by; a. prime minister b. president c. vice president d. parliament e. judge
  34. A talent is.....................a. playing football b. natural ability to do something c. ability to drug d. ability to cooperate e.  an ability to act
  35. The following are family basic needs except; a. food b. clothes c. shelter  d. drug abuse
  36. School is part of; a. community where it is b. the family of the pupils c. pupils of the school d.  leisure e. playing
  37. An environment is...............................a. lessons in class b. everything that surrounds us c. dust bins at the school and home d. play ground e. air around us
  38. A trustworthy person is one who is; a. reliable b. honest c. responsible d. hypocrite e. ambassador
  39. One of the following is a way that leads to spread of HIV/Aids; a. polygamy b. monogamy c. prostitution d. bride price e. customs
  40. The black colour in the national flag of Tanzania represents............a. vegetations of the country b. mineral of the country c. the land of the country d. people of the country e. value of the country.


  1. ...........................IS THE STATE OF BEING A MEMBER of a certain country.
  2. ........................a person who always tells the truth and does not cheat
  3. Total ways of  life a particular society is referred to as............................
  4. ........................is the piece cloth that represents a nation.
  5. ........................a child whose parents are dead




TIME: 1:30 HRS                                                           



  • THIS paper consists of 45 questions with sections A,B and C
  • Select the best alternative in question 1-40
  • For question 41-45 provide the best answer
  • Write full name on the blank space above together with the name of the school
  • Ensure your work is neat and legible.

SECTION A: Listen carefully to the passage read by invigilator and the answer the questions that follow. 

1. People who buy things in a shop are called.(a)buys (b)customers (c)payers (d)shopkeepers

2.Who is friendly to customers? (a)parents (b)children (c)Majuto (d)everybody 

3. What do people buy from Majuto’s shop. (a)sugar and cups (b)water and food (c)sugar salt, soap, rice, flour and Kerosene (d) money and honey

4.Why do people like Majuto? (a) he is friendly and honest (b)rule and rough (c)smart and neat (d) careless and forgetful

5.When does Majuto work in a shop.(a)day and night (b)morning and afternoon (c)everyday (d)frequently



Choose the correct answer to the following questions 

6.She ................. an interesting newspaper now. 

(a) is read (b)is reading (c)read (d)reads

7.Few days to come Rashid ................. twenty years old. 

(a)will be (b)would be (c)shall be (d) is being

8.I.............. the television when it started raining 

(a)had watching (b)will watch (c)was watching (d)am watching

9. They ................. my chair which my father bought for me

(a)taken (b)taking (c)took (d)takes

10.The pupils ................... French every Monday

(a)learn (b)learning (c)had leant (d)learns

11.Is Juma ............ well in his studies these days?

(a)did (b)doing (c)done (d)having done

12. The sun ............in the west (a) set (b) setting (c)is set (d)sets

13.That boy has been ................. for two hours. (a)working (b)worked (c)works(d)having worked

14.the police ..................the criminals yesterday  (a)caught (b) catch (c)had caught (d)catching

15.I was cooking rice when my sister .......................

(a)arriving (b)arrived (c)had arriving (d) arrives

16. If she ................ fast she will arrive on time (a) walk (b)walked (c)walks (d)walking 

17.He had already ..................... a song when we arrived. (a)sing (b)singing (c) sung (d) sang

18.They ................... to ride to school when they were living their father (a) using (b) used (c) use (d)uses

19.Crops .................. water, light and fertile soil to grow well (a) need (b)needs (c) needed (d) grow

20.Juma and I ............... to travel next week (a)go (b)is going (c) are going (d) will go.



21..................... car had an accident? (a) who (b) when (c)why(d)which

22. The boy didn’t run ......................... he was sick (a) if (b)because (c)and (d) from

23.This is the girl ................................ Book was lost. (a)whose (b) what (c)which (d)who

24.He dressed ........................ beautifully . (a)him (b)he (c)himself (d)his

25.John is very good ........................ mathematics (a) in (b)at (c)with (d)for

26.This is my pen it is ............... (a)mine (b) best (c)my (d) yours

27.I haven’t written to my mother ....................... a year now (a)since (b)by (c) of (d) for

28Non took kadime .................... hospital (a)to (b)for (c) by (d)with 

29.A dictionary shows ............ of words. (a)colour (b)meaningless (c)letters (d) meanings

30.Our English teacher was impressed with ............. wrote a letter. (a)how (b) when (c)which (d)what

31.He has to be care ................ when driving a car (a)ful (b)fully (c)full (d)less

32.All the peole looked at her. She entered the class.................. .(a)proud (b)proudly (c)prouder (d)prouds

33.He is the ............. pupil in our class (a)most intelligent (b)super intelligent (c) more intelligent (d)the intelligentiest.

34.She injured herself .............. A knife (a) by (b) for (c)and (d)with

35.Juma is my uncle. His daughter is my (a) Nephew (b)niece (c) sister (d) cousin 

36.Which word is the opposite of sad? (a)sadness (b) happy (c) crying (d)shouting 



Re-arrange the following jumbled sentences by using letters A-D

37.He normally arrive at work at seven O’clock everyday ..........................

38.Therefore he is a good example of others ...............................

39. John always likes arriving at work early ............................

40. Although there are many bases in his area he likes walking on foot................................



Read the passage below then answer the questions.

Malaria is among the tropical diseases mosquito biting. Different chemists and doctors are working day and night to find different drugs for treating malaria. Malaria has a lot of symptoms, some of them are vomiting, fever, loss of appetite headache and general body weakness, and ant malaria can treat it


Although Malaria is very dangerous disease. It can be prevented by slashing long grass around houses and destroying the water logging. Mosquito nets also have proved to prevent the transmission of Malaria. Consideration must be given to the children under five and pregnant mothers in using mosquito net.



41.One of the ways of preventing Malaria is .......................

42.Two groups of people who are mostly affected by malaria are ........................ and ............................

43.Which are the symptoms of Malaria? ...................................................

44.How can malaria be treated? ...........................................

45.The likely title/heading of this passage is .....................................




Make sure you read the following before giving instructions to the candidates:

  1. Make sure you read the passage loudly and slowly for the first time while observing all punctuation marks indicated in the passage. When reading for the second time, increase the reading speed.
  2. The time which will be taken to read the passage is five (05) minutes and the time for the candidates respond to the questions is five (05) minutes. Therefore, this part will be done in ten (10) minutes
  3. Read loudly the candidate’s instructions (1 to 3)



  1. I will read the passage twice; therefore, you are required to listen attentively.
  2. When I read the passage for the first time, listen without responding to the questions and when I finish reading for the second time, answer question 1 to 5, and then continue responding to the rest of the questions (6 to 45)
  3. I am starting to read the passage now, therefore, listen attentively



Majuto owns a shop, he works in his shop every day. He sells sugar, salt, soap, rice, flour, kerosene and many other things. He talks to his customers in a polite way. He does not cheat. Everybody likes his shop. Parent send their children to majuto’s shop without fear of losing their money.










  1. Mwandishi anasema mwezi huangaza kwa sababu
  1. Unaakisi mwanga wa jua
  2. Unatoka usiku
  3. Uko angani,
  4. Unatoa nuru yake
  5. Huangaza
  1. Kwenye mwezi hakuna kimbuga kwa sababu, (a) kuna mawe tu (b) hakuna upepo (c) pako kimya (d) hakuna maji  (e) hakuna miti
  2. Mtu akiwa kwenye mwezi kisha akaongea hawezi kusikika  kwa vile, (a) hakuna upepo (b) kuna joto kali (c) hakuna maji (d) hakuna hewa (d) kuna kila kitu
  3. Ardhi ya kwenye mwezi ina……………(a) vumbi na majani (b) mawe na miti (c) mawe na vumbi (d) majani na miti (e) maji tu
  4. Binadamu hawezi kuishi kwenye mwezi kwa sababu (a) hakuna miti wala hewa (b) hakuna nuru wala maji (c) kuna baridi na vumbi (d) hakuna maji na hewa (e) kuna unyevu

SARUFI: Chagua herufi ya jibu sahii

  1. Sote tunacheza mpira uwanjani. Neno uwanjani limetumika kama aina ya neno gani?
  1. Kivumishi
  2. Kielezi
  3. Kitenzi
  4. Kiwakilishi
  5. Nomino
  1. Nomino inayotokana na kitenzi “cheza “ ni…………………….(a) chezeka (b) mpira (c) anacheza (d) mchezo (e) chezea
  2. Maneno yenye maana sawa katika lugha ya Kiswahili hujulikana kama….(a) visawe (b) vitawe (c) vitenzi (d) vidahizo (e) vitate
  3. Kitenzi kinachotakana na nomino uvuvi ni………….(a) vuna (b) vua (c) Samaki (d) nyavu (e) vuta
  4. Katika Neno “Sikujua” kiambishi kipi kinaonyesha ukanushi (a)  siku (b) jua (c) a (d) -ku- (e) si-
  5. Neno “kindumbwendumbwe” lina silabi ngapi? (a) 7 (b) 4 (c) 5 (d) (e) 6
  6. Nini kinyume cha neno Dunia? (a) thamani (b) kidogo (c) dhaifa (d)kikubwa (e) imara
  7. Wote tulimpokea mgeni rasmi. Sentensi hii ipo katika kauli ya (a) kutenda (b) kutendewa (c) kutendea (b) kutendeana (e) kutendwa
  8. Mtaalamu wa elimu ya nyota huitwa……(a) mtabiri (b) dazeni (c) mnajimu (d) mkalimani (e) mwanaanga
  9. Kuwa na shingo ngumu ni…………………………(a) kuwa na shingo isiyogeuka (b) kuwa mkaidi (c) kuwa mvumilivu (d) kubeba mzigo (e) kubeba mzigo mzito
  10. Neno lipi linakamilisha methali ifuatayo? ……..mpishe (a) mwenye nguvu (b) mkimbizi (c) mwanafunzi (d) mwenye busara (e) usimpige
  11. Mtu anayetenda kinyume  na asemavyo kwa wenzake huitwa……….(a) mnafiki (b) mwongo (c) mhuni (d) mkweli (e) longolongo
  12. Maana ya Nahau “Tia nanga” ni (a) kuondoka kwa meli (b) kusimama kwa meli (c) kuogelea majini (d) kuzama (e) kuibuka
  13. Kamilisha methali ifuatayo. “Jino la pembe……………….” (a) si jino (b) husaidia jina (c) dawa ya pengo (d) husaidia kutafuna (e) sio dawa ya pengo
  14. Nyumbani kwangu kuna jinni mnywa maji…..(a) kikombe (b) kibatari (c) maji (d) mtungi (e) pipa
  15. Neno “kubarizi” maana yake ni…………………(a) kupunga hewa (b) sherehe (c) mkutano (d) chakula ( e) kubanika
  16. Baada ya Edson kuasi ukapera, wazazi wake walimpongeza. Kuasi ukapera maana yake ni……

(a) kuacha kazi ya kutumikisha (b) kuacha kucheza mpira (c) kuacha wizi (d) kupata kazi (e) kuoa

  1. Mama anauza vitumbua, baba anafanya kazi ya ulinzi. Sentensi hii ni………..(a) ghangamano (b) tegemezi (c) sahihi (d) shurutia (e) ambatana
  2. Maimu ni mtoto wa kitukuu change, hivyo maimu ni (a) mpwa wangu (b) kiningina (c) kilembekezi (d) kilembwe (e) kijukuu
  3. Mpenda chongo huona…………..(a) marumaru (b) kengeza (c) karibu (d) vizuri (e) mbali
  4. Walimu walipigwa na butwaa baada ya kuona matokeo ya darasa la saba. Nahau “kupigwa na butwaa maana yake ni? (a) kushangaa (b) kushtuka (c) kukimbia (d) kulia (e) kufurahi
  5. Methali isemayo;  “Mdharau mwiba mguu huota tende” ina maana saw ana methali ipi? (a) maji ukiyavulia nguo shart uyaoge (b) usipoziba ufa utajenga ukuta (c) Mwenda pole hajikwai (d) fuata nyuki ule asali (e) penye miti hapana wajenzi
  6. Nini maana ya nahau’” Ana mkono wa birika” (a) mwizi, (b) mfupi (c) mkarimu (d) umepinda (e) mchoyo
  7. Maana ya kitendawili “ Nyumba yangu imeungua umebaki mwamba wake “ ni (a) njia (b) kaburi (c) mfupa (d) mti (e) kisima
  8. Neno lipi kati ya haya yafuatayo lina maana saw ana neno shehena? (a) robota (b) bidhaa (c) mzigo (d) roda (e) furushi
  9. Maana nyingine ya neno mafichoni ni; (a) waziwazi (b) kivulini (c) faraghani (d) pembezoni (e) hadharani
  10. Mwanamke huyu alikaa………………….baada ya kufiwa na mme wake. Ni neno lipi linakamilisha sentensi hii? (a) eda (b) head (c) arobaini (d) fungate (e) edaha
  11. Tulitia nanga salama kwani……………..wetu alikuwa mzoefu (a) rubani (b) utingo (c) mwendeshaji (d) nahodha (e) dereva
  12. Neno “mwangwi” ni jibu la kitendawili kipi kati ya vifuatavyo? (a) huku ng’o na huko ng’o (b) jinamizi laniita lakini silioni (c) huku pili na huko pili (d) kila niendapo ananifuata (e) sirudi tena kwa mjomba.
  13. Ipi maana sahihi ya neno “aghalabu” (a) mara nyingi (b) mara moja (c) mara chache (d) mara dufu (e) mara nyingine

SEHEMU B: UTUNGAJI: Panga sentensi zifuatazo ili zilete habari yenye mtiririko mzuri kwa kuzipa herufi A, B, C, D, na E

  1. Vile vile matunda huongeza damu mwilini
  2. Kula matunda kuna saidia kuponyesha magonjwa na vidonda haraka
  3. Hivyo matunda yana umuhimu mkubwa katika miili yetu
  4. Pia husaidia macho kuona vizuri katika mwanga hafifu
  5. Lakini watu wasiokula matunda huapata maradhi kama vile uonjwa wa fizi, macho na ngozi

SEHEMU C. UFAHAMU: Soma kwa makini shairi lifuatalo kisha jibu swali la 41-45

1. Twakushukuru karima, kwa zawadi ulotupa

Ingawa umeichuma, sifa kwako tunakupa

Jemedari kama chuma, mpenda yalotukuka

Buriani Magufuli, kwa mola twakuombea


2. yote ulitotufanyia, Daima twakukumbuka

Kaziyo ilitukuka, samia kuendeleza

Tanzania ya viwanda, hakika yawezekana

Buriani Magufuli, kwa Mola twakuombea

Jibu Maswali yafuatayo

  1. Kichwa kinachofaa shairi hili ni……………………………….
  2. Vina vya kati katika ubeti wa kwanza mshororo wa pili ni ………………………….na………………………
  3. Shairi hili lina beti ngapi?...............................
  4. Neno Buriani lilivyotumika linamaana gani?
  5. Shairi hili lina mizani ngapi kwa kila mshororo?





Zingatia yafuatayo kabla ya kusoma maelekezo kwa watahiniwa.

  1. Hakikisha unasoma hadithi kwa sauti na taratibu kwa mara ya kwanza huku ukizingatia alama zote za uandishi zilizopo katika hadithi hiyo. Unaposoma kwa mara ya pili ongeza kidogo kasi ya usomaji
  2. Muda utakaotumia kuwasomea watahiniwa hadithi ni dakika tano (05) na muda utakaotumika kwa watahiniwa kujibu maswali ni dakika tano (05). Sehemu hii itafanyika kwa dakika kumi (10)
  3. Wasomee watahiniwa kwa sauti maelekezo (1 hadi 3)





  1. Nitasoma kwa sauti hadithi mara mbili, hivyo kila mmoja asikilizie kwa makini.
  2. Nikisoma hadithi kwa mara ya kwanza, sikiliza bila kujibu maswali na nikimaliza kusoma kwa mara ya pili, jibu swali la 1 hadi 5 kisha endelea kujibu maswali mengine (6 hadi 45)
  3. Ninaanza kusoma kifungu cha habari/hadithi sasa hivyo sikiliza kwa umakini.




 Mara kadhaa nyakati za usiku tunaona mwezi ukiangaza angani. Mwezi hauna nuru yake yenyewe, bali huangaza kwa sababu unaakisi mwanga kutoka kwenye jua.

 Mwezi hauna mimea kwa vile hauna maji. Ardhi yake imejaa mawe na vumbi tu. Ijapokuwa kuna vumbi hakuna kimbunga. Hii ni kwa sababu kwenye mwezi hakuna upepo; vile vile hakuna hewa. Hewa ndiyo hufanya sauti isikike.









  1. Umoja wa hiari wa nchi huru zilizowahi kutawaliwa na Uingereza hufahamika kama:a. Jumuiya ya Madola b. Umoja wa Mataifa c. Nchi zinazoendelea d. Umoja wa Afrika e. Shirikisho la Mataifa
  2. Tanzania inapata faida gani kwa kuongeza biashara yake ya kimataifa? A. Kuongeza majengo b. Kupunguza wajasiriamali wa ndani c. Kuongeza deni d. Kupunguza mikataba ya kibiashara e. Kuongeza fedha za kigeni
  3. Mojawapo ya udhaifu wa Umoja wa Mataifa ni: a. kushindwa kuzuia kuenea kwa Utandawazi b. Waafrika hawajawahi kupata nafasi katika uongozi wa juu katika Umoja wa Mataifa c. baadhi ya watu tu ndio wenye kura ya turufu d. kushindwa kupitisha maazimio ya haki za binadamu e. kutokushirikishwa kwa Waafrika katika vikao vya baraza la usalama
  4. Ni chombo gani chenye jukumu la kumchagua Katibu Mkuu wa Umoja wa Mataifa? A. Baraza la Udhamini la Umoja wa Mataifa. B. Baraza Kuu la Umoja wa Mataifa. C. Baraza la Usalama la Umoja wa Mataifa. D. Sekretarieti ya Umoja wa Mataifa. E. Mahakama Kuu ya Kimataifa.
  5.  Makubaliano ya kuanzisha Umoja wa Mataifa yalifanyika a. New York b. San Francisco c. San Diego d. Washington e. Los Angeles
  6. Zipi kati ya nchi zifuatazo ni wanachama wa Jumuiya ya Madola?................ a. Botswana na Burundi b. Botswana na Zambia c. Kenya na Jamhuri ya Kidemokrasia ya Kongo d.Malawi na Burundi e. Zambia na Jamhuri ya Kidemkrasia ya Kongo
  7. Tunaonesha kuthamini utu wa mtu tukifanya matendo gani? A. Tunapoangalia mwonekano wake b. Tunapoonesha kumjali bila kumbagua c. Tunapoangalia mavazi na sura yake. D. tunapowabeza d. tunapowapenda
  8. Matamshi ya kibaguzi yanaweza kuwa ya; a. Ya kidini b. Ya jinsia c. Ya rangi d. Yote hapo juu e. ya upendo
  9. Lipi kati ya hayo linaweza kusababisha ubaguzi? a. Umaskini b. Upendo c. Tofauti za kidini d. Kutii sheria
  10. Hali ya kuwa pamoja na kushirikiana na watu katika shughuli huitwa; a. Umoja b. Undugu c. Kuchangamana d. Kushiriki e. upendo
  11. Mfumo wa kijamii wa kutoa vitu au huduma kwa upendeleo kwa msingi wa rangi, jinsia au kabila unaitwa; a. Ubepari b. Utajiri c. Ubaguzi d. Uonevu e. umaskini
  12. Hali ya kuwa na tabia zinazojali hali ya mtu huitwa: a. Nasaba b. Upendo c. Utu d. umoja e. ukoo
  13. Mgawanyo wa madaraka husaidia: a. Kuepusha kuingiliana katika kutekeleza majukumu b. Kupunguza kazi na kupinga unyonyaji c. Mtu mwenye madaraka kunyenyekewa d. kunyanyasa wengine e. kupunguza uvivu
  14. Wanachama wa vyama tofauti vya siasa wanapokosoana na kushindana kwa misingi ya haki, ukweli na amani, hali hii tunaweza kuiita: a. Utulivu na kisiasa b. Uvumilivu wa kisiasa c. Changamoto za kisiasa d. kukomaa e. ushawishi
  15. Mtu anapata uraia wa Tanzania kwa kuzaliwa, kurithi na: a.Kuwatembelea wazazi wanaoishi Tanzania b. Kutumia kitambulisho cha mpiga kura c. Kujiandikisha d. kususia
  16. Sifa mojawapo ya mtu anayeomba uraia wa Tanzania: a. Aukubali uraia wanchi alikotoka kwa maandishi b. Sio lazima kutangaza kwenye vyombo vya habari c. Awe hajawahi kukutwa na kosa lolote la jinai toka aingie nchini d. awe mzungu e. atoke kabila kubwa
  17. Kanuni zinazowekwa shuleni na nyumbani husaidia nini? A. Kufuata utaratibu na kudhibiti nidhamu b. Ukiukaji wa haki za mtoto c. Ubabe wa wazazi au walezi d. Kuleta fujo e. kutawala watu
  18. Lipi kati ya haya yaliyoorodheshwa ni tendo la kutetea haki zako na za Watoto wenzako: a. Kukosekana utawala bora b. Kutii sheria na kutozitumia c.Kusaidia kutoa taarifa kwenye mamlaka zinazohusika d. Kulia kwa uchungu e. kuwanyanyapaa
  19. Ipi kati ya tabia zilizoorodheshwa inaonesha uvunjifu wa sheria za shule? A. Kuwahi sana shuleni b. Kusoma kwa bidi c. Utoro na kupigana d. Kujisomea nyumbani baada ya masomo
  20. Unafiki ni nini? A. Hali ya ukweli na uwazi b. Kujenga hali ya uwajibikaji c. Uongo na uzembe d. Kujifanya rafiki wakati ni adui e. uhasama
  21. Yafuatayo ni madhara ya kutokuwa muwazi: a. Kusifiwa na kuharibu b. Kuleta migongano c. Uzembe na uhalifu d. Mshikamano na uvivu, e.  kutengwa
  22. Faida ya kutathmini kwa mtoto ni; a. Kujiamini b. Kuacha uvivu c. Kudekezwa d. Kutofanya kazi e. kupendwa
  23. Tathmini shuleni inapaswa kuwa; a. Kazi za darasani tu b. Kazi za darasani na nje ya darasa c. Kazi za viwanjani d. Katika mitihani tu e. siku zote
  24. Tabia gani sio sahihi a. Kuwa na mtazamo chanya b. Kujituma kazini c. Kutegea kazi za nyumbani d. Kushirikiana na wenzako e. kujiheshimu
  25. Fedha au mavuno yatokanayo na kazi unayofanya huitwa a. Mali b. Mshahara c. Kipato d. Malipo e. utajiri
  26. Ari ya kufanya kazi inaitwa? A. Hamu b. Bidii c. Morali d. Mori e. ushupavu
  27. Uwezo wa kujiongoza ni: a. Tathmini b. Bidii c. Uwajibikaji d. Nidhamu e. uzembe
  28. Tendo gani kati ya haya halionyeshi usawa wa kijinsia. A. Kutoa elimu sawa kwa mtoto wa kike na kiume b. Kutambua kuwa mwanaume na mwanamke wote ni binadamu c. Majukumu ya jikoni kuachiwa wasichana d. Kutobagua wasichana katika elimu
  29.  Moja ya mabadiliko ya wasichana wanapo balehe ni  a. Kuongezeka kwa kimo a. Kuonyesha heshima Zaidi b. Kupata hedhi d. Kuwa na mpenzi wa jinsia tofauti. e. kuwa na heshima
  30. Wasichana wanaweza kujiepusha na mimba za mapema kwa; a. Kuwa na marafiki waaminifu b. Kwenda disko na jamaa zao c. Kupokea zawadi kutoka kwa wavulana d. Kuepuka matembezi yasiyo ya lazima usiku. e. kwenda disko
  31. Kwanini tunapaswa kuvaa mavazi yaliyo na staha? A. Yanaonyesha kujiheshimu b. Yanasaidia kuepuka magonjwa c. Ili tupendwe d. Ili tuvutie watu e. tupendeze
  32. Serikali ya Jamhuri ya Muungano  wa Tanzania imeundwa na serikali mbili nazo ni; a. Bunge na mahakama b. Serikali ya Tanganyika na ya Zanzibar c. Baraza la mawaziri na baraza la wawakilishi d. Serikali ya mtaa na serikali kuu e. Tanzania na Uganda
  33. Ipi kati ya zifuatazo si kazi za bunge la Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania? A. Kujadili na kuridhia mikataba b. Kutunga sheria na kupitisha bajeti c. Kutoa hukumu kwa wavunja sheria d. Kupitisha bajeti e. kuwalipa watumishi
  34. Mahakama ni mhimili wa dola unaohusiana na kazi zifuataza, isipokuwa: a. Kupokea mashtaka b. Kutunga sheria c. Kusikiliza na kuamua kesi d. Kutafsiri sheria e. kupigia rais kura
  35. Sheria hutungwa na huanza kutumika mara baada ya kutiwa saini na a. Spila wa bunge b. Rais c. Jaji mkuu wa Tanzania d. Jaji kiongozi wa Tanzania e. Waziri wa sheria
  36. Ni njia ipi hutumika kuwapata watumishi wa bunge la Jamhuri ya  Muungano wa Tanzania  wasio wabunge? A. Kuajiriwa na serikali b. Kupigiwa kura na wananchi c. Kuteuliwa na waziri mkuu d. Kuteuliwa na mwanasheria mkuu wa serikali e. kupendekezwa na rais
  37. Chombo chenye mamlaka ya kusimamia uchaguzi wa rais, wabunge na madiwani Tanzania ni: a. Jeshi la polisi b. Tume ya Taifa ya Uchaguzi c. Mahakama Kuu d. Ofisi ya msajili wa vyama vya siasa e. Ofisi ya Waziri Mkuu
  38. Uchaguzi wa Rais na Wabunge hapa Tanzania hufanyika kila baada ya  a. miaka 10 b.miaka 3 c. miaka 4 d. miaka 5 e. miaka 6.
  39. Jukumu mojawapo Ia Tume ya Taifa ya Uchaguzi ni: a. kukosoa chama tawala b. kuchagua Wabunge c. kusajili vyama vya siasa d. kuteua Spika e. kusimamia kuhesabu kura
  40.  Zifuatazo ni njia bora za kutunza mazingira isipokuwa................ a. kudhibiti uchafuzi wa hewa b. kilimo cha kuhamahama c. kudhibiti takataka za viwandani d. kupanda miti e. kutunza vyanzo vya maji


  1. Taja vitendo viwili vinavyounda urafiki mwema
  2. Taja matukio ambayo yanahitaji ushiriki wa watu wengi katika jamii
  3. Taja chanzo cha migogoro baina ya wanafunzi
  4. Taja aina za wabunge katika bunge la muungano wa Tanzania
  5. Taja wajumbe wa baraza la mawaziri






  1. Which gas is needed in the process of photosynthesis in green plants? A. oxygen b. helium c. carbon dioxide d. krypton
  2. In an electric circuit, the symbol  ---|||--- represents a. battery b. bulb c. switch d. ammeter
  3. The type of food that gives the body energy is  (a) carbohydrate b. vitamins c. protein d. mineral salts
  4. Gaseous exchange in plants leaves take place through? A. apex b. margin c. midrib d. stomata
  5. The S.I unit of voltage is ………a. amperes b. volts c. ohms d. kilograms
  6. The following are natural sources of light except; a. sun b. electric bulb c. stars d. fireflies
  7. Which one of the following is a source of electricity? A. television b. radio c. refrigerator d. dry cell
  8. Which one of the following conserves soil? A. afforestation b. cutting down trees c. mining activities d. poor agricultural practices
  9. What is the percentage of oxygen gas in the atmosphere? A. 20.9 b. 78 c. 0.03 d. 0.97
  10. Which part of plant absorbs water? A. stem, b. leaves c. root hairs d. branches
  11. Which gas is used during fire extinguishing? A. oxygen b. inert gas c. hydrogen d. carbon dioxide
  12. A reflected sound is called? A. echo, b. mirage c. noise d. vibrations
  13. Animals that eat grass only are called? A. carnivores b. herbivores c. omnivores d. munivores
  14. Which of the following is an electric appliance? A. generator b. bicycle c. television d. dry cell
  15. Which symbol represents switch in electric circuit?
  16. If there is 12 V in an electric circuit and the resistance is 2ohms, how much current flows in the circuit? A. 6A B. 12 A C. 5A D. 2A
  17. Which tissue helps in transporting of water in plants? A. xylem b. collenchyma tissue c. pith d. epidermis
  18. Organisms which manufacture their own food are known as? A. carnivore b. autotrophes c. omnivores d. heterotrophes
  19. Malaria germs, plasmodium can be identified using an instrument called? A. camera b. periscope c. spectacles d. microscope
  20. Which of the following is not a micronutrient? A. zinc b. phosphorous c. potassium d. nitrogen
  21. The symbol…………………………….represents an instrument that is used to measure a. voltage b. current c. resistance d. potential difference
  22. In order for animals to live, they need a gas called? A. carbondioxide b. protein c. vitamins d. mineral salts
  23. Which one of the following  living things is an amphibian? A. monkey b. frog c. cow d. human being
  24. The process by which plants loose water through leaves is called? A. diffusion b. osmosis c. respiration d. transpiration
  25. Which part of a flower becomes a seed after fertilization? A. ovules b. filament c. anthers d. stigma
  26. The type of food that builds the body is called a. carbohydrates b. protein, c. vitamins, d. mineral salts
  27. The tissue that transports food from the leaves to the storage organs is called? A. xylem b. blood c. cytoplasm d. phloem
  28. The transfer of pollen grains from anthers to the stigma is called, a. pollination b. grafting c. germination d.respiration
  29. The respiratory organ of a fish is called? A. lungs b. gills c. skin d. spiracles
  30. Which one of the following gases is used for industrial preservation of drinks? A. nitrogen b. argon c. carbon dioxide oxygen
  31. What do we call increases in size and mass of living organisms? A. excretion b. reproduction c. growth d. development
  32. Complete the equation below:  carbon dioxide + water   X + Oxygen + water

X represents? A. fats b. protein c. carbohydrate d. carbon dioxide

  1. Which of the following types of soil is suitable for building houses and other structures? A. loam soil b. sandy soil c. clay soil d. none
  2. The seasonal exchange of leguminous crops with cereals crops with the aim of improving soil fertility is referred to as: a. fallowing b. terracing c. over grazing  d. crop rotation
  3. In which of the following regions is clay soil found in Tanzania? A. Dar es salaam b. pwani c. Kigoma d. tanga region
  4. Lizard, snake and crocodiles are: a. reptiles b. mammals c. birds d. amphibians
  5. The car batteries are good example of making electricity using: a. friction b. chemicals c. water d. machines
  6. An example of a chemical change is; a. water turning into vapour b. ripening of fruits c. dissolving of sugar d. expansion of iron metals
  7. During dry seasons, plants shed their leaves inorder to: a. fertilize the soil b. reduce water loss c. protect itself d. add water
  8. Which gas supports combustion? A. nitrogen b. carbon dioxide c. oxygen d. carbon monoxide


  1. Define soil erosion………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………
  2. Name two components of soil………………………………………………………………………………………………………
  3. State the raw materials for photosynthesis…………………………………………………………………………………
  4. Mention any two egg laying mammals……………………………………………………………………………………….
  5. What is internet?.............................................................................................................................






MUDA:1: 30                                                             



  1. Jibu maswali yote katika kila sehemu ya mtihani huu.
  2. Kumbuka kuandika majina yako.
  3. Hakikisha kazi yako ni nadhifu sana.


  1. Mishipa ya damu, neva za fahamu una tezijasho hupatikana kwenye sehemu gani ya Ngozi?
  1. Sehemu ya ndani b. Sehemu ya nje c. Sehemu ya ndani na nje d. Sehemu zote za ngozi
  1. Kazi ya tezijasho ni A. Kutengeneza maji B. Kutengeneza jasho C. Kutoa damu mwilini D. Kusafisha damu
  2. Athari za joto kwenye utoaji takamwili kwa njia ya Ngozi ni A. Kufanya vitundu vya jasho kutanuka na kutoa jasho kwa wingi B. Kufanya vitundu vya jasho kusinyaa na kutoa jasho kwa wingi C. Kufanya vitundu vya jasho kutanuka na kutoa jasho kidogo D. Kupiteza fahamu
  3. Mfumo wa utoaji takamwili unajumuisha ogani kuu nne ambazo ni A. Figo, ini, Ngozi na mapafu B. Figo, ulimi, Ngozi na mapafu C. Ini, utumbo mpana, Ngozi na mapafu D. Ini, ngozi, moyo
  4. Seli nyekundu za damu zilizokufa hutolewa mwilini kupitia
  1. Mkojo
  2. Jasho
  3. Kinyesi
  4. hewa
  1. Mtu anayeishi na VVU hutumia dawa
  1. Kwa miezi 6 mfululizo
  2. Kila anapohisi maumivu
  3. Kwa Maisha yake yote
  4. Kwa miaka miwili
  1. Moja ya faida ya kutumia “ARV” ni
  1. Kurudisha na kuongeza kinga mwilini
  2. Kuweza kuongeza usugu wa virusi
  3. Kuongeza kasi ya kuzaliana kwa VVU mwilini
  4. Kuangamiza virusi
  1. Ipi kati ya hizi sio njia ya kuambukiza VVU?
  1. Kukumbatiana
  2. Kufanya ngono bila kinga
  3. Kuekewa damu yenye virusi
  4. Kutumia vifaa vya kukata vilivyotumiwa na mtu mwenye virusi
  1. Kwa nini ni muhimu kuosha matunda kabla ya kula?
  1.  Kuondoa sumu 
  2.  Kuondoa vimelea
  3.  Kuondoa utomvu 
  4.  Kuondoa harufu mbaya
  5.  Kuondoa chumvichumvi
  1. Magonjwa yapi kati ya yafuatayo huzuiliwa kwa chanjo?................
  1.  Surua na kifaduro 
  2.  Kichocho na malaria
  3.  Kuhara na mkamba 
  4.  Ukimwi na kisukari
  5.  Kifua kikuu na tetekuwanga
  1. Moja ya magonjwa yafuatayo si ugonjwa unaoambukizwa kwa njia ya zinaa
  1. UKIMWI 
  2. Trikomona
  3. Kaswende 
  4. Klamedia
  5. Trakoma
  1. Ugonjwa wa kifua kikuu husababishwa na bacteria gani?
  1. Wote walioko hewani 
  2. Basili
  3. Plasimodiamu 
  4. Fungi 
  5. Amiha
  1. Kipi kati ya vimiminika vifuatavyo kianaweza kusababisha ajali ya kuungua moto?
  1. Uji wa moto
  2. Juisi
  3. Asali
  4. Soda
  1. Mtu aliyeungua moto hupewa huduma ya kwanza kabla ya kupelekwa……………
  1. Nyumbani
  2. Shule
  3. Kulala
  4. Hospitalini
  1. Ipi sio faida ya huduma ya kwanza
  1. Kupunguza maumivu
  2. Kuponya mgonjwa
  3. Kuokoa Maisha
  4. Kumpa mgonjwa matumaini
  1. Kipi akipaswi kufanyiwa mtu aliyeungua moto?
  1. Kumwagilia maji
  2. Kumtoa kwenye chanzo cha moto
  3. Kumfunika na blanketi kama nguo zimeshika moto
  4. Kumpatia huduma ya kwanza
  1. Kutokuoga kunaweza kukasababisha;
  1. Ugonjwa ngozi
  2. Homa
  3. Minyoo
  4. Kuharisha
  1. Maji katika chakula husaidia;
  1. Kutoa uchafu
  2. Mmeng’enyo wa chakula
  3. Kusafisha damu
  4. Kuondoa uchafu
  1. Ipi sio kanuni ya usafi?
  1. Lishe bora
  2. Usafi wa mwili
  3. Mazoezi
  4. Kulewa
  1. Kazi ya mafuta mwilini ni;
  1. Kuleta nguvu na joto
  2. Kulinda mwili
  3. Kujenga mwili
  4. Kujenga mifupa
  1. Sehemu ipi katika nyenzo daraja la kwanza huwa katikati?
  1. Mzigo
  2. Jitihada
  3. Egemeo
  4. toroli
  1. Jozi ifuatayo ni mfano wa nyenzo daraja la pili
  1. Opena na toroli
  2. Sepeto na toroli
  3. Mizani na mlango
  4. Mlango na sepeto
  1. Mojawapo ya vifaa vifuatavyo ni mfano wa kabari:
  1. Mtange
  2. Toroli
  3. Patasi
  4. opena
  1. Gesi hii utumia kuunda mbolea.
  1. Agoni
  2. Nitrojeni
  3. Kabonidayoksaidi
  4. Amonia
  1. Ipi sio sifa ya hewa
  1. Ina harufu
  2. Haina rangi
  3. Haionekani
  4. Inachukua nafasi
  1. Ipi kati ya hizi sio sehemu ya hewa
  1. Oksijeni
  2. Hydrogeni
  3. Agoni
  4. Nitrojeni.
  1. Shina la mmea likiwa jembamba, refu na majani kuwa na rangi ya manjano ni ukosefu wa:-
  1. Madini
  2. Maji
  3. Jua
  4. Hewa
  1. Kipi kati ya hivi haviongezi hewa ya kabonidayoksaidi kwenye angahewa?
  1. Moshi wa magari
  2. Shughuli za viwandani
  3. Ukataji miti
  4. Gesi ya kupikia.
  1. Ipi sio kazi ya maji katika mimea?
  1. Kuyeyusha virutubisho
  2. Kubeba kabohaidreti kutoka kwenye majani kwenda kwenye sehemu zingine.
  3. Kufanya mimea kuwa imara
  4. Husaidia mimea kutengeneza chakula
  1. Mimea kudumaa na majani kukosa rangi yake husababishwa na:-
  1. Potasi
  2. Naitrojeni
  3. Kolisiama
  4. Fosiforasi
  1. Udongo unaopitisha maji sana unaitwa?
  1. Udongo kichanga
  2. Udongo tifutifu
  3. Udongo changarawe
  4. Udongo wa mfinyanzi
  1. Udongo unaofaa kwa kufinyanga ni
  1. Udongo tifutifu
  2. Udongo laini
  3. Udongo wa mfinyanzi
  4. Udongo wa kichanga
  1. Wakulimia hupendelea udongo gani?
  1. Udongo tifutifu
  2. Udongo wa kichanga
  3. Udongo wa mfinyanzi
  4. Udongo changarawe
  1. Akyumuleta ni muungano wa seli zilizoungwa pamoja na hutumika kutoa umeme mkondo mnyoofu kwa matumizi ya:
  1. baiskeli, pasi na simu
  2. magari, matrekta na simu
  3. friji, pasi na feni
  4. baiskeli, friji na jiko la umeme.
  5. Seli kavu, jiko la mkaa na pasi
  1. Vyanzo asilia vya nishati katika maisha ya kila siku ni:
  1. kuni, moto na maji
  2. umeme, sumaku na gesi asili
  3. kuni, jua na upepo
  4. moto, upepo na sumaku
  5. umeme, upepo na maji
  1. Uhusiano kati ya sumaku na umeme ni................
  1. Chanzo cha sumaku ni nguvu ya atomiki
  2. Umeme huzuia mvutano wa sumaku.
  3. Popote penye usumaku pana umeme.
  4. Popote penye umeme pana usumaku.
  5. Sumaku huzuia umeme.
  1. Faili lenye mkusanyiko wa mkekakazi mmoja au Zaidi huitwa?
  1. Laha
  2. Kitabukazi
  3. Seli
  4. Sarafu
  1. Seli inayosisimuliwa kwenye screen ambayo ndiyo inashughulikiwa kwa wakati huo huitwa?
  1. Kiolezi
  2. Kikasha jina
  3. Seli amilifu
  4. Seli mtandao
  1. Tofauti ya potenshali kati ya ncha za way ani volti 12. Kiasi cha mkondo wa umeme unaopita ni ampia 0.4. Je waya huo una ukinzani wa ohm ngapi?
  1. 25
  2. 4.8
  3. 30
  4. 20
  1. Mashine ipi kati ya hizi zifuatazo ni mashine tata?
  1. Kabari
  2. Wenzo
  3. Cherehani
  4. Mteremko.


Jibu maswali yafuatayo kwa ufasaha.

  1. Eleza maana ya maneno haya:
  1. Ufanisi
  2. Manufaa ya kimakanika
  1. Ikiwa mzigo wenye kilogramu 60 utanyanyuliwa mita 1 juu, jitihada itavuta mita 1 chini kwa kutumia roda tuli.
  1. Je, jitihada ina kilogramu ngapi?
  2. Tafuta thamani ya manufaa ya kimakinika
  3. Tafuta uwiano wa mwendo Dhahiri
  4. Tafuta ufanisi wa roda tuli
  1. Eleza kanuni ya ohm
  2. Taja mahitaji manne ya usanishaji wa chakula
  3. Eleza athari za kukosekana maji ya kutosha katika mimea






MUDA:1: 30                                                             



  1. Jibu maswali yote katika kila sehemu ya mtihani huu.
  2. Kumbuka kuandika majina yako.
  3. Hakikisha kazi yako ni nadhifu sana.


  1. Moja ya matatizo yanayovikabili viwanda na biashara Tanzania ni A. uhaba wa wateja wa bidhaa zinazozalishwa b. upungufu wa gharama kubwa ya nishati c. uhaba wa wafanyabiashara d. hali mbaya ya hewa e. uhaba wa wafanyakazi.
  2.  Ardhi, misitu, mito, bahari na madini kwa ujumla tunaviita a. bidhaa muhimu b. Dunia c. uoto wa asili d. maliasili e. mahitaji muhimu
  3. Gesi asilia hupatikana katika eneo lipi kati ya yafuatayo? A. Kilwa. B. Madaba. C. Songosongo. D. Mchinga. E. Somanga
  4. Mazao ya biashara yanayouzwa kwa wingi nchi za nje kutoka Tanzania ni: a. Mpira, Kahawa na Mkonge. B. Alizeti, Nyonyo na Ufuta. C. Pamba, Pareto na Mkonge. D. Kahawa, Pamba na Korosho. E. Kahawa, Mkonge na Karafuu.
  5. Athari kuu za viwanda katika mazingira ni ..... a. kuchafua maji, hewa na harufu mbaya. B. kutoa moshi na matumizi makubwa ya nguvu ya nishati. C. uchafuzi wa hewa, udongo na harufu mbaya. D. kumwaga kemikali na kutoa moshi. E. uchafuzi wa hewa, maji na ardhi.
  6.  Faida ya matumizi mrudio katika utunzaji wa mazingira ni ... a. kupanga kazimradi b. uzalishaji wa bidhaa mbalimbali. C. kupunguza taka d. kutengeneza taka e. kuuza taka.
  7. Ni aina gani ya madini yaligunduliwa kwa wingi nchini Tanzania mwaka 2007? A. Dhahabu b. Uraniamu c. Almasi d. Shaba e. Chuma.
  8. Kipi kati ya vifuatavyo ni chanzo kikuu cha maji? A. Mito b. Maziwa c. Mabwawa d. Visima e. Mvua
  9. Pepo huvuma kutoka pande zipi jua liwapo upande wa kusini mwa dunia? A. Kusini b. Magharibi c. Mashariki d. Kaskazini e. Kaskazini-mashariki
  10. Jua linaonekana kubwa kuliko nyota zingine kwa sababu ... a. lina joto kali kuliko nyota zingine. B. lina mwanga mkali kuliko wa nyota zingine. C. linatupatia nguvu ya jua. D liko mbali sana na dunia. E. liko karibu zaidi na dunia.
  11. Kundi lipi linaonesha sayari? A. Zebaki, Mwezi na Zuhura b. Dunia, Nyota na Mihiri c. Zebaki, Serateni na Zohari d. Zuhura, Dunia na Kimondo e. Utaridi, Jua na Mwezi
  12. Angahewa lina sehemu kuu ngapi?................ a. Nne b. Nane c. Mbili d. Tatu e. Tano
  13. Yafuatao ni matumizi ya ramani isipokuwa a. Kuonyesha mahali vitu vilivyo c.Kuongoza meli au aeropleni d. Kuelezea maeneo ya tabianchi e. Kucheza mpira wa miguu
  14. Ramani inayoonesha idadi ya watu au vitu katika eneo fulani huitwa? A. Ramani dufu b. Ramani takwimu c. Ramani topografia d. Ramani kipimo e. ramani dufu
  15. Uwiano kati ya umbali uliopo katika ramani na umbali halisi kwenye ardhi huitwa a. Dira b. Kichwa c. Ufunguo d. Kipimio e. ramani
  16. Taifa la afrika ambalo liliwashinda wakoloni ni: a. Liberia b. Tanzania c. Ethiopia d. Misri e. Nigeria
  17. Sababu kuu ya wavamizi kuja Afrika ilikuwa; a. Kuwalinda waafrika b. Kuwastarabisha waafrika c. Kutafuta masoko d. Kutafuta malighafi e.kuburudika
  18. Ni kiongozi yupi afrika Mashariki alishiriki kupinga uvamizi kwa njia ya vita? A. Mkwawa b. Oloiboni c. Mangisina d. Mfalme Menelik e. mutesa II
  19. Kingozi aliyewaongoza waethiopia kushinda waitaliano alikuwa A. Mkwawa B. Mangisina C. Menelik D. Olkoyoti E. OLOIBON
  20. Sababu kuu ya kupinga uvamizi wa afrika ilikuwa; A. kulinda biashara zao B. kupinga unyonyaji C. kulinda uhuru D. kupinga kutozwa kodi E. Kupinga mila za kigeni
  21. Taifa la afrika ambalo liliwashinda wakoloni ni; a. Liberia b. Tanzania c. Ethiopia d. Misri e. afrika ya kusini
  22. Sababu kuu ya wavamizi kuja Afrika ilikuwa; a. Kuwalinda waafrika b. Kuwastarabisha waafrika c. Kutafuta masoko d. Kutafuta malighafi e. kuwaelimisha
  23.  Michoro ya mapangoni iliyoko Kondoa Irangi inasadikiwa kuchorwa wakati wa zama za; a. mwanzo za mawe b. Kati za mawe c. Mwisho za mawe d. Chuma e. Ugunduzi wa moto
  24. Mtaalamu wa mambo wa kale aliyevumbua fuvu la binadamu wa kwanza Olduvai aliitwaa. A. Charles Darwin b.  Zinjathropus c.  Homo Habilis  d.  David Livingstone  e. Louis Leakey
  25. Mojawapo wa faida ya utunzaji wa kumbukumbu kwa maandishi ni: a. Huduma kwa muda mfupi b. Taarifa hupotoshwa c. Huleta urahisi wa kupata taarifa d. Ni vigumu kutafsiri taarifa e. ni teknolojia ngumu
  26. Mojawapo ya changamoto za kumbukumbu kwa njia ya maandishi ni a. Huharibika haraka b. Unahitaji masharti magumu c. Uandishi huchukua muda mrefu d. Ni rahisi kufanyia marekebisho
  27.  jotoridi hupimwa na kifaa kinachoitwa a. Stevenson b. Hygrometa c. Kipimajoto d. Kipima mvua e. jotoridi
  28. unyevunyevu wa anga hupimwa katika; a. Milimita b. Asilimia c. Sentimeta d. Desimali e. mita
  29. Mgandamizi wa hewa unapimwa kwa kutumia; a. Barometa b. Thamometa c. Hygrometa d. Kipima hewa e. kipima joto
  30. Lipi sio kundi la mawingu? A. Mawingu mepesi b. Mawingu ya juu c. Mawingu ya kati d. Mawingu ya chini e. mawingu mazito
  31. Ipi sio sifa ya mavazi ya jamii za kitanzania? A. Mavazi ya kustiri mwili b. Mavazi nadhifu c. Suti d. Mavazi yanaoendana na mazingira e. mavazi chakavu
  32. Kipi kati ya hizi sio vyakula vya kiafrika? A. Maziwa b. Chapati c. Ugali wa mtama d. Nyama
  33. Ipi kati ya hizi sio ngoma ya asili? A. Ngona b. Filimbi c. Manyanga d. Gitaa e. zote.
  34. Mojawapo ya udhaifu wa Umoja wa Mataifa ni: a.  kushindwa kuzuia kuenea kwa Utandawazi b.  Waafrika hawajawahi kupata nafasi katika uongozi wa juu katika Umoja wa Mataifa c. baadhi ya watu tu ndio wenye kura ya turufu d.  kushindwa kupitisha maazimio ya haki za binadamu e.  kutokushirikishwa kwa Waafrika katika vikao vya baraza la usalama
  35. Makao makuu ya Umoja wa Mataifa (UN) yapo: a.  New York   b.  San Francisco c. San Diego         d.  Washington   e. Los Angeles
  36. Moja ya faida ya uhusiano wa kibiashara kati ya Tanganyika na jamii nyingine ilikuwa a. kukua kwa miji ya pwani ya Afrika Mashariki kama Kilwa na Lagos b.kukua kwa dola za Afrika Mashariki kama vile Buganda na Songhai c. kupatikana kwa bidhaa zilizokuwa hazizalishwi nchini d. kuingizwa kwa silaha Tanganyika e. kukomeshwa kwa biashara ya utumwa
  37. Rais wa kwanza wa Bunge la Umoja wa Afrika lililoanzishwa Machi 2004 ni a. Dr. Salim Salim  b. Dr. Emek Anyauko c. Mh. Getrude Mongela  d. William Erek  e. Peter Omu
  38. Kabla ya waingereza kuja Zanzibar ilitawaliwa na; a. chansela b. gavana c. malkia d. sultani e. chifu
  39. Mabaki ya zinjathropas yalipatikana wapi? A. kondoa irangi b, kalenga c. olduvai gorge d. ismila e. engaruka.
  40. Soko kuu la watumwa Afrika Mashariki lilipatikana? A. Zanzibar b, Mombasa c. Kilwa d. bagamoyo e. Nairobi.


  1. Taja nchi mbili za kiafrika zilizopata uhuru kwa njia ya vita…………………………………………….
  2. Chama kilichodai uhuru nchini Uganda kilikuwa ni…………………………………………………………
  3. Eleza mafanikio mawili ya jumuiya ya afrika mashariki…………………………………………………….
  4. Kazi ya ngariba ni nini?.........................................................................................................
  5. Taja vipengele sita vya hali ya hewa………………………………………………………………………………….







TIME 1:30 HRS       MARCH 2021



  1. This paper consists of Sections A and B with forty-five questions
  2. The paper carries a value of 50 marks
  3. Answer all questions in all sections as per instructions given
  4. Use blue or black pen for writing and a pencil for drawing.


Answer all questions

For question 1-40 choose the correct answer from the alternatives given and write you answer on the space provided.              

  1. Strength and direction of wind is measured by
  1. Wind vane
  2. Anemometer
  3. Wind sock
  4. Rain gauge
  1. When we keep our environment clean we avoid
  1. Diseases
  2. Crafts
  3. Religion
  4. Beliefs
  1. The largest planet in solar system is
  1. Mars
  2. Earth
  3. Jupiter
  4. Saturn
  1. Portuguese build the first fortress in
  1. Malindi
  2. Kilwa
  3. Mombasa
  4. Sofala
  1. During stone age, tools were made from
  1. Bones and stones
  2. Stones
  3. Iron
  4. Wood
  1. During 1960s and 1970s Tanzania was leading in the production of
  1. Coffee
  2. Maize
  3. Tobacco
  4. Sisal
  1. Who among the following tribes were involved in MajiMaji war?
  1. Kamba, yao, ngindo
  2. Chagga, pare, Makonde
  3. Samba,hehe, Nyamwezi and ngindo
  4. Makonde, ngindo, and yao
  1. The skull of first man was discovered at . . . . . .
  1. Olduvai gorge
  2. Engaruka
  3. Kisumu
  4. Nsongezi
  1. The path which is used by planets to revolt around the sun is called
  1. Orbit
  2. Axis
  3. Satellite
  4. Rotation
  1. The first city state to develop along the East Africa coast was
  1. Mombasa
  2. Tanga
  3. Kilwa
  4. Bagamoyo
  1. Kwame Nkrumah was the first president of;
  1. Nigeria
  2. Ghana
  3. Guinea
  4. Mozambique
  1. The act of planting trees where they have been cut down to replace them is called
  1. Afforestation
  2. Reafforestation
  3. Deforestation
  4. Forestation.
  1. The removal of top layer of soil from one point to another is referred to as
  1. Soil sedimentation
  2. Soil fragmentation
  3. Soil erosion
  4. Soil wasting
  1. Environmental disaster happens due to
  1. Increased human population
  2. Misuse of world resources
  3. Use of nuclear energy
  4. Destruction of the environment by human beings
  1. The increase of earth’s temperature is called
  1. Warming
  2. Ozone layer depletion
  3. Global warming
  4. Green house
  1. Is the overflowing of water due to heavy rain, tsunami or hurricane
  1. Landslide
  2. Drought
  3. Flooding
  4. Ice melting
  1. Which of the following is an alternative source of energy that can be used to protect forests?
  1. Firewood and charcoal
  2. Firewood and coal
  3. Gas and coal
  4. Firewood, coal and charcoal
  1. An example of an institution that deals with environmental conservation is
  1. TPDC
  2. CCP
  3. NEMC
  1. Which of the following is not an element of weather
  1. Rainfall
  2. Precipitation
  3. Barometer
  4. Wind
  1. Precipitation is the result of
  1. Expansion of air
  2. Condensation of air pressure
  3. Rapid condensation of moisture
  4. Rainfall
  1. Agricultural activities takes place during
  1. Wet season
  2. Dry season
  3. September
  4. Winter period
  1. Mandela spent 27 years at . . . . . . . . . . . jail because of opposing the apartheid rule is South Africa
  1. Roben island
  2. Kwazulu natal
  3. Cape town
  4. Cape province
  1. The first prime minister of Tanganyika was
  1. Abeid karume
  2. Edward Sokoine
  3. J.K Nyerere
  4. Rashid Kawawa
  1. A barometer is an instrument that is used to measure
  1. Air pressure
  2. Air temperature
  3. Direction of wind
  4. The speed of wind
  1. Which of the following is a volcanic mountain?
  1. Kilimanjaro
  2. Kipengere
  3. Uluguru
  4. Ruwenzori
  1. When does the equator experience overhead sun?
  1. 2nd march and 21st June
  2. 23rd September and 22nd December
  3. 21st June and 22nd December
  4. 21st June and 22nd December
  1. What are the basic elements that makes up a map?
  1. Mountains and boundaries shown on it
  2. Compass, scale, key, margin and title
  3. Ocean and lakes
  4. Paper, color and compass
  1. Which if the following is a way of preserving vegetation?
  1. Deforestation
  2. Soil erosion
  3. Afforestation
  4. Over grazing
  1. Which of the following foods is not a food crop?
  1. Yams
  2. Beans
  3. Wheat
  4. Pyrethrum
  1. Which was the last stage in evolution of man?
  1. Homo erectus
  2. Homo sapiens
  3. Zinjanthropus
  4. Australopithecus
  1. Farming is an activity which involves
  1. Growing crops and rearing animals
  2. Selling of products
  3. Planting maize
  4. Keeping cows
  1. Which of the following is not a component of the atmosphere?
  1. Lava
  2. Water vapor
  3. Air
  4. Micro-organisms
  1. The two main components of the environment are
  1. Plants and animals
  2. Living and non-living things
  3. The sun and the earth
  4. Water and air
  1. A decade is a period of  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . years
  1. 100
  2. 10
  3. 1000
  4. 50
  1. When did Sultan Seyyid Said move his capital from Oman to Zanzibar?
  1. 1940
  2. 1730
  3. 1840
  4. 1863
  1. When did Uganda forces under Idd Amin invade Tanzania?
  1. 1976
  2. 1978
  3. 1980
  4. 2011
  1. Vasco Da Gama Arrived in East African Coast in the year…………
  1. 1498
  2. 1400
  3. 1700
  4. 1900
  1. The word culture means
  1. Nature of society
  2. Changes in society
  3. Life
  4. The habits, traditions and beliefs of a particular society
  1. In the past, education was provided to the young generation through
  1. Practice and experience
  2. Dancing and singing
  3. Agriculture and livestock keeping
  4. In classrooms
  1. The leader of convection people’s party to the independence of Ghana was
  1. Samori Toure
  2. Mohamed Abdullah
  3. Gamal Abdel Nasser
  4. Kwame Nkrumah



  1. What is a map, mention two things to consider when drawing a map
  2. Using a diagram show how solar eclipse is formed
  3. Mention two effects of revolution of the earth

Study the picture below to answer question 44 and 45

  1. The diagram above shows an African Hero, define the term hero
  2. Name the above person and the country of origin.







TIME 1:30 HRS MARCH 2021



  1. This paper consists of Sections A and B with forty-five questions
  2. The paper carries a value of 50 marks
  3. Answer all questions in all sections as per instructions given
  4. Use blue or black pen for writing and a pencil for drawing.


Answer all questions

For question 1-40 choose the correct answer from the alternatives given and write you answer on the space provided.

  1. Fertilization in flowering plants takes place in
  1. Ovary
  2. Pistil
  3. Stigma
  4. Anther
  1. Animals which live partly on land and partly on water are called
  1. Reptilian
  2. Mammalian
  3. Amphibian
  4. aves
  1. When a ruler is immersed in a glass of water, it appears bending because light
  1. Moves at high speed
  2. Always forms and image
  3. Is refracted
  4. Is reflected
  1. An example of a chemical change is
  1. Water turning into vapor
  2. Ripening of fruits
  3. Dissolving sugar in water
  4. Ice melting into ice
  1. Which of the following is a symptom of a person suffering from HIV /AIDS?
  1. Urinating frequently
  2. Frequent sickness
  3. Stomache ache
  4. Dizziness
  1. Which of the following gases supports combustion?
  1. Nitrogen
  2. Carbon dioxide
  3. Oxygen
  4. Hydrogen
  1. Which of the following is an example of a simple machine?
  1. Bicycle
  2. Bottle opener
  3. Generator
  4. Sewing machine
  1. During dry season plants shed their leaves in order to;
  1. Fertilize the soil
  2. Reduce water loss
  3. Protect itself
  4. Add water
  1. When fresh garden soil is heated in a test tube, we see water vapor coming out of the test tube, this shows that soil contains;
  1. Air
  2. Humus
  3. Minerals
  4. Germs
  1. Lizards, snake and crocodiles are
  1. Mammals
  2. Reptiles
  3. Birds
  4. Amphibians
  1. Which of the following are the main measurement of electricity?
  1. Ampere, volt, ohm
  2. Ohm, ampere and bulb.
  3. Ampere, volt and gram
  4. Joule, volt ohm.
  1. The car batteries are a good example of making electricity using
  1. Friction
  2. Chemicals
  3. Water
  4. Machines
  1. Calculate the P.D in the circuit below;

  1. Anything that simplifies work is called
  1. Scissors
  2. Levers
  3. Magnets
  4. Machine
  1. Which of the following farming method is suitable for farmers farming in mountain slopes?
  1. Crop rotation
  2. Planting crops in rows
  3. Mixed cropping
  4. Contour farming
  1. Which of the following actions prevents soil erosion?
  1. Planting trees
  2. Increasing number of livestock
  3. Digging grass
  4. Burning forest
  5. Reducing the number of trees
  1. The following are hereditary diseases except
  1. Chicken pox
  2. Diabetes
  3. Sickle cell
  4. Haemophilia
  1. Which of the following parasites causes malaria?
  1. Plasmodium
  2. Bacteria
  3. Fungi
  4. Amoeba
  5. Virus
  1. Sexually transmitted diseases are transmitted from one person to another by
  1. Physical contact
  2. Sexual contact
  3. Sharing eating utencila
  4. Blood transfusion.
  1. Which gas is not found in the atmosphere?
  1. Nitrogen
  2. Oxygen
  3. Carbon dioxide
  4. Hydrogen
  1. Which of the following is not a use of oxygen gas?
  1. Burning
  2. Rusting
  3. Germination
  4. Refrigeration
  1. Which is not a requirement for the growth of plants?
  1. Water
  2. Oxygen
  3. Light
  4. Nitrogen gas
  1. The following are adaptations of desert plants, except
  1. Deep roots
  2. Shedding of roots
  3. Wide leaves
  4. Waxy cuticle
  1. Plant growth towards chemicals is called
  1. Geotropism
  2. Hydrotropism
  3. Chemotropism
  4. Phototropism
  1. The part of a leaf where most photosynthesis takes place is called
  1. Midrib
  2. Lamina
  3. Apex
  4. Veins
  1. It is responsible for opening and closing of stomata
  1. Vacuole
  2. Veins
  3. Guard cell
  4. Chloroplasts
  1. The role of chlorophyll in photosynthesis is to
  1. Provide energy
  2. Give out oxygen
  3. Trap sunlight
  4. Trap carbon dioxide
  1. The main end product of photosynthesis is
  1. Oxygen
  2. Energy
  3. Glucose
  4. ATP
  1. The transport of manufactured food from the leaves is called
  1. Transpiration
  2. Translocation
  3. Photosynthesis
  4. Osmosis
  1. Which types of soil has the highest drainage?
  1. Sand
  2. Loam
  3. Clay
  4. Black cotton soil
  1. Which one is not a characteristic of soil?
  1. Texture
  2. Drainage
  3. Capillarity
  4. Solubility
  1. A device that is used to switch off automatically electricity in case sudden increase is called
  1. Fuse
  2. Earth
  3. Circuit breaker
  4. Arrestor
  1. A set of defined rules employed to block or allow traffic is called
  1. Virus
  2. Data loss prevention
  3. Firewall
  4. Network access control
  1. Which of the following is not an advantage of email?
  1. It is faster
  2. It is cheaper
  3. One can keep record
  4. Can reach more than one recipient
  1. Which of the following is not a search engine?
  1. Google
  2. Yahoo
  3. Bing
  4. Mozilla.
  1. A single movable pulley is used to raise a load of 200N through a distance of 25m. Calculate the effort used.
  1. 25
  2. 30
  3. 50
  4. 45
  1. Identify a group of organism that manufactures its own food?
  1. Animals
  2. Reptiles
  3. Fungi
  4. Plants
  1. The process of exhaling and inhaling air is called
  1. Chest flexing
  2. Refraction
  3. Breathing
  4. Respiration
  1. Which of the following actions will result into formation of new matter?
  1. Souring milk
  2. Melting ice
  3. Evaporation
  4. Melting of sugar
  1. Mixture of different gases is called
  1. Nitrogen
  2. Air
  3. Oxygen
  4. Combustion



  1. A machine has a resistance of 8 ohms and requires a current of 5 Amperes. Calculate the voltage of the battery that will be required to operate it.
  2. Differentiate between current and resistance
  3. Study the diagram below and answer the questions that follows

Name the above method of controlling soil erosion and where it is suitable

  1. Name two applications of osmosis in our daily life
  2. Mention two uses of search engines.








TIME 1:30 HRS                                                                                MARCH 2021

NAME…………………………...                                  SCHOOL………………………...


  1. This paper consists of Sections A  B and C with fifty  questions
  2. The paper carries a value of 50 marks
  3. Answer all questions in all sections as per instructions given
  4. Use blue or black pen for writing and a pencil for drawing.


   Answer all questions                                                                

For questions 1-40, choose the best answer from the alternatives given and write its answer on the space provided.

1. The brave hunter ………………..the fierce lion

  1. Slained
  2. Slew
  3. Slayed
  4. Slain

2. The cheetah ………………….at the zebra and killed it on the spot

  1. Spring
  2. Sprang
  3. Sprung
  4. Springed

3. Which duck has……………….an egg?

  1. Lain
  2. Laid
  3. Lay
  4. Laid

4. On seeing us the monkey …………………….from tree to tree

  1. Swung
  2. Swinging
  3. Swang
  4. Swing.

5. The girl ……………herself with a razor blade.

  1. Cutted
  2. Cut
  3. Cutting
  4. Cuts

6. Mr. mrisho is famous …………….his good work

  1. Of
  2. For
  3. By
  4. With

7. I come to school ……………..bus

  1. By
  2. On
  3. With
  4. On

8. Mwambula fell……………….her bike

  1. By
  2. Off
  3. On
  4. Of

9. He is very busy……………his homework.

  1. With
  2. On
  3. From
  4. Onto

10. Mr. baraka will arrive …………….Moscow tonight.

  1. From
  2. At
  3. With
  4. On

11. Divide the orange ……………..the two girls.

  1. Among
  2. Between
  3. With
  4. With.

12. The police jumped ………………the car and ran after the thief

  1. Into
  2. Onto
  3. Off
  4. Out of.

13. The child jumped …………………..the swimming pool

  1. Into
  2. Onto
  3. In
  4. From.

14. My sister is afraid ………………..lizards.

  1. Of
  2. With
  3. By
  4. To

15. Justus has a dislike ………………sour fruits

  1. At
  2. To
  3. On
  4. For

16. Mr. Emmanuel is………….teacher

  1. A
  2. The
  3. An
  4. For

17. What …………………beautiful dress

  1. The
  2. An
  3. A
  4. Is

18. We found ……………….of them playing at the pitch

  1. A few
  2. A-few
  3. Much
  4. Any

19. ……………Pacific ocean is salty

  1. Some
  2. The
  3. An
  4. A

20. Charles bought ……………………. fruits for the whole family

  1. At
  2. Enough
  3. This
  4. Some

For question 21-30 write the opposite of the underlined word.

21. He has built a temporary structure

  1. Temporal
  2. Permanent
  3. Strong
  4. Bungalow

22. Those fruits are ripe

  1. Ripened
  2. Unripe
  3. Unsweet
  4. Sweet

23. The careful drive caused an accident

  1. Carefully
  2. Lazy
  3. Careless
  4. Smart

24. The wealth should be helped

  1. Poor
  2. Peasant
  3. Rich
  4. Wealthiest

25. The coward bull ran away

  1. Dwarf
  2. Brave
  3. Courageous
  4. Rude

26. They felt cheerful after winning the match

  1. Sadness
  2. Sad
  3. Cheerfully
  4. Hopeless

27. The calculation that you did was accurate.

  1. Uncorrect
  2. Inaccurate
  3. Discaccurate
  4. Curate

28. He Why would the Elephant wear hares clothes on the head?

  1. They were like a hat
  2. They were soft
  3. He wanted to make hare happy
  4. They were small in size 

29. Which part of speech is the word proudly as used in the passage

  1. noun           B. adjective   

C. adverb         D. preposition

30. The Elephant took off at a great speed. What does this one mean?

  1. Took the shoes by force
  2. Screamed for help
  3. Cried in pain
  4. Run away in a great speed 

31. The Elephant wanted a pair of shoes like the hares because

  1. His feet looked funny
  2. The hare looked dirty
  3. He wanted to look like the hare
  4. He didn’t have shoes 

32. The “Elephant did not want to show away signs of pain” means 

  1. He did not feel too much pain
  2. He wanted to appear brave
  3. He was a fierce animal
  4. He was extremely brave

33. to drive the lorry that is why he was offered the job

  1. Nunqualified
  2. Non-qualified
  3. Disqualified
  4. Unqualified

34. Indian ocean is very deep

  1. High
  2. Shallow
  3. Low
  4. Wide

35. The Africans were very friendly to the white colonizers.

  1. Hostile
  2. Inhonest
  3. Loving
  4. Welcoming.

For questions 31-35 listen to the teacher reading the following paragraph and answer the questions that follow.

Top academy primary school located in Mwanza is a top performing school as the name itself. We bring to your attention the annual interview for those who want to join our school from nursery level up to standard six.

The interview will be conducted on 4th December this year and only successful candidates will be considered. The forms are available at our office. For more information visit our office from Monday to Friday 8.00am -3.pm. Welcome all.

  1. Where is Top academy?
  2. Which classes is the school inviting applicants for interview?
  3. Where can one get the forms for applications
  4. Which days of the week can you visit Top academy to get the forms?
  5. On which date will the interview be conducted?


Arrange the following sentences by giving them letters A-E in order to make a good composition.

  1. Both types of machines can cause accidents and deaths if safety precautions are not adhered to.
  2. Machines include simple tools such as hammers, spoons, axes, hoes and needles.
  3. A machine is a device that simplifies work
  4. Other machines are complex such as sewing machines, tractors, generators, and milling machines.
  5. We should take care of our machines.


A long time ago hare and the elephant were great friends. They ate together and drank together and even wore same clothes. It was unusual to see the hare wearing oversized clothes that belonged to the Elephant. The Hares clothes went only as far as the head and so in an attempt to please the hare, the elephant wore the Hares clothes on his head. One day as the hare was walking around the village, he found a pair of shoes. The shoes belonged to Assumpta, the chief’s daughter. The Hare tried them and when they fitted he took them and went on his way proudly showing off to the elephant. The elephant wanted a similar pair of shoes. They had to be exactly the same size and Colour. The hare said he would make the Elephants feet smaller first. He said they should start working the next day at a secret place where no one else would see him. The Hare made a big fire and heated an iron on it with the red hot iron he started slicing the Elephant’s feet. The Elephant did not want to show any signs of pain, when at last he could not bear the pain, he yelled out loudly.

“Elephant”, said the hare mockingly, “your size does not allow you to cry like a baby. Don’t you want the shoes?” actually I don’t feel any pain at all,” lied the Elephant. It was however very painful and when the hare burned to add some firewood in fire, the elephant took off at a great speed. He did not go very far, though because his feet were already very swollen. No wonder the elephant has such big feet, they have remained swollen. That evening the hare went to the village. Someone spotted Assumpta’s shoes that the hare was wearing. The hare was cornered and that day he became soup for the Assumptas family. Before he died he said that he had learnt his lesson.

  1. Why would the Elephant wear hares clothes on the head?
  2. Which part of speech is the word proudly as used in the passage
  3. The Elephant took off at a great speed. What does this one mean?
  4. The Elephant wanted a pair of shoes like the hares because
  5. The “Elephant did not want to show away signs of pain” means 










TIME 1:30 HRS                                                                                MARCH 2021

NAME…………………………...                                  SCHOOL………………………...


  1. This paper consists of Sections A and B with forty-five questions
  2. The paper carries a value of 50 marks
  3. Answer all questions in all sections as per instructions given
  4. Use blue or black pen for writing and a pencil for drawing.


   Answer all questions                                                                

For questions 1-40, choose the best answer from the alternatives given and write its answer on the space provided.

  1. The following are some good customs in Tanzania except
  1. Eating with the right hand
  2. Sniffing food
  3. Being polite and friendly
  4. Respecting elders

     2. A large group of people united by a common language, culture or economic life is called;

  1. Nation
  2. National value
  3. State
  4. Family

3. The state of being free is called

  1. Justice
  2. Peace
  3. Freedom
  4. Democracy

4. We are supposed to show love to which people

  1. With special needs
  2. Relatives
  3. Those who love us
  4. All people without discrimination

5. The following have special needs except

  1. Elderly
  2. Children
  3. Mentally retarded
  4. Orphans and the poor

6. Which of the following is not a biological difference between male and female?

  1. Menstruations
  2. Pregnancy
  3. Ability to give birth
  4. Breast feeding 

7. Which of the following actions does not show gender equality?

  1. Provision of education to both boys and girls
  2. Realizing the fact that a man and a woman are all human beings
  3. Kitchen roles to be left to the girls
  4. Not discriminating girls in education

8. Which of the following is a change in girls during puberty?

  1. Becoming tall
  2. Showing respect
  3. Starts to menstruate
  4. Start having relations with opposite sex

9. Young girls can avoid early pregnancy by

  1. Having faithful partners
  2. Going to  night clubs with friends
  3. Accepting gifts from boys
  4. Avoiding unnecessary loitering at night.

10. Why are we supposed to wear decent dressing?

  1. It shows we respect ourselves
  2. They help to avoid diseases
  3. So that we can be loved
  4. To attract other people

11. The changes in boys and girls from childhood to adulthood is called

  1. Puberty
  2. Adolescence
  3. Adulthood
  4. Growth

12. Which is not a good manner in our society?

  1. Wearing decent clothes
  2. Playing with opposite sex in dark places
  3. Greeting people with respect
  4. Loving all people.

13.Which of the following are symbols found on Tanzania Notes?

  1. Giraffe, elephant, court of arms, president portrait
  2. Court of arms, house, rhino
  3. Torch, giraffe, gorilla
  4. Jembe, spear, flag

14. Which is an important of the national flag?

  1. Touring different places
  2. Show the authority of the presidency
  3. To promote Uhuru torch
  4. To praise the president

15. The source of all laws in Tanzania is

  1. Tanzania currency
  2. The national constitution
  3. Political parties
  4. Courts

16. The blue color in our national flag represents

  1. Tanzanians
  2. Minerals
  3. Water bodies
  4. Soil

17. A symbol used to show the possession of government documents and other resources is called

  1. Portrait of vice president
  2. National flag
  3. National animal
  4. National emblem

18. Which of the following shows that the country is mourning?

  1. Closure of parliament
  2. All flags flying half mask
  3. National flag flying half mask
  4. Failure to raise the national flag

19. Which day do leaders get the opportunity to explain the success and challenges which needs to be worked on?

  1. During the passing of Uhuru torch
  2. Zanzibar revolution day
  3. National holidays
  4. Boxing day

20.Which of the following is a bad cultural practice?

  1. Working together
  2. Performing female genital mutilation on girls
  3. Advising men and women to participate in doing home chores so as to improve their income

21. The president is the chief of state and head of

  1. Judiciary
  2. Executive
  3. Parliament
  4. Legislature

22. The prime minister of the republic of Tanzania is appointed by the;

  1. President
  2. National assembly
  3. Chief justice
  4. Speaker
  5. Chief justice

23. The 1964 Zanzibar revolution brought ……………………..to all Zanzibaris

  1. Equality and respect
  2. Colonialism
  3. Dependence
  4. Constitution

24. The workers day is also known as …………………….day

  1. Nane nane
  2. May
  3. Farmers
  4. Madaraka

25. Mwalimu Julius Kambarage Nyerere died on;

  1. 14th September 1999
  2. 14th October 1999
  3. 7th April 1972
  4. 7th April 1995

26. Dangerous behaviours are action that are……………………..

  1. Harmful, destructive or injurious
  2. Healthy and funny
  3. Unavoidable
  4. Premature

27. How many types of leadership do we have at ward level?

  1. 3
  2. 4
  3. 5
  4. 2

28. Who is responsible for procurement at the office of the regional commissioner?

  1. Regional administrative secretary
  2. Regional procurement officer
  3. Regional medical officer
  4. Internal auditors

29. Which of the following is not an arm of government?

  1. Executive
  2. Cabinet
  3. Legislature
  4. Judiciary

30. The judiciary consists of the following except

  1. Court of appeal
  2. High court
  3. Resident magistrate court
  4. Tribunal courts

31. Who is the current prime minister of Tanzania?

  1. Mizengo pinda
  2. Edward lowasa
  3. Kassimu majaliwa
  4. Joseph warioba

32. Accepted believes about what is good, desirable and useful are called……………….

  1. National values
  2. Culture
  3. Nationhood
  4. Customs

33. The feeling of love, devotion  and sense of attachment to a homeland is………………

  1. Democracy
  2. Justice
  3. Freedom
  4. Patriotism

34. Which one is not accepted in society?

  1. Respect
  2. Appreciation
  3. Peer pressure
  4. Good behavior

35. Which of the following is a risk behavior?

  1. Participating in community activities
  2. Having good friends of the same sex
  3. Wearing revealing clothes
  4. Listening to what parents tells you

36. Who appoints the district commissioner?

  1. President
  2. Regional commissioner
  3. The vice president
  4. The prime minister

37. The person responsible for all activities implementation in the ward is

  1. Councilor
  2. Ward executive officer
  3. Procurement officer
  4. Human resource officer at ward level

38. In which day do we hold Independence Day celebrations

  1. 1st may 
  2. 26th April
  3. 9th December
  4. 9th September

39. The union between Tanganyika and Zanzibar took place on………………

  1. 14th October 1964
  2. 12th January 1964
  3. 26th April 1964
  4. 7th July 1964

40. In which month do we celebrate nane nane day?

  1. December
  2. August
  3. July
  4. April.


Answer the following Questions as per instructions given.

  1. Why is it important to respect others?
  2. What is fair elections?
  3. What are special group people
  4. Mention two groups which are special groups
  5. What is equality.









  1. This Examinations Consists Of 50 Questions
  2. Answer All Questions
  3. Write Your Answers In Capital Letters
  4. Make Your Work Legible

SECTION A. Choose the correct answer from the Alternatives given

1. Which of the following coins has the picture of the first president of Zanzibar?

  1. A Hundred shilling coin
  2. Two hundred shilling coin
  3. Fifty shilling coin
  4. Ten shilling coin

2. The district chairperson is chosen by

  1. District Executive Director
  2. Defense and security committee
  3. Minister in the office of the president
  4. Ward Executive Officer
  5. Ward councilors

3.The governments responsibility of ensuring leaders integrity involves

  1. Giving loans in terms of vehicle to each
  2. Establishing a single party system
  3. Establishing public service work rules
  4. Transferring corrupt employees
  5. Employing of qualified servants

4. What is the difference between customs and traditions

  1. Customs change frequently thanTraditions
  2. Traditions more change frequently than customs
  3. Customs are habits while traditions are actions
  4. Customs are habits that can change to become traditions
  5. Traditions change more frequently than practices

5. Use of public office for selfish interests is called

  1. Handouts
  2. Corruption
  3. Patriotism
  4. Selfish
  5. Entrepreneurship

6. Representative of the President in a region is:

  1. Regional Administrative Secretary
  2. Municipal Executive Director
  3. Regional Commissioner
  4. Regional Executive Director
  5. Regional Police Commander

7. The things that every person deserves regardless of tribe, Nationality and gender are called;

  1. Good governance
  2. Human Rights
  3. Rule of Law
  4. Democracy
  5. Gender equality

8.The importance of Zebra Crossing Sign is;

  1. To reduce congestion of Carson the road.
  2. To enable the disabled people to cross the road safely
  3. To enable the pedestrians to cross the road safely.
  4. To give warning of the presence of livestock near the road.
  5. To give warning about pres ence of railway near the road.

9.Speaker of the Assembly of the United Republic of Tanzania is elected by

  1. The citizens
  2. Members of the Parliament
  3. Ministers
  4. Councellors
  5. Chief justice

10.A source of a family is :

  1. Grand father and Grand Mother
  2. Father and Mother
  3. Aunt and Uncle
  4. Children and Parent
  5. Brother and Sister

11. It is important to observe one of the following while singing the national anthem:

  1. Holding the national flag
  2. stand still and attentive
  3. Look at the right side 
  4. raise up the right hand
  5. sit down calmly

12. Pedestrians are advised to walk along the road by

  1. Using the right side
  2. Using the left side
  3. Looking at the right and left side of the road
  4. Holding each others hands
  5. Looking at the traffic lights only

13. Which of the following traditions can spread HIV/AIDS?

  1. Traditional dances
  2. food taboos
  3. bearing many children
  4. widow inheritance
  5. bride price.

14. the main objective of constitutional changes of 1962 in Tanzania were?

  1. To from a government of national unity
  2. to form a federal government
  3. to form a local government
  4. to form a republic government
  5. to form a transition government

15.The total ways of life of human beings is called

  1. History
  2. Culture
  3. Customs
  4. Democracy
  5. Traditions

16.The sources of Local Government revenue are

  1. head tax and property tax
  2. subsidy, taxes and other contributions
  3. land tax and property tax
  4. levies on natural resources products
  5. levies on business licences.

17. In the administrative structure of Local Government, the District or Municipal Council is lead by

  1. The Ruling party
  2. The Executive Director
  3. The District Commissioner
  4. The Full Council
  5. The District Administrative Secretary.

18. The black colour in our National flag represents

  1. Vegetation
  2. Minerals
  3. People
  4. Land
  5. Game reserve

19. The National Emblem symbolizes

  1. unity, freedom, ability and sovereignty of the nation
  2. freedom, unity and resources of the nation
  3. ability, freedom, natural vegetation and sovereignty of the nation
  4. freedom, unity and sovereignty of the nation
  5. freedom and unity.

20. The rights to own property falls under which category of human rights?

  1. Social and Economic.
  2. Political and Economic.
  3. Constitutional and Political.
  4. Social and Political.
  5. Social and Cultural.


Write true for a correct statement and false for incorrect statement

  1. Democratic governance is only known for obeying the law
  2. In a democratic system woman have no equal rights with men
  3. Political tolerance among political parties maintains peace
  4. Principles of democracy ensures that human rights are respected
  5. Proper use of the internet can be a source of knowledge
  6. Misuse of the social media can lead to being punished by government
  7. If you face challenges, your dreams are killed
  8. You can turn challenges to be opportunities
  9. Supervision of work is slavery work
  10. Good governance is the use of law for the benefit of few individuals.


Fill the missing gaps with the correct answer

  1. Who is the principle assistant to the regional commissioner? … … … … … …
  2. The secretary to councilors meeting is … … … … … … … … … … … … … …
  3. Who appoints the regional commissioner?
  4. Pretenting to be a friend when you are a enemy is termed as … … … … … …
  5. Scientific knowledge put into practical use is termed as … … … … … … …..
  6. How many chapters doea the Tanzanian constitution have … … … …
  7. One can be a Tanzanian citizen by birth, decency and … … … … … … …..
  8. The freedom of a person to live in a any part of the country is … … … … ….
  9. The United nations was formed in?. ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ........
  10. Representation of a country to another country is called … … … …..


Match the word/phrases in list A with those in list B and write the answer in spaces provided.



  1. International co-operation
  2. International cooperations in which Tanzania is a member
  3. Maintaining international cooperation
  4. Disadvantage of globalization
  5. United Nations
  6. National Resources
  7. Land degradation
  8. Illegal fishing
  9. Misuse
  10. Mountain and valleys
  1. Moral decay
  2. All independent countries are members
  3. Promotes business
  4. Unity
  5. Relations between one country and another.
  6. UN, AN, SADEC, EAC, Commonwealth
  7. EAC, Union of technology and globalization, business union, AU and Common weath
  8. Use of mobile phone
  9. Water sources
  10. People, Forest, minerals, land, water, wild animals
  11. Misuse of natural resources
  12. Comes from minerals.







  1. This Examinations Consists Of 50 Questions
  2. Answer All Questions
  3. Write Your Answers In Capital Letters
  4. Make Your Work Legible

SECTION A. Choose the correct answer from the Alternatives given

1.Speaker of the Assembly of the United Republic of Tanzania is elected by

  1. The citizens
  2. Members of the Parliament
  3. Ministers
  4. Councellors
  5. Chief justice

2.Parmanent members of the security council of the united nations Organization are:

  1. USA Britain France, Russia, and China
  2. USA, Britain , German , Rus sia and China
  3. USA, Britain , France, Russia and Italy
  4. USA , Britain , Russia, Canada and German
  5. USA, Britain, Russia, Japan and Germany

3. Rock paintings of animals and people started during:

  1. Iron age
  2. Middle Stone Age
  3. Early Stone Age
  4. Late Stone Age
  5. Old Stone Age

4. What were the commodities that were brought in East Africa by the foreigners from Indonesia and China as from the 5th C?

  1. Iron, tortoise shells and Gold
  2. Clothes, beads and domestic vessels
  3. Beads and Gold
  4. Beads, fire arms and Ivory
  5. Gun powder, clothes wool clothes and leopard skins.

5. Three East Africa tribes that participated in the Long Distance Trade before colonialism were:

  1. The Hehe, Nyamwezi and Turkana
  2. The Karamajong, Sukuma and Pokot
  3. The Maasai, Yao and Sukuma
  4. The Yao, Nyamwezi and
  5. The Yao, Nyamwezi and Kamba

26. Which was the first group of the fore runners of colonialism to arrive in Tanganyika

  1. Missionaries
  2. Traders
  3. Settlers
  4. Explores
  5. Sailors

7. The Chief Justice of Tanzania is appointed by the

  1. Parliament
  2. Prime Minister
  3. President
  4. Vice President
  5. Attorney General.

8. The conference which partitioned Africa was held in

  1. Berlin
  2. London
  3. Rome
  4. Paris
  5. New York.

9. The scientist who explained the evolution of man was

  1. Mary Leakey
  2. Charles Darwin
  3. Louis Leakey
  4. Richard Leakey
  5. John Speke.

10. The essential of a map which is used to elaborate different signs on a map is called

  1. key
  2. margin
  3. compass
  4. scale
  5. title.

11. It is very easy to prove that the world is spherical by looking at

  1. the shape of the globe
  2. the eclipse of the sun
  3. the high and the low tides
  4. the overhead sun
  5. the eclipse of the moon.

12. Which African country had multi-party democracy in 1980

  1. Zimbabwe.
  2. Tanzania.
  3. Botswana.
  4. Ghana.
  5. Ethiopia.

13. A family can attain economic development if

  1. the mother will deal with domestic activities
  2. the father will be employed
  3. children will be involved in studies
  4. family members will play their role
  5. family members will pray together.

14.The German colonies in Africa were

  1. Nigeria, Namibia and Togo
  2. Gambia, Togo and Namibia
  3. Cameroon, Togo and Namibia
  4. Namibia, Tanganyika and Nigeria
  5. Cameroon, Tanganyika and Senegal.

15. The Germans ruled Tanganyika after the

  1. First World War
  2. Second World War
  3. Berlin conference
  4. Formation of UNO
  5. Defeat of the Portuguese.

16. The goods which were brought by Asian traders in Tanganyika from the 8th century include

  1. ivory and gold
  2. hides and guns
  3. salt and copper
  4. clothes and wheat
  5. clothes and slaves.

17. The internal trade involves goods which are

  1. produced outside the country
  2. produced and sold within the country
  3. produced within the country
  4. produced and sold outside the country
  5. sold outside the country.

18. The overhead sun in December occurs at the

  1. Southern Hemisphere
  2. Tropic of Cancer
  3. Equator
  4. Northern Hemisphere
  5. Tropic of Capricorn.

19. The major effects of industries in the environment are

  1. pollution of water, air and bad smell
  2. emission of smoke and high consumption of mineral energy
  3. pollution of air, soil and bad smell
  4. spilling of chemicals and emission of smoke
  5. pollution of air, water and land.

20. The essentials of the map are

  1. Vegetation, compass, scale, lines and title
  2. Colour, title, scale, key and margin
  3. Lines, title, compass, margin and scale
  4. Title, key, margin, scale and compass
  5. Title, key, scale, compass and lines.


Write true for a correct statement and false for an incorrect statement.

  1. The Berlin conference was convined by Germany chancelor Otto Von Bismark… … … … … … … … … … …
  2. In east Africa germany colony, online men were supposed to pay tax
  3. Patrice Lumumba fought colonizers in Congo… … … …
  4. Mordern colonizers use weapons to colonize African countries… …
  5. Polittical, economic and social aid from Europe is the only way to liberate African.
  6. Fair trade policies is the best way of African countries to fight against neocolonism… … … … … … ..
  7. Burundi, Rwanda and Tanganyika got independence in 1962… … … … … .
  8. Africa political heroes helps neocolonists to identify areas with resources in African countries… … … … … … … … … … …
  9. When neocolonists comes to Africa, they help Africans make new goods and services… … … … …
  10. Rotation of the earth on its axis causes day and night… … … .

SECTIONC. Fill the gaps below with the correct answer.

  1. Two types of crops grown by investors are… … … … … and … … … … … … .
  2. Two main cash crops grown in Tanzania are… … … and… … … … … … …
  3. Name one production activity that was established in Tanganyika after independence… … … … .
  4. Parastatals with large tracks of land for keeping animals are called… … … … ..
  5. Mention two regions in Tanzania with national ranches
  6. Mention one benefit of tourism in Tanzania… … … … … … … … ..
  7. A map is identified by use of… … … … … … … …
  8. Which type of map shows the appearance of a country… … … … … … … … … … …
  9. The construction of Moshi-Tanga railway started in which year..
  10. Who was the leader of Berlin Conference?............ ...................


Match the items in list A with corresponding items in List B



  1. National park… … …
  2. Economic activities…
  3. Investors… … … … … ..
  4. Tourists from other countries… … … …
  5. National ranches… … … … … … .
  6. Sierra leone and Tanganyika got independence in … … …
  7. Tanzania is a good example in… … … … … …
  8. One way of fighting invasion of Africa
  9. Heroes who fought against invasion of Africa … … … … … … .
  1. Foreign exchange
  2. Going to school
  3. Comes from Europe, America and other parts of the world
  4. Serengeti ,mikumi and katavi
  5. Individuals with huge capital
  6. Farming, pastoralism, fishing and other industrial activities
  7. Large farms for animal keeping
  8. Nkrumah Lumumba Kenyata ,Nyerere and Mandela
  9. Neo-colonism
  10. 1964
  11. Fighting corruption
  12. Self reliance, fair trade agreement, refusing to take loans and aids.
  13. Somalia ,Sudan and DRC Kongo
  14. 1961







  1. This Examinations Consists Of 50 Questions
  2. Answer All Questions
  3. Write Your Answers In Capital Letters
  4. Make Your Work Legible

SECTION A. Choose the correct answer from the Alternatives given

1. In order for plants to continue surviving in their environment, they requires

  1. Air and soil
  2. Air and water
  3. Soil and fertilizer
  4. Moisture and air
  5. Temperature and air

2. Two types of machines are

  1. Hard and soft
  2. Easy and complicated
  3. For peeling and grinding
  4. Pulley and Ladder
  5. Ladder and catapillar

3.One way of removing wastes from the body is through;

  1. Spitting
  2. Urinating
  3. Bathing
  4. Washing hands
  5. Removing tears

3. Which insect below cause a lot of destruction to the farmer during the second stage of metamorphosis?

  1. Housefly
  2. Butterfly
  3. Grasshopper
  4. Tsetse fly
  5. Mosquito

5.What will happen if the number of carnivores in an ecosystem is more than herbivores

  1. Vegetation will decrease
  2. Vegetation will remain the same
  3. Vegetation will dry
  4. Vegetation will increase
  5. Vegetation will be eaten

6.HIV/AIDs is transmitted through;

  1. Shaking hand with a victim
  2. Sleeping in the same room with a victim
  3. Talking with HIV victim
  4. Blood transfusion
  5. Washing clothes of the victims

7.Smallest particles of matter which makes elements and forms bonds is called

  1. molecules
  2. electrons
  3. proton
  4. atom
  5. neutrons

8. Light bends when it passes through;

  1. From north pole to south pole
  2. From one medium to another
  3. From north pole to the east
  4. West to east
  5. North to west

9. Carbondioxide can be able to extinguish fire because;

  1. Does not support combustion
  2. Denser than air
  3. Does not burn
  4. Absorbs heat
  5. Combine with oxygen

10. Acid combine with base to form

  1. Salt and water
  2. Sodium barbonate
  3. Salt and base
  4. Water and acid
  5. Salt and oxygen

11.One of the steps to follow in scientific investigation is;

  1. investigation
  2. research
  3. Problem identification
  4. Problem solving
  5. Report writing

12.Which of the following precautions should be taken when helping an HIV person?

  1. Wear clean clothes
  2. Wash hands with soap
  3. Wear glove
  4. Pray
  5. Let the person rest

13. Which of the organisms below have a backbone?

  1. spider
  2. bat
  3. cat
  4. Human being
  5. chicken

14.Radiations which bend to great extend when sun rays bend is . ....

  1. Red color
  2. yellow
  3. Dark blue
  4. blue
  5. purple

15. The first step in scientific investigation is;

  1. Starting investigation
  2. Data collection
  3. Problem identification
  4. Data interpretation
  5. Data analysis

16. The conclusion of an investigation can be;

  1. True or false
  2. Analysed and unalysed
  3. With questions aand without questions
  4. Initial and intermediate
  5. Initial and final

17.Musa has broken teeth and weak bones, which minerals would you advice him to use?

  1. iron
  2. phosphorous
  3. calcium
  4. Iodine
  5. Vitamini K

18. Which of the following is a class of food;

  1. Mineral salts
  2. vitamins
  3. water
  4. protein
  5. roughage

19. Phototropism is plant movement towards,

  1. Light
  2. Force of attraction
  3. Water
  4. Darkness
  5. Chemicals

20. What is first aid?

  1. Emergency help given by a doctor to accident victim
  2. Help given to an accident victim before being taken to hospital
  3. Help given to victim of burns
  4. Help given to a victim of snake bite
  5. Help given to a person who has broken bone

SECTION B. Write True for a correct statement and False for a wrong statement

  1. Urea is transported by blood to the liver… … … … … …
  2. The liver detoxicates ammonia by changing it into urea… … … … … … ..
  3. Lack of water in the body will lead to clear urine… … … … … … … …
  4. Carbondioxide and excess water is excreted by the lungs
  5. Oxygen changes lime water into milky… … … … … … …
  6. ARV increases immunity in the body… … … … … … … … … … ..
  7. It is good to make regular health check-up… … … … … … … … … …
  8. Bilharzia is caused by housefly… … … … … … … .
  9. Gas is one of the causes of burns… … … …
  10. Machine is anything that makes work easier… … … … … … … … ..


Match the items in list A with corresponding answer in List B



  1. Opening a bottle
  2. Fishing
  3. Rolling screw
  4. Cooking ugali
  5. Eating food
  6. Tilling land
  7. Cutting meat
  8. Fetching soil
  9. Tightening nut
  10. Cutting firewood
  1. Bisibisi
  2. Jembe
  3. Spoon
  4. Knife
  5. Spade
  6. Fishing rod
  7. Openner
  8. knife
  9. Sepeto
  10. spanner


Fill the gaps below with the correct answer

  1. When filling data in a computer you use… … … … and … … … … … ..
  2. Kiteuzi kwa jina linginw huitwa… … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … …
  3. Files in a computer are stored in… … … … … … … … …
  4. A device used to produce electricity in a bicycle is … … …
  5. A wire used in making electric bell… … … … … … … …
  6. Magnet can loose its magnetism when placed with… … … … …
  7. Process by which plant loose water through leaves is… … … .
  8. Some plants have huge stems because… … … … … … … .
  9. What is formed when a flower is fertilized?................ ................ 
  10. Why does a frog lay many eggs?................... ....................




APRIL-2020 MUDA:SAA 2:00





1. Mambo yote ambayo watu wote wanastahili bila ya kujali kabila, utaifa au jinsia ya huitwa:

  1. utawala bora
  2. haki za binadamu
  3. utawala wa sheria
  4. demokrasia
  5. usawa wa kijinsia

2. Tume ya Haki za Binadamu na utawala bora ilianzishwa Tanzania mwaka:

  1. 2005
  2. 1995
  3. 1992
  4. 2001
  5. 1977

3. Mwenyekiti wa Kamati ya Ulinzi na Usalama ya mkoa ni:

  1. Kamanda wa Polisi wa Mkoa
  2. Katibu Tawala wa mkoa
  3. Afisa Usalama wa Mkoa
  4. Afisa Upelelezi wa makosa ya jinai wa Mkoa
  5. Mkuu wa Mkoa

4. Umuhimu wa kivuko cha pundamilia ni:

  1. kupunguza msongamano wa magari barabarani
  2. kuwezesha walemavu kuvuka barabara kwa usalama
  3. kuwezesha watembea kwa miguu kuvuka barabara kwa usalama
  4. kutoa ishara ya kuwepo kwa mifugo karibu na barabara
  5. kuashiria uwepo wa reli karibu na barabara

5. Ujumla wa taratibu za maisha ya kila siku ya mwanadamu huitwa:

  1. mila
  2. desturi
  3. sanaa
  4. utamaduni
  5. kazi za mikono

6. Spika wa Bunge la Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania huchaguliwa na:

  1. wananchi
  2. wabunge
  3. mawaziri
  4. madiwani
  5. Jaji Mkuu

7. Vyanzo vya mapato ya serikali za mitaani pamoja na:

  1. kodi ya kichwa na kodi ya rasilimali
  2. ruzuku, kodi na michango mingine
  3. kodi ya ardhi, na kodi ya rasilimali
  4. tozo katika mazao ya mali asili
  5. tozo za leseni za biashara

8. Rangi nyeusi katika bendera yetu huwakilisha:

  1. Mimea
  2. Madini
  3. Watu
  4. Ardhi
  5. Mbuga za wanyama

9. Ngao ya taifa inawakilisha:

  1. umoja, uhuru, uwezo na mamlaka ya taifa
  2. uhuru, umoja na rasilimali za taifa
  3. uwezo, uhuru, uoto wa asili na mamlaka ya taifa
  4. uhuru, umoja na mamlaka ya taifa
  5. uhuru na umoja

10. Chombo chenye mamlaka ya kusimamia uchaguzi wa rais, wabunge na madiwani Tanzania ni:

  1. Jeshi la polisi
  2. Tume ya Taifa ya Uchaguzi
  3. Mahakama Kuu
  4. Ofisi ya msajili wa vyama vya siasa
  5. Ofisi ya Waziri Mkuu

11. Haki ya kumiliki mali iko katika kipengele kipi cha haki za binadamu?

  1. Kijamii na kiuchumi
  2. Kisiasa na kiuchumi
  3. Kikatiba na kisiasa
  4. Kijamii na Kisiasa
  5. Kijamii na Kiutamaduni

12. Utandawazi ni mfumo unao hamasisha:

  1. teknolojia ya habari na mawasiliano katika nchi zinazoendelea
  2. haki sawa kwa kila mmoja duniani
  3. mfumo wa vyama vingi katika nchi zinazoendelea
  4. biashara huria baina ya mataifa
  5. sekta binafsi katika nchi zinazoendelea .

13. Ni wakati gani Bendera ya Taifa hupeperushwa nusu mlingoti?

  1. Wakati wa ziara za viongozi wa mataifa mengine.
  2. Rais anapotangaza hali ya hatari.
  3. Linapotokea janga la kitaifa au tukio la huzuni.
  4. Siku ya kumbukumbu ya Mashujaa wa Taifa.
  5. Rais anapokuwa nje ya nchi.

14. Uchaguzi wa Rais na Wabunge hapa Tanzania hufanyika kila baada ya

  1. miaka 10
  2. miaka 3
  3. miaka 4
  4. miaka 5
  5. miaka 6.

15. Kazi mojawapo ya Sekretarieti ya Maadili ya Viongozi wa Umma ni .........

  1. kupokea na kuhakiki taarifa ya rasilimali na madeni ya viongozi wa umma
  2. kusuluhisha migogoro baina ya viongozi wa umma
  3. kufanya utafiti na kuelimisha jamii kuhusu haki za binadamu na utawala bora
  4. kuchunguza tuhuma zozote dhidi ya Afisa wa serikali anayehusishwa na rushwa
  5. kuthibitisha uteuzi wa mawaziri.

16. Ni chombo gani chenye jukumu la kulinda nchi yetu na mipaka yake?

  1. Jeshi la Polisi Tanzania.
  2. Jeshi la Magereza la Tanzania.
  3. Jeshi la Kujenga Taifa.
  4. Jeshi la Wananchi la Tanzani.
  5. Jeshi la Mgambo.

17. Mtumishi wa umma ambaye ni Mbunge kwa mujibu wa nafasi yake katika utumishi wa umma ni ....

  1. Jaji Mkuu
  2. Katibu Mkuu Kiongozi
  3. Mthibiti na Mkaguzi Mkuu wa Hesabu za Serikali
  4. Msajili wa vyama vya siasa.
  5. Mwanasheria Mkuu wa Serikali.

18. Lengo kuu Ia kuanzisha Serikali za Mitaa Tanzania ni

  1. kuimarisha demokrasia
  2. kukusanya kodi ya maendeleo
  3. kuimarisha polisi jamii
  4. kuboresha usafi wa miji
  5. kuongeza ajira

19. Jukumu mojawapo Ia Tume ya Taifa ya Uchaguzi ni:

  1. kukosoa chama tawala
  2. kuchagua Wabunge
  3. kusajili vyama vya siasa
  4. kuteua Spika
  5. kusimamia kuhesabu kura

20. Mfumo wa utawala unaotumika Tanzania ni wa:

  1. Kimila.
  2. Kidemokrasia
  3. Kibeberu.
  4. Kimapinduzi
  5. Kifashisti.


Andika NDIYO kama ni sahihi au HAPANA kama si sahihi.

  1. Utawala wa kidemocrasia unatambulika kwa kutii sheria pekee
  2. Wanawake hawana haki saa na wanaume katika mfumo wa demokrasia
  3. Huvumilivu wa kisiasa kwa vyama vyote hudumisha amani………….
  4. Misingi ya kidemokrasia inazingatia haki za binadamu……… …….....
  5. Ukitumia vizuri mtandao unaweza kujenga maarifa. . . . . . . . . . .
  6. Ukitumia vibaya mtandao unaweza kushtakiwa kwa mujibu wa sheria.
  7. Unapopata changamoto ni mwisho wa ndoto zako maishani……..
  8. Unaweza kugeuza changamoto zikawa fursa………… …………..
  9. Usimamizi wa shughuli ni kazi ya Kinyapara………… …………..
  10. Utawala bora ni uongozi unaotumia sheria kwa maslahi ya watu wachache.


Jaza nafasi zilizoachwa wazi..

  1. Msaidizi wa mkuu wa mkoa katika utendaji wa kazi zake ni………………
  2. Katibu wa vikao vya madiwani ni………………
  3. Nani anamteuwa mkuu wa mkoa? ………………
  4. Kujifanya rafiki wakati ni adui tunaweza kuitwa………… 
  5. Maarifa ya sayansi yaliyowekwa katika matumizi huitwa…… ……………
  6. Katiba ya jamhuri ya Tanzania in sura………… 
  7. Mtu anapata uraia wa Tanzania kwa kuzaliwa, kurithi na……… 
  8. Uhuru wa mtu kuishi mahali popote nchini ni mfano wa nini…………….
  9. Umoja wa mataifa ulianzishwa lini?.............. 
  10. Uwakilishi wa nchi katika nchi nyingine huitwa……… 


Oanisha maneno ya sehemu A na sentensi katika sehemu B ili kupata maana sahihi.

Sehemu A

Sehemu B

  1. Ushirikiano wa kimataifa
  2. Jumuiya ambazo Tanzania ni mwanachana.
  3. Kudumisha uhusiano wa kimataifa
  4. Hasara za utandawazi
  5. Umoja wa mataifa
  6. Rasilimali za taifa
  7. Uharibifu wa ardhi
  8. Uvuvi haramu
  9. Ubadhirifu
  10. Milima na mabonde.
  1. Upotoshwaji wa maadili
  2. Nchi zote huru duniani ni wanachama wa hiari.
  3. Kunakuza biashara
  4. Utengano
  5. Ni uhusiano baina ys taifa moja na jingine
  6. Umoja wa mataifa, umoja wa Africa, jumuiya ya maendeleo kusini mwa afrika,jumuiya ya madola na jumuiya ya afrika mashariki.
  7. Jumuiya ya afrika mashariki, umoja wa utandawazi na teknolojia, umoja wa kibiashara, umoja wa afrika na jumuiya ya madola.
  8. Kutumia sumu
  9. Vyanzo vya maji
  10. Watu, misitu, madini, ardhi,maji,wanyamapori.
  11. Matumizi mabaya ya rasilimali za umma.
  12. Hutokana na madini.




APRIL-2020  MUDA:SAA 2:00





SEHEMU A. Chagua jibu sahii kutoka yale uliopewa baada ya kila swali.

1. Ili mbegu ichipue inahitaji: 

  1. Maji, udongo na hewa
  2. Mvua, hewa na udongo
  3. Unyevu, udongo na jotoridi
  4. Maji, hewa na jotoridi
  5. Maji, mwanga na upepo

2.  Aina kuu mbili za mashine ni:

  1. ngumu na laini
  2.  rahisi na tata
  3. za kumenya na kutwanga 
  4. puli na roda
  5. roda na katapila

3. Mojawapo ya njia za kuondoa takamwili katika mwili ni:

  1.  kutema mate 
  2.  kukojoa
  3. kuoga 
  4. kunawa mikono 
  5. kutoa machozi

4.  Mdudu yupi kati ya wafuatao huleta hasara kwa mkulima akiwa katika hatua ya pili ya ukuaji?

  1. Inzi                                                         
  2. Kipepeo
  3. Panzi                                                    
  4. Mbungo
  5. Mbu

5. Nini kitatokea iwapo idadi ya wanyama wanaokula nyama katika eneo ni kubwa kulikc idadi ya wanaokula majani?

  1. Majani yatapungua
  2. Majani yatabakia kama yalivyokuwa awali
  3. Majani yatanyauka
  4. Majani yataongezeka
  5. Majani yataliwa

6. UKIMWI husambazwa kwa kupitia:

  1.  kusalimiana kwa kushikana mikono na mgonjwa wa UKIMWI
  2.  kulala chumba kimoja na mgonjwa wa UKIMWI
  3.  kuongea na mwathirika wa UKIMWI 
  4.  kuwekewa damu
  5.  kuosha nguo za mwathirika wa UKIMWI.

7. Chembe ndogo kabisa za maada zinazounda elementi na zinazohusika katika kutengenezz bondi za kikemikali huitwa:

  1.  molekyuli      
  2.  elektroni      
  3.  protoni
  4.  atomi                                     
  5.  nyutroni

8.     Mwanga hupinda unapopita kutoka

  1.  Ncha ya Kaskazini kwenda Kusini      
  2.  media moja kwenda nyingine
  3.  Ncha ya Kaskazini kwenda Mashariki 
  4.  Magharibi kwenda Mashariki 
  5.  Kaskazini kwenda Magharibi

9.     Hewa ya kabonidaiyoksidi hutumika kuzima moto kwasababu:

  1.  haichochei uwakaji
  2.  ni nzito kuliko hewa
  3.  haiwaki
  4.  hunyonya joto
  5.  huungana na oksijeni

10.  Asidi ikiungana na besi huunda:

  1. chumvi na maji
  2. kaboneti ya sodiamu
  3. chumvi na besi
  4. maji na asidi
  5. chumvi na oksijeni 

11.Mojawapo ya hatua za kufuata unapoandaa jaribio la kisayansi ni: 

  1.  uchunguzi    
  2.  udadisi
  3.  utambuzi wa tatizo    
  4.  utatuzi wa tatizo
  5.  kuandaa ripoti

12. Lipi kati ya yafuatayo linapaswa kuzingatiwa kabla ya kumhudumia mgonjwa wa UKIMWI?

  1.  Vaa nguo safi 
  2.  Nawa kwa sabuni 
  3.  Vaa glovu 
  4.  Sali 
  5.  Mruhusu apumzike

13. Yupi kati ya wanyama wafuatao hana uti wa mgongo?

  1.  Buibui
  2.  Popo
  3.  Paka
  4.  Mwanadamu
  5.  Kuku

14. Mionzi ambayo hupinda zaidi mwanga unapopinda ni ile ya . ....

  1.  rangi nyekundu 
  2.  njano 
  3.  bluu iliyoiva 
  4.  bluu      
  5.  zambarau

15. Hatua ya kwanza ya utafiti wa kisayansi ni 

  1.  kuanza jaribio 
  2. kukusanya data
  3.  kutambua tatizo   
  4.  kuchanganua data
  5.  kutafsiri matokeo

16. Matokeo ya jaribio yanaweza kuwa mojawapo ya yafuatayo:

  1.  Kweli au uongo
  2.  Yaliyochambuliwa au yasiyochambuliwa
  3.  Yenye maswali au yasiyo na maswali
  4.   Ya awali au ya kati
  5.  Ya awali au ya mwisho  

17. Uhuru ana tatizo la meno yanayovunjika na miguu dhaifu. Ni virutubisho gani utamshaufi atumie ili kutatua tatizo lake hili?

  1.  Madini ya chuma           
  2.  Madini ya fosforasi
  3.  Madini ya kasiamu   
  4. Madini joto
  5. Vitamini K

18.  Yafuatayo ni makundi ya vyakula isipokuwa:

  1.  madini ya chumvi chumvi  
  2.  vitamini
  3. Maji   
  4. protini 
  5. hamirojo

19. Fototropizimu ni kitendo cha mmea kuota kuelekea kwenye:

  1. mwanga 
  2. kani ya mvutano 
  3. maji 
  4. giza
  5. kemikali.

20. Huduma ya kwanza ni nini?

  1. Msaada wa dharura apewao mgonjwa na daktari.
  2. Msaadawa awali apewao mgonjwa kabla ya kupelekwa hospitali.
  3. Msaada kwa ajili ya mtu aliyeungua moto. 
  4. Msaada kwa ajili ya mtu aliyeumwa na nyoka. 
  5. Msaada kwa ajili ya mtu aliyevunjika mfupa.


  1.  Yurea usafirishwa kwa njia ya damu hadi kwenye figo… …
  2.   Ini uondoa simu ya ammonia kwa kugeuza kuwa yurea… ..
  3.  Ukosefu wa maji mwilini husababisha rangi ya mkojo kuwa  angavu… ………
  4.  Kabonidayokisaidi na maji ya ziada ni takamwili zitolewazo na  mapafu.
  5.  Oksijeni hubadilisha maji ya chokaa kuwa na rangi ya  maziwa…… ………
  6.  ARV Husaidia kuongeza kinga mwilini… ……..
  7.   Ni muhimu kupima afya mara kwa mara…… …
  8.  Ugonjwa wa kuhara damu husababishwa na inzi… ….
  9.  Gesi ni chanzo mojawapo kinachosababisha mtu kuungua  moto…… ……
  10.    Mashine ni kitu chochote kinacho rahisisha kazi…… …..


Oanisha aina ya kazi katika sehemu A na aina ya nyenzo katika sehemu B.

Sehemu A

Sehemu B

  1. Kufungua chupa yenye soda
  2. Kuvua samaki
  3. Kuzungusha skrubu
  4. Kusonga ugali
  5. Kula chakula
  6. Kulima shamba
  7. Kukata nyama
  8. Kuchota mchanga
  9. Kukaza nati
  10. Kukata kuni
  1. Bisibisi
  2. Jembe
  3. Kijiko
  4. Kisu
  5. Mwiko
  6. Ndoano
  7. Opena
  8. Panga
  9. Sepeto
  10. spana


Jaza nafasi zilizoachwa wazi.

  1. Wakati wa kuingiza taarifa kwenye  tarakilishi unatumia…… …….na …… …….
  2. Kiteuzi kwa jina linginw huitwa……… …
  3. Mafaili kwenye tarakilishi huifadhiwa kwenye… ……
  4. Kifaa kinachozalisha umeme katika taa ya baiskeli huitwa………
  5. Aina ya waya unaotumika wakati wa kutengeneza  kengele ya umeme ni……
  6. Sumaku inaweza kupoteza nguvu zake, pale ikiwekwa pamoja na…………..
  7. Kitendo cha mimea kupoteza maji kupitia kwenye majani huitwa……….
  8. Baadhi ya mimea huwa na mashina manene kwa ajili ya… …….
  9. Nini matokeo ya utungishaji wa ua?...... ......
  10. Kwanini chura hutaga mayai mengi?..... ....... ........





1. Spika wa Bunge la Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania huchaguliwa na:

  1.  wananchi 
  2.  wabunge
  3.  mawaziri 
  4.  madiwani 
  5.  Jaji Mkuu

2.  Wajumbe wa kudumu wa Baraza la Usalama la Umoja wa Mataifa ni:

  1.  Marekani, Uingereza, Ufaransa, Urusi na China
  2.  Marekani, Uingereza, Ujerumani, Urusi na China
  3.  Marekani, Uingereza, Ufaransa, Urusi na Italia
  4.  Marekani, Uingereza, Urusi, Kanada na Ujerumani
  5.  Marekani, Uingereza, Urusi, Japani na Ujerumani

3. Uchoraji wa wanyama katika mapango ulianza kufanywa na binadamu katika:

  1. Zama za Chuma  
  2. Zama za Mawe za Kati
  3. Zama za Mawe za Kale  
  4. Zama za Mawe za Mwisho
  5. Zama za Mavve za Mwanzo

4.     Ni bidhaa za aina gani zililetwa Afrika Mashariki na wafanyabiashara kutoka Indonesia na China karne ya 8?

  1.  Chuma, maganda ya kobe, na dhahabu
  2.  Nguo, shanga na vyombo vya nyumbani
  3.  Baruti, shanga na dhahabu
  4.  Shanga, bunduki na pembe za ndovu
  5.  Baruti, nguo za kitani na ngozi za chui

5.     Makabila matatu yaliyoshiriki katika biashara ya masafa marefu kabla ya ukoloni n:

  1.  Wahehe, Wanyamwezi na Waturkana
  2.  Wakaramajong, Wasukuma na Wapokoti
  3.  Wamaasai, Wayao na Wasukuma
  4.  Wayao, Wanyamwezi na Wahehe
  5.  Wayao, Wanyamwezi na Wakamba

6.     Kundi lipi la mawakala wa ukoloni lilikuwa la kwanza kuja Tanganyika?

  1.  Wamisionari 
  2.  Wafanyabiashara
  3. Walowezi            
  4. Wapelelezi     
  5.  Mabaharia

7.Jaji Mkuu waTanzania huteuliwa na:

  1.  Bunge 
  2.  Waziri Mkuu        
  3.  Rais
  4.  Makamu wa rais     
  5.  Mwanasheria Mkuu

8. Mkutano wa kuligawa bara la Afrika ulifanyika:

  1. Berlin
  2. London
  3. Roma
  4. Paris
  5. New York

    9. Mwanasayansi aliyeelezea kuhusu mabadiliko ya kimaumbile ya mwanadamu alikuwa

  1. Mary Leakey
  2. Charles Darwin 
  3. Louis Leakey 
  4. Richard Leakey 
  5. John Speke

10.  Sehemu ya muhimu ya ramani inayoelezea kuhusu alama zilizotumiwa katika ramani ni

  1.  ufunguo         
  2.  fremu          
  3.  dira
  4.  kipimio                                         
  5.  kichwa cha ramani

11.  Ni rahisi sana kuthibitisha kuwa dunia ni duara kwakuangalia:

  1.  umbo la tufe
  2.  kupatwa kwa jua
  3.  kupwa na kujaa kwa maji
  4.  jua la utosini
  5.  kupatwa kwa mwezi

12. Nchi ya Afrika iliyokuwa inafuata mfumo wa vyama vingi vya siasa mwaka 1980 ni .....

  1.  Zimbabwe. 
  2.  Tanzania. 
  3.  Botswana.
  4.  Ghana.                                                    
  5.  Ethiopia.

13. Familia inaweza kujikwamua kiuchumi iwapo . 

  1.  mama atajishughulisha na kazi za ndani.
  2. baba ataajiriwa.
  3.  watoto watajishughulisha na masomo.
  4.  wanafamilia watatimiza wajibu wao. 
  5. wanafamilia watasali pamoja.

14. Makoloni ya Ujerumani katika Afrika yalikuwa ..

  1.  Naijeria, Namibia na Togo.
  2.  Gambia, Togo na Namibia. 
  3. Kameruni, Togo na Namibia. 
  4. Namibia, Tanganyika na Naijeria.
  5. Kameruni, Tanganyika na Senegal.

15. Wajerumani walitawala Tanganyika baada ya .....

  1. Vita Kuu ya Kwanza.           
  2. Vita Kuuya Pili. 
  3. Mkutano wa Berlin.          
  4. Kuundwa kwa UNO.
  5. Kushindwa kwa Wareno.

16. Bidhaa zilizoletwa Tanganyika kutoka Bara la Asia kuanzia karne ya nane zilikuwa ni pamoja na ....

  1.  pembe za ndovu na dhahabu.
  2. Ngozi na bunduki
  3. Chumvi na shaba
  4. Nguo na ngano
  5. Nguo na watumwa

17. Biashara ya ndani ni ile inayohusisha bidhaa ...

  1.  zinazotengenezwa nje ya nchi.
  2.  zinazotengenezwa na kuuzwa ndani ya nchi. 
  3. zinazozalishwa ndani ya nchi.
  4. zinazotengenezwa na kuuzwa nje ya nchi. 
  5. zinazouzwa nje ya nchi

18. Jua la utosi katika mwezi Disemba huwa katika . 

  1.  Kizio cha Kusini.  
  2. Tropiki ya Kansa.          
  3.  Ikweta. 
  4. Kizio cha Kaskazini.       
  5. Tropiki ya Kaprikoni.

19. Athari kuu za viwanda katika mazingira ni .....

  1.  kuchafua maji, hewa na harufu mbaya.
  2.  kutoa moshi na matumizi makubwa ya nguvu ya nishati. 
  3. uchafuzi wa hewa, udongo na harufu mbaya. 
  4. kumwaga kemikali na kutoa moshi. 
  5. uchafuzi wa hewa, maji na ardhi.

20. Mambo muhimu katika ramani ni 

  1.  uoto, dira kipimio, mistari na jina la ramani. 
  2.  rangi, jina la ramani, kipimio, ufunguo na fremu. 
  3.  mistari, jina la ramani, dira, fremu na kipimio. 
  4.  jina la ramani, ufunguo, fremu, kipimio na dira.
  5.  jina la ramani, ufunguo, kipimio, dira na mistari.


Andika NDIYO kama sentensi ni sahii na HAPANA kama sentensi sii sahii.

  1.  Mkutano wa Berlin Uliitishwa na Kansela wa kwanza wa ujerumani Otto von Bismark……………………………
  2. Kodi iliyotozwa na wajerumani Africa mashiriki ilikua kodi ya wanaume…..
  3. Patrice Lumumba alipigana na wavamizi katika cnhi ya Kongo…………
  4. Uvamizi mpya kutoka nchi za kigeni hutumia vita kuvamia bara la Africa……
  5. Misaada ya kijamii, kisiasa na kiuchumi kutoka ulaya ni njia pekee za kujikomboa
  6. Mikataba mizuri ya biashara ni njia ya kuwasaidia waafrica kupambana na uvamizi… …..
  7. Nchi za Burundi, Rwanda na tanganyika zilipata uhuru mwaka 1962… ….
  8. Mashujaa wa Africa hufanya kazi ya kuwaelekeza wavamizi sehemu zenye rasilimali…… ……
  9. Wavamizi wanapokuja Africa, huwafundisha waafrica kutengeneza bidhaa mbalimbali……………
  10. Mzunguko wa dunia katika mhimili wake hausababishi usiku na mchana……….

SEHEMU C. Jaza nafasi zilizoachwa wazi.

  1. Aina mbili za mazao yanayolimwa na wawekezaji ni…… ……..na…… …..
  2. Bidhaa mbili zitokanazo na ususi ni… …….na……… ……….
  3. Shughuli moja kuu ya uzalishaji mali iliyoanzishwa nchini Tanzania baada ya uhuru ni… ……….
  4. Mashirika ya umma yana mashamba makubwa ya kufugia mifugo yanaitwa… ……… ..
  5. Taja mikoa miwili yenye ranchi za kitaifa.
  6.  Faida moja ya utalii hapa nchini ni…… ……..
  7. Ramani hutambulishwa na…… …
  8. Sura ya nchi uonyeshwa katika ramani ya aina ya…… …
  9. Reli ya tanga hadi moshi ilianza kujengwa mwaka gani?
  10. Kiongozi mkuu wa mkutano wa Berlin aliitwa nani?........ ......


Oanisha sentensi katika sehemu A na sentensi kutoka sehemu B ili kupata maana sahihi.

Sehemu A

Sehemu B

  1. Mbuga za wanyama…
  2. Shughuli za uzalishaji mali…
  3. Wawekezaji…… …..
  4. Watalii kutoka nchi za nje…………
  5. Ranchi za taifa…… …….
  6. Sierra  leone  na  Tanganyika  zilipata   uhuru  mwaka ………
  7. Nchi  ya  Tanzania  ni  mfano  bora  katika…… ……
  8. Njia  ya  kupinga   uvamizi  afrika
  9. Mashujaa  waliopinga  uvamizi  afrika  …… ….
  1. Feedha  za  kigeni
  2. Kwenga  shuleni
  3. Hutoka  ulaya  marekani  na  sehemu  nyingi  duniani
  4. Serenget ,mikumi  na  katavi
  5. Watu  wenge  mitaji  mikubwa
  6. Kilimo  ,ufugaji ,uvuvi  na  shughuli  za  viwandaji 
  7. Mashamba  makubwa  ya  ufugia  mifugo
  8. Nkrumah  Lumumba  Kenyata   ,ngerere  na  Mandela 
  9. Uvamizi  mpya 
  10. 1964
  11. Kupinga   rushwa  na  ufisadi
  12. Kuondoa  utegemezi  kuimarisha  mikataba  kusitisha  misaada  na  mikopa
  13. Somalia  ,sudan na DRC Kongo
  14. 1961




APRIL-2020  MUDA:SAA 2:00




SEHEMU A. Chagua jibu sahii katika uliopewa.

1.       "Mwajuma amemwibia Mwanahamisi kalamu yake". Katika sentensi hii. https://myfiles.space/user_files/30996_4958b541bbe404eb/1569855423_kiswahili-2017_files/image022.jpg"Mwajuma ni nani?

  1. Mtendewa 
  2.  Mtendana
  3.  Mtendeka 
  4.  Mtenda
  5. Mtendwa

2       "Uvumilivu ulimfanya Pendo apate zawadi. "Uvumilivu ni aina gani ya neno?

  1. Nomino
  2.  Kitenzi
  3. Kivumishi
  4. Kihisishi
  5. Kiwakilishi

3.         Kauli ipi inaonesha hali ya kutendewa?

  1. Tumechimba visima vyetu. 
  2.  Tunachimbisha kisima chetu. 
  3. Tulichimbiwa kisima chetu. 
  4. Tumechimba kisima chetu.
  5. Tutachimba kisima chetu.

4.         Katika vifungu vya maneno vifuatavyo, kifungu kipi kipo katika kauli taarifa?

  1. Unataka kuondoka lini? 
  2. Alitaka kukuuliza unaondoka lini. 
  3. Ni lini wewe utaondoka? 
  4.  Aliuliza, utaondoka lini?
  5. Aliuliza kuwa ataondoka lini?

5.         Mwenyekiti hakufika mkutanoni leo. Kitenzi "hakufika" kipo katika hali gani?

  1. Mazoea  
  2. Kuendelea  
  3. Timilifu
  4. Matarajio 
  5.  Kanushi

6.      Wingi wa sentensi "Mbuzi wamepotea" ni upi?

  1. Mbuzi zetu zimepotea
  2. Mbuzi yetu zimepotea
  3. Mbuzi wetu wamepotea 
  4.  Mbuzi zetu wamepotea
  5. Mbuzi yetu wamepotea.

7.      "Wanafunzi kenda walikwenda ziara nchini Kenya".neno wa ni aina gani ya neno?

  1.   https://myfiles.space/user_files/30996_4958b541bbe404eb/1569667722_kisw-2018_files/image019.jpgKivumishi https://myfiles.space/user_files/30996_4958b541bbe404eb/1569667722_kisw-2018_files/image020.jpg
  2.    Kiwakilishi
  3.    Kielezi 
  4.    Kitenzi
  5.     Nomino.

8.      Ashura anacheza mpira wa miguu vizuri.katika sentensi hii,neno lipi limetumika kama kielezi? https://myfiles.space/user_files/30996_4958b541bbe404eb/1569667722_kisw-2018_files/image022.jpg

  1. Anacheza
  2.  Mpira
  3. Vizuri
  4. Ashura
  5. Wa mguu.

9. Mtu anayetafsiri ana kwa ana katika lugha moja kwenda lungha https://myfiles.space/user_files/30996_4958b541bbe404eb/1569667722_kisw-2018_files/image023.jpghuitwaje?

  1. Msuluhishi
  2. Mpatanishi
  3. Mkalimani
  4.  Mfafanuzi
  5. Mhubiri

10. "Sote tunafanya mtihani darasani". "darasani" limetumika kama aina gani ya neno?

  1. Kielezi
  2. Kivumishi https://myfiles.space/user_files/30996_4958b541bbe404eb/1569667722_kisw-2018_files/image022.jpg
  3. Kitenzi
  4. Kiwakilishi 
  5.  Nomino

11.      "Tulicheza ngoma na kuimba usiku kucha.” Katika sentensi hii watenda ni nafsi ipi?

  1. Ya tatu wingi 
  2. Ya pili wingi
  3.  Yapili umoja
  4. Ya tatu umoja 
  5. Ya kwanza wingi.

12.      ”Utundu wake ulimfanya ajulikane shuleni.” Neno "Utundu” limetumika kama aina gani


  1. Kivumishi  
  2.  Nomino
  3.  Kiwakilishi
  4.  Kitenzi  
  5. Kielezi.

13.      "Mwanamuziki hodari aliimba nyimbo vizuri.” Kielezi katika sentensi hii ni kipi? ........

  1. Hodari 
  2.  Aliimba 
  3. Mwanamuziki
  4. Nyimbo  
  5. Vizuri

14.      "Mgeni aliondoka alikofikia.............kuaga.” Kifungu kipi cha maneno kinachokamilishE sentensi hiyo kwa usahihi?

  1. licha ya 
  2. pasi ya 
  3. bila kwa 
  4.  bila ya   
  5.  bila na

15. "Shuleni kwetu kuna upungufuwa . ....Ni neno lipi hukamilisha tungo hiyo kwa usahihi?

  1.  thamani 
  2. thamini 
  3. dhamini
  4. zamani 
  5. samani

16. "Mtoto ametengeneza toroli Ia mti." Wingi wa sentensi hii ni upi?

  1.  Watoto wametengeneza toroli za miti
  2.  Watoto wametengeneza matoroli ya mti
  3.  Watoto ametengeneza matoroli ya miti
  4.  Watoto wametengeneza toroli za mti
  5.  Watoto wametengeneza matoroli ya miti

17. "Muda mfupi atakuwa anaingia uwanjani." Sentensi hii ipo katika wakati gani?

  1.  Uliopo
  2.  Uliopita
  3.  Wa mazoea
  4.  Ujao
  5.  Timilifu

18. Ni neno lipi kati ya haya yafuatayo halilandani na mengine?

  1. Fikiria
  2. Dodosa
  3. Uliza
  4. Hoji
  5. Saili

19. Tegua kitendawili kisemacho, " Atembeapo kila mara huringa hata kama kuna adui.”

  1.  Bata 
  2. Konokono 
  3.  Kobe
  4.  Kanga 
  5.  Kinyonga

20. "Siku hizi siri za mafisadi zimeanikwa juani.” Usemi "kuanikwa juani” una maana ipi kati ya hizi zifuatazo?

  1. Kuelezwa waziwazi
  2. Kusemwa hadharani
  3. Kusemwa nje ya kikao
  4. Kuelezwa hadharani
  5. Kusemwa jukwaani



21. Badilisha sentensi zifuatazo kuwa katika wakati timilifu.

  1. Wanafunzi wanapiga picha za ukumbusho
  2. Mboni anawasimulia wenzake ndoto alioiota
  3. Baba aliniambia nizime taa
  4. Ninasoma kitabu cha hadith
  5. Mama anatayarisha kifunguakinywa

25. oanisha nahau na maana zake



  1. Kalia kitako
  2. Shika tama
  3. Shingo upande
  4. Tia moyp
  5. Sina hali
  1. Sikitika
  2. Sijiwezi
  3. Sengenya
  4. Kutokuridhika
  5. Kalia kiti
  6. Kumpa mtu matumaini


30. Andika NDIYO au HAPANA

  1. Hadithi ni masimulizi ya kubuni……… …
  2. Hadithi huburudisha na huelimisha…… …….
  3. Ukiandika hadithi sio lazima kuweka alama za uandishi………… ….
  4. Hadithi inaweza kusomwa au kusimuliwa……… ….
  5. Hadithi huwekwa kichwa cha habari………… …………..

35. Tengua vitendawili vifuatavyo

  1. Kuku wangu katagia mibani………… ……………..
  2. Watoto wa tajiri wangua hulala na kutembea uchi… ……….
  3. Mama hachoki kunibeba… …………..
  4. Shamba langu ni kubwa lakini mazao ni machache mno……… ………
  5. Wana wa mfalme ni wepesi sana kujificha……… ……………..



Matunda kama yalivyo mazao mengine ya kilimo yanatokana na mimea mbalimbali. Kwa mfano fenesi ni tunda litokanalo na mfenesi na chungwa hutokana na mchungwa. Maembe, mapapai, mananasi na mapera ni matunda matamu. Ubuyu, ukwaju na limau ni matunda machachu. Hata hivyo, karibu matunda mengi huwa machachu yakiwa mabichi, yakiiva huwa matamu.

Miaka ya hivi karibuni watu wengi wamepanda mimea ya matunda kwenye maeneo ya nyumba zao, hivyo kujipatia matunda kwa njia rahisi. Baadhi ya watu wanaoishi katika mikoa kama vile Tanga na Morogoro wamelima mashamba ya matunda na wameshaona faida ya kilimo hicho na kupanua mashamba yao. Licha ya watu hao kujipatia chakula bora, wameuza na kuwa na pato kubwa.

Matunda yana umuhimu mkubwa sana katika miili yetu. Matunda tunayokula yanaikinga miili yetu isipatwe na maradhi. Pia matunda yanaongeza damu mwilini, husaidia kuponyesha vidonda haraka na macho kuona vizuri katika mwanga hafifu. Watu wasiokula matunda hupata udhaifu wa fizi ambao husababisha fizi kutoa damu.

Aidha matunda ni kiburudisho wakati wa joto. Watu wengi wamekuwa wakisindika matunda ili kupata juisi kwa ajili ya matumizi ya nyumbani na biashara.


41.      Kichwa cha habari hii kinachofaa zaidi ni kipi?

  1. Matunda kwa afya
  2. Umuhimu wa matunda
  3.  Matunda chanzo cha pato 
  4.  Matunda na ulinzi wa mwili 
  5. Matunda hujenga mwili.

42.      "Watu wanaokula matunda huepuka magonjwa mengi,” ni methali ipi inaendana na kauli hii?

  1. Heri kufa macho kuliko kufa moyo 
  2. Usiache mbachao kwa msala upitao 
  3.  Kinga ni bora kuliko tiba.
  4.  Lisemwalo lipo na kama halipo laja. 
  5.  Mwenye kovu usidhani kapoa.

43.      Maji ya matunda yaliyokamuliwa huitwaje? .

  1. Mvinyo
  2. Juisi
  3. Jusi
  4. Rozera
  5. Zabibu

44."Matunda yaliyoiva” ina maana sawa na ipi kati ya zifuatazo? ........

  1.            yenye ukakasi
  2.             machachu
  3.             matamu
  4.            mabichi
  5.             mabivu

45."Kilimo cha matunda kimekuwa cha faida kubwa kwao.” Methali ipi ambayo inaendana na maelezo hayo?

  1. Jembe halimtupi mtu
  2. Mla ni mla leo, mla jana kala nini?
  3. Jisaidie Mungu Akusaidie
  4. Mchumia juani hulia kivulini
  5. Kula nanasi kwahitaji nafasi

46. Ni kwanini wakulima wa matunda hupanua mashamba yao? 

  1. Kupata chakula  
  2. Kupata kiburudisho
  3. Kuongeza pato D. 
  4. Kupata sifa 
  5.  Kupata mikopo

47.      Matunda ya ubuyu na ukwaju yakiwa yameiva huwa na ladha gani? 

  1. Chumvi  
  2. Uchungu 
  3. Ukakasi 
  4.  Ukali 
  5. Uchachu

48.      Kazi kubwa ya matunda mwilini ni ipi? 

  1. Kuponyesha macho 
  2. Kuburudisha
  3.  Kujenga mwili 
  4.  Kuponyesha vidonda
  5.  Kulinda mwilli

49.      "Kusindika matunda” ina maana sawa na kifungu kipi kati ya vifuatavyo? 

  1. Kusaga na kukamua matunda
  2. Kukamua matunda na kuyahifadhi
  3. Kukamua na kuchuja matunda
  4.   Kuyasaga matunda yaliyoiva
  5. Kuyaivisha matunda na kuyasaga

50.      Umepata funzo gani kutokana na kifungu hiki cha habari?

  1. Matunda hukuza akili. 
  2.  Matunda huongeza unene.
  3.  Matunda hukuza akili na mwili.
  4. Matunda hulinda mwili na huongeza damu.
  5.  Matunda hujenga mwili na huongeza joto.








1.  I usually ......... my friends on Sunday. 

  1. visits
  2. visited
  3. visit
  4. visiting
  5. visitor

2. The building over there ..........of concrete

  1. were made
  2. are made
  3. has made
  4. have made
  5. is made

3. he ..........for two days last week

  1. travels
  2. travelled
  3. travelling
  4. travel
  5. traveler

4.Malima................to Tanga tomorrow evening

  1. will go
  2. have gone
  3. was going
  4. has gone
  5. went

5.We always go to school.............foot

  1. by
  2. on
  3. in
  4. with
  5. for

6. The shopkeeper sold........dozen of eggs

  1. any
  2. some
  3. a
  4. an
  5. much

7. Hassan is suffering ................malaria

  1. at
  2. from
  3. of
  4. in
  5. on

8.    The house .......... is white in colour is ours.

  1. which 
  2.  whose    
  3.  who 
  4.  whom    
  5.  what

9.    Which of the following questions is the most appropriate one for this answer: "She is the captain."

  1. What is she?
  2. Whom is she?
  3. Where is she?
  4. Who is she?
  5. Whose is she?

10. A man was walking ...................his friend on thursday

  1.              beside
  2.               besides
  3.               before
  4.              beneath
  5.               in front

11.Freddy put.................paper in his food.

  1. many
  2. a little
  3. a few
  4. any
  5. small

12. I am not talking to you................

  1. do I
  2. am I
  3. was I
  4. Do I
  5. am I

13.The noise in the club house was too loud to hear the police . . .... ....outside.

  1. bells
  2. horns
  3. alarm 
  4. bang
  5. sirens

14. My brother is a hero he is very young. https://myfiles.space/user_files/30996_4958b541bbe404eb/1569825724_english-2017_files/image016.jpg

  1. so as
  2.   every
  3. although
  4. too
  5. so that

15. Jane ...................drinking milk to Juice

  1.  Preffering 
  2.  are prefer 
  3.  is prefer 
  4.  prefer 
  5.   prefers

16.  https://myfiles.space/user_files/30996_4958b541bbe404eb/1569825724_english-2017_files/image024.jpgHe asked the pupils, "How old are you?" The pupil answered"

  1. We are ten years old 
  2.  They are ten years old
  3. You are ten year old
  4. I am ten years old
  5. He is ten years old

17.  I will cook the food —YOU allow me.

  1. if a new
  2. then
  3.  so
  4. despite
  5. although

18.   Magambo is not only fat also strong........................

  1. but
  2. so
  3.  as
  4. and
  5. that

19.   The door was open there was nobody in the house.

  1. in spite
  2.  even
  3. despite
  4.  besides
  5. https://myfiles.space/user_files/30996_4958b541bbe404eb/1569825724_english-2017_files/image073.jpgalthough

20.  A person whose job selling meat is known as a

  1. butcher
  2. butchery
  3. shopkeeper
  4. seller
  5.  butler


Fill in the gap using words in the box.

Dry, wooden, important big, colorful, torn, high, happy, kind, sharp
  1. An elephant is a …………………………animal.
  2. Mount Kilimanjaro is a…………… mountain
  3. December 9th is an………………….date in Tanzania
  4. The ………………..children clapped and shouted with joy
  5. Wanja is a ……………….woman. She gives food to the poor
  6. January was a ……………………..month. No rain fall
  7. Her mother bought her a……………..dress for Christmas
  8. The pipils sat on the ……………..bench
  9. Ndubi used a needle and a thread to sew the ………………………….
  10. Take care because the knife is………………………………………..


Match the words in A with their meaning in B



  1. Responsibility
  2. Neatly
  3. Honest
  4. Hardworking
  5. Play
  6. Affection
  7. Personal items
  8. Extra
  9. Enough
  10. Uneasily.
  1. Feeling of loving somebody
  2. In a troubled way
  3. More
  4. Duty
  5. As much as is needed
  6. Truthful
  7. Put a lot of effort to do something well
  8. Things that belong to a person
  9. Do something that is enjoyable.
  10. In a tidy way


Read the passage below. It contains blanks numbered 1-10 for each blank choose the best answer from the alternatives given.

My birthday is on Saturday. Yesterday, my mother and I went …………the market. We went to…….things for a great feast, mother bought five packets………rice. I thought that was more rice………we needed. Mother bought …………..flour to bake one cake. I knew she would bake a ……………cake. After that, she bought four……….of banana. I ate one banana, because I was…………,on our way home, mother bought meat for the …………………..I was full of ……..as we walked home.

41.,                   .

  1. On
  2. To
  3. In
  4. By

42. ,                   .

  1. Buy
  2. Bought
  3. Buying
  4. Buys

43.,                   .

  1. For
  2. Of
  3. In
  4. To

44. ,                   .

  1. Less
  2. Than
  3. That
  4. Then

45.,                   .

  1. More
  2. Enough
  3. Less
  4. Right

46.,                   .

  1. Friendly
  2. Tasty
  3. Sunny
  4. Plastic

47.,                   .

  1. Bunch
  2. Pairs
  3. Bunches
  4. Pair

48.,                   .

  1. Hungry
  2. Tired
  3. Thirsty
  4. Sleepy

49.,                   .

  1. Grocer
  2. Butcher
  3. Cobbler
  4. Hawker

50.,                   .

  1. Happiness
  2. Doubt
  3. Fear
  4. Sadness


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